Thursday, February 24th, 2011

MAC Jeanius Collection

MAC Jeanius Collection

Launch Date: March 3, 2011 for North America, March 2011 for International.

Is there anything more enduring (besides love and heartbreak) than denim? Jeanius is a celebration of the journey – country cousin to haute couture – the whole world wanted to go on since America made it a national obsession. Since tooth-and-nail workwear jumped the pond in farmer’s overalls to gussy up in the glam of the great Paris couture houses…France may take the credit for creating it in 18th-century Nimes (de Nîmes = DeNim), but bright young American women took it higher! M∙A∙C keeps up with a Jeanius collection of moody blues and indigo ink, the quantum of modern cool, with four new limited-life denimized Eye Shadows, along with new limited-life shades of Lipstick, Lipglass, Blush and Biker Blue & Frayed to Order Nail Lacquer. Like the faux-metal “snap” on the Eye Shadow…completely riveting.

Eyeshadow ($19.50 U.S. / $23.50 CDN)

  • Diva In Distress Mid-tone gray with silver pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Motorhead Mid-tone blue with copper pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Stove Pipe Black Black with copper pearl (Limited Edition)
  • White Jeanius White with silver pearl (Limited Edition)

Lipglass ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

  • Docile Chrome pink peach with gold (Limited Edition) (Repromote from Fabulous Felines, ’10)
  • Indigo Pink Deep burgundy with blue pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Painted On Grayish beige with gold pearl (Limited Edition)

Lipstick ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

  • Acid Washed Grayish beige with gold pearl (Glaze) (Limited Edition)
  • Pretty Please Pale pink pearl (Lustre) (Permanent)
  • Riveting Rose Deep burgundy with blue pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Nail Lacquer ($14.00 U.S. / $17.00 CDN)

  • Biker Blue Black base with purple and blue pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Frayed-to-Order White matte with soft pink duochrome pearl (Matte) (Limited Edition)

Blush ($19.50 U.S. / $23.50 CDN)

  • Overdyed Bright magenta (Satin) (Limited Edition)
  • Pink Cult Mid-tone neutral pink (Matte) (Limited Edition)

Penultimate Brow Maker ($17.50 U.S. / $21.00 CDN)

Penultimate Eye Liner ($17.50 U.S. / $21.00 CDN)

  • Rapidblack True black (Permanent)

See photos!

MAC Jeanius Collection

MAC Jeanius Collection

MAC Jeanius Collection

MAC Jeanius Collection

MAC Jeanius Collection

MAC Jeanius Collection

MAC Jeanius Collection

MAC Jeanius Collection

MAC Jeanius Collection

MAC Jeanius Collection

MAC Jeanius Collection

MAC Jeanius Collection

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214 thoughts on “MAC Jeanius Collection for Spring 2011 Official Photos & Information

  1. Maeve

    I can’t wait to check out the nail polish!

  2. Ringo

    i wonder if the model is Tao Okamoto…..she’s a super cute Japanese model!!

  3. Ruth

    I haven’t bought anything from MAC in about a year, they really need to come up with some new ideas and colors !

    • Nadine

      I’m the same. I have so much now it needs to be something super original :)

    • Denise

      Same for me :). But the nailpolishes look interesting.

    • morena123

      I agree.. all these new shades that they come out with look similar to something they’re already had before, or something u can dupe. the shades are either one shade lighter or one shade darker from the permanent collections or (something in between). plus the jeans look is so 1990’s

      • Miss Nice

        No I see i’m not the alone on this
        Why is MAC doing this???Those eyeshadows are so whatever
        Since last spring summer collection(and that collection wasn’t amazing) i have missed all MAC collections
        Whose the artistic director?
        And the fact they’r releasing like every week collections is also making MAD, i know they earn the big bucks, but enough already

    • Beauty Secrets

      Totally agree. It’s like they have a new collection every other day, they’ve become a gimmick. I will probably check out the blush and lipstick and see if I “need” any of those shades, but otherwise, not intrigued by this collection at all.

      • Moni

        The magenta blush looks identical to Her blooming cheek from the tartale collection, which I love by the way….

  4. nastassia

    this looks really cool! can’t wait for the date to come sooner so we can get swatches :) your amazing christine! can’t wait for you to get your hands on pics for wonder woman!

  5. Dawn

    This looks very 80s to me. Don’t like it! Blue e/s in general is not my cup of tea. Guess my wallet will be happy.

  6. Wendy

    Motorhead and stove pipe sounds very interesting. Can’t wait for swatches!

  7. Liz

    This is a total skip for me. Whew

  8. This all looks and sounds fantastic!

  9. Carrie

    I’m liking the lip colors and the lighter blue and the gray, though I wonder how it’ll compare to Glamora Castle.

    Just when the latest collection wasn’t grabbing my interest too!

  10. Juliana

    OMG! MAC is always launching a new collection… They’re unstoppable!
    Don’t get me wrong… That’s just great! I loooove make up. I’m just SO sad for my wallet!

    Those are some really neutral colors… Will they flatter a cool-skinned tone?

    (Sorry for the English mistakes!)

  11. Emmaline

    Is it just me or has mac coming out with a new collection every ten minutes? We have mickey and the peacocky and wonderwoman now jeanuis, it’s really starting to be too much.

    • LOL, and there about 10 others between now and May.

    • nicci

      yea, I agree Emmaline. It gets old real quick and it appears that many are LE collections. It almost feels like they just pump out collection after collection but don’t have much regard for quality or variation of shades/textures. After awhile, I think the colors all start to look very similar. You can only do a nude shadow or gloss so many times.

      • morena123

        Yeah i agree about all the nude shades. But none of the permanent shades fit my skintone, (except Viva Glam 5, which cannot be taken bak to MAC) so the variety is actually a good thing, i think. I keep saying I wont buy anything from this collection, but i always still like to check them out in person for funnies. :O

    • Zoe

      I think the fact that all the collections are generally different from one another its actually a nice way to have a wide variety. I can play with the permanent collection whenever. These launches keep MAC interesting for me haha.

  12. OMG I love everything about this collection!!!!

  13. Brittany

    Must have the nail polish but nothing else is a must.

  14. RosaVee

    Must. Have. Nail lacquers!!!!

  15. Callen

    That imprint looks so cool! Completely impractical of course haha. Mac really needs to stop pushing the penultimate liner, that thing sucks.

    As always, thanks for the info Christine!

    • Lady Di.

      Omg, I totally agree, I think the penultimates are their worst product ever! What a waste of money, mine dried up after about a week of using it, just awful!

      • Emily

        I spoke to my mac counter about the drying also, they said everyone has the same problem so the reported back to hq, don’t expect any changes soon though!!!!

  16. maybe just the nail lacquers…

  17. Ginny

    ahhhh im psyched!

  18. Samantha

    I too look forward to the nailpolish! That frayed-to-order looks lovely!! Can’t wait to see swatches :)

  19. Brandy

    OMG..yes finally MAC is actually releasing a collections that might be worth buying, I am loving everything…

  20. sara

    The polishes seem like a chanel pearl drop/black pearl knock off to me.

  21. Jennifer

    So MAC is doing another set of single shadows like Tartan Tale ones…Did those even go over good? hmm

    This collection doesn’t grab me.

  22. Karen

    My jaw dropped when I saw those eyeshadows. I don’t really need ny of those colors, but considering their design that might change…

  23. Ana

    The concept of this collection is really cute, but the colors just seem so dull, especially since its a spring line…

    And I have been itching to find out what new collections MAC will be coming out with in 2011… oh well..

    Oh… and this isn’t coming out until March…anything coming out in February this year?

    • Lilac

      Maybe like has happened often, MAC might launch two collections at the same time that have totally different patterns. So maybe along with this one could come a “springy” colourful collection as well. (just like now Cham Pale vs Stylishly Yours).

    • Teenah

      I think the wonderwoman collection is coming in February :) now THAT I’m excited for. I’ll pass on this one lol

      • morena123

        How do u guys find out so early about these future collections??? Especially since christine hasn’t mentioned them yet. I’d like to see what else is coming in the future too.

        • Temptalia can no longer release information that is very, very preliminary, because unfortunately, there are some who take what may be a rumor or incomplete information and disseminate it as 100% accurate, stone cold truth – so we have had to pull back.

  24. virggy

    TAO!!! love her<3
    nail polishes are mine!

  25. Hannah

    Hmm, I think the detail in the eyeshadows is great, but I’ll probably pass.

  26. Lilac

    Very 80s :) The picture would look alot better without the “sewing lines” on her face :( Without that, it’d be great.
    I see that MAC is trying to push some “special eyeshadows” this year, also with the patterns like in TT and also Peacocky are of a different size than the regular ones.
    The surface looks fancy but somehow those “buttons” freak me out, looks like something is growing in there :/

    I do like most of the colours, though, also this is a nice collection for cool toned girls. I`m really glad you got the info up so early, I suppose I’d rather buy from this collection than Peacocky.

    • Tonia

      I agree, i think the stitch lines on model should have been done by computer graphic instead. It just looks messy in the photo. You can see unsteady stroke of lines. The rivet on corner of her lip looks like cold sore LoL

  27. Jazz

    super cute. So you mean that MAC is gonna let our wallets breathe until march of 2011 ? I doubt it. I want to see the february collection(s)

    • No, not at all :) There are about 10 collections between now and May, but I only post information when there is enough confirmed information to post, as with very preliminary/rumored information, too many have taken what is posted here was 100% absolute truth (despite warnings it is preliminary), so I try to refrain from that.

  28. Kylie

    WOAH! The eyeshadows are sooo cool!

  29. eRiN

    This collection is way more gimmicky than the other MAC collections – at least they have a theme that ties in the color trend, this is just special packaging and bland colors … although that nail polish DOES look divine!! I agree with all the other commenters – what’s with 2 new MAC collections a month?! R&D must be working nonstop over there!

    • morena123

      I agree, they must have several teams of researchers coming up with new ideas, lol and they have to make the collection ahead of time too (for example the mac to the beach was created probably 6 months before it launched.. more or less). WOuld be nice to work in MAC’s chemistry or micro lab, i know they gotta have a micro lab there too!!!

  30. Riveting Rose and the two nail polishes. Done! Whew!!! That was a close one! LOL! 😉

  31. Krystal

    I love the theme and the names but the only item calling me is the stove pipe black e/s and I’ll be waiting for a swatch of that. Even though I’m burried in snow, I’m ready for summer colors!

  32. Jennifer

    I don’t think I could ever USE the eyeshadows if I bought them, they’re just too pretty/cool to look at! Wow!

  33. Rae

    Aww, those shadows are SO cute! I love the grey image ^^

  34. Angel

    hmm.. maybe just the magenta blush.
    Christine, when you get more info, can you compare Overdyed to Her Blooming Cheek or Azalea? Thanks 😀

  35. Crystal S.

    It’s weird, I am actually disliking gimmicky finishes like the tartan and the jeans. I am not sure why, I feel like it is putting less focus on the variety of color, distracting you with cool effects.

  36. Heather

    Omg, those eyeshadows are so cute!

  37. BeyondTheBath (Stephie)

    I am crossing my fingers that ‘Overdyed’ blush will be the long-hoped for replacement for Lancome’s ‘Pink Pool’ blush. I don’t like the reformulation of ‘Shimmer Pink Pool’ – it’s actually too shimmery for me.

  38. Marcy

    I cannot wait for this collection!

  39. virginiaisforluvrs

    Just like the last couple of collections, I only want 1 nail polish. I can’t believe they would re-promote Docile so soon after it was launched. Why make it LE if you’ll see it a couple months later?

  40. kayleigh

    Both nail polishes, all three lipglasses, and the lighter pink blush are must-haves for me! Uh-oh, my wallet better watch out!

  41. Solangel

    Waaaay too many collections, MAC needs to take a breather! They also seem to come out with a purple-ish lipstick in every one of them, hmm…

    • cmferrets

      yeah no kidding. im kinda feeling not so excited as i used to when theirs a new collection coming out since their soooo many. mac doesnt give us any room to save up , and their is no originality yet. they have so many collections that are soo massive in products that they are losing out on coming out with new diff colors. i have seen so many of the same colors so often.
      it would be nice if they waited and had a collection every 2 months or so , so we can save, they can come out with new ideas and we wont be soo burned by the same lipsticks colors over and over again. maybe then we would appreciate mac more. and get excited again.

  42. SiaM

    I am really liking this collection :) cant wait to see swatches. Really liking the lacquers, eyeshadows, even lip products :)

  43. Katie

    Cool concept. The nailpolish looks like a purchase!

  44. Emi

    <3 the blushes! Hope the pink one isn't chalky.

  45. Samantha

    i like the lip glosses and the jeanious nail lacquer! the eye shadows aren’t anything great though

  46. Rita

    Looks nice, not my colors though. Way too cool. But what’s with Mac putting out these extra large e/s? (Lucky me, I happen to own an oldy palette (8), now empty, where they fit!)

  47. Carrie Ann

    Oh, my goodness. The eye shadows are so cute that I will have to get one. The nail polishes also look really fun.

  48. Marcela

    Finally an interesting collection!!!

  49. Chloe

    don’t really for me , though i may pick up one eyeshadow but that is a good thing my wallet needs a break

  50. Ms. Jimmi


  51. The eyeshadows are very cool but I won’t be buying them. I’ve got my eyes on the lipsticks and blushes 😀 even though the light pink isn’t very unique, I feel like I need it in my stash

  52. Nadine

    nothing for me in this collection -..-

  53. Summer

    Could just be my monitor, but the white e/s seems very muted, much like unbasic white. Only thing that I’d like to check out is the burgandy l/s.

  54. Dawn

    Nothing here really shouts out to me (which is a good thing since money is so tight now) but I look forward to seeing swatches of the nail lacquers and Indigo Pink/Riveting Rose

  55. cmferrets

    HMMM. these e/s look very similiar to the tartan tale pattern. cant wait to see what they look like swatched. whats funny is the little gold and silver button symbols onthe e/s looks like a kitty pooped on it.
    i want both nailpolishes. i hope het hot pink blush is not like the one that came out tartan tale and riveting collection- i want something different.

  56. KC

    This is the Spring collection? It seems a little small compared to Spring Colour Forecast from this year.

  57. Tiffany S

    Cool collection, I’ll probably just get the dark blue eyeshadow and blue nail polish

  58. Deb

    I don’t like the look of those special shadows – too cutesy! The lipsticks could be nice, though, and perhaps the nail polish.

  59. Trish

    Strangely, I’m drawn to the white eyeshadow and nail laquer. Most likely I’ll just get the nail laquer. I like the theming on this collection but not so much to want to buy most of it.

  60. Nunuiviet

    Love the eyeshadows too cute

  61. Tiffany C.

    I must have Frayed to Order!!!

  62. Tiffany C.

    Still waiting to hear about Wonder Woman. Christine do you have any new information or know when any will be released??

    • I imagine a February launch, but no real information at this time.

    • kp

      Most likely 2/9/11. They always come out the Thursday prior to Valentine’s Day.

    • nociva

      I asked a SA over at a MAC store and she said maybe March but we might begin to hear about it in Feb but that is all speculation. I’m just surprised we get to see Jeanius promos but WW has been in the talks since June of ’10! I’m dying over here!

  63. the blue polish is to die for!

  64. Loving the lip colours, but I do wish MAC would make more of them permanent, considering they’re putting out 6592763758 new ones this year. :/

  65. Scientific Housewife

    Those eyeshadows are so cute!

  66. Amanda Dubs

    I looove that silver eye shadow and the pink lipstick, I hope this collection turns out to be good

  67. Jennifer F

    The eyeshadows are very pretty although I hope the pearled finish in the descriptions runs through the whole eyeshadow because I can’t see it in the pan, just that colour for the button if that makes sense? I’d love the dark blue one and maybe the black. The lighter blush looks pretty so might be worth a look and the nail polishes are nice, mainly the blue as I’ve never tried white polish but it might look great.

  68. Jen

    i will only need the nail polishes from this one. will check out the eyeshadows too though.

  69. Judy

    Fellow MAC lovers, please excuse my French, but Damn you MAC!!!!! I looove denim. Another collection to spend on. I am also interested in the Wonder Woman collection that is to be out in Spring 2011 also. I need another job!!! Make that two extra jobs to pay off this addiction I have. Thank you Christine for keeping us posted on all this amazing stuff.

  70. snm

    thanks god,nothing has catched my eye except indigo pink shopping list has already became too painful with other collections

  71. Claire

    I am skipping on this only for the fact that it’s too smiliar to tartan tale the eyeshadows look great but I don’t think they swatch to well ,christine when you said theirs 10 more collections do you have any details on them or the wonderwoman collection? Because I was wondering what products they are and the colour themes of them Thanks

  72. stephanie

    okay i almost flipped out when i saw the first picture i love love blue and jeans on my off days this is so so great my collection finally!!!

  73. Annick Chantal L. H.

    You’re amazing. I just discovered this next new collection from a French Mac-addict. I can’t stop thanking her for asking us to check your website the whoooole day…. So the lipglas —> Docile and Painted on, Lipstick —>Acide washed and Pretty Pleased, Eyeshadows —> Stove Pipe Black and Motorhead (not because I used to be a fan of this band but…), Nail polishes —> Biker Blue, Blushes —> Overdyed and Pink cult…
    that was my wish-list

  74. Sophia

    This was the perfect collection for some jens packages, but no. WY MAC?. And I was hoping a blue lipstick.

  75. Ester

    Frayed-To-Order looks really interesting. Anyone know of a dupe?!

    • Lilac

      There is going to be a porcelain colour in the upcoming Orly-spring collection, but it´s not duochrome I think. Other than that, I would assume that in spring-summer 2011, if the white is a new trend (as MAC is not the only one who matches colours to fashion) possibly there will be more such colours by other nailpolish brands.

  76. Caitlin

    That blue nail polish is really cute! I feel like MAC polishes were like $10 last year… lol. Cute collection! :)

  77. I’m surprised they did not include Bell Bottom Blue Pigment with this collection. Does anyone else feel that way?

  78. Kaoyee

    whoooaaaa. I love the stamped design on the eyeshadows!!!

    And I need that Biker Blue nail polish.

  79. Hilary♥

    I’m so digging these lipsticks & nail polish!!

  80. Jenna

    why does MAC’s collections not come in special packaging anymore? They could be so creative (cause they have in the past) yet they decide to go with the plain black every time. Come on MAC you have great products now you should have great packaging too! Sorry just a bit of a rant!

    • Kat

      I agree, part of the thrill of a new collection is the LE packaging “/ . Hopefully they’ll soon make up for the not so interesting recent collections.

    • Loryn

      Hi, I can answer this because I work for MAC:
      The reason they have limited the production of the “deco” packaging is because the fancy designs and colors can not be “back to MAC’ed”. They came out with new rules regarding Back to MAC this year, and deco packaged products apparently can not be recycled as easily (the same for certain lip products, etc).

  81. Eileen

    The Blue nail polish … whooooa

  82. Ginnia

    Love the jeans eyeshadow! That is so cool!

  83. Amelia

    yea!!! a collection to finally look forward to!!!!

  84. Adeets

    OMG… gotta have it all! LOVE this one!!! I’m still recovering from Tartan Tale… Whew!

  85. Diane

    Those nail polishes look interesting!
    And I sort of love the way the eyeshadows are pressed. I’m definitely intrigued.

  86. Alisha

    Need to get both nail polishes!!

  87. Emily

    Hey Christine, is it a good match (as a rule), to mix same lipglass with lipstick I.e: painted on with acid washed????

  88. Saffy

    I’m not usually into MAC, but I really like those lipglass colours. I can’t wait to see the swatches!

  89. Msjay97

    thanks for sharing cant wait for swatches this looks really cool : )

  90. Jenny

    This collections seems so boring! hopefully the collection for summer 2011 will be better

  91. Stef

    I am hearting the lipglasses and lipsticks!! Can’t wait for your review!!

  92. looks like someone’s copying bobbi brown’s denim collection! beautiful eyeshadows though. and those pink lipsticks are calling my name:) can’t wait for this one!

  93. Samantha J. P.

    Biker Blue reminds me of Formidable! Which I happened to miss out on.. Totally getting these for sure.

  94. Sharron

    Motorhead eyeshadow? I am so there! \m/

  95. Kia

    This is a cute collection, love the eyeshadows

  96. morena123

    ok well if MAC is going to make 10 ore collections between now and MAY then im going to skin out on buying this one. I wanna check out thoe nailpolishes though. I liked that purple lipstick in the photo but since I bought Style Curve (stylishly yours) I will skip that one too.

    • morena123

      Sorry for the typos!! I’m on a MAc Book and it auto-coorects my words..

      and I said that I will SKIP out on this one since they’re making 10 more collections between now and may.

  97. despoina1976

    Oh my God!!!!That promo picture reminds me of Johny Depp in Scissorhand by Tim Burton!!!What a moovie…

  98. Vanessa S

    OMG i want i want i want!!!

  99. Katie

    i’m so not impressed by this!

  100. Morgan

    I was browsing another website & found this information. Not sure if it’s 100% accurate, but I figured I would share with you fellow MAC lovers. Christine, when you find out more information on whether or not these upcoming collections are legit then I will get excited.

    • Thanks for the link Morgan – I have all the same information, but due to the amount of readers on Temptalia, I cannot post until I have more things confirmed/solidified, otherwise rumors and false information get spread like wildfire!

      • Kayla Maw

        Nail polishes look really sick! However, I’ll probably skip the rest. Mac is coming out with so many collections! I just cant wait for Wonder Woman <3 !