Friday, April 2nd, 2010

MAC Mineralize Eye Shadows for Summer 2010 & Pigments at Counters!

As part of MAC’s permanent Mineralize unit, they switch out the mineralize products from time to time. They will switch in different Mineralize Eyeshadows (all previously released) as of April 29th, 2010, while Pigments will become a permanent part of counters on June 10th.

Mineralize Eye Shadow ($19.50 U.S. / $23.50 CDN)

  • Pink Split Rose with bronze and pale blue veining/Pink with gold pearlized pigments (Frost)
  • Fresh Green Mix Golden Olive with blue, gold, and aqua veining/Lime mono (Frost)
  • Play On Plums Peachy gold with pink and bronze veining/Bronzed burgundy (Frost)
  • Sea & Sky Silvery pale blue with deep blue and silver veining/Bright blue mono (Frost)
  • Odd Couple Warm gold with lavender and bronze veining/Purple mono (Frost)
  • Illusionary/Burning Ambition Pale gold with icy shimmer/Sinfully rich coco (Frost)

Pigments on Counter & Freestanding ($19.50 U.S. / $23.50 CDN)

  • Antique Green (MAC Stores ONLY)
  • Bright Fuchsia (MAC Stores ONLY)
  • Blue Brown
  • Copper Sparkle
  • Corn Flower
  • Dark Soul
  • Fuchsia
  • Full Force Violet
  • Gold
  • Golden Lemon
  • Golden Olive
  • Grape
  • Kitschmas
  • Magenta Madness
  • Melon
  • Naked
  • Neo Orange
  • Old Gold
  • Rose
  • Rose Gold
  • Tan
  • Teal
  • Vanilla
  • Violet

Thanks to the lovely Emily for all the details! )

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65 thoughts on “MAC Mineralize Eye Shadows for Summer 2010 & Pigments at Counters!

  1. Nicque

    Not sure I understand what you mean by pigment roll out. Will those be discontinued, phased out, or reamin on sale?

  2. That’s awesome that some pigments from the PRO line are going to be part of the regular line!

  3. Nik

    OH MY GOD! I will hold off around that time with other brands! I am getting 2 of Illusionary/Burning Ambition and a grape pigment. For other mineralize releases I may buy doubles too! I’m so excited!!!!!!!!

  4. Mariana

    Will the pigments be at The Bay too ?

  5. FINALLY. Smartest move they’ve made yet! Bringing pigments to counters will be huge, especially when there are a lot of people who would rather dish out cash for a $20 pigment than a shadow for $14.50

  6. macpixie55

    I’m happy to see some of the PRO piggies coming to the regular line. I’ve been trying to get Magenta Madness for a while and they’re always sold out!

  7. Tiffany

    excited for Old Gold, Neo Orange, Full Force Violet, Bright Fuchsia and Antique Green. I have all of those mineralize eye shadows.

  8. Emily

    This is way too exciting! I can’t wait to be able get pigments somewhere beyond online! Now I can actually SEE them first! =)

  9. I don’t understand kitschmas. I’m surprised it hasn’t been discontinuted by now. But yay to all the new colors I haven’t had access to before.

  10. Teresa

    I am unsure what is meant regarding the mineralize eye shadows. I seen these available at my counter and online. Are they being “promoted”? Are they becoming LE? Why is there a date of April 29 for “switching in”? Thank you!

  11. We already have pigments at my counter! Just got them a couple of weeks ago :)
    I was all excited when I found out, haha :) I love pigments <3

  12. Christine, have you heard anything about matte finish mineralize eye shadows? I heard about this earlier in the week and I got a little excited at the possibility :)

  13. Mafalda

    are those dates international?Are the Mineralize e/s going to be switched internatinally April 29th? How long are those colors going to be at the counters? I mean, just like any other collecton or a little bit longer? thank you :)

  14. LNU

    Ahh these mineral shadows sound exciting!

  15. Vale

    Pigments! They must be all miiiiiiiiiineeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (drool!)

  16. They would release a load of pigments now I am refusing to buy them anymore lol. I am getting much more for my money now at Sugarpill, Barry M and Sleek and they all do the same job :0)

  17. Haley

    gold pigment going to stores other then pro?!!? YES!!!! I LOVE THIS PIGMENT OMFG!!!! HYESSSS!~

  18. Yumika

    Can’t wait till June 10th!

  19. Milessa

    Can’t wait to see these! Finally they’ve decided to add them to the counters!!

    • Probably got a lot to do with a drop in sales since they messed with the size, I am not alone in boycotting their pigments so they are doing this to boost sales

      • Kristin

        I completely agree! I’m boycotting buying any pigments ever since they changed the size! It’s so stupid cause for those who’ve been collecting them like me have a bunch in the same size and in the pretty rainbow formation and now it’ll look stupid with the smaller sizes =/ I just wish they kept the old size and raised the price by a buck or two instead T_T But until they change it back I’ll still be boycotting (along with other friends and even MAC artists I know too lol) and will just buy any that I may want from the CCO =/ But I completely agree, I think this is a tactic to boost sales cause they probably dropped

  20. GretalovesMAC

    I’m not too much into pigments but I may end up getting neo orange. I have to be a little more selective because of all the collections coming out this summer. I want soooo much MAC!!!!!!LOL

  21. cmferret

    i thought these guys were already at mac counters permenetly, i always saw them at my mac counters, kiosks and stores, so whats the diff now?

    • Hmm, I haven’t paid attention to the mineralize shadows on counter now, but it doesn’t look like they’re changing… which is confusing, because it’s noted in the MAC Artists’ Update book…

      • It is a little strange. These are the mineralize shadows that are currently available onlinr and the ones they have (and have had) on at the MAC counter where I live for well over a year (not that I LIVE at the MAC counter – LOL).

        Maybe they’re just putting a focus on them? It could have to do with the pigments being made available (making room, new displays, re-arranging stuff).

  22. Dawn

    This is weird, since the MAC website shows Magenta Madness, Neo Orange and Golden Lemon as being available for a limited period only, so I thought it meant they were being discontinued

  23. Dawn

    There are no MAC stores or counters near me at all :( Will these pigments be available online at ?

  24. I would love to see a repromote of Ether MES…

  25. Rebecca

    Is Pink Opal Pigment being discontinued? It’s not on the list…?

  26. jaspreet

    i am waiting for their collection

  27. faiza

    hi christine i want to make sure so are these pigments going to be sell in the macys or nordstorm mac counter i m so excited.

  28. mandy

    I live three hours from a MAC store. Half an hour from a counter. Am loving this!

  29. Ingrid

    Hi Christine, so when will those new pigments be available? June 10 or April 29? thank youuu

  30. amani

    finally!!!!!!!!! ive been wanting pigments but there is only a counter near me …im sooo excited

  31. Yeah! They release on my birthday. (: I LOVE pigments!

  32. Anna

    im in the uk and i can buy all these online :/

  33. jade

    So apparently, there are 12 colours for the mineralize eyeshadow duos and they are on a 6 month rotation (so 6 shadows are out at a time and then 6 months later, they get swapped out for the other 6 colours). You can still find other shades in stores though since they just put out the shadows that are not in current rotation if the store has it in stock but MAC only ships out new colours that are in the current rotation at the time (until the colours are swapped out, of course). This is all according to the MA at the pro store near me.

    Hope this helps.

  34. Whit

    The mineralize shadows will be 6 from the 2006 Allure collection

  35. neverenoughmac

    Does anyone know if the pro pigments that are being released will become available on the regular MAC website (not the pro site)?

  36. Bri


    I’m so excited because the only place I can but Mac without having to drive 50 miles is a counter and I’ve always been bummed that I can’t buy pigment jars.

  37. Susie

    The pigments wont be on counters till June 10 they don’t have them yet!

  38. Alyssa

    Ooooh soo excited! I need opinions! Which colors do you guys think will be perfect for dark green eyes?

    • Rebekah

      hmm maybe full force violet or grape? i feel as though purples would look great with dark green eyes:)

  39. Heather

    Does the fact that i dont see pink bronze on here mean they are DCing it, or that they are just only going to have it in stores still?

  40. Ericka

    I have seen the new pigments at the counters and I noticed that some of the colors are not the same. I have an old jar of Teal pigment. The new jar looks more matte to me. I was wondering if anyone else noticed that. I wonder if there is a difference in color at the pro stores as well.