Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

MAC Marcel Wanders 2 Collection for Spring 2012

availability: March 1st, 2012 (North America) at select locations, March 2012 (International) at select locations; all products are limited edition unless otherwise specified

Lipstick ($22.50 U.S. / $26.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Annelie Soft peachy beige with pearl (Frost)
  • Annemiek Soft neutral pink with pearl (Frost)
  • Felicienne Dirty mauve with pearl (Frost)
  • Inez Plum with gold pearl (Frost)

Lipglass ($22.50 U.S. / $26.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Jana Creamy beige with gold pearl
  • Julia Light blue pink with pearl
  • Karin Pink-mauve with pearl
  • Kim Dirty plum with pearl

Sheer Mystery Powder ($60.00 U.S. / $72.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Light Medium Pale ivory
  • Medium Plus Tan beige

Air of Style Solid Perfume ($40.00 U.S. / $48.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

An indulgence – but not when you consider the sensual delights of our solid Air of Style perfume and the covetable appeal of this exquisite Marcel Wanders multi-faceted chrome compact. Limited edition.

187 Brush ($80.00 U.S. / $96.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

High performance and style merge in a limited edition 187 Duo Fibre Face Brush. With its hand-turned, chrome-finished wooden handle and duo-toned, softly rounded head, this brush is beyond a tool – it’s an accessory.

Brush Clutch ($80.00 U.S. / $96.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

A brush clutch designed with chic and splendour. Silver threads, antique embroidery, and all the clever flourishes Marcel Wanders uses to elevate form and function into something extraordinary. Limited edition.

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119 thoughts on “MAC Marcel Wanders 2 Collection for Spring 2012

  1. Marieke

    Not a fan, it’s all pearl/frost! :(

  2. Adrienne

    ah I kinda wanted a new 187 but I think I’ll just get the normal one. Interested to see what the brush clutch is about. I’ve been searching high and low for something to store my brushes and I’m not a fan of the brush roll thats available at the moment.

  3. S.

    Everything is frost and pearl. Really? The packaging looks pretty, I guess.

  4. Stephanie C.

    So so gorgeous! I really love these colors, and tempted to get the lipsticks/lipglass although I don’t need any (of course). I’m not sure how much I’d like frost, but tempted to get Annelie and Karin. Can’t wait to see what they look like.

  5. Margaret

    Yet another collection that I suspect will be flooding CCO’s in a few months. MAC needs to stop with the functionless, elaborate packaging and get back to basics. $60 for a “sheer mystery powder” (whatever that is)?! Who do they think they are, Armani? Ridiculous. No thank you.

    • Em

      I know right? No way I’m spending $60 on a powder

    • Christine O

      I collect the beauty powders but I can tell you I am not paying $60 for this one. I will wait till it hits the CCO and get it for $15 just like I did the first Marcell Wanders BP. Is it me or is MAC acting like they are all that, will the constant releasing of all these new collections? Heck, now they aren’t even making new packaging they just make a cardboard sleeve to go over the original plain packaging. Sad.

  6. Omg macs most boring collection, what the heck Mac!

  7. Dee3yint dedra


  8. Liseth

    the same expensive products with just different colors that are in the neutral range…boring O.o

  9. Laura

    Seriously? Wow… MAC has really stopped trying.

  10. Beautiful packaging, but just like the first collection I will have to SKIP. It’s too expensive.

  11. Tommy

    I love the colour scheme, I think if they aren’t too expensive I get a gloss..
    Not a huge lover of frost lipsticks no matter how pretty..
    Do you know of any more matte based collections coming out soon?! ( I know we just one but still… I just want a change to get CYY)

  12. I wonder why they’re doing another collab with Wanders…this is basically the same packaging as the other, just in silver. Eh. Not sure if I’ll be picking anything up but probably will cave and get something!

  13. Mai

    Ugh, I’m not a fan of frost/pearl finishes at all. :(
    Another collection I’ll skip.

  14. Aisha Pacheco

    WHY? That is all…

  15. Dana

    This collection is a yawn!!!! Looks exactly like the first one just silver!!! Come on Mac!! You guys akways follow a really hot collection with a lame one!!

  16. Rachel

    Those brushes are stunning!

    • Miss J

      I only see one brush… That brush is permanent and $42, and they are charging $80 for it with this collection. $38 dollars more for them to slap a shiny finish on it. That’s silly. I’d rather just buy two regular 187 brushes, lol.

  17. Maebeee

    This looks like something Mac just threw together at the last minute to satisfy their inexhaustible collections quota. I dont mean to be rude it’s just my opinion.

  18. Babs

    Are they kidding??? Is this an early April Fool’s joke. YAWN… tres’ boring.

  19. Naomi

    As if the first was so great;no offense to anyone who enjoyed it. A feel like MAC keeps ODing on collections, many of which contain few good items or overall duds. I wish they would make the best selling items in every collection permanent or bring back the best selling items from older collections and make them into a collection.

  20. hm…doesn’t sound too exciting

  21. Liz

    I’m feeling very Meh about this collection. None of the colours strike me but the packaging is phenomenal, even if it is repainted re-run from last year’s collection. The thing that really gets me is the price though, 12 more for the compact in Canada?!? Absurd.

  22. Helga

    Like the packaging pretty,pretty, yes im a sucker for that. But im a student and on a students budged im starting to not being able to justify buying MAC products.
    Even tho it was the brand that got me into makeup, and i love it dearly. I live in Iceland where the mineralized skinfinish from the naturally collection did cost almost 55 dollars and on my budged i cant justify for myself to buy that.
    Even my friends have told me that when im not buying products from the newest mac collection because of price, then it has gone ridiculous :/

  23. Cait

    At first I was like: pretty pretty pretty
    But then I was like: looks boring and overpriced :/

  24. Tori

    Way too expensive for a mac lipstick. I would just like to get a Chanel lippie instead :)

  25. Aleena

    All frost lipsticks? What a disappointment. Whenever I see that there’s a new Mac collection I get super excited, but so not the case here

  26. Anita

    not interested. mac really is just spewing out boring stuff. i’d rather have just the one shop shop shop cook cook cook collection and then wait a couple months for ONE amazing summer collection.

  27. Yazmin

    $80 for a frickin brush that is already in the normal permanent collection??? Seriously?? Its nearly double the price!

    Who comes up with these ridiculous ideas at MAC HQ??

    • Miss J

      Right?! It’s just asinine! I would rather buy two brushes over buying one with a shiny finish. If I really need so desperately to look at something shiny, I will walk to the kitchen and pull out a piece of aluminum foil. ;P “OOOH, SO SHINY!”

  28. Vanilla

    Huge fan of Marcel Wanders, so I’m stoked about the packaging. The colours may be boring, but I guess if you’re going to pay almost double the regular price, might as well get a colour that’s easy to use? I don’t have many lipsticks so I won’t have any dupes. Will probably pass though, sadly, since I can’t afford the price tag and none of the colours screams “BUY ME NOW!”. Kinda nice that the majority of people seem disinterested. I will pick up whatever lands in CCO at the end of 2012 if I visit the States, so you can help me out by not buying anything 😀

  29. Sarah

    First naff Mac collection of the year? Just when they were starting to redeem themselves… :(

  30. Skipper

    Not a fan of that ostentacious packaging! None of the colors look good to me, either. I think I’ll be skipping on this collection.

  31. Carla Souza

    While the packaging looks nice, I don’t think people would pay that much for products that have one of the least popular finishes available at MAC. Moreover, the pearl and frost finishes have this Christmans-y feel about them that makes this collection out of place when being launched in March.

  32. trayceeee

    Is Mac on crack?! $95cdn for a brush? I understand its more like a collectors item but I’m astonished…

  33. Samantha

    I didn’t buy anything from the first one because they raised the prices like crazy and it was just a boring collection. Now MAC has raised the prices even more and it is the exact same thing.

  34. Ilona

    Aww, I was hoping to pick up a new bottle of air of style, not a solid. I still have the one from the original release that I’ve been trying to save.

  35. Ryan

    Well I think its quite interesting. In reality if Chanel or whatever released the same colors people would rave how genius that brand is. I don’t let consumer-established brand image make my decisions.

    • Jill

      What do you find interesting about it?

      I, for one, would not rave about this stuff under a Chanel label, since I don’t let brand image influence my decisions, either. I can’t imagine most of the women here raving about frosted lipsticks, regardless of the brand.

  36. Julia

    I think the colors are right on trend with what I’m seeing in makeup and fashion for spring. It’s about the bright rich colors like hot pinks and corals or it’s the milky pastel look. I think it could look very pretty and ethereal. But, I too, won’t be spending $60 for a beauty powder at Mac!

  37. Veronica

    holy crapoli! $80 for a BRUSH?!

  38. Bee

    Geez this collection is so expensive. And it’s not even interesting :/

  39. Summer

    I would like to see swatches, but this just sounds boring as watching grass grow. I can’t believe my love affair with MAC has ended. I used to flip over the news of a new collection. :(

    They really need to pare down the number of collections and products they release each year. This is getting ridiculous.

  40. Alexandra

    Who has this kind of $?

  41. Kimmie T

    I am kinda surprised they did a second round of callobation. Did the first one do so well that they wanted to do another round? I dont get it.

  42. Kaylyn

    Well, if anything, MAC has really made me look to other brands over the past few years so I am glad for that. I have been able to branch out and explore some better options, but MAC is my first love, they really have let me down recently…

  43. shelley

    It all looks cheap to me.

  44. Miss J

    Marcel Wanders 2? What??? WHY? I don’t remember the first Marcel Wanders being that big of deal. All pearl and frost? ICK. I feel so dated in frosty lipstick. This collection really just seems pointless and a waste of money to have produced. Look at those prices…RIDICULOUS. The packaging isn’t even that great. I’m surely not going to pay more for that because of that ugly packaging. UGH. Back to being a disappointment, MAC. If I want to buy a lipstick in the $20 range, I’ll go buy a NARS lippie or something.

  45. Maggie

    Out of ideas, eh, MAC?

  46. Joanna

    I had to look at the photo a few times before I realized there are two mirrors. At first I thought it was multiple lipsticks and glosses in almost identical colours!

  47. Sally

    *Le Yawn* Maybe the brushes might be worth looking into but I was hoping that the Gareth Pugh collection taught them something… Sadness!

  48. Mariella

    Given the obscene disparity between the US and Canadian prices (and isn’t MAC originally a Canadian company? Most of my Mac products are “manufactured in Canada”), I am incensed enough that even if I liked this collection, I would pass on it. But the prices are just insane. Maybe MAC has itself confused with Chanel or Guerlain! If I were of a mind to spend $72 on a face powder, I’d get Guerlain’s Cruel Gardenia!

  49. Shayn

    Hey Christine, do you know how we can find out if the collection will be at a certain MAC store?

  50. angela sutherland


  51. Nichole

    Was Marcel that popular the first time? $100 for a Mac brush is ridiculous.

  52. Brooke

    LOL they wish…

  53. Emily

    Why did MAC collaborate with Marcel Wanders again??

  54. Fitrah

    why can’t we love or leave things anymore? just wondering.

  55. vina

    It looks like icy series~But I don’t believe colors shows on AD.
    Waiting for ur swatch:)

  56. callie

    Waste of money.

  57. Val

    What a disappointment….I hate satin/frost lipstick and pearl lipgloss….

  58. Mel

    Not for me, these colors are not appealing.

  59. Rebecca

    I clicked over from another site with just the title shown. I took a guess for Heatherette making another collection. :)

  60. coco

    hmmmm…. After the Shop/Cook Mac collection, I’m really into the brighter colors right now. Makes sense for them to release a nude collection since both Vera and Shop/Cook mac were really colorful. If I hadn’t already bought nudes from Naturally, I’d be into this. All the lipsticks are frosts… :/ Oh well. My wallet could use a break anyways 😛

  61. Genevieve Chuachiaco

    $60 for the “Mystery” powder…….
    Why do I have the feeling that we’re actually paying for the container/packaging?


  62. lol ok do they realize frost isn’t in anymore and now people are going for more of a creamy lip look?

  63. Oh no.. This is just terrible. And frosted lipstick? Seriously, who wears frosted lipsticks except middle aged women who still thinks its the 80s?! Another huge dissppointment.. Like others have said, for this kind of money I will always go somewhere else, always mac! So just stop it.

  64. Suzanne

    great packaging, but couldn’t they just do a line of refillable pans and compacts?

  65. cherryglass

    Hmm, here’s hoping one of the lipsticks is a dupe for “Whirls & Twirls”, then I’ll pick up a tube. It speaks to me in silver. But what I really wanted is a rollerball of Air of Style. Love the scent and it would’ve looked stunning in that mascara wand thingie. Damn, MAC, opportuny missed. P.S. Please repromote Asphalt Flower.

  66. Amber

    I think I’d like a lipglass or lipstick since the packaging is so pretty. The price tag may keep me away however.

  67. Nina

    Yikes ~ we’ve got some debbie downers up in here… I’m kind of excited for this collection…

    I know a lot of people think it’s insane/stupid, etc to pay more for a product “just” for the packaging… but I, personally, get really excited about cool packaging… It’s one of the things that makes me love MAC so much. They have great products, and then sometimes you get extra cool packaging to go with it! Granted, I can’t afford an $80 brush (especially since I already have it…) but, if I had the money for it… I would totally buy it, I think it’s kind of awesome looking! I got a couple things from the first collection, and will probably get one or two pieces here. I like the uniqueness of it. I’m a sucker for marketing/packaging, I always have been, I’ve made peace with it. =)

    I am annoyed at MAC/with myself about the perfume pendant. I really wanted one from the first collection, but took so long going back and forth about it that it finally sold out. And now it’s back! And they increased the price another $10! Dangit!! Should’ve just gotten it the first time around! Overall I really like the silver packaging too, but for that particular one, I prefer the black. =/

    • Sally

      You can have cool packaging and quality without the HUGE markup. Example: Sugarpill. Just saying that the complaining is warranted.

  68. Oh great! Not spending money at all!!!! At least not on MAC products :-)

  69. Rowan

    it’s sooooo pretty! Plus I need to get the l/g that’s named after me!

  70. Laura

    I actually like the sound of some of the products, especially some of the lipsticks (I know a lot of people don’t like it but I’m quite a fan of the frost finish). However, the price is a major turn-off for me. Sure, the packaging looks pretty, but it’s just packaging! It’s the product that I really care about. I guess if I’m feeling flush when this comes out then I *might* treat myself to one item, probably Felicienne lipstick. Dirty mauve with pearl sounds right up my street!

  71. Lark

    This is much prettier than the Xmas Collection; But! Chrome finish plastic? Eww. I love a great compact too, but Stylistics was the last well made one. A cheesy compact doesn’t have the glamour factor. All of them have been tinny lately.
    I’d consider the lipsticks, but the rest looks good here, but I don’t expect much… A fancy case used to be well made and one bought refills for it. MAC is all disposable stuff. Who didn’t want to keep the HK cases forever?

  72. Emma

    Love the design – don’t like the products. Boring colors, frost lipsticks (not a fan of frost finishes), lipglasses which I didn’t even look at because I don’t wear lipgloss, and some ordinary face powders (???!!).. and what is that solid perfume about? sometimes I wonder what they’re thinking…

  73. This looks more like a winter collection

  74. Syrie

    I normally love neutrals, but these do not appeal to me at all. Another skip for me.

    I actually love MAC for putting out such crappy collections for so long. The only thing I have bought from them in the last year is a paint pot from their permanent range. I think MAC is trying to force people to save money by putting out these types of collections 😛

  75. Tiffany

    The brush clutch is so pretty! Buuuuut… expeeeensive. This whole collection is a pass for me.

  76. Smidgeroo


  77. Nay

    I’ve been waiting for cute packaging.. and then they finally bring out a line and I’m not keen on the products… and the packaging is HMMM OK……….

  78. Brittany

    packing okay, collection as a whole….yawn.

  79. Christina

    Hm, at least the packaging is cute.

  80. LOL its funny that they add this gorgeous packaging to a collection that no one cares for!

  81. Lynda

    Very disappointing! The packaging looks really cheap too, eek! On to the next…

  82. heather

    the packaging is beautiful but the colours themselves are just not at all arousing my interest…i think i preferred the shades with his first collection :/

  83. Zoe

    I wish MAC would stop releasing tons of new collections all the time, which are sub-par at best. I long for the days where I would be anxiously awaiting a few new collections a year which were thoughtfully crafted and worth every penny.

  84. Naheeda

    Love the package but not sure about the colours as blend one colour?

  85. brenda

    love how they did the 187..may need to pick this one up!

  86. darrklausal

    What’s a mystery is why ppl pay $60 for a translucid pressed powder, a $80 brush? Does it apply makeup by itself? What’s next? Collections every 15 minutes? ….oh wait LOL

  87. Melissa

    It looks lovely, but it is just too expensive. I would rather add a few more dollars and purchase my beloved Chanel.

  88. maebee

    Flashy packaging and frosty nudes…ewwww! Don’t get me started on an $80 brush that is really the 187 in fancy packaging…huh? What’s Mystery Powder and why would I want it on my face? I don’t understand this collection.

  89. wow the colors look so great/
    i translate my blog to english .
    now you can read in my blog.
    i hope you love it.

  90. Martine

    $22.50 for a lipstick! Have they lost their minds?!

  91. Corliss

    I won’t be getting anything from this collection.