Friday, August 21st, 2009

MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection: Review & Round-up

OVERALL, the collection has a good mix of the bright & bold and the subtle & muted. I feel like there is definitely something for everyone within this launch (particularly since there are over thirty products to choose from), which is always a good thing. My favorite items were the new shades of technakohl liner–bright and beautiful, that’s SO me. The technakohl formula is soft and creamy without being wet, easy to apply, and long-wearing, so I was pleased to *finally* see some new shades get released. The lipsticks gave me nothing to write home about, and I will admit I’m surprised none of them were super dark or opaque.

On Display is an absolutely stunning shade of lipglass, and I fervently hope you’ll consider it next time you’re at the counter! New Spirit was also on my radar, though not quite as impressive as On Display, which is just the right blend of dark and bold without venturing too much into vampy. I didn’t love any of the three eyeshadow quads, though I liked Photo Realism and Notoriety. I can’t say skip enough when it comes to the Private Viewing quad!

The eyeshadows, while bright, do offer a lot of repromotes, as only two are new (Off the Page and Maira’s Magic). I found Off the Page to be very reminiscent of Fab & Flashy, which I love, so that alone makes it noteworthy. Haunting will just never live up to my expectations, I think, unless it somehow gets a clue and intensifies itself. I’ve always had a soft spot for Purple Shower, though it does need to be layered on occasion. I want to like Crest the Wave, but I’m not sure if that shade of yellow will work so well with my skin tone.

The glitters are gorgeous in all of their glittering glory, but for most of us, they’re too much of a pain in the butt to justify purchasing. You can’t (and shouldn’t) use glitters on your eyes when they aren’t recommended for the area. Sometimes glitter particles are too large/sharp and can actually scratch or injure your cornea. While I can understand the occasional avant garde application of glitter (and using extremely adhesive bases!), it’s just not something I’d risk, myself, on a regular basis. As such, glitters are best used on the lips (easiest), though you can mix them into nail polishes, moisturizers, or hair gel/spray. They’re usable, but you gotta get creative. I liked all four of the pigments released, though two are repromotes (Cocomotion and Heritage Rouge). They’re all pigmented and go on fairly smooth, with Push the Edge being the more velvety one.

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Temptalia’s Recommendations

Must-Haves: On Display & New Spirit lipglasses, Off the Page & Purple shower eyeshadows, Brash & Bold & Cocomotion pigments, Artistic License & Colour Matters technakohl liners

Nice-to-Haves: Front Lit lipstick, Personal Taste lipglass, Photo Realism eyeshadow quad, Crest the Wave & Maira’s Magic eyeshadows, Heritage Rouge & Push the Edge pigment, Full of Fuchsia & Obviously Orange technakohl liners

Skip: Lovin’ It lipstick, In the Gallery eyeshadow quad, Violet Trance eyeshadow, Gold & Fuchsia glitters

What did you end up getting? What did you love/hate? Share your thoughts!

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48 thoughts on “MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection: Review & Round-up

  1. I ended up ordering Photorealism Quad, Push the Egde pigment and Off the Page eyeshadow. This collection is amazing by far!

  2. awaiting for this to arrive in the uk

  3. Tattoo Girl

    I got Photo Realism quad, Push the Edge and Brash and Bold pigments, Reflects Rust glitter, Crest the Wave, Purple Shower, and Off the Page e/s, Colour Matters and Fushia technakohls.

    I was disappointed in the purple e/s quad and Violet Trance e/s. I still may go back and get On Display l/g. Tried it at the preview party and again today and cannot make up my mind about it.

  4. electrik love

    i got brash & bold (must have), cocomotion, and push the edge pigment. i still want to get a lipglass.

  5. MC

    Off the Page, Crest the Wave, and Maira’s Mood eyeshadows; Full of Fuchsia and Artistic License liners, and Noteriety quad.


  6. Saira

    Is Hold the Pose lipstick a duplicate or similar to Naked Paris L/S from the Euristocratics II collection?

  7. browneyes

    I bought:
    Crest the Wave
    Off the Page
    Artistic License
    Obviously Orange
    Brash & Bold

    Want to go back for New Spirit, Push the Edge and Cocomotion…possibly Purple Shower.

  8. ms.mad

    can anyone please tell me if front lit lipstick is similar to gel lipstick. thank you

  9. Jen

    Does anyone know a free shipping code for this collection on the Mac website?

  10. Kristin

    The free shipping code right now is ART, good through Saturday, August 22. As always, free shipping with $60 purchase, no code required.

  11. kristie

    Thanks for all the review Christine! I know I can always count on you to have the first complete swatches/review for every new MAC release.

  12. Annie

    I bought Colour Matters and the fuchsia liners. They are gorgeous. I found that Artistic License was somewhat similar to UD 24/7 Electric, so I didn’t get it. And not sure how to wear the coral one. I am looking forward to a look that includes Colour Matters!

  13. amani

    i ended up getting all the technokhols , off the page eyeshadow , violent trace eyeshadow , and brash and bold pigment…i would have got more but i i dont have extra money to buy the rest ,like….haunting eyeshadow, purple shower eyeshadow , crest the wave eyeshadow , new spirit lipgloss, front lit lipstick ,and some of the glitters….lol thats alot i kno

  14. Briana

    Thanks Christine!!! =) You are so great! Your reviews are always so thorough and prompt! Thanks so much!

  15. charlieee

    thanks for the reviews Christine! i’m waiting patiently for this collection (and the rest of Fall collection) to launch here in aussie! :)

  16. I gotttt:

    On Display l/g
    Heritage Rouge pigment
    Brash & Bold pigment
    Cocomotion pigment
    Maira’s Mood e/s
    Purple Shower e/s
    Obviously Orange liner
    Full of Fuschia liner


  17. Roxanne

    DAMN IT! I still want the 3 quads, even after your reviews. I just really need a purple quad!

  18. I’ve got a quad two lipglosses, and 2 pigments.
    I need some eyeshadows too but I’ll get them later.

  19. Linda

    I was very surprised at how when they launched the collection yesterday and the store was not crouded wow!!.Anyways I got 4 things,personal taste lipglass,violet trance eyeshadow,hold the pose lipstick,and photo realism quad.I love them all and also I got a sample it was push the edge pigment it’s a beautiful dark purple I love it I’m going to purchase it tomorrow yayyy!!!

  20. brenda

    wow…not really impressed at all! I was SO waiting for this collection, and thought I would get the Photorealism quad, but the colours will just not work for me…too grey/blue. The only things I might pick up are Hold the Pose(i have to swatch it myself first), Crest the Wave and Heritage Rouge pigment. I’m slowly moving away from MAC. Lorac has been my latest purchases.

  21. Mariana

    Havent been to MAC yet but I know I want:

    Full of Fuschia e/l
    Artistic Licsence e/l
    Colour Matters e/l

    Haunting e/s
    Crest the Wave e/s
    Off the Page e/s

    and maybe…
    Notoriety quad
    On Display l/g

  22. Dee

    Just got back from my makeover(and the bar) :). I got, Off the page(B2M), Brash and Bold, Fushia Glitter, Push the Edge, All the Technakohls(besides black), New Spirit Lipglass, and a few more things out of the collection but with the look my MA gave me(Joel at Georgetown MAC is amazing!)

  23. Jen

    How does Push the Edge compare to Violet pigment? Are they really similar?

  24. Nothing from this collection struck me as a must have. I only picked up the blue technkohl. I may go back for Notoriety quad because I like the darkest color, but the others in that quad were dupable, yet wearable so having similar shades would not hurt.

  25. Melissa

    I absolutely L-O-V-E-D this collection. I got all the bright eyeshadows with the exception of the orange one (reminded me of dirty Doritos fingers) and Purple Shower (too chalky and light). The lime, blue and orange technakols (loooove). And I absolutely loved Lovin It l/s with Personal Taste l/g. Highly recommend it for a natural look with Notable blush. Definitely recommend swatching everything and trying out all the lippies on for yourself. This collection is awesome!

  26. The shimmer on that lippy is so pretty! :)

  27. jolenz

    Love this collection.

    I ended up getting:

    Personal Taste lipglass
    In the Gallery Quad
    Purple Shower, Violet Trance, and Maira’s Mood e/s

    If it’s still available, I will go back to get Heritage Rouge, Cocomotion and Push the Edge pigments.

    I liked all that I bought. I swatched all at the counter. I understood what some people meant about the In the Gallery being the hardest to work with. You do have to work at it a bit- but I love the subtle shade and I’m into purple, pinks and lavender shades right now so this works great for me!