Are there any types products that you prefer not to own many of?

Are there any types products that you prefer not to own many of? Maybe you keep a trimmed stash of mascara or foundation…

I don’t go out and buy a lot of mascara. I do test several, so I have many of them, but personal habits would dictate that I buy one and tend to stick with it for quite sometime.

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Don’t wear them & when they expire it’s really bad and fast. With all the double-dipping and using the same applicator repeatedly, it’s no wonder. You can’t sanitize them as easily as lipstick (dipping into alcohol). I only have two glosses which one is clear.

And Mascara.

I only like to have one foundation, concealer, and setting powder and I prefer to only have a few mascaras 2-3 since they dry up quickly and it’s not really like there’s much variety.

Mascara for sure, I do buy back ups but I keep them closed and never more than two and thats only if its on sale. I only seem to be able to use Estee Lauder’s mascaras anyway, im alergic to the all the others i have tried.

Foundation and powder too, My skin doesn’t change color so i see no point in owning more than one.

Concelear i also have one only and a backup because i thought i was running out but now i don’t seem to be….it’s a tricky package hahahaa i can never know if i have enough left or not.

Also have only one eye primer I don’t see a reason to have more.

Basically anything liquid or cream, I guess. I usually have only one or two mascaras on hand. I try not to have too many foundations even though I like testing new ones, so sometimes I want to buy more than necessary. I won’t ever buy more than one of the same color in an eyeliner. Like, I won’t ever have two black gel liners or two black pencils. I don’t buy a lot of lipgloss…mostly because I’m not as big of a fan of it now. Oh, and I won’t own like 10 eye lash curlers, lol. I tend to trim my stash of things like that down for a couple reasons: 1. Liquid and creams actually do go bad at some point. 2. I don’t see the point in having like 10 of something if they really all do the same thing for myself.

What do I love having in excess? Eyeshadows, blushes, lashes, highlighters, and brushes!

Basically, liquid/creams, or things like face powders, boring stuff (haha), I try to keep to a minimum.

I don’t like having many different contour shades. I feel like having one – that looks brilliant with my skin tone – is all i need.

Foundation and concealer! Unless the color is completely wrong for me (in which case it gets either returned or thrown out), I keep them and use them until they’re gone. I’m also very pale and live in Oregon lol, so my skin does not change in the winter or summer. I burn very easily and have moles so not a good combo for a tan!
Mascara I love stock-piling when there’s a sale, but I do not have more than one open at a time, and that one usually lasts me 3-4 months until it dries out and I toss it πŸ™‚

Actually almost every component or category of makeup is comprised of one or two products, whether it’s liquid foundation, concealer, powder, brow-filler, or contour. I prefer it that way because I’m always searching for that HG product that satisfies me 100%. I just not okay with owning say ten foundations because to me, that means that none of them are clear favorites. For some reason, I’m compelled to only owning the best. It seems I’m always sampling foundations; even the two that I own in full-size don’t get my full attention.

Luckily, foundations are easy and free to sample! If I had a mascara addiction…. well there’s no way to sample those without buying the full size product. My bank account would be taking major hits if that were the case. πŸ™

I second mascara. Maybelline Stiletto is my go-to mascara for a bold lash, while the ones from Volume Express collection are the one I use for a gentler look.

I also tend to be fairly consistent with the blushes I use – I only have about one or two powder shades that I use in rotation at home, and all of my purse/travel bags have Maybelline cream blushes in rose or plum as a back up for quick fixes.

Lastly, while I haven’t quite found my HG foundation yet, I will generally try to finish what I have before trying another one. The only reason I even have three on hand right now is due to early experimentation as to what kind I wanted to use.

Christine, I agree with you about mascara. I have so many samples, that I won’t have to buy any for a long time and I make it a point to hurry by the displays or else I get sucked in by all the new products!!

Eyeliner – I don’t wear it much.

Highlighters – I have to be in the right mood to apply it for a certain look or I might wear it for something special.

Cream/gel products (except lippies) – I have a love/hate relationship with cream/gel products. I’m always in fear they will dry out before I get a chance to use them up.

I usually have only 1-2 mascaras because they try out too fast. I only have one black and one brown. I also don’T have many foundations and concealers because when I find the right one I stick to them.

I don’t accumulate a lot of foundation. I’ll test out new ones when I go into a counter, but I only keep 1 or 2 foundations on hand at any given time and recently that’s been a BB Cream (Holika Holika) and a medium to full liquid foundation.

Mascara and foundation. These expire, mascaras quite quickly so its a bit of a waste to have many open at the same time. With foundation I like having three shades, and a tinted moisturiser but thats about it, these also expire and as the pricetag can be quite steep, especially on high end ones, it really just seems a waste to keep 15 in a droor. But that is just my personal opinion! πŸ™‚ x

Lipgloss. I don’t wear it often and it’s harder to see the difference between several shades. I own quite some glosses with different colors and finishes but I don’t need more of the same color. I keep buying lipsticks that are slightly different, but I don’t need that with lipgloss.

I definitely agree on the whole mascara thing. Also skin care, moisturizers and face washes mostly. So long as it isn’t hurting my skin if all they do are the very basics and they fail with other claims I’d rather use it than chuck it out or have it sit being useless.

For me, it’s mascara , I tend to stick with one, because i found my favorite. No need to invest i others when i know i will only use one. Beside it’s the product I buy the most frequently and also one that become dry so quickly, why collecting them ?

also i don’t buy blush anymore (i keep two), mostly because i don’t use them, i know the two shades I own are all i need.

MASCARA(because I like to use it up completely one tube at a time, plus there may be another kind I want to try the next time) and BLUSH(because it’s something I rarely wear. The 4 I have are more than enough to last me from now on.)

I don’t own very many cream blushes because I have oily skin so they don’t get that much use. Also, cream products tend to try out fairly quickly.

Foundations! I only own one at the moment (Bourjois Healthy Mix) and I’m just fine with it. I suppose I’ll need something else when I get more tanned, but I don’t think I’ll own a whole bunch anytime soon. It’s just so hard to find something that works (so many factors), so once I find one I prefer to stick to it!

the basics. Mascara, concealer, powder, foundation, tinted moisturizer. When I run out i evaluate if I feel like trying a new one but i tend to stick to only one or two of each products until I run out or it goes bad.

I normally find one good foundation and stick to it — currently using Estee Lauder Doublewear in Fresco. On the other hand, I’m a lipstick fanatic! :)))

I’m with you on mascara. Also, concealer – once I find one that works for me, I tend to stick with it until I hear about something that might be even better, or until something about my skin changes and it’s no longer so great for me.

Woohoo, it’s my question! Personally I usually own 1-2 mascaras, foundations, tinted moisturizers, and pressed powders at at time. Mascara because (like a lot of people) I actually get rid of it when it expires and it takes me the 3-6 months to finish up one tube. And the rest just aren’t very interesting so I don’t see any point in having a lot of them.

Definitely mascara – one at time, with maybe a couple colored ones on the side. Also I try to limit my powder and foundation to one at a time, but with all the new formulas that come out, it’s usually more like 2 at a time. Same thing for highlighters – I’d like only one at a time, but it’s usually more like 3.

Consider most macara only last 3 to 4 months I also only want one open at a time. Foundation as well I’m still looking for the best formula with my ultra fair skin but i like to use only on or two during the year.

Same here with the mascara. While I have about three opened ones I rotate through, and I have a couple new ones set aside, I don’t buy a lot at a time because of their very limited shelf life. A lot of people tell me they replace them every 2-3 months, I find they don’t work as well after a month or so for me. It doesn’t make sense to buy a lot and have to throw them away so fast.

I try not to own a lot of
– blush (all the blush I would ever want is in my lipsticks as a cream blush)
– extremely bright colored eyeshadow (I just won’t wear it much)
– lotion (I hardly ever use lotion for my body unless I’ve just shaved)
– highlighters (It’s hard enough to use up just one highlighting product)

i stopped buying foundations. A couple of years ago I bought a lot, trying to find the right shade and formula to wear for my friend’s wedding because I was the maid of honor and had to appear in a lot of photos (had to keep make up on for almost 20 hours that day so finding the right foundation was important). Tried maybe half a dozen bottles (ranging from MAC, Make Up Forever and Maybelline) but never touched them again after the event. Liquids/creams don’t agree with my combination skin (think slipping, sliding, and break outs) but I bought them at the time for the full coverage. They don’t have a very long shelf life either. So much money down the drain… I only use BBcream on a daily basis now, with maybe a touch of mineral foundation on the weekends for extra coverage.

I usually own only two mascaras at a time, as i like to layer them to get full-looking lashes. I don’t think you need more than that, though, as they go bad so quickly and you might have to throw them out anyway.

I prefer not to own too many mascaras. They dry out quickly and on my lashes, there’s a limit to how much they can do. As a result of that, I just keep a few favorites.

Since I believe that once you’ve used a mascara it should be tossed in two-three months, I only use one mascara at a time. I do like to get samples, but when it comes to actually buying a full size, it’s one at a time for me.

Base makeup: primer, foundation, concealer, mascara, brow gel/wax, and brow powder/pencil. I just don’t see myself grabbing a different one of these on a daily basis the way I would with say, and eyeshadow. I like to do different looks every day, but with something like foundation, I just want it to perform well, have good coverage and longevity.

i try to own not too many foundations (about 3) and concealers (about 3). because i think they expire after about a year.
i also keep the numbers of my mascaras small (not more than 3 at the time).

Mascaras, paint pots, lip glosses. All petri dishes waiting to hit critical mass, so I watch the inventory and choose carefully. Potential fat wastes of cash there.

I just read the other posts and it plain never occurred to me to have more than one foundation, concealer, black mascara and one each exfoliate, cleanser, moisturizer at once. Why? It’s so complicated. And I need the space for four zillion colors of eyeshadow.

CREAM PRODUCTS!!!! I have a major love hate relationship with them haha. I have never found a cream eyeshadow that I actually like, and only one cream highlighter that suits my fancy. Let’s not even go there with cream blushes… they’re all too irritating to work with.

I dont like to have too many eyeshadows. I just stick eith cream formulas and maybe 1 powder formula. In that case ai only keep two cream shadow palettes. One for a natural look and one for a playful look . The powder formulas are usually shimmery.

Mascara for sure because I’m good about throwing it away after 3-4 months of opening. At most, I’ll switch between 2 at the same time, but usually it’s just one at a time.

While I have a lot of foundations, I wish I didn’t. I’m in the process of really comparing the ones I have to eachother and testing their wear throughly because I’m planning on getting rid of at least half (I think I own 8 at the moment). I’m never going to be able to use them all before they start to go bad. I’m hoping to have 3-4 foundations I use regualirly and stick with that number. No new foundations until something gets used up.

The only things of which I have multiples are eyeshadow colors, lipsticks/lip glosses, and eyeliners (a black and a copper). Other than that, I have one mascara, one concealer, one lip liner and one powder compact. Don’t wear blush or foundation because I don’t like a lot of stuff on my skin. I tweeze my brows but otherwise leave them alone. Basically, I only have variety in color cosmetics (eyes and lips). I’ve spent a lot of time hunting for quality products that don’t bother my skin and once I have them, I stick to them.

Things I Intentionally Only Own One Of: face primer, cream foundation, lipgloss. (I DO NOT SEE THE POINT OF LIPGLOSS. As far as I can tell it is a tool for glueing your hair to your mouth. Do not want.)

I also only have two mascaras.

With all of these things, though, I tend to switch my brand every time I run out and buy a new one – I really don’t seem to have found my holy grails yet.

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