Friday, July 16th, 2010

MAC In the Groove:  Making It Easy… Really!

The trios really make it a no-brainer on throwing something together!  Just use one and you’re good–totally convenient.  A little unlike me, but hey… :)    Oh… and… HAPPY FRIDAY!!

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. Using the 239, apply the soft beige eyeshadow on the lower lid. Lightly blend the soft brown eyeshadow on the middle of the lid and into the crease with the 239. Next, apply the medium brown eyeshadow into the crease with the 226, lightly blending onto the outer lid. Blend the soft beige eyeshadow with the crease shade and highlight the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying Cassis eyeliner on the lower lash line. Finish by sweeping lashes with Definicils Precious Cells mascara.

For cheeks, apply Exhibit A blush on the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116, then lightly pat Mary Lou Manizer on the cheekbones.

For lips, apply Naughty You lipstick first, and then layer Hi-Falutin’ dazzleglass for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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99 thoughts on “MAC In the Groove: Making It Easy… Really!

  1. Joanne

    very nice, Christine! You make want to get the Eyeshadow Trio!

  2. Linsi

    You look lovely Christine! I like this, very nice and simple.

  3. stephanie

    i love that shadow. I got that one and togetherness.

  4. Pam

    Looks beautiful!!

  5. Lisa

    This is beautiful. I am so glad that I purchased these trios, the texture is awesome. <3

  6. anais

    i like the eyes but the lips look… not so good.. I have an Astor that looks almost the same… i hate it

  7. Hilana

    Very nice, Christine. I really like the choice of lipstick you use here with this look.

  8. Jannette

    that lip combo is…. so sparkly?! like liquid diamonds hahaha. You look beautiful as always :)

  9. Cynthia M.

    very pretty look here! very simply,yet perty!

  10. Wendy M.

    Oooh, loving the lips! ;D

  11. daphne

    Hmm, I’m not thrilled about that mascara – nice definition but clumpy and otherwise nothing special. However the blingy lips are fun and the cheeks are really pretty! Look forward to reviews of those two products. The color and glowiness is great.

  12. Anna

    Those are some blingy lips! I love the look but doubt I can pull it off. Do you think a superglass over the dazzle lipstick would be about the same effect?

    • I think Superglass over Dazzle lipstick might be even more bling-tastic, LOL!

      They look really odd in photos (IMO), though it’s nicer in person, I’d say! They always look really slick/wet in photos thus far.

  13. Margot

    OMG I was not impressed at all by the dazzle lipsticks, but this combo is STUNNING !!! I think I might grab that color and the dazzleglass to go with, because that really is gorgeous !!
    And the eyes are so wearable and pretty. A look I can’t wait to replicate :)

  14. This makeup I really love, sweet colors for summer, so natural and fresh. :)

  15. great look, and i LOVE the lips!

    your eyes are so pretty!

  16. Mary

    Hey! I love the look! Which highlighter do youprefer : dior amber diamond or the blam’s Mary Lou-manizer? Thanks!

  17. Sally

    That’s a really pretty everyday fresh look on you. The colors are really good for your skin tone. I love the sparkly lips with this, gives it some oomph!

  18. This is a pretty look. I have to say that I’ve enjoyed the MES trios that I picked up. All you really need is the one pan. :-)

  19. Grace

    super pretty! i love the glittering lips!

  20. Michelle

    Those lips are the hotness! I thought the dazzleglass lipsticks were going to be too over the top paired with a dazzleglass, but this looks freeking amazing!

  21. Jennifer

    I like this look!

  22. Dini

    What a beautiful look! Christine, you are just radiant and glowing! And I love the way the lipstick picks up in photographs. So cool.

  23. Steph2

    I LOVE the shimmery lips! The lipstick and the lip gloss are a very pretty combination! I’m planning on picking up the lipstick soon.

  24. vivian

    oo i see you’re wearing mary lou manizer! that has been my favorite highlighter so far. how do you like it? are you going to review it? thanks!

  25. Leila

    Oh my God…your lips look like strawberries, very very delicious color 😀

  26. alex

    I say this with all kinds of love (and please don’t feel like you have to approve this comment and make it public) but… your summer tan has made this particular foundation a no-no.

    I can see your natural color close to your hairline. You have that “foundation oval.”
    Maybe it’s the flash bouncing off of your foundation…

    Either way, you look about 2 shades browner around the hairline.

    • My hairline is darker than the rest of my face – the foundation is actually one of the best matches I own! Sorry I didn’t get close enough to the hairline to minimize that effect.

      • alex

        Hey, no need to apologize! I was just looking out for you…
        And you certainly didn’t have to publish the comment. I wasn’t looking to publicly shame you or anything.

        Maybe summer skin just needs to be foundation free? I little blot powder and concealer and you’re out the door! It’s too hot for foundation where I am anyways…

        • OH, man, if you saw my summer skin in person, LOL. I am–thankfully–photogenic. I’ve been going through some nasty breakouts lately and can’t get a handle on them much to my dismay!

          Normally I do tinted moisturizer if I’m going to be outdoors all day, though 😀

          And it reminds me I really do need a hat. I played two rounds of mini-golf in the past month, and it made me feel like an old lady going “I really need a hat.” Finding a matching foundation shade is a pain… let alone doing it twice a year.

  27. I love all the mes that came out with In The Groove! But the lips – oh the lips! I have to buy all the dazlle lipsticks and dazzleglasses, no question! :)

  28. Lady Di.

    I love this look Christine! Its subtle enough to wear in the office (even though the inner me prefers loud, bright colors!lol)and I can see myself wearing this on the weekends too!

  29. SUCHHHH a pretty look! Hope you’re wearing a high SPF lipbalm underneath the lipgloss! – that’s what I hate about dazzleglasses, they attract a lot of sun!

  30. LNU

    Whoa look at those lips! LOVE IT! 😀

  31. Nichole

    Exhibit A looks great on you.

  32. Sylvia

    That is such a beautiful look, and I *LOVE* the lip combo!
    I was also wondering if you could review some of those new Buxom lipsticks? The “3 in 1″ lipstick pencils…?
    Thank you and I love your blog =)

  33. Ms. Jimmi

    Beautiful! Looks good on your skintone.

  34. Sari

    I ‘m in love with the lips !

  35. Kathy

    I’m going to buy NARS Exhibit A now because you made it look gorgeous!

  36. B

    Can’t say im loving the cheeks! They are like POW and im all for subtleties. However, eyes and lips – pretty.

  37. We don’t all have that gorgeous eye shape that Christine does, sadly! So I suggest that when working with trios, be mindful of the best application techniques for your eye shape.

    It looks really nice on you Christine…thanks for sharing!

  38. chibu74

    wow, love the look

  39. Kate M.

    the lips are especially lovely!!

  40. aleksandra

    I love everything about this look :) the blingy lips are to die for for, while the eyeshadow balances it out by being very soft and subtle :) great combo!

  41. Joanne-Marie

    Is this eyeshadow trio worth getting? I dont own much eyeshadow so i dont realy have any dupes or wat not, so should i get it? This look is GORGEOUS!!<3

  42. Leenie

    I like that pink lipstick on you It goes well with your pink shirt.

  43. Isabella Rabello

    I loved the title :-)

  44. Phung

    I love this look …. I love brown eyeshadows. When I was younger I used to wear lots of browns. You look so beautiful in the makeup and the lipstick is so nice!