Tutorial – Easy Antique Green and Teal Look

Note: This is what is known as a quick tutorial – it’ll show you color placement and show you how a look comes together, but it doesn’t focus as much on techniques and the like. If you’ve read several of my past tutorials, the techniques haven’t changed πŸ™‚

I used Vintage Gold pigment (LE) on inner half of lid, Antique Green pigment (LE) on outer half of lid, Lucky Green eyeshadow (LE) on inner lid, Goldmine eyeshadow on inner/middle of lid, Patina eyeshadow on middle of lid, Newly Minted eyeshadow on outer lid and crease, Ricepaper eyeshadow above crease and on brow to highlight, UD Stash 24/7 liner on lower lash line, and Plushlash mascara on lashes. I had Margin blush with Dior Amber Diamond SkinShimmer on cheeks. I wore Tiger Tiger lipstick (LE) with Rosy Coral PRO gloss and a touch of Dejarose lipglass (LE) on my lips.

** These are recommendations for dupes based on permanent colors available — may not necessarily be identical; they are the closest I can think of!

Vintage Gold = Gold (metal); Antique Green = Olive Green + Forest Green; Lucky Green = Swimming + Goldmine; Tiger Tiger = Cherish; Dejarose = Valentine’s

Now, get step-by-step directions on how to get this look for yourself!

1. With water-based mixing medium, apply Vintage Gold pigment to inner half of lid. Apply Antique Green pigment (again, with the mixing medium) to the outer half of the lid.

2. With the 239, apply Lucky Green eyeshadow to inner lid.

3. With the 239, apply Goldmine eyeshadow to the middle of lid, then apply Patina over half of the Goldmine part.

4. With the 239, apply Newly Minted eyeshadow to the outer lid and crease.

5. Highlight brow using Ricepaper eyeshadow.

6. Apply Urban Decay Stash 24/7 Liner on lower lash ilne.

7. Apply black mascara to lashes.