Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Honey Light High-Light Powder

Temptalia has an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at MAC’s Naked Honey collection! :)

I hope you enjoy it! You can read collection information to catch up, in case you missed it!

To clarify: the high-light powder has an overspray of shimmer, but once removed, the product still has a little shimmer/sheen. It is not chalky like the high-light powders from Dame Edna at all. It’s smooth, pigmented, and subtly shimmery.

See the goods!

Shimmer layer removed…

Creme de Miel

Creme de Miel



Honey Light High-Light Powder (shimmer on left, then some shimmer, then swatched after overspray removed)

Pollinator, Creme de Miel

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92 thoughts on “MAC Naked Honey Exclusive Sneak Peek!

  1. Lucy

    cute color beautiful

  2. doris

    OMg these are so beautiful..right up my alley..squee with delight! Thanks for the sneak peek!

  3. these are so sweet and soft. i like it!

  4. Anitacska

    The powder is so beautiful, I’d never want to use it. :)

  5. lexi

    which finish is Pollinator? this is the only upcomming collection that I’m excited about :)

  6. Kella

    That highlighter is a perfect colour for your skintone! :) I LOVE IT, it looks so beautiful. Can’t wait to try it.

  7. this looks like it might be a launch I wanna save for! 😀

  8. Luv J

    how does the High-Light powder compare to the msf’s? Obviously less glittery chunks.. anything else?

  9. sej

    what do you mean by shimmer layer removed?

    • jay

      For decorative purposes, some pressed powder products have an ‘overspray’ (top layer of shimmer or another colour) – the actual product is underneath the overspray layer.

    • monica

      some beauty powders and things have an initial layer of shimmer/gitter on top of the actual powder…christine showed you pictures/swatches of the BP before and after she wiped that layer off.

  10. jay

    From the colour story:

    # Cr

  11. Christy

    Oh boy! Another gorgeous collection to look forward to! =) The eyeshadows look great, I think I’ll have to get those.

  12. carriespooner

    i’m so excited about this one. YES

  13. Emm

    Wow I didn’t think I even like the honey light high light powder when I saw it originally. So gorgeous!

  14. reesa

    These look really pretty. Thanks so much, Christine. Starting my list… :-)

  15. These look so nice! Yet another collection where I want everything!

  16. Jenn

    So pretty, gold shimmery things always make me thing of warmer weather. Can’t wait for it to come out.

  17. Carla

    how cute!!!! I like it!

  18. Nicole15

    Wow! Pollinator looks beautiful. I really want this one!

  19. Absolutely gorgeous. Makes me want summer more than ever

  20. tremorviolet

    Pollinator looks so much like Paradisco but maybe with more gold. Do they look similar in person?

    • It’s similar. It reminds me of Dear Cupcake, too. It might be a little less pink (and therefore even more similar to Paradisco than Dear Cupcake).

  21. Kayc

    Pollinator reminds me of Dear Cupcake. How do they compare with each other in person? Creme de Miel looks wonderful… so does the high-light powder :)

  22. cloudburst

    I love everything. I also love the names – I see a major haul in the near future!

  23. I love the Creme de Mel (I cant resist golds)…but Polllinator is nothing special.

  24. Awwww that stinks that it’s only an overlay of shimmer :-( I wanted the whole compact to look like that….ah well. What do you think Christine? Do you like it without the shimmer overlay?

    • It’s still very pretty underneath, though. It is NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING!!!, like Dame Edna powders.

      I like it better without the shimmer overlay, because it was just KAPOW! too much shimmer for me.

  25. Holy shizzle! I’m buying EVERYTHING! x

  26. i love the look of Pollinator. Thanks for the early swatches Christine

  27. ohh man this is pretty! I love pollinator!!1 What a pretty color! I was wondering how do you always get the new stuff before they come out?!?! I MUST KNOW! lol what does overspray mean? o_O

  28. The swatches are awesome!!! Pollinator and Creme de Miel look tempting to get!

  29. kat

    I am pretty psyched for this collwection, actually! I love the colours right up my alley… and honey is so delicious!

  30. msviolet

    I want I want I want!

  31. Rachael

    This collection looks devine, I want all of it!

  32. Mikki

    i’m so gonna get that highlight powder

  33. Kristin

    I love the name Pollinator!!

  34. Creme de Miel is gorgeous! I like Honey Light, too, but I feel like I’d be bored with it once the overlay is gone.

  35. Keri

    I wish MAC would stop it with the overspray’s such a let’s almost like they are trying to fool us..however i am glad that it still has shimmer throughout the powder after the overspray is gone unlike the hullaballoo powder

  36. Laura

    Creme de Miel looks a lot like Soft Force from Style Warriors…I wonder how similar they’ll actually be
    love Honey Light tho :)

  37. Hanna

    Drool. I want a highlight powder, its like a light bronze for the summer, I’m getting way too excited for this collection to come out!

  38. Okami

    Thanks for the sneak peak, Christine! What are the finish on these eyeshadows? And how is the texture? I’m going to be so sad if Creme de Miel is a lustre with glitter fallout!

  39. nancy

    the powder looks so cute!! man i have to start allocating a small portion of my savings specifically for MAC!

  40. MAC is making me start to hate life, I can’t keep up with these collections anymore. =(

  41. sprut

    If I had any sort of a tan I would love these. :)

  42. Tami

    Wow…I think I really am going to love this collection!

  43. wow that highlighter colours looks gooooorgeous!

  44. Tracy

    OOH! those look awesome, thanks for posting this!!!!

    Creme de Miel looks like a nice replacement for my beloved Rose Blanc that I just hit pan on.

    The highlight powder is pretty!

  45. Jenn

    ooo thank you for posting these!! I can’t wait for this collection!!!! :)

  46. vinna

    oOOOo i’m really liking what i see so far

  47. migzy

    the highlight powder is sooo cute!!!

  48. liz

    omg. i was looking to replace my highlight…i think i found it.

  49. elle

    I’m loving all the collections coming out recently and this seems like one of the best. Its still so far away though!

  50. tiff

    noooooooooooooooooooooo my money!!

  51. Honestly, none of this looks special to me. I was excited initially but now… not really. :\

  52. Krys

    is Creme de Miel a dupe of rose blanc? will this highlighter look okay for an nc35 (I’m always unsure about highlighters and bronzers for my skintone)? I can’t wait for your summer looks once naked honey and style warrior is out!

  53. Ohh it looks great!

  54. Alexa

    Hi christine
    I love your site the sneakpreaiews but the best are the reviews…you really help me making my decision what to buy….I think mac wouldn

  55. calico

    wow! stunning shimmers!

  56. Iliana

    How does Pollinator compare to Paradisco and Expensive Pink? On my computer screen they seem to be quite similar.

    I so cannot wait for this collection. Everything looks YUMMEH.

  57. OMG I can’t wait for this to come out!!! Thank you!!

  58. its pretty!!! everytym i see a gold swatch of anything, i want it…no matter even if they look same….i love gold colors!!!!

  59. Meike

    OMG. This collection looks sooo cute!

  60. Jessica

    hmm, i like the highlight powder, but it seems really gold/yellow.

  61. FarrahRaine

    Hey Christine, Can you swatch Creme de Miel next to dazzlelight? They look very dupable.
    Thanks xoxo

    • I don’t think I own Dazzlelight, actually! It’s not like it, though, just because it has a lot more yellow/gold in it. I’d say it’s very much like Rose Blanc. Kind of like Nylon + Goldmine.

  62. Cody

    I’m so excited for this collection!

  63. Woah! That highlight powder is gorgeous!

  64. Brenda

    I’m starting to save now for this!! Has my interest much more than the last 2 collections (rose romance or style warrior).

  65. Ashley

    i am confused about the shimmer overlay on the highlight powders. what is the overlay…i don’t get it ;-(