Sunday, March 4th, 2012

MAC In Extra Dimension Collection

availability: April 5th, 2012 (North America), April 2012 (International)

Introducing a new liquid-powder hybrid formula with prismatic reflections thatinstantly sculpts, highlights and models the face to the desired effect – extra dimension. Two formulasto try: the three shades of Extra Dimension Skinfinish and the ten shimmering tints of ExtraDimension Eye Shadow. This cool, creamy, silky, near-fluid formula creates a luminous, visually arresting,well-defined finish. With the flawless, deft application of the 234 Split Fibre Eye Blending Brush andthe 128 Split Fibre Cheek Brush, these are your mediums. SHARE YOUR FUTURE.

Extra Dimension Skinfinish ($28.00 U.S. / $33.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Whisper of Gilt Light, soft white gold with shimmery sheen (Metallic)
  • Superb Soft peachy nude with multi-dimensional shimmer (Metallic)
  • Glorify Copper with golden shimmer (Metallic)

Extra Dimension Eyeshadow ($20.00 U.S. / $24.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Warm Thunder Dirty silver grey (Metallic)
  • Blue Orbit Light iridescent purple (Metallic)
  • Grand Galaxy Dirty mid-tone violet (Metallic)
  • Lunar Royal blue (Metallic)
  • Havana Dirty copper brown (Metallic)
  • Sweet Heat Bright peach champagne (Metallic)
  • Modern Pewter Dirty olive gold (Metallic)
  • Rich Core Dirty aubergine (Metallic)
  • Dark Dare Charcoal black (Glow)
  • Young Venus Pale white pink (Metallic)


  • 128 Split Fibre Cheek Brush ($32.00 U.S. / $38.50 CDN)
  • 234 Split Fibre Blending Brush ($22.50 U.S. / $27.00 CDN)

See more photos!

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104 thoughts on “MAC In Extra Dimension Collection for Spring 2012

  1. Dawn

    Can’t wait to see swatches of these. Right now I’m wanting so many of the eyeshadows. Not sure about the skinfinishes, though – metallic might be a bit too much on my old face

  2. San

    HI are these eyeshadows a new type of texture? first time im seeing a MAC shadow with MAC embossed on it.

  3. Agata

    Looks awesome. I am curious about those Skinfinish powders in metallic! Can’t wait to try them.

  4. freya

    These look ridiculously pretty! 😀

  5. Dinitchka

    WoWWWWWWWWWZERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! The e/s look so awesome. Okay, so I basically already have those colours (or close to them) but I am a sucker for texture (and packaging) and I’m thinking I need these … Even though I know I really don’t! *LOL*

    • Christine O

      Exactly my own thoughts too!

      • April

        My thoughts too. These are beautiful and I bought all the Estee Lauder L.E. e/s like these but I can’t resist. Hey, I could tell myself it is an Easter Gift to myself. 😉

  6. Most of this looks nice, especially the skinfinishes. But the line hitting like a month after it hits USA counters in here gets me much more excited!

  7. We shall see how are the pigments! Colours seem to be good but, yeah pigments 😐

  8. Sarah

    I don’t understand why mac makes the rest of the world wait a month (or even longer for some countries)… By April in England we’ve already had our spring and are in early summer. The tour de fabulous(?) collection only came out here a few days ago and that was like what December? One of the few issues I have with mac – just as well, I’m not too fussed with this collection (can’t decide if that’s a good or bad thing!)

    • Laura

      I agree! We have to wait so long to get the collections in the UK. I dont really understand why it takes so long. And then we have to pay loads more too! :( But I must say I love the look of those eyeshadows. Very interested in seeing more details and some swatches nearer to the release time x

    • Evadiva

      Yes but then you get to see the swatches online and reviews online and make a more informed decision!!

    • Amalia

      For me,is better,because i have the time to see swatches and reviews.Ι will get the products i really need, before they disappear from the shelves of Mac counters in Greece.

  9. Yazmin

    Another collection already??

  10. Are the shadows in creme form or powder? Thanks!

    • Tabitha

      they’re powder! just super soft, like a “super veluxe pearl” finish i’ve heard 😀

  11. Eleanore

    Whisper of Gilt is… I think it will be the only thing that I absolutely need from this collection because it’s an MSF and it’s gold! I’m NW-15, but yellow toned gold seems to run alright on me… I don’t know if the pinker MSF might be a smarter choice for a highlight?

  12. Gala

    Looks stunning!!

  13. t_zwiggy

    Oh noes! This is gonna be expensive. I want everything!

  14. Sexy Sadie

    How big is these?

  15. Hmm. I wonder if those new eyeshadows will be a variation of the Cyber eyeshadows put out by Estée Lauder? If so, I am ALL in.

  16. georgina

    WOW!!! Love it

  17. Nikki

    yay finally some cool looking stuff!

  18. KK

    Wow! I’m curious to see some of these eyeshadows swatched. They look really gorgeous!

  19. These are kind of eye catching… But who knows how they’ll end up performing

  20. angela sutherland

    can’t wait for the review or more info!!!!

  21. Anna

    They look like Estee Lauder’s gelee products! Do you think the fornula will be similar? I really hope so because the second skinfinish looks like the Modern Mercury one ( in color) :)

  22. Victoria

    If these have great staying power unlike metal x shadows, I am all over these. Im already eyeing a couple of shades. I can’t wait for ur review.

  23. Maud

    i was so proud of mac for doing so few collections…but they are back at it lol if this one is good though i won’t complain it looks nice

  24. Y

    those look good….in photos anyway

  25. Jennifer

    Are the brushes going to be permanent?

  26. MORENA

    these colors all look familiar… reminds me of the metal-X eyeshadows

  27. Janet

    Hmmmmmm. I am a sucker for MAC eyeshadows but lately the collections have been un-impressive. So much so that I haven’t bought anything from them in about 6 months. This might be worth checking out. Of course, I’ll have to wait for your review. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Chelsea

    these eyeshadows look gorgeous!!!

  29. Makaegan

    I really want that Whisper of Gilt MSF, it looks amazing.

  30. Kristen

    These look an awful lot like the Estee Lauder cyber products. That’s a good thing :)

  31. Carrie

    Oooh. Those shadows are pretty! I’m really hoping they end up being something like the mega metal shadows which are my fave.

  32. Vanilla

    I’m interested in seeing swatches for those skinfinishes! Still looking for a good highlighter that isn’t glittery or too shimmery.

  33. I just love metallics!

  34. Amanda

    Whoa! Those are awesome! Really loving that last one, it looks like you can see hints of lavender and blue in that purple. Hope it performs well!

  35. Stephanie

    Those shadows look like the Sephora chrome shadows… Hm… Can’t wait to hear more

  36. These look super gorgeous!
    I love the designs, hope to get 2 of them before they get sold out!

  37. ERIKA

    If the first 3 are skin finishes I NEED ASAP!

  38. Ooh, looking forward to swatches!

  39. Carrie Ann

    Wow, I wonder what these products will be like. Hard to say if I’m actually interested in this collection yet. The colors are pretty, but they look very metallic.

  40. Miss J

    Hm, I’m curious to see this collection, actually! I hope these products will be good; if the shadows are $20, they better be. Kind of annoying MAC’s not putting out regular shadows much anymore. I’m curious to see what Dark Dare looks like since it’s described as “glow.” If nothing else, I’ll probably grab the #128 this time around; I’m just not a fan of the split sidedness…it’s like a brush having an identity crisis and can’t decide what it wants to be.

  41. Bee

    I’m actually really excited for this collection, I love metallic finishes!

  42. “Young Venus Charcoal black (Metallic)”
    I think that one is wrong. it should be “pale white pink” via

  43. Keen Shanine

    Looks like MAC is attempting to give Sephora’s Prisma shadows some competition…at $5 more per shadow.

  44. I’m super excited for the formula of these.

  45. Aleena

    Do you know if the shadows are cream or powder?

  46. Tatiana

    These look super pretty! The formula looks like the Metal X eye shadows. Is it a cream formula or just a very metallic-y powder? Superb looks amazing!

  47. Ashley Seme

    These look like they could have an interesting color/finish when applied. Can’t wait to see more!

  48. Isabela

    Can’t wait for swatches!! the eyeshadows look quite pigmented from the official photos, but of course we all know that doesn’t always translate to real products..

  49. Katie

    It looks like they copied the new Sephora eyeshadows.

  50. jackie-o

    love love love it all!!! wish there were nailpolishes too!

  51. Reese

    These look cool, let’s hope they don’t suck! lol

  52. Kayla S.

    Oh my god. These look so gorgeous! They may have to be my first MAC purchase of the new year!

  53. Stacy

    Lovely! I haven’t purchased anything from MAC for some time now. None of their new and constant collections have caught my eye. But now – I think I may need a few items from this collection. Thank you for sharing!

  54. yay i get another chance at getting the 128 =D.

  55. Becca

    Whoa! it’s been a while since I’ve lemmed any LE MAC. This is gonna be good!

  56. OOOO finally a collection that looks amazing! (well not the packaging but the shadows themselves) =) Yay!

  57. Andrea

    At first I was groaning because it’s *another* MAC collection, but then I saw they’re repromoting the 128 brush! ECSTATIC. I bought both the split-fibre eye brushes (two of my favourite eye brushes btw, 234 is particularly brilliant) from Semi-Precious but regretted not getting the cheek one, stoked I will have my paws on it finally. =D

  58. Danielle

    These metallic shadows seem right up my alley :)

  59. Ada

    Wow, these are pretty!

  60. t anne

    I’m so looking forward to the new MSFs, or Extra Dimension Skin Finishes to be more precise ;D This formula is going to be amazzzzinggg.

  61. Denise

    Wow these look gorgeous! Can’t wait for them to sow up in stores!

  62. Isobel

    hmm…will have to wait till you review them christine. if you say they are nice then I might have to make those eyeshadows my first mac purchase for quite a while.

  63. Tiffany

    I remember split fibre brushes came out in a collection a while back… I wonder if they’re any good! I’m in the market for a good blush brush.

    • Nancy

      Skip em. Get the MAC 129. It’s an amazing blush brush that gives you a soft and natural glow or 116 if you want more concentrated color or have smaller cheeks. The split fiber brushes seem cool and useful but they are subpar and I find myself rarely if ever reaching for them. They just look interesting.

    • AllisonW

      I bought two of each of the split fiber brushes when they came out the first time and I HATE them. I am a sucker for brushes though and bought them because I for some reason want to have every brush MAC makes so I couldn’t pass up on them. But it just sucks because I never use them so it was a big waste. Definitely the worst of all of MAC’s brushes in my opinion.

  64. Duniya

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let these have a powder finish!!!! (and not a cream one that creases like heaaall)

  65. Wow with all that assortment of colors I don’t know where to start

  66. Wow~ This collection looks amazing! :) Can’t wait for it to be released!

  67. Melissa

    Wow! $24cdn is pretty steep for a single shadow, but Rich Core is calling me. Luckily for me, there is a MAC counter just outside of my school that opens at 8am!! That means no more missing out on the LEs. I can get them first thing in the morning when they are available to the public! What a great way to begin class in the morning, eh?

  68. Alecia

    Does anyone know if these are regular powder style products or are they a cream finish? Could really tell by the look of the pictures :)


  69. alisa


  70. Kat

    pretty colors!

  71. Corliss

    Just when I’d given up on Mac eye shadows…. Hmmmmm we’ll see.

  72. Nancy

    Can’t wait to see the swatches. I’m going to probably pick up all 3 skinfinishes and probably 3 eyeshadows. The brushes I already have from Semiprecious..
    When will you know the official launch date, Christine?

  73. Rosa Flores

    What I need is a pallete to hold all these bigger eyeshadows. I unpot them all and put them into a pallete but need the security

  74. Nancy

    Hey Christine,
    Random question but where do you usually purchase your MAC brushes? MAC stores? Nordstrom? or Online?
    Where do you find is the best to purchase MAC brushes / products?

  75. Amanda

    Just got to play with part of this collection as well as some of the new “reel sexy” collection that mac has coming out! 😀
    Looooove the extra dimension shadows and skinfinishes they are just gorgeous! The texture on both is SO smooth and buttery <3 and the colors are so pretty! Some of them you have to see in person to see the gorgeous multi-dimensional color they have (like blue orbit, it's an amazing, shimmering blue/lavender).
    The "reel sexy" stuff is pretty nice but I do have a few issues. The shadows come in little duos named double feature 1, 2, 3 & 4 and a couple of the matte shadows didn't have the best color pay off or blendability. Other than that the duos were fairly nice. I really loved the polish colors (teal, coral & dark vibrant plummy purple) even though I'm not the biggest fan of mac's polish formula sinceI sually have to layer it up. The lipsticks are a purple, two types of corals and a lavender.
    Didn't have time to play with the glosses, liners and blushes from "reel sexy" so I can't give an overall oppinion on that collection but I am definitely loving the "extra dimension" collection!

  76. Leticia

    This collection sure looks interesting…the eyeshadows’ designs is so beautiful…I hope they perform as nicely as they look!

  77. Glenda

    All I can say is WOW!! <3

  78. Liked a couple eyeshadow colors until I saw the price lol oh well

  79. Nancy

    Hi Christine,
    Are the split fibre brushes still made in china? & do you find them must haves for applying makeup?

  80. Allie

    Christine, did MAC give any explanation as for why the price for the Skinfinishes went up to $29? << Just wondering :)

  81. Erika

    Christine, dont know if this was said already but if you type “extra dimension” in the search you can purchase this collection this am :)

  82. Can’t wait for these to come to Aus!! I really want to get my hands on the Superb Skinfinish and some of the eyeshadows!

  83. Nay

    The only thing that interests me is the highlighters…. ooooo