Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Naked Honey Skin Salve

Sneak Peek: MAC Cosmetics’ Naked Honey Collection

MAC’s Naked Honey Collection is just around the corner, and here’s yet another peek at what’s to come. (We already did a nice sneak peek of Honey Light High-Light Powder, Pollinator & Creme de Miel Eyeshadows, too!) Today, we’re unveiling Buzz lipglass ($14.00), Naked Honey Skin Salve ($18.50), and Golden Nectar High-Light Powder ($24.50).


  • Buzz lipglass is a semi-sheer coppery-red-brown with golden shimmer. It gives nice color to lips without being too red or bold.
  • Golden Nectar high-light powder is a semi-sheer, silky peachy-tan powder. While it looks awfully shimmery from the get-go, beware that it is merely an overspray. The product beneath the shimmery overspray is still very nice, as it is a smooth, silky powder with very subtle shimmer/sheen. You could almost think of it as more of a bronzer than anything else.
  • Naked Honey Skin Salve is a floral-honey scented clear salve/balm. The pot you get is a bit on the small side, though it contains 1.41 oz (or 40 grams). Relative to other salves, like Rosebud ($6 for 0.8 oz. or $12 for just about as much as MAC’s), which is probably one of the cheaper salves that I can think of. Since it is MAC, the price isn’t quite as skewed high as I originally thought. It’s very emollient and sinks into skin quickly without leaving behind any greasiness. I definitely lean towards using this more as a lip balm than anything else, but that’s more of a personal preference. I keep mine on my night stand for a quick balm before bedtime.

See photos and swatches!

Naked Honey Skin Salve

Golden Nectar High-Light Powder

Golden Nectar High-Light Powder

Golden Nectar High-Light Powder

Buzz Lipglass

Buzz Lipglass

Golden Nectar High-Light Powder (overspray/powder), Buzz Lipglass, Naked Honey Skin Salve

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89 thoughts on “MAC Naked Honey Collection – Sneak Peek!

  1. i thought that i would skip this collection but i’m going to have to get the buzz lipglass!:)

  2. I’m all over it! I’m very excited for the launch date, can’t wait! Thank you for the sneak peeks!

  3. Holly

    buzz looks amazing!

  4. Aramis

    woooow buzz looks gorge-ous lol so excited to c the rest of the lipgloss and eyeshadow swatches

  5. Can’t wait for the salve… I tried it on my cuticles (which are ALWAYS dry, no matter what) and it worked like a charm ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Nic15

    Buzz lipglass is sooo pretty. I actually don’t own a lipglass in this shade. Uh oh, you know what that means… LOL :)

  7. sammmie

    salve looks great :))))
    hope it smells like honeyyyyyyy sweet sweet honey

  8. Leah

    Hmm, I think I’ll be saving for other collections. Pass for me on this one.

  9. Mara

    Oooooooooh! I like Buzz lipglass a lot! I don’t own a lipgloss color like this…. YET!

  10. OH Bzzzzzzzzzz I Need to get this collection :o( OMG it’s SoOoOo cool I love Honey and Bees Txs Temptalia oxox Melinda

  11. Monique

    Does the salve have a glossy appearance at all?

  12. Elle

    God, now I’m afraid of what I’ll turn into if I fall in love with this collection. That is a gorgeous color on you…and since you’re also my skintone I know how it’s gonna look on me!

  13. Jennifer

    is buzz similar to ornamental lip glass?

  14. Yaya

    I love buzz! I will probably be getting that even though I don’t like the stickiness of MAC glosses.

  15. Leah

    Sigh if only I had your coloring Christine, every color lippie is soooo gorgeous on you.

  16. aMy

    buzz lipgloss reminds me of ornamental.

  17. Tee

    I LOVE this collection! I can’t wait to buy most of it, lol. Thanks as always for posting!

  18. Natalia

    I am so in love with this collection but I’m mostly getting all of the shadows and the higlights, maybe 1 or 2 of the lipglass. Buzz looks amazing on you but and the glitters in it UGH, so good. But idk how it will look on me =P Cant wait =)

  19. Rita

    Bzzzz! I love that lipglass. It is colourful and has a good payoff (my favorite). I’m gonna get all the lipglasses and eyeshadows!

  20. Mikki

    The salve looks nice :) Although I think I would only use it on my lips as well

  21. ooooooooooooo Golden Nectar and Buzz Lipglass looks great!

  22. binnie

    like the lip balm

  23. Thanks for sharing those info. I might get the skin salve and use it as a lip balm.
    This is my first comment but I’ve been following your blog for a long time. I love it!

  24. Ilaria

    I was expecting a lighter or more shimmery highlight powder…
    I like the lipglass though

  25. margot

    I love everything in this collection <3 I’m definitely going for buzz lipglass :)

  26. Kiana

    I thought i would like this, but i really dont!

  27. carriespooner

    I’m so excited about this collection. :)

  28. Kimberleigh

    on the naked honey skin salve, is there an ingredient list? I am curious to know if the first couple ingredients are natural or ???

    That buzz lipglass looks so pretty on you!

    thanks for all the pics!

    • It’s a pretty longgg ingredient list. It’s not really a natural product – I say this because that’s not MAC’s stance on ingredients/products.

  29. Megan

    I was gonna hold out on this collection but I may have to check out buzz lipglass…its gorgeous

  30. Ana

    I have to get buzz l/g, and maybe the lip balm. I love using those salves on my hands to keep them moisturized. I’m not feeling that HL powder in that shade. It’s much to light for my skin tone.

  31. The Golden Nectar High-Light Powder and the Buzz lipglass are gorge!

  32. Brenda

    I already know I want the all the l/g, e/s and powders…so sad i know LOL. But i will pass on the salve, as yes, they are 1/2 the price for Rosebud salve or the C.O Bigelow Rose Salve.

  33. Awwww shoott I need that Buzz Lipglass.

  34. Iยดm just inloved in the hole colletion, and the names wow!!

  35. reesa

    ok…so i’m not going to skip this collection. i’ll definitely get the buzz lipglass. :-)

  36. Jessica Autumn

    I love the highlight powder! I’ll be ordering that online as soon as its available.

  37. Rosa

    I wonder how the buzz lipglass and powder would like on someone who wears nw45. I like the color for lipglass but scared the powder might make me look ashy

  38. Jessie

    Waaaaaaaaay more excited about this collection than I was about Style Warriors which totally disappointed me!

  39. This makeup line looks amazing!! I can’t wait until it’s launched. These colors will really illuminate all different skin types. Great line.

  40. Ashley

    i plan to get all three shadows, the body wash and body lotion, the honey salve, and buzz lipglass!!! i’m so excited!

  41. You have my entire shopping list for MAC Naked Honey Collection.

  42. Awwww thanks Christine.

    They say it’s coming to our island in July. It’s a long wait but I prefer it so as it’s really expensive. REALLY EXPENSIVE! I just picked up the Style Warrior collection; the Style Warrior Lipglass and the Luster drops and the shimmer powder to me, are my best purchases to date.

  43. Yeah. Prices are high but, Ohhh well. The good thing is – I get to use products that help enhance the goddess in me and my friends.