Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

I think anybody who was poo-pooing this launch because of all the repromotes/permanent items will at least be tempted to buy these just for the packaging – because it erally does look fun, stylish, and pretty different from past LE packaging. What do you think?

See a few more product shots!

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113 thoughts on “MAC Manish Arora Sneak Peek Product Photo

  1. Mae

    I want the eyeshadows!!!
    (Being a newb to MAC) that is an awesome combo for the pallete!!!
    Must save $$$

  2. SnickerDoodle

    I love it!! I think it’s my favorite LE packaging ever, and that palette looks wonderrrfulll

  3. Sandy

    I do like the packaging but I’m still poo-pooeing coz this collection isn’t available in Canada…me angry at MAC!

    • Mathusha

      Especially when half the stuff is made in Canada and originated here :(

      • Tekoa

        Can’t we buy it online from the site?

        • Sanayhs

          I’m pretty sure that’s a no. At least, from what I’ve heard… So, the only way for Canadians to get their paws on it is to have someone CP it. Grrrr…

          • lydia

            that’s dumb! i don’t get why’d they do that!

          • Tekoa

            But its a brand that originated in Canada. The darn stuff is made here! *slaps palm to forehead* Gosh, I hope we have the option of ordering.

          • kat

            It makes me angry because MAC is a canadian company….

            It was bought out by Estee Lauder though.

            Guess there’s no commitmwent to the canadian consumer anymore.

  4. Brina

    That palette… give it to me.

  5. SnickerDoodle

    OOOOHHHh and i just looked at the release date, October 9, and my birthday is the 8th!! Now i really hope they have some good lipstick colors in that gorgeous packaging so i can get one of those too! woohooooo

  6. classic

    Someone could inform me what colour of the blush ?

  7. victoria

    yupe what these. i wasn’t too excited with the color forum palettes, the colors looked dull on my lids and i wished they were brighter and i got my wish. i don’t have a lot of the colors and the packaging is so different and interesting.

    • victoria

      i know a lot are repromotes but i don’t have any of the colors since most of my collections are quite neutrals and very few brights. what’s great is since they’re repromotes, i have a better idea of how the color payoffs will be. i’m definitely getting the e/s, blush and l/s. must save up, yippee.

  8. Carrie

    WOWOOOWOWOW. I love it.
    I’m not sure where the release info has been posted, so:

    Manish Arora For MAC – October 9th, 2008

    North America – Available at MAC Pro NY, MAC Pro North Robertson, MAC Soho,
    International – Asia Pacific (Travel Retail Select Stores), Austria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Middleeast, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand.

  9. Doris C.

    wow that packaging is so colurful and pretty …. oh im excited about this now hehe.

  10. Ariele

    Well, I still have to pass on the palette (tempting though because the packaing is so lovely!). However, I think I will pick up a blush and lippie :)

  11. Shmo

    I want it so bad. I’m really hoping that I could get my hands on them. :(

  12. annabanana

    OH MY GOD. I am getting the entire collection. That is simply stunning! Any idea about pricing? And will this be out earlier than the Oct. 9th date for online ordering?

  13. Shmo

    Originally Posted by BunnyBunnyBunny View Post
    Manish Arora For MAC – October 9th, 2008
    North America – Available at MAC Pro NY, MAC Pro North Robertson, MAC Soho,
    International – Asia Pacific (Travel Retail Select Stores), Austria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Middleeast, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand.

    (no mention of Canada)

    6x Palette:
    Nylon (permanent)
    Going Bananas (repromote from C Shock Summer ’07)
    Playful (repromote from Barbie Loves MAC Spring ’07)
    Bitter (Permanent at MAC Stores)
    Electric Eel (Permanent)
    Deep Truth (Permanent)

    Girl About Town (Permanent)
    Kiss Manish – Frosty mid-tone burnt red (Frost) LE

    Pink Manish – Frosted fuschia (Frost) LE
    Shine Manish – Frosty bright orange with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments (frost) LE

    Powder Blush:
    Devil (Available at MAC Pro)

    Sheertone Blush:
    Pink Swoon (Permanent)

  14. melovemaclongtime!

    im one of those peeps who get so exciting with LE packaging
    n this is so cute!!!!
    love the bright colours!!
    gotta have it all

    but question-would this be launched in asia?
    im in Thailand u c!!

    thanks so much for sharing!!


  16. … not gonna be out in the UK?? :'(

  17. Quynh

    I’ll probably get most of this collection since the only thing I have from it are deep truth and bitter, but since it’s only two…

  18. Oh man, that packaging is super adorable. You’re right… that will probably persuade me.

  19. That palette is mine!! :)

  20. Nicky

    I love the Indian-inspired packaging, so yes, some of those pieces will be mine.

  21. Nana

    I don’t really care about the permanent items, the packaging looks AWESOME! And Hong Kong is on the list .. Yesss!!!!

  22. Cassie

    I want the eyeshadows! I LOVE the packaging! Even though I have 4 out of the 6 colors, I want it! And I think I’ll pick up a lipstick too! When I was talking to the girls at MAC this last week they said that the Emanuel Ungaro line is going to be awesome. Even though there mostly repromotions hopefully that means the packaging will be cool!

  23. MEG

    But as far as the collectin I am passing.
    None of the colors interest me : (

  24. Nell

    Is it just me or have they just taken the orange neo sci-fi packaging of the blush and l/s and printed some indian-style curlicues on it?
    Not my colors anyway, although Iยดm surprised that the collection will be released in Austria.

  25. Shefali

    OMG the packaging is gorgeous. The MA’s told me it was pretty with jewels, but WOW. I’m buying at least a few things.

  26. Nartian

    The palette is gorgeous! Oh, the joys of sorta being new again is that I don’t have most of these e/s.

    • You are definitely lucky! You can get a gorgeous palette, great colors (because even though people are upset that they’re old colors, they’re old GOOD colors), without any guilt!

  27. Terri

    The packaging is LOVE!!!!!!!!

  28. wendy

    OMG *faints*

  29. HeavenLeiBlu

    GIGGIDY GIGGITY!!!!!!!!!

  30. gio

    I love the packaging, it’s gorgeous!

  31. Ashlee

    Ohh I want that palette(still!) and the packaging is soo cute!

    Ohh hopefully by oct I’ll be living in FL and the area we are looking at has a mac counter. Yayy! lol.

  32. Nicole

    The packaging is so lovely, but these are not my colors.

  33. guddu81

    ahhhhhhh being Indian, the packaging and colors are HOTTTTTTT!! Love it!!! Do you know if this is going to come out in all MAC counter locations or only Nords..and MAC stores?

  34. Brooke

    damnit i love the look of the palette but i hate those colors I’d never wear them :( maybe someone will use it up and sell it to me so I can empty it lol

  35. Brenda

    The packaging doesn’t do it for me but I definitely love the colours in the palette considering I don’t have many MAC eyeshadows yet but from what others are saying, it won’t be released in canada so I won’t be able to get my hands on it anyways.

  36. Rubi

    I like the packaging a whole lot, would look cute sitting on the counter. Might have to get the pallette, not too sure on anything else though.

  37. JillyB

    I don’t normally order online because I like to look at the colors in person but this packaging is to die for! I may just have to give in and order on this one.

  38. monica

    i love the packaging more than anything
    buttt i wish there were different colors in there
    something new with new packaging poo

  39. Jeni

    Wow…im drooling packaging is awesome!

  40. They look awesome – no matter repromote or not!So fun, the packaging is as good as Fafi, even better!

  41. Tanya


  42. DevilishDoll

    I definitely want the palette. I don’t have any of those colors and I’ve been dying for Goin Bananas. And I love pinks and blues too.

  43. reesa

    I love this packaging! So cute. I think these lippies want to come to my house when they are available! LOL! Can’t wait to see them live.

  44. Hilda

    I love all these.
    They’re sooooooooo pretty.

  45. Lola

    MAC LE eyeshadow palette is PERFECT for me! I don’t own any of MAC eyeshadow and this palette is going to be a great start to try 6 awesome eyeshadow colors (also I always want to try Deep Truth)! I can’t wait for this LE to be released!

  46. Erin/slipnslide

    I’m excited. A relatively affordable way for me to try some brights, on the go! And what adorable packaging, have you seen Manish’s Reeboks? They’re crazy!

  47. Miss QQ

    LOL! The packaging just cracks me up. Don’t know what wrong with me but I think they should appeal to many people.

  48. cloudburst

    Aw I guess I won’t be getting the palette as I am in Canada. Oh well, I’m sure there will be tons of other stuff to spend my $ on!

  49. It’s the Heatherette trio only with Rhinestones!!! And I love it.


    Oh October… why must you be so far away?

  50. Just when I thought I could pass on something…. The packaging is so beautiful. I’ll have to get a compact!

  51. Can

    the packaging is soo cute! too bad i wouldn’t wear any of the colors. but the colors look pretty nonetheless!

  52. Pomlovely

    Do you think the pallete will run out as fast as the Dress Camp Pallete??

  53. kelly

    the casing is hideous… its like… really bad bollywood

  54. claudine

    oh my gooooosh i loooove the packaging
    i hope this stuff will be released here i will get the whole collection just for the packaging woooow

  55. sara

    oh my god, i love this

  56. classic

    Yiiiipie I could order from MAC Sing….hemmm I want to look
    the colour swatch

  57. Lexi

    Eyeshadow palette, while pretty… is a snore. I have most of the colors already.
    I could easily be tempted into getting that beauty powder though, just for the packaging. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  58. viv

    oh my! the packaging is absolutely adorable!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  59. Nina

    i defenetly want the palette and both blushes and the lipglasses aaaaaah im feeling faint already.. the packaging is oooh so gorgeous.

  60. lala

    I dont have any of the def. getting the palette :)

    thank you christine!!!

  61. Kate

    This packaging is yummy! And as it happens, I don’t have any of these colors. Plus, I’m a sucker for anything with jewels on it! I will probably want the e/s palette and a l/s at the very least.

  62. Pia

    Woohoooo!!! I don’t have ANY of the shadows so I could definitely get the palette. *start watering money tree*

  63. Quynh

    BTW How much is that palette gonna set us back?

  64. emily

    what does “LE” packaging mean…?

    but anyways, that palette looks AMAZINGG!
    im soo excited!

    • Hi Emily,

      Limited edition packaging – it means that it’s special packaging designed for that launch. Like sometimes MAC puts their eyeshadows in orange packaging rather than their trademark black packaging – the orange packaging would be LE packaging!

  65. Kristen

    Super pretty packaging, I have to admit!

  66. shana

    so its not going to be at the pro store in San Fransisco?

    • Hi Shana,

      I’m really not sure about the locations for this launch, unfortunately! Your best bet is to call the store just before the release and inquire.

  67. I went to MAC yesterday and reserved the collection ^_^ It will be launched here on Tuesday (I’m in the United Arab Emirates).. The colors look quite nice IRL.. not sure about the repromotes as my collection consists for mainly neutral colors (and some colors, but not many).