Beautiful Beginnings with Bobbi Brown

Beautiful Beginnings with Bobbi Brown

What was the first Bobbi Brownproduct you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first Bobbi Brown product you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer:  I had never tried Bobbi Brown prior to blogging, but Bobbi Brown was one of the earlier brands that worked with Temptalia, back when I didn’t even know that blogs were important.  When our relationship started, we were in time to see what Bobbi had on the radar for Holiday ’07.  The first product I remember trying was Everything mascara, which is a really natural mascara overall.  It’s something I still recommend to readers looking for a little oomph but nothing dramatic.

Share your first time experiences with Bobbi Brown in the comments! 🙂

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My first was the cult favorite gel eyeliner. Remains my HG to this day, I can’t even think of cheating on it with another liner (not even MAC)

Never tried Bobbi Brown till last year as the line was pretty much inaccessible to Canadians.

I bought 3 shades of the Rich Lip Color from a secondary seller but the colours I got hatted on me (but loved the formula.Also use the Cream Shadow in Bone as it’s the ONLY gel pot style that act like nude base on my fair skin.

My first Bobbi purchase was the Honey Glaze Palette. It came with 2 cream shadows, 2 liners, and a (separate) lipgloss. I hardly ever used it because it turns out I don’t really like cream liners. I actually just posted that palette for swap on MUA. Not a huge fan of the lipgloss either – too sticky.
I still buy Bobbi though. My first purchase was a bust but I’ve loved all the other products (Beach, eyeshadows, foundation)I’ve purchased since then!

I got a makeover at a Bobbi Brown counter in London about eight years ago, which really put me off trying the products again. Purely due to terrible customer service. I have Bobbi’s books and have always liked her style, but that experience really disappointed me.
Saying that, I was working at an event a couple of years ago where there was a makeup stand, and I bought a palette containing two cream eyeshadows and two gel eyeliners, and I was converted again! I absolutely love the eyeliners! I got a sample-sized Everything mascara, too, which I really liked and keep meaning to buy but I usually prefer the drama of Beneft’s BADgal Lash. I also use Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream when I’m looking a bit tired.

I’ve never really been a big fan of Bobbi Brown products since all their shades and formulas seemed to be so dupable, but they’re definitely quality nonetheless.

I read your review on Chrome eyeshadows and thought to myself “ARGH!! I really want Pewter, but it’s all gone now!” I meandered around a CCO and saw a bunch of them just laying on a shelf for me and picked one up!

Something about Bobbi Brown’s lip range seemed old-fashioned to me, but their new shades of Rich Lip Color are definitely *my* kinds of pinks and corals–even the plummy shades seem so flattering and modern. I really want to grab a few of them!

The gel eyeliner was the first item I tried. Started with the black and now I have…five! I love them and almost never use pencils anymore. I’ve since added to my collection two eyeshadow palettes.

My first experience with this brand was the Moisture Rich Foundation and it is still my holy grail foundation. I use it together with the Foundationstick, to cover my spots and it works great.

Overall, I am not impressed with Bobbi Brown. The first product I tried was an eye brightener, which was soo overpriced and broke my skin out underneath my eye.

The second product I purchased was her matte bronzer in deep. I found it way to orange to and it sat for over a year untouched. I now use it as a blush and actually reach for it often.

The last (and probably final) product I tried was the Rich Lip Color in Guava and Rose Blossom. It swatched nicely on my NC45 skin, but when I applied it to my lips, the colors looked awful. They sit in my collection untouched.

My first BB purchase was the Bronze Shimmerbrick when it first came out (back in 2001 I think…still says Bobbi Brown Color Options on the case as opposed to Bobbi Brown). Since I was a shimmer fanatic, I was hooked. As I’ve gotten older and experienced new brands, I’ve tended to veer away from BB only because of the somewhat repetitveness of her products and palettes. If I am looking for a staple, I will usually start with BB…but for more fun, everyday wear I will typically go to other brands.

my aunt wore bobbi brown when i was growing up.. i always loved to watch her put makeup on (my mom never wore makeup), and she’d sometimes put some on me. 20 years later, and the sugary-sweet smell of bobbi brown lipgloss still makes me think of my aunt!

My first Bobbi Brown product was her lipstick in Slopes about 4 years ago. I felt her lipstick wore on my lips much better than any other brand I had tried before or since. Now I have A LOT more of her products (corrector, gel liner, lip sticks, illuminating bronzer, eye cream, gloss, etc.) and have yet to be disappointed. For me, her products are classic and elegant, never “too loud” or over-the-top, which fits my style perfectly. Her products are awesome when you find the right color or your perfect shade (if you have a problem with the color, it is not a bad product or fault of the makeup line, you done picked the wrong color). I LOVE me some Bobbi Brown makeup!

The first Bobbi Brown product I tried was a trio of matte shadows in bone, taupe and mahogany. I just love it and still use all of those colors. They can be used in so many ways. Bobbi Brown and Chanel products are my holy grail.

I can’t remember the very first product, but I have tried several in the last few years. I love her matte eyeshadows, her discontinued (very sad) moisture cream foundation, liptsticks, lip glosses and mascara. My favorite is the foundation; I love the No-Smudge mascara, but her lipglosses are too sticky. I find myself bouncing from her brand to Laura Mercier.

My first Bobbi Brown purchase was the creamy concealer/corrector. I was in desperate need of a new concealer and decided to try out this brand. Now it is one of my staples!

The only BB product I own is a “metallic cream shadow” that’s really just a bunch of glitter. It left me fairly unimpressed, though I have considered trying the brand’s extremely pale concealer I heard about

I’ve never tried a Bobbi Brown product, actually. Her book for teens was where I originally learned to do makeup, but I have yet to try a product. I’m considering getting lipstick, eyeliner, or concealer next time a pay check comes my way!

The first thing I tried from Bobbi Brown was their pot rouge for lips & cheeks in Pale Pink, along with a 3-pack of their lip gloss (before they changed from a brush to a doe foot) in Petal, Tangerine & Hot Pink.

I think their gel eyeliners followed quickly thereafter, which was great for me when I was still a makeup n00b and didn’t know how to apply liner well.

I got my BB products mainly from duty free stores in Asia before I moved to North America where it is more accessible (although now BB is available in most Asian countries, it wasn’t the case before).

I still use a lot of BB – she has a lot of very easy to wear shades for office gals like myself and younger ages; nothing too flashy or crazy – I recommend it a lot to people starting out in makeup along with other more conservative brands like Clinique. Not the most avant garde, but one of the most consistent and useful lines to date!

My first product was her corrector. I still love it and continue to repurchase it. I’ve fallen in love with many of her other products now too.

I love Bobbi Brown. I think she is a great role model, and seems like an amazing woman. Unfortunately I find her cosmetics to be overpriced, especially in Canada. I’d love to try some of her stuff, but I just can’t justify the price!

My first BB purchase was this year: I got the undereye corrector. I liked it, but it’s not HG material. I just bought the oil-free tinted moisturizer last night, after trying it out with a sample for a while. I really like it so far-really evens out my skin color and doesn’t make me oily (though we’ll see how it fares in the humid summer months…) I’ve had my eye on some of the newer lippies, but haven’t bought any yet.

My first BB item was a lipstick I just put away because it got bad after… several years. I had a lot of stuff over the years, and my mom considers their lipsticks the best (before Chanel!)
I had a Shimmer Brick just because, and and and. I do now have any items since they raised prices and I have found products I like better. Still I consider BB a really good brand and I would love to have some stuff again.It is also good for beginners & I love their ads.
Hmm…. – but I did not like their glosses, too sticky, too perfumed.

When I was 16 I had a makeover at the Bobbi counter of Harrods, by a wonderful artist called Hannah. She really got me totally hooked on the brand and it was my first proper splurge, I spent about £200 in one go and since then I haven’t looked back! I will always buy from Bobbi Brown’s blushes, lipsticks, lipglosses, and eyeshadows before anyone else.
Her books are awesome too – wonderful photography and she adopts a really nice tone.
Everyone needs Bobbi in their life!

I bought my first Bobbi product about 4 or 5 years ago. It was the blush in Desert Rose. A beautiful color, but that time, I was more into MAC. (I was looking for MAC Pinch’O’Peach on that day.)
Last year I went to a counter looking for a long lasting liquid foundation. I had a small makeover and the artist put Desert Rose on me. I was so surprised, that she chose that color for my skintone, which I already own. Now I wear the blush more often and bought a foundation, powder, powderbrush, lipgloss and an eyeshadow palette. I like my products, because they are perfect for an office look.

My first BB purchase was her Shimmering Nudes eye shadow palette. It was one of the first palettes to have neutrals that worked for my cool-toned, pale skin. It’s the perfect everyday/work look. I bought two backups and don’t regret doing so!

My first purchase of hers was the Gel Liner in Black. Now I have Espresso & Brown Shimmer. Much love for those liners will repurchase if I ever need to. I wasnt that interested in the brand again until I heard that Kate Middleton wore it for her big day, so I went back and looked through some products b/c we have the same coloring. Anyways…I wish I could have gotten my hands on the Heart Truth Set : ( I’ve always wanted to flip through her books.

My first Bobbi Brown product was a Shimmer Brick in Pink Peony. It was extremely shimmery and I’ve never worn it since. It didn’t turn me off the brand, though. I’ve bought her gel eyeliners which I love, her cream shadows which I also love, and her lipsticks, which are great!

I wonder if this series is going to feature brands alphabetically! Benefit, Bobbi Brown… Chanel next? Haha!

Anyways, my first foray into Bobbi Brown started with her correctors. They had a reputation for being incredible, so of course I had to try them. To this day, they’re still one of my favorite concealer formulas, though not my absolute favorite.

Bobbi Brown however, does make my favorite brow filler! I use the Long Wear Cream Shadow in Ash, which has been discontinued and I’m so sad! I bought several backups, and I’m still trying to find a suitable dupe for it in color, texture, and longevity. I’ve looked through virtually every high-end brand. Trust me, my arm had so many shades of browns and taupes that while taking a break from swatching at a local diner, several waiters asked if I was a painter… And to an extent, I am haha! A painter of faces… fail.


For the first time, I might actually look into drugstore products because I’m that desperate. Perhaps the new Maybelline Tattoo 24-H Shadow in Tough as Taupe may be similar… Ideas anyone? 🙂

I only own one Bobbi Brown product and that’s an eyeshadow I got at a CCO…can’t remember the name off the top of my head but it’s a shimmery taupe-gray color that I really like to use all over the lid for a quick smokey eye. I haven’t been drawn in to any of her products over the years though. I got the eyeshadow because of it’s color and the price was $10, but Bobbi Brown’s makeup seems so expensive. I do want to try some of her blushes because she makes matte ones and I’ve heard good things about her lipsticks so I wouldn’t mind trying those either, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. I guess Bobbi Brown isn’t a brand that excites me if that makes sense.

my first bobbi brown purchase was a few years ago, a rich lip color in heather pink. i basically went to the counter looking for a mlbb, as i thought it would be a good place to start with a brand i perceived as being known for ‘natural beauty’
i like the colour and the consistency of the lipstick very much, it definitely did not disappoint, and soon after i tried their tinted eye brightener, then the gel liner in espresso ink, the pot rouge in milk chocolate, and most recently some eyeshadows.
i still have all these items, although because my collection is kind of big (and always growing) so i tend to use them in rotation.
i would definitely continue to purchase from bobbi brown, though i tend to prefer the brand for ‘fool-proof basics’ as opposed to the most current trends.

I first bought some lip glosses about 7 or 8 years ago, and liked them a lot (these were the ones in the squeezable tubes) but they went bad super-quickly, in like 6 months! Not amused. I bought a few more items over the years, which were fine but nothing special. I moved away from a BB counter, and stopped buying. Then in the fall of 2010, I happened to be at my local mall the day a BB counter opened up. There were rows of pretty, mint condition lipsticks calling out to me!! Since then, I’ve bought 6 lipsticks and 2 glosses, which I love love love!!

Bobbi Brown has kind of snuck her way into my life. It started with an eyeshadow in “Toasted” that perfectly matches my eyelids – I use it everyday when I’m not wearing other shadows to even them out. Then I bought two Shimmer Bricks in Pink Quartz and Nectar, now used almost daily. Then I found Pink Raspberry lip gloss at the Estee Lauder company store and grabbed that. This past weekend I bought shimmer blush in Washed Rose and it’s my favorite blush ever. While these are the only products of hers I have, I’ve slowly realized that I use them more than anything from any other brand. Way to sneak your way in there, Bobbi! 🙂

the firts time i bougth this brand , was for my mom, a pallete , i dont remember wich one, but it was a clasical with browns colors, my mom was in love, then like 5 or 6 years ago, i bougth skin products, as eye cream , serum, moisturiser, and some kind of cucumber water, and a brush liner ,i received as a gift a duo sombra with a highlater and a very dark one eyeshadow ( they told me to use it as a eyeliner)

I couldnt finish the moisturiser ( it smell like lemon) it wasnt rigth for oily skin, i finished the serum , and the eye cream, but i wont buy again those products,
then i bougth 2 shadows , 1 i this its champagne o maybe bone, ( i dont remember) its sparkly, and it falls , and doesnt stay on place
the other one a red brown ( i think its chocolate) , that i like a lot.

then i went to cancun, last year in spring break, and i bougth the nude on nude palette, its a good one, but im medium skin, so this palette work for me as a blending or highlater one ( then i discovered that the pallete its from 2007)

like five monts ago i bougth the corrector and concealer kit
even the peach corrector has a great color, when i put the concealer plus the setting powder, it looks like a cake
so i dont think its the best makeup brand, i just can say that i love eyeliner,blush and concealers brushes
and thats all

My first experience was when our mall got a counter in one of the dept stores. I got my makeup done and it looked awful. I couldn’t wait to get home and wash my face. I was actually embarrassed to be seen in public. Also the ladies were super pushy and I bought 3 or 4 products (b/c in theory they seemed like they would be good with proper application). Some of the things I bought I liked (powder, eyebrow pencil) and some I didn’t (concealer/corrector with brush). I tried to return the items and again was bullied into keeping them even though the store’s return policy didn’t prohibit returning cosmetics. They told me I just wasn’t doing it right.

I stayed away from the brand forever b/c of this. It was only in the last 2 years that I returned. Now Bobbi is a favorite of mine but I never let the SA’s apply makeup on me and I don’t let them push me around. I just say no thankyou and only buy what I’ve tried out ahead of time.

Bobbi Brown was one of the first brands I tried out when I started looking beyond Mac. I had one of her glosses that was a gift from a friend. Although I really liked it, I found it took me a long time to get into the line. I really connected with it only when they released the “Black Velvet” collection, much of which came home with me.

I never tried it because it was so expensive. But when the Neon & Nudes eye palette came out with the pink & orange lipstick I had to have them! I like the brand some of the items are still really expensive but the product quality is great from what I have in my collection!

My first purchases were a matte brown eyeshadow (when these were still in the round pans w/ screw on tops – circa ’98) and a crease brush. I fell in love w/ her products then and there!

Bobbi Brown has great products. I love her lipstick because it stays on. I use Beige or Sandwashed Pink as a base under all my other lipsticks. They help to keep my lipstick on and tone down colors that are too bright or harsh. Have used her foundation stick. Love, love, love her matte eyeshadows. Own just about every color.

My first BB product is a lipgloss called bright pink which is kind of sticky, don’t really love it… Then I bought her books and got fascinated by the peach corrector and gel liner :3 also the shimmerbricks

I think my first BB product was a foundation stick. I do remember when the company first launched — I called (no web site) asking for a catalog. They didn’t have one, so they sent me a xeroxed product list, complete with swatches from *the actual products* on it. I wish I still had that thing!

Bobbi Brown was one of the first makeup items I bought that I actually used up. It was dark brown eye liner and a brush. I still have the brush, purchased in 1998.

Party Alice was actually my first purchase from her. 🙂 But she is by far my go-to personal for concealer and skin perfection products now. Her collections are definitely more my style – a bit old-fashioned, but in a class and understated way.

My first experience with Bobbi Brown was their corrector. Back then I didn’t really know anything about makeup, but thought that I needed something to conceal my undereye circles. I went to the BB counter, hoping to get some kind of concealor, but then the girl insisted that I only needed some corrector at that time. I couldn’t even tell if it looked great back then, but since then I’ve been using their correctors (along with concealor now) and it’s been quite a few years now.

I am only familiar with their gel liners, correctors, and concealers; all of those are great products, but the brand itself doesn’t do much for me. It just seems like a lot of everyday, wearable makeup; there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s easily dupable, and at a cheaper price to boot. Also, there’s no place in my city that sells the brand, so I’m not really into going out of my way to order wearable makeup at a price that I don’t find worth it for most of the products.

The only thing I have from Bobbi is the concealer with the setting powder duo. It is too dry for my under eye, but the good thing is, it matches my skin color perfectly. I think BB has so many colors that it’s one of the rare brands where I should be able to find a perfect match to my skin tone. I’m always stuck with too pink or too white…

my first and only products were the creamy concealer and corrector. love them but i haven’t felt a need to reach deeper into the brand as of yet.

My first BB purchase was the Peony shimmerbrick…i just thought it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. Had about one week before I dropped in on my marble bathroom floor and shattered it. I have the Gold shimmerbrick, shimmering nudes palette, sand pink blush, 3 gel liners, 2 of the newer lipsticks and 2 glosses and 2 single eyeshadows. I really like her stuff. Seems more like neutral shades and safe, conservative colors, but that’s what appeals to me, so I’ll continue to buy her products.

I bought a shimmer wash eyeshadow in Fawn and a corrector. I fell in love with both items, especially the shimmer wash shadow. I have tried more since then and I haven’t been disappointed in any product.

I start with their lipstick cocoa!
Although the shade is not for me, the formula is amazing!
So I start to buy so many their lipstick and high shimmer lip gloss……

My first and only BB product is her Skin Foundation. I love it! It makes my skin look marvelous and makes me want to try more from her line 🙂

My first Bobbi Brown purchase was blush in the color “Blushed”. I loved it so much it was the only blush I wore it for a whole year. My current favorite blush color is “Desert Pink”. I have three favorite cosmetics brands and BB one of them. With sensitive skin I appreciate that most BB cosmetics are fragrance free and I never had a product irritate my skin.

The undereye corrector. I hated the grey look my under eye area took when I would use normal concealer and I searched around and asked a youtube makeup artist and they recommended it. Never regretted it.

The first BB product that I bought was the oil free even finish compact foundation. It was my HG foundation for 4 years, then I tried liquid foundations from different brands, but I still keep coming back to BB’s oil free compact foundation. Their range of shades really suits me(natural/warm natural). I also love BB eyeshadows, blushes and the perfectly defined mascara. 🙂

Sadly, I have a bit of beef against Bobbi Brown. I love her as a person but don’t love her brand. Not just because the lipsticks are always very neutral and muted and I’m a color kind of girl. But a lot of colors eyes and lip range are very dupable while some just flat out suck. Their gel liner isn’t even the best (I prefer Tarte). And damnit the foundations and concealers I wanted to love them SOOOO much but they were just soooo yellow (and dark) on me. I’m Asian and I’m nowhere that yellow. Concealers are creamy and all but not my fave corrector either. Not to mention I feel a lot of things are over priced.

I’m Asian and I find their foundations and concealer colors match me best. I always get compliments on how beautiful my skin looks when I wear their Skin Foundation. Unfortunately, I don’t love its formula: it doesn’t embrace flaky skin and a good primer or moisturizer is a must-have (but to be fair, needing a primer is typical of me for everything).

1st product I tried was the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Cream (for the face). It’s a miracle-in-a-jar for flakey, stressed-out skin–as a result of a road trip that took me anywhere from the desert to the ocean (environmental humidity changes can drive my skin nuts). The MUA applied this and my skin instantly drank it up and smoothed out. After that, the Skin Foundation applied like a dream. With setting powder and setting mist, my makeup lasted me 10 hours with no touch-ups for an indoor/outdoor wedding.

Since then I have purchased the Corrector, the Concealer kit (with the loose powder), and the Long Wear Gel Liner. The gel liner needs primer to stay smudge-proof but the formula resists drying up (in the pot–like MAC Blacktrack can) for sooo long. Will definitely keep buying from Bobbi Brown.

My first BB product was an off chance splurge. It was a lip balm pot. I think that may have been around 4 years ago. BB is not my go-to brand but I have been lushing over her shimmer bricks for quite some time. Maybe one day I will break down and buy one.

First item I ever tried was a Bobby Brown Lip Liner. I still have it, although I got about 5-6 years ago. I love it. Unfortunately the second item I got was so bad, that I am scared of bobby brown now. It was the gel liner in black mauve, which was so dry from the moment I got it that I could not work with it at all.

i started a couple of months ago by trying there touch up sticks.they were awsome. after that i tryed there hydrating moister set and im hooked i liike it because for me they work hand andhand with the foundation but i agree with every one else they make awsome staple products but collections are a bit repetative in color

Hm… The first Bobbi Brown product I ever tried was the Tortoiseshell Collection eye shadow palette in Shell. I had read a lot of negative reviews about the palette. Most people complained about how sheer the eye shadows were, but I didn’t find that to be the case when I swatched them. So, I bought the palette and have yet to regret it. It’s my favorite eye shadow palette. ^^ I don’t own anything else by Bobbi Brown, but I am interested in trying some of her lip glosses.

The first BB product I tried was the bronze shimmer block. It just gave me this instant glow and perkyness that I really liked. The second one was their Nectar blush. I remember it was in a Blommingdale’s and my husband was near by checking out perfumes. I went over and asked him if he saw a difference, and he said “Yes! You look like somebody lit something inside you!”. Been a fan ever since!

mmm…. my first Bobbi Brown purchase was a stick cream eyeshadow, Iced Mocha I believe, I still have it but don´t use it that often cuz it creases a bit, after that I purchased the moisturizing eye crean which I love, and the cream concealer, which I have repurchased a couple of times….. I do love Bobbi Brown!

All of my experiences with Bobbi Brown have been wonderful. I first tried a BB product 2 years ago. I wandered up to a counter asking for a powder foundation because I wanted something purse-friendly for touch-ups. The wonderful SR told me that powder wasn’t right for my skin, and recommended a mini-foundation stick which I still carry with me at all times. I wish I could remember her name… she also showed me how to do an entire polished, natural look for work, taking the time to explain why I wasn’t getting the results with my usual routine.

That’s why BB is my favorite brand, they are great at supplying tools to make yourself look beautiful without being over-the-top or costume-ish… not that that isn’t fun sometimes. 🙂 I always recommend this brand to women of color because I know how hard it can be to find flattering shades for non-Barbie skin.

I only have one Bobbi Brown item…it was shimmer eye kohl palette…which is sorta neat…shimmer blue, green, black and brown separately in this large palette of dark kohl….never really used it…I dont really find Bobbi Brown attactive because I buy things many times for the packaging..Bobbi Brown reminds me of Prescriptive, Estee Lauder, Origin….colors not fitting for Asians

My first Bobbi Brown products were some lip sheers I bought in the 90’s (dating myself here!). They were my first “really expensive” makeup. I don’t remember the names of two of them possibly Cranberry which was too dark and some kind of pink. But Ruby Stain was perfect-a red without being red lipstick and I must have gone through at least 3 of them! Sadly discontinued!
The only Bobbi Brown item I have now is a Stonewashed Nude Eye Palette which I bought in this century but don’t use. Was not impressed with the eyeshadow wear but can’t get rid of it!

i made my first experiences in 2008 with a few different powders and foundations from bobbi brown. i used up these products and did not repurchase them.

My bobbi brown favourites are:
– pot rouge for lips and cheeks
– powder blush
– creamy lip color
– rich lip color
– oil-free tinted moistruizer (the new one)

bobbi brown is an amazing brand.. but sometimes a little bit too expensive for my budget.. but they have an amazing color range and high quality!!

My very first Bobbi Brown product was purchased about two weeks ago. It was their Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer. I love it so much that I use it every day. When I tried on the shade at their counter, the salesgirl applied the Wild Rose shimmer brick on me as blush and now I’m obsessing over it… Too bad they came with such high price tag that I couldn’t afford it as for now 🙁

I love their simple packaging and sleek, no-fuss design. My beginning with Bobbi Brown has been wonderful, if I look past the price tag, I am saving to get more Bobbis in the future 🙂

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