Thursday, September 8th, 2011

MAC Hyperviolet Paint Pot
MAC Hyperviolet Paint Pot

MAC Hyperviolet & Imaginary Paint Pots

Debuting on September 15th (for North America), Posh Paradise contains eight new and limited edition (but of course!) paint pots. Each paint pot retails for $17.50.  I wish I had more to share with you, but these are the only two paint pots I received! I’m flying to NYC this AM and as soon as I have a free moment, I hope to stop by the PRO store to pick up all of the remaining products but please, please be patient – I would really appreciate it!    The two I have to show you are: Hyperviolet (deep violet) and Imaginary (blackened navy).

  • Hyperviolet is a purpled eggplant with red-burgundy undertones. It’s not as brown as Dark Diversion. Going by memory, it’s a deeper, cream version of Nice Vice but purpler than Artifact. It seems redder than Macroviolet.
  • Imaginary is a blackened violet purple. This is supposed to be a blackened navy blue, and it looks purple in the pot, purple under most lighting, but occasionally, in just the right lighting (particularly low/poor lighting), it looks more navy than it does purple. I don’t have it to compare but by memory, Non-conormist seems similar though not as blackened, bluer, and has a cream finish.

I tested Imaginary on the lid for eight hours, and it worked quite well. It applied well, blended out with little difficulty, and it stayed on without creasing for those eight hours (and no signs that it would crease either). Unlike the paint pots from Cham-pale, the shimmer in Imaginary is subtle and more shimmer-sheen than pure shimmer. It is also much finer, so it doesn’t give it a rougher feel or result in fall out.

The Glossover


MAC Hyperviolet & Imaginary Paint Pots Review, Photos, Swatches

The first two I've tried of the eight seem promising, so I look forward to checking out the rest. I've had good luck with Paint Pots over the years, except when they get too glittery (which neither of these are)!











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See more photos & swatches!

MAC Hyperviolet Paint Pot
MAC Hyperviolet Paint Pot

MAC Hyperviolet Paint Pot
MAC Hyperviolet Paint Pot

MAC Hyperviolet Paint Pot
MAC Hyperviolet Paint Pot

MAC Hyperviolet Paint Pot
MAC Hyperviolet Paint Pot

MAC Imaginary Paint Pot
MAC Imaginary Paint Pot

MAC Imaginary Paint Pot
MAC Imaginary Paint Pot

MAC Imaginary Paint Pot
MAC Imaginary Paint Pot

MAC Imaginary Paint Pot
MAC Imaginary Paint Pot

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September 15th @ MAC Cosmetics, $17.50 each.

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64 thoughts on “MAC Hyperviolet & Imaginary Paint Pots Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Oh wow, that’s amazing. Love them both.

  2. Laura

    Seriously can’t wait for these! The Cham-pale Paint Pots were such a disappointment

  3. Violet

    Ugh, both a warm and cool toned violet, I’m in heaven.

    Of course I can’t get this in Norway, of course.

    • Julie

      Why can’t you get this in Norway? MAC is totally available in Denmark! And I have a friend in Norway who buys MAC too :O

  4. Kat

    They both look like fantastic liners! Are they too dry to use like that?

  5. Lindy

    They look amazing, I’m SO getting these!!

  6. Leah

    Ohh my Imaginary is so pretty

  7. Devi

    Yay, I live in the city! ^_^ Would’ve been so cool to meet you (and the various other makeup gurus that will be there today). Why must I have a class today? ;_;

    But I could’ve sworn that all of the paint pots were supposed to be frosted. Hyperviolet seems to be nothing of the sort. I almost feel like using it as an eyeliner. o_o I don’t believe the texture of a paint pot allows you to use it as an eyeliner though, correct?

  8. Mary Beth

    Have a great trip to NY! I love these paint pots (even though I’m not normally a paint pot fan) and am thinking of getting to the PRO store as well to see if I can test them as a liner.
    I’ll be out in NYC for FNO, too….any suggestions on the best places to go for beauty freebies??
    For any Tori Burch fans in NY tonight, she is giving away a canvas tote with a $100 purchase.

  9. I think I need Imaginary. And possibly some other colours when they’re out. I have recently dyed my hair dark blue, a purple based blue, and think this would be great for me. I recently got Marine Ultra chromaline which seems bluer and is not shimmery. You’ve got me excited!! xx

  10. Imaginary is pretty! I think I’ll wait for more swatches to decide on the ones I want, although I love the finish of Imaginary!

  11. love these colors, cant wait to try them :)

  12. I must be weird, because I liked the Cham-pale paint pots…but then again I haven’t been buying MAC paint pots for too long. :) I was initially wavering on Imaginary, but the fact that it looks more indigo or blue-violet than navy is making me like it even more!

  13. Yazmin

    Thank God this collection is being released in the uk in october, ive just blown my budget on the 226 brushes from the mac me over collection, please mac if your reading, stop releasing soo many collections at one time!

  14. daphne

    Weird, they list all of these as frosts in the promotional information, but Hyperviolet is clearly a cream! I hope more of them end up being secretly creams, because I like that much better in Paint Pots. Either way, I am excited to see these really bold sultry colors in the product. I hope I can grab a few.

  15. yasemin

    can we use them as an eyeliner

  16. Keira

    i need imaginary in my live <3

  17. Jill

    LOVE Imaginary!! Must have!!

  18. mumtaza

    Aaaaaahhhh new paint pots!!! That’s all I talk about!

  19. Lumi

    I haven’t bought a MAC paint pot before. Both colors look nice, but Imaginary looks really good. *_*

  20. Vanessa

    OMG. Need them both! I love paint pots! It’s weird that they only sent you two though… hopefully the other colors aren’t as necessary, or I am going to be broke!:(

  21. Renee

    Imaginary looks gorgeous. I might end up purchasing this although I haven’t had much luck with paint pots. They end up looking really splotchy on me *sigh*

  22. Dana

    Do you the hyperviolet would look good with blue eyes?

  23. I have the Bare Study paint pot which is kind of frosty and it doesn’t even hold my eye shadow for two hours. I want to try these, but I’m afraid they’ll be the same. Painterly always holds for hours and hours. Has anyone else experienced this with the non-matte paint pots?

  24. These look like they’d be great for a kind of dolly Visual-Kei Goth look!

  25. Julia

    Oh no. This is not good. I am going to need to buy both of these. And probably the other 6 as well. I am going to be so broke! But these are just too gorgeous to pass up!

  26. Lilly

    I am getting these two for sure, fig.1 would look amazing on top of hyperviolet. Love that are not frosted. Can’t wait to see the other colors.

  27. Chris

    Gawd… MAC sure know how to make you crave for these things.. since they’re limited edition I can’t really think twice about getting them, I just HAVE to, you know! And I’m really hooked on the paint pots I’ve already got these days, so these will definitely find their way into my collection.

  28. Oh my god, the look of Imaginary D: Navy, violet, whatever – it’s gorgeous!

  29. Duniya

    Nice to see that they’re more cream than frost!!

  30. Courtney

    Oooh, I really like these! I love doing a purple smokey eye and these would make great bases. Either that or I’d look like somebody punched me…

  31. ommmggg i love the imaginary one! and i feel like the hyperviolet one would be amazing for halloween makeup doing like old people makeup or zombiess!

  32. SHERRY

    I LOVE paint pots from Mac. They are my favorite bases to really make eye shadows more vibrant and cling. I have most of all the ones they have made. I have already asked my favorite sa at Nordies to hold all of these new ones for me. I am very excited about this collection and also plan to purchase a few of the lipsticks.

  33. Ashley

    Wow, so pigmented! Wonderful!

  34. Anna

    Hyperviolet doesn’t look like violet but burgundy. oh how i love coulor blinded people :/

  35. Maya

    I’ve never purchased a Paint Pot but Hyperviolet looks awesome. I love purples, especially shades like that

  36. Nadine

    Will these Paint Pots be available in Germany/Europe??

  37. civa

    Looking at the two swatches I’m so happy! Hopefully the rest of the colors are as nice as these two texture wise :) Can’t wait to get my hands on them!<3

  38. stephanie

    Imaginary looks amazing, and photographs/swaches a little like Contrast. and I can’t wait to see it at the store. I suppose that if it looks a little more on the purple side, it could still look good as a base for navys this fall.

  39. Emms

    I will be getting imaginary, waiting for a paint pot close to this shade for a long time!

  40. Cara

    Any tantalizing morsel you throw our way, when you can, is most appreciated. You always have something new to look at on here, and your blog has helped me in ways I can’t articulate very well in a comment. Having said that, I love “imaginary”! How does Shiseido’s shimmering cream eyecolor compare to MAC Paint Pots in general?

  41. Hyperviolet is stunning!

  42. Michelle

    dont have any paint pots from mac but would love to try these!!!

  43. Nicole

    Hi! I have never tried mac paint pots before. I am in love with Imaginary. (The color reminds me of UD Plague. I love my MUFE aqua creams. Is this anything like that? Thanks! I love your blog.

  44. They both look very pretty. Finally some paint pots Champale PP were quite disappointing!!

  45. Maria Schmidt

    I believe that I have a dupe to Imaginary, it’s an eye dust by sleek called Hypnotic. Yes I’m pretty sure.

  46. alexis

    yeah i’m going to need these….

  47. ak

    These two colors are the best paint pots that MAC ever came out with!

  48. Michelle

    Some of these are already sold out on MAC’s website!!! Had to place an order on Nordstrom’s website instead but am happy will be able to try them out since I don’t own any of their paint pots! Looking forward to getting them! :)

  49. Andrea

    Hi Christine, you are going to show the other shades? Thanks!

  50. Marina

    Imaginary’s gorgeous! For me though, especially because its a cream eyeshadow ‘meant’ for your entire lid, it’s kind of unwearable.

  51. Joan

    I purchased five of the eight paint pots in this collection and while I love them all, Hyperviolet is my absolute fav. I’ll be playing with these gems all weekend.

  52. Hanna

    Is your Hyperviolet a little drying? The one I have is and I own a couple other paint pots and haven’t experienced that with them…hyperviolet is turning out to be more difficult to layer and create a smooth look than I thought it would because it is quite matte. Do you have any suggestions on how to wear it? I’m wanting to love it but I may end up returning it :(

  53. Corliss

    Purchased 7 out of 8 paint pots love them so much I’m going back to get that last one. Mattenes are great to purchased 4 out of 10 and going back for more. This collection is a hit for me. Thanks Mac!!!

  54. Mia

    I LOVE the Imaginary PP. I see now, after I layered it with Later, Dark Soul and Starless Night pigments, ALL the pigments are EXACTLY the same. I find Starless Night is the most pigmented at first but after an hour or so they all fade to exactly the same color.