Thursday, August 27th, 2009

For Fun Nail Lacquer

MAC Nail Trend F/W ’09 Collection: Swatches

With six creamy fall shades launched, the collection presents an interesting mix of colors for the upcoming season. (See official collection information here.)

See swatches

Cool Reserve Nail Lacquer

Dry Martini Nail Lacquer

Beyond Jealous Nail Lacquer

Dance All Night Nail Lacquer

Rich, Dark, Delicious Nail Lacquer

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77 thoughts on “MAC Nail Trend F/W ’09 Collection: Swatches

  1. Cathy

    i am getting cool reserve, for fun, beyond jealous and dance all night!

  2. Natalia

    Whoa, Dry Martini looks kinda… awful :-)
    I like Cool Reserve. It IS a cool shade!

  3. glitterprincess

    I really do love this collection but i think For Fun Nail Lacquer(bright purple) can be duped by GOSH and barry m.

    Cool Reserve Nail Lacquer reminds me of Love and Friendship from the Rose Romance collection!

    Dry Martini Nail Lacquer is a excat match to a dress i have and may get this.

    Rich, Dark, Delicious Nail Lacquer(Dark Brown with flecks of Glitter)may get this too!

    Beyond Jealous Nail Lacquer (seems like a standar black) which I have from Rimmel London!

    Dance All Night Nail Lacquer (blood REd)seems dupable from Rimmel London

    Is it worth getting Macs base and top coat are they any good!

    Thanks for the post christine x

  4. tess

    beyond jealous and dance all night are my type of colors… as much as i want to have it, i usually stick with drugstore brands when it comes to nail polishes… i’d rather use that money to buy more makeup and brushes with MAC!

  5. Alexis

    Cool Reserve reminds me of a cooler version of last Fall’s OPI’s French Line – “you don’t know Jacques” which I already have and love so I can skip that one

    Glad, I preordered Beyond Jealous and if they haven’t sold out of For Fun I may have to pick that one up too!

    I like Rich, Dark, Delicious but I can’t warm up to brown nail polishes – I must have od’ed on them in the 90’s!

  6. I know some people might love Dry Martini because it’s unique… but man that is a disgusting color. Personal opinion. And Cool Reserve reminds me of the one from a Rose Romance.

    • Alexis

      based on description alone, I wanted Dry Marini because I’m in a green polish phase rignt now but I am glad I saw this in person before pre-ordering and also I know for fact that this would look awful on me because I’m a darker skin tone than Christine.

  7. Amy

    BAH! The ones I would probably buy I already have dupes of in OPI or China Glaze, haha, oh well! I’m glad MAC is upping their nail polishes though!

  8. nah

    not impressed tbh

  9. Tattoo Girl

    LAME!! None of the colors I like except For Fun, but 12 bucks for nail polish is a bit much.

  10. Alannah

    I ordered all but For Fun and Rich Dark Delicious! I wish they’d do a polish collection every season.

  11. Christy

    Am getting all of these!

  12. claudia

    Actually I think they are all pretty, but too expensive (i’m not in the US) so these I need to skip ;(

  13. Redhead (hi)

    These look *nothing* like their MAC descriptions. Cool Reserve was supposed to be a pale, grayed lavender and it looks like a grayish taupe to me. Beyond jealous was described as a blackened blue green, but all I see is black. Dry Martini looks sickening. Boo.

  14. sofie

    dry martini looks like nasty human waste…its not nice at all…

  15. Janelle

    Not gonna lie, Dry Martini looks HORRIBLE 😐 like diarrhea

  16. Wilcoa

    Beyond Jealous is awesome! It almost looks black but is much more flattering! Also really like Rich, Dark and Delicious.

    Also completely agree Dry Martini looks horrible.

  17. Tori

    haha its funny everyone was going crazy about dry martini and now that its out no one likes it :b but i have to agree its really ugly

    I do love cool reserve though for sure picking that up!

  18. baybee415

    cool reserved is stunning!

  19. amani


  20. I’m so disappointed in Beyond Jealous. I thought it was going to be a dark blue green color but it looks almost black. I think I’ll pass on all of these. :(

  21. Ribbons

    Cool Reserve and Beyond Jealous for me I think! :)

  22. Michelle

    Dry Martini kinda looks like liquid poo… sorry MAC! That Cool Reserve color is beautiful and it is always nice to have a more wearable purple as an optionf or those of us who need more “office appropriate” colors, but still wnat something more than just red or pink, but the formula on these still look streaky to me and I am fining myself saying “so what?”… There are so many brands out there making beautiful polishes, you would think MAC would try just a little harder with these…

  23. Fari

    I agree! I like For Fun and Cool Reserve but it doesn’t look worth $12… at all. Does anyone know of any other dupes besides the MAC rose romance one & OPI’s “you don’t know jacques”(i tried to look for this one online, they were out of stock)

  24. Stacey

    Beyond Jealous is such a let down :(

  25. puja

    I got dry martini and it looks quite different than the one in the pic .I guess its the flash .

  26. Meghann

    ooo, wow. I’m glad I saw this. I was going to buy all six and now I can feel alright with passing on all six. I was really feeling Beyond Jealous but it’s way too dark. If anything, For Fun and Cool Reserve but that’s not necessary. Love and Friendship had more purple, I think that’s the one everyone is referring to from Rose Collection, and is really pretty. Well, I already got the stuff I wanted for the art collection. I think I’ll get Crest the Wave and be done and wait on the black collection and that mascara coming out at the end of Sept. And D square caught my eye for feline and contouring.

  27. Sasha B

    ……barf much, mac? (guess which one im talking about. you’re probably right)

    but i do love cool reserve

  28. Vern

    All of these nail polishes look like OPI dupes that I want. All are pretty but I’m on a budget.

  29. Brandi

    cool reserve, for fun, and maybe beyond jealous… but def. the first two!

  30. evelyn leon

    dry martiny looks like poopie!!! lol…but color reserve is just gorgeous