Monday, November 24th, 2008

MAC Monogram photos!  See more! :)

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55 thoughts on “MAC Monogram Product Photos!

  1. Tina

    Wow! The packaging is sexy!

  2. Yeah the packaging is amazing! Absolutely beautiful!

  3. Packaging is gorgeous….but think I might actually pass on this collection! Bit expensive!

  4. The packaging reminds me of the Lamb perfume bottle!

    • Faye

      Yup – I totally agree! I was just saying the same thing last night to my boyfriend. He’s a graphic designer, and can see the resemblance!

  5. Heather

    I agree that the packaging is sophisticated and sexy! I really like it, which means I’ll have to get at least one compact, probably 2 lipsticks, maybe a gloss….and oh that clutch :-)

  6. OMG!!!!!!! *.* <– dazzly eyes

    I might faint! I want!! NAOW PLZ!

  7. Wow! I LOVE the packaging.

  8. I love the packaging, but I don’t want to succumb to getting this just because of it! I will NOT be fooled, LOL.

  9. Eniana

    I love the packaging!!

  10. Meta

    I’ll be getting the red lippie and lipglass and maybe one of the compacts. What does the compact do? I know dumb question right!?

  11. Cat

    omg I really like this….no no no I need to buy x-mas presents

  12. victoria

    i can’t wait to see it in person. i love the l/s from stylistics, it is smooth and not drying at all. if this ones the same, i’ll find it hard to resist. i wish to get a compact though(sheersparks) but only if the quality is good unlike last year. and if i really love it in person, i might get the powder as well, oh no.

  13. nikki

    this line looks amazing! i want to get the compact because i missed out on last year’s mystery powder. i’ll try to resist the lip sticks and gloss though!

  14. I flipping hate those sheerspark powders but I’m getting one just for the compact 😀

  15. Ruth

    I want it all, now !

  16. jenna

    i was just wondering, can you use your mac pro card on this collection?

  17. Jenna

    The packaging looks gorgeous and I do like the glosses 😀

  18. pquanda

    Beautiful packaging? Yes!
    Spending $22 for even less than what’s in a normal lipglass? Hell no.
    Those powders are annoying, there are so many better dupes for mystery powder, as well!

  19. Jen

    Oh my gosh! Gorgeous. I cannot wait for this one!

  20. Claudia M.

    Very pretty, but not my style….thank god!!

    • Claudia M.

      oops, forgot to say, I just went a little crazy at Sephora and a cco, I’m not buying anything for a long time.
      Yet another self-imposed make up ban, it wouldn’t happen if I had any self-control!! =)

  21. angie

    This is totally cool and stylish! Its so different from the usual collections!

  22. caramel

    Wow, the packaging is just gorgeous! Especially the lip products. But the items/colors themselves don’t really appeal to me, so I’ll pass.

  23. Julia.

    Woooww!!! Amazing packaging!

  24. Oh wow, what beautiful packaging! I think I’ll get the sheerspark or something, just one thing this time it’s a little pricey.

  25. Amanda

    Ooh, it all looks so luxe! Let’s hope the quality is as gorge as the photos!

  26. Tanya

    Deep sigh! Giving up buying ANY MAC for about six months…so I am passing on this :( yes, its really really hard!!

    • kat

      If it’s any consolation, I haven’t bought any new MAC since 1 eyeshadow quad from cult of cherry! Stay strong!!

  27. addicted_2color

    yay! at least the air of style is in a bottle that you can actually sit on your shelf without it worrying that it’ll fall off and break. i really love this scent and have been using it sparingly because i was afraid it would never come back…hmm, what to do what to do? lol.

  28. i love the packaging! its prettier than Hello Kitty packaging.
    i wanna get the light bronze sheerspark pressed powder.

  29. I think i’m gng to get the pressed powder~ are the mystery powder worth it?

  30. Shar

    This packaging looks so sophisticated! I can’t wait to pull the compact out of my clutch bag at the Christmas party – I love it!

  31. Ariana

    packaging is amazing!! Not sure yet about the products, I’ll have to wait for the swatches :)

  32. Mariana

    are the mystery powders any good?

    • Some people love them! I don’t think they’re any better than other pressed powders on the market. The heavy compact has always been such a turn off for me!

  33. I’m skipping this collection. Maybe the 129 brush but that’s it.

  34. Sash

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh *stares in awe*. Me likey…everything!

  35. Sash

    I love the lipstick shades!

  36. jenna

    im curious, do any of you think we can B2M for the lippies????

  37. classic

    Another temptation omg I drooling the packaging

  38. Marla


  39. OH MY GOD. I wantz it allz! 😉

  40. SexyThaiLady

    Look up “Michigan Agricultural College” monogram logo !