Friday, October 16th, 2009

MAC Magic, Mirth, & Mischief Collection
6 Mystic Cool Eye Shadows

MAC Magic, Mirth, & Mischief Review: Mystic Cool Eye Shadows

Mystic Cool is an interesting mix of eyeshadow shades. It’s not the most cohesive palette MAC has put out, but if you’re just looking to boost up your color collection and aren’t so concerned with a palette that works together easily, you shouldn’t mind. It’s not to say that there aren’t color combinations to be created from the palette, but it just requires a little more thinking than your average eyeshadow palette where there are so many obvious combinations to work with.

6 Mystic Cool Eye Shadows ($36.00 U.S.)

  • Cool Incantation is a frosty golden-white with an almost gray tinge to the white base. It reminded me a little of Nanogold but yellow.
  • Blue Enchantment is a deep turquoise with subtle shimmer. Surprisingly, MAC doesn’t have a shade like this in their permanent line. It’s almost as if Shimmermoss and Bottle Green had a baby.
  • Deep Secret is a shimmery, jewel-toned indigo-blue. It’s incredibly pretty, and it reminded me of a darker Cinders eyeshadow (one of my all-time favorite limited edition shades).
  • Shhh, Don’t Tell is a satiny pale neutral pink that goes on like a dusty rose pink. It was hard to get it to show up really well on my skin tone without a base.
  • Rose Potion is a frosty rose. It’s a fairly simple shade, but it’s not one I’ve seen often by MAC either.
  • Violet Vow is a cool-toned, dark brown with kind of a purple edge to it. I found this one harder to work with, and I felt like it wasn’t as pigmented as it could have been.

I didn’t fall head over heels in love with this palette, but I did like it. I think there are some great colors in this palette, but long-time collectors may find they have similar shades (at least, similar enough) in their stash already.

  • Product: 24/30
  • Value: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

See photos and swatches

MAC Magic, Mirth, & Mischief Collection
6 Mystic Cool Eye Shadows: Cool Incantation, Blue Enchantment, Deep Secret, Shhh Don’t Tell, Rose Potion, Violet Vow

MAC Magic, Mirth, & Mischief Collection
6 Mystic Cool Eye Shadows: Cool Incantation, Blue Enchantment, Deep Secret

MAC Magic, Mirth, & Mischief Collection
6 Mystic Cool Eye Shadows: Shhh Don’t Tell, Rose Potion, Violet Vow

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32 thoughts on “MAC Magic, Mirth, & Mischief Review: Mystic Cool Eye Shadows Photos, Swatches

  1. Jenn

    I picked up this palette for blue enchantment but I’m on the fence about keeping it…

  2. Nadia

    Wow, some of these colours are very pretty, but i have so many MAC shadows that i think i already have some dubes or can put some colours together to get those colours! i think I will pass on this one! Maybe if it went on sale..hehe

  3. liana

    Im only in love with Blue enchantment, I have been looking for a teal exactly like this for a long time but i hate the rest of the colours in the palette, Can anyone help to me find this colour in any other companies?

  4. Anitacska

    I love this palette, it’s so pretty! :)

  5. Hinahon

    Could you tell me what to buy (if possible in permanent) to get dupes for Blue Enchantment and Deep Secret?
    I don’t want to buy the whole palette just for that, even more since i need to save up.
    Thanks !

    • Faith

      I think Deep Secret is awfully close to Deep Truth.

      • Petra

        I was thinking the same, that they’re similar, but i swatched both, and i think Seep Secret is a lot prettier. It has a deeper blue colour, unlike Deep truth which (probably due to the finish, frost), seems less blue, and more navy with a blue finish. Don’t know if this is making sence, but Deep Secret has much more dimension and sort of a purplish sheen. It’s like a much better, more complex verion of Deep truth, to me.

    • Shimmermoss and Contrast would be the best permanent dupes.

  6. Leah

    When I swatched Cool Incantation yesterday, I realized that it’s an exact dupe for Solar White!

  7. Rebecca

    This is totally OT, but I need help and I hope that you can help me. I’ve noticed that you wrote about “Rouge Volupté” from YSL, for example “Peach Passion #13″, but I wonder if you could tell me about the difference between “Peach Passion #13″ and “Tender Peach #26″? I can’t find anything on the internet about it that helps me, because if I find one color, it doesn’t show so much of the color and I don’t have a store near me. Can you tell me? I would be so happy!

  8. amy

    I am on the fence with most of the eyeshadow palettes, but seeing this one there are colours I like: Cool Incantation, Blue Enchantment, Deep Secret.

  9. Kristina

    Hmmm, I don’t know about these. Deep Secret looks like cancer and overall it looks like a misguided attempt at a NARS combo.

  10. I’m not a fan of the blue eyeshaodws, I can’t really work with them dunno why.

  11. Faheema

    I love the blues but I already have a good enough stash of blues hehe. But then again…

  12. glitter princess

    im quite drawn to this pallete but im sure i have colours that can duupe these

  13. lovepotion18

    Bought this palette last night. Love it! I used the three bottom colors today. I think Violet Vow is an interesting color. Looks brown in the palette, but on it definitely has a slight purple tint. Got complimented on the look today.

  14. ooh I want to pick up this pallete

  15. Lorna

    the blue and green really stand out but the lower half is too boring

  16. Skyler

    Like the warm eye palette, I like one half of this one better too. 😛 Cool Incantation, Blue Enchantment and Deep Secret are STUNNING, especially together! I know Cool Incantation is not the most unique colour but it reminds me of Cloudbound, which I adore. I think this is a fantastic mix of colours, a great “cool” eye palette. The one one I wouldn’t use is Shhh Don’t Tell. It’s kind of hideous. I HATE those chalky pinks MAC seems to slip into at least one of their holiday palettes every year. They never show up on me, regardless of using a base, and if they do… they wash me out completely.

  17. I passed since they really aren’t colors I would wear.

  18. Bridgette

    Does anybody know any great dupes for Cool Incantation, Blue Enchantment, Deep Secret, and Rose Potion? Im thinking about getting this palette but I am on a really tight budget.

  19. yungbb

    i got this palette and i think the colors really DO work well together so long as you don’t intend on using all 6 on your eyes as most people expect to do with these palettes. colors go great together if you take top one to go with the bottom (deep secret+violetvow, blue enchantment+rose potion, etc…) feels like buying 3 duos…

  20. Jen

    My Finance bought me 3 of the 4 eye paletter except for Smoke and Mirrors. I used this one today and really love it! I used the white shade on the inner corner, the light pink/lilac on the lid and the bright blue on the outer half and crease. Really brought out the green in my hazel eyes. I also got all the brush sets and I love them too:)

  21. the picture of th product is nice but the swatch is making me want to just cough up the money. i dont want to because i prefer the round circular sized ones for depotting! oh well…. is there a dupe to blue enchantment? it reminds me of parrot but bluer

  22. Brenda

    ugh…i wasn’t going to buy this one at all, but now that I’ve found out the white is the same as Solar White I may have to!! I’ve been searching for solar white and its not to be found..not on ebay or anywhere!!!

  23. My bestie got me this palette for my birthday. I love it! The packaging is very cute, and I love the colors. I didnt have anything similar to any of the colors in the palette, because Im slowly building my collection a students budget :), so all of the colors are a wonderful addition.

  24. Bettina

    of all the ones they ahd this is one of the ones I would wear the most..I also really liked the sorceress one but we’re trrryyying to budget for a new laptop right now…..oh not enough money in this world sometimes…