Monday, March 25th, 2013

MAC In Extra Dimension Collection (2013)
MAC In Extra Dimension Collection (2013)

In Extra Dimension Eye Shadow’s creamy, silky, near-fluid formula creates luminous, well-defined eyes in finishes from sheer crystallized light to stunning metallic. In Extra Dimension Blush delivers polished textures that reflect light and leave a smooth second-skin finish. In Extra Dimension Skinfinish, now in a split pan, brings together two shimmering shades for highlighting and sculpting, together or separately. The 128 Split Fibre Cheek Brush and the 235 Split Fibre All Over Eye Brush deliver professional results.

Extra Dimension Eyeshadow ($21.00 U.S. /$25.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Extra Silver True silver
  • Opalesse Opalescent white with pink pearl
  • Zestful Pale iridescent lime
  • Triple Impact Opalescent lavender with violet pearl
  • Dimensional Blue Frosty blue
  • Smoky Mauve Mid-tone cool mauve

Extra Dimension Blush ($25.00 U.S. /$29.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Bareness Rosy beige
  • Blazing Haute Dirty peach
  • Flaming Chic Bright blue pink
  • At Dusk Mid-tone rose
  • Fiery Impact Burnt red bronze

Extra Dimension Skinfinish ($30.00 U.S. /$35.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Definitely Defined Silvery pink/soft rose with shimmer
  • Shape the Future Pastel pink with iridescence/soft brick with light shimmer
  • Double Definition Soft shimmery gold/patina bronze

Brushes (Limited Edition)

  • 235 Split Fibre All Over Eye ($31.00 U.S. / $37.50 CDN)
  • 128 Split Fibre Cheek ($35.00 U.S. / $42.00 CDN)

Availability: Online April 4th, 2013; in-stores on April 11th, 2013 (North America). May 2013 (International).

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MAC In Extra Dimension Collection (2013)
MAC In Extra Dimension Collection (2013)

MAC In Extra Dimension Collection (2013)
MAC In Extra Dimension Collection (2013)

MAC In Extra Dimension Collection (2013)
MAC In Extra Dimension Collection (2013)

MAC In Extra Dimension Collection (2013)
MAC In Extra Dimension Collection (2013)

MAC In Extra Dimension Collection (2013)
MAC In Extra Dimension Collection (2013)

MAC In Extra Dimension Collection (2013)
MAC In Extra Dimension Collection (2013)

MAC In Extra Dimension Collection (2013)
MAC In Extra Dimension Collection (2013)

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37 thoughts on “MAC In Extra Dimension Collection (2013) for Spring/Summer 2013

  1. Probably inspired by the split shadows in the UD Oz palettes! Anyone else think the same thing?

    • sara

      There were samples of these products out right around/before UD Oz launched, so I think it’s unlikely. Brands have been doing the split pan thing for years, especially with brow powders.

    • Erin

      Nothing to do with the oz shadows. Totally different. No there were previews of this shown a long time ago from instragram.

    • Jenna

      What makes you think that?

    • Jessica

      I don’t think so – the first collection of these shadows came out over a year ago, and the design was the same. :)

    • MandyDoll

      No, if anything UD is a rip from MAC’s baked shadows.

  2. Veronica

    I love these eyeshadows, but I am not very pleased to see yet another price increase.

    The skinfinish highlighters sound amazing, though.

  3. Valerie C.

    Flaming Chic Blush looks nice :)

  4. I thought the last round of these had some less-than textures :/ Some of them weren’t as soft as they should be (these just seem kind of cranked out).

    I know I’m opinionated but MAC needs to change their name to MAC-Donald’s 😛 LOL

    • Janelle

      LOL yes they are becoming the drive thru window of cosmetics with a new promo every few weeks–just like the happy meal toy changes every few weeks!

    • Quinctia

      XD They should start giving away toys, at least you’ll have something to play with after you’re bored with the eyeshadow.

    • Stacey

      McDonalds is a step or two up for MAC…At least McDonalds is reasonably price; it doesnt put a dent into your wallet. Even the Shamrock shake delivers….to say the very least of many of MAC’s products.

    • I’m on Team ICAATS (I can’t afford all this stuff!) right now for this collection. 😉

      Of course this is launching online before my payday as well. >_< I've been stalking this one since December but there has been NO swatches out for this collection yet.

  5. Great shades. Texture is nothing unseen before but still great!

  6. Leticia

    The blushes and skinfinishes look amazing…..I will wait for Christine’s review before getting too excited – MAC prices have increased quite a bit in Mexico so I have to be extra careful with my choices :)!

    • Stacey

      Only in Mexico….here in the U.S. too. And then MAC decreases the amount for all the Stereo Rose MSF sold…a smidgen here and a smidgen there decreases overall.

      • Leticia

        Too bad prices have increased in the US too! I agree with you – there should at least be enough LE products released so everyone who wants them can get them. The addition of these and other issues result in too many low points for MAC!

        • N8iveBeauT

          The sad part is they will never stop coming out with low quality LE products because the demand is always going to be there. Their advertisement company is really doing their job in amping up the hype because consumers buy into the pictures and stalk the websites, and call every MAC store in their area to buy the LE products.

  7. Would double definition be comparable to SuperB maybe? I missed out on that one! :(

    • Smurfette123

      I know I’m probably the minority but I found superb dry. Whisper performed better IMO. Hopefully these are smoother.

  8. Amy

    I am very much looking forward towards the eyeshadows! Wish they came out with a similar color to Young Venus again. Really want something like that to use as a high light!

  9. kristanna

    the blushes and skinfinishes are gonna break me!! ahhhhh

  10. t_zwiggy

    I haven’t been very impressed with in extra dimension products in the past, but some of these eyeshadows seem nice. I’m also very curious about the blushes!

  11. Lacey J.

    I see three things I want. Two blushes and a skinfinish? Birthday maybe? It’s on the 6th :) Bareness, At Dusk, and Definitely Defined :)

  12. Theresa

    I need ALL the blushes. I’m not even joking. ALL of them. lol
    And I like the mauve eyeshadow too!
    I wonI wonder what kind of finish the blushes will have. Any thoughts?

  13. I like the look of Zestful, but I do NOT need a green eyeshadow! I have Sweet Heat from a year ago, which I’ve used a bucketload, it’s a great wash of colour shade for me. I’d love a lighter beige shadow or a darker brown. The skinfinishes look pretty but I don’t think I’ll be jumping for them, OR for the blushes. Oh well – more money for me to spend elsewhere!

  14. Sheena

    By the sound of the name and split shades of the Skinfinishes theyre somewhat for ‘highlighting and contouring’ but we all know (mac addicts) that skinfinishes are shimmery..not so sure how it would work for contour..but still!! the formula from last years Extra Dimension are awesome!! And I’m tempted to buy all the skinfinish and blushes just because of that!! now if only MAC wont increase their prices every year…

  15. Georgina

    I really do not need another blush but At Dusk looks beautiful. I can’t wait for the reviews!

  16. jhnell elliott

    can you do a comparison with the new revamped extra dimension skinfishes and the original ones? particularly interested in the color difference with whisper of gilt and double definition

  17. Mel

    The extra dimension e/s sort of look like the ones that came out with Glamour Daze. So when I went to check the sample e/s my cousin gave me, turns out my ‘extra silver’ is a part of this collection. It’s really pretty in person though. Like a white-ish silver.

  18. Des

    Which skin finish is like the “Whisper Of Guilt” skin finish that was limited edition ? I never was able to get my hands on that one

  19. Shannon

    Hey just wanted to give everyone a heads up that a bunch if the Extra Dimension products (only one skin finish) are available to purchase on the Mac website, but for some odd reason I could only find then from my iPhone?!? On my computer they don’t show up on the site, but on my iPhone if I search for “Extra Dimension” a few of the products show up! I bought the skin finish in double definition, and the smoky mauve eyeshadow!!! So excited to get these!

  20. Michelle

    When will the other two skinfinishes be released? This waiting is killing me! ha!