Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Strayin’ Lipstick

Here are images of all six of Hello Kitty’s lipsticks swatched on my lips! :) I’ll have the lipglass swatches up in a little bit, once I’ve done them!

Big Bow Lipstick

Cute Ster Lipstick

Fresh Brew Lipstick

Fashion Mews Lipstick

Most Popular Lipstick

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128 thoughts on “MAC Hello Kitty Lipstick Swatches On Lips

  1. Cute Ster looks like my kind of lipstick! Does it have any dupes??

  2. reesa

    Big Bow, Fresh Brew, and Most Popular are on my list!

    Thanks so much, Christine!

  3. carriespooner

    You look awesome in every lip color, Christine. :)

    Cutester is the one I’m getting. I have lots that are similar but I want the kitty packaging.

  4. Laura

    Thanks Christine.

  5. lala

    Cute Ster Lipstick!! I think I want that one instead of the other one I wanted. Strayin

  6. Amy

    Love it!
    if anyone knows, How does most popular compare to Party Mate lipstick from naughty nauticals?

  7. Pat

    I bought cutester lipstick yesterday, too. Reminds me of my Dior addict gloss in 224 or something, but cutester is sheerer. Very cute color and wearable anytime. I don’t like the rest of lipstick, not my coloring. I don’t like the gloss either, looks cheap n sheer. It’s like mixing your own art with tiny tiny glitter. Overall colors are kinda boring and not very hello kitty.

  8. Crystal

    strayin’ is fabulous! It looks amazing on yor lips!

  9. You look great in them! I’m dissapointed that Fresh Brew is so sheer. I wonder if the colors are buildable. Thanks for the swatches! And all that hard work, your twitter said you drove half an hour to get to the unveiling 😡

    • Thanks, Angie! I try pretty hard to get them to as pigmented as I can, so this is usually 3-5 passes of the lipstick :(

      Yeah, the mall isn’t THAT far in terms of miles, but it’s not easy to get to. Freeway at 6pm is slow and painful, but inside roads take at least a 30 minutes ’cause they’re about as jammed but more reliable.

  10. LOVE the Most Popular and Cute Ster!

  11. DevilishDoll

    Gahh, I can’t stop staring at all of the swatches. I can’t wait to go shopping. So many gorgeous colors in this collection, and none of them are similar to colors I already have.

      • DevilishDoll

        Yep. I gotta wait till later to get a few of the items. I’m waiting on Big Bow and Most Popular lipsticks, Nice Kitty and Fast Friends lipglasses, Tippy blush and Girl Groove glitter eyeliner. Hopefully they will all still be there by the time I get more money. If not, I’ll have to find them on Ebay. I usually don’t end up getting the stuff that I wanna get later, but this time, I’m determined.

  12. MissTiss

    Thanks, Christine! Your lip swatches really help!

    Are the glosses coming next?

  13. Shanel

    aww, I should ‘ve got strayin!

      • Shanel

        definitely, i just called my local mac counter & im going in tomorrow to pre’order the stuff i want including strayin’ & then pick um up on the 12th. thnnks christine! your swatches helps out alot! last nite was tooo pack’d I got whatever i thought would look good. lol.

        • YAY! Sounds great :) Glad you were able to pick out what you wanted before it sold out!

          Oh yeah, those events are insane, huh? I was actually really happy I just grabbed it all and went home to swatch. It surely would have taken me at least an hour or two to get all the swatches since everybody was trying to get to the displayer!

      • Shanel

        definitely. i called my local mac counter, & they told me that they’re doing a pre’order list which is great! so im goin in tommorrow to make my orders for the rest of the stuff I did’nt realize were nice untill i seen your swatches such as strayin’ & etc, last nite was too hectic&crowded that I was able to try any so I went for what i thought would look good! thnks christine! you swatches helped out alot!

  14. Natasha

    You should of! I ended up getting Strayin’ and Fresh Brew…

  15. cloudburst

    I like Fresh Brew

  16. Anitacska

    Seeing these swatches I’m now not sure about Strayin’, it actually seems a lot like Gladiola which I’ve got, but now really like Big Bow instead and still favour Most Popular. :)

  17. My-Linh

    I think I’m going to get Most Popular :)

  18. Tamara

    Thanks for the fantastic swatches once again! Strayin’ and Most Popular are definitely on my list! I’m still on the fence about Fashion Mews…??? Not many can pull off light, frosted purple lipstick…

  19. Edda

    Love the first and last one

  20. Kat

    It’s kind of sad…none of these are really working for me. But I’m glad I know now! More money to spend on other things…the beauty powders are gorgeous… :)

  21. Rio

    I love Strayin’, but I actually have a very similar lipstick color from Sephora brand.

  22. Andrea

    well, I don’t know about Fashion Mews now. It looks a little too frosty for me. I think I’ll do Strayin or Big Bow, or maybe both! LOL! Thanks for the swatches Christine!

  23. Amanda Rene

    I liked the idea of Fashion Mews, but I don’t think I would ever wear it. I’m going to go with Big Bow and Cute Ster now that I’ve seen the lip swatches! Thank you!

  24. Laura

    Is Most Popular a fairly dark color compared to the rest? In other swatches I’ve seen it looks like a very deep berry, and I can’t pull off dark lips well. But here it looks much lighter.

  25. Lingping

    It’ll be Most Popular and Big Bow for me. They are both gorgeous, yay! I’d get Strayin too, but it is too similar to my pink YSL rouge volupte to justify bying it.

    And it looks like I’ll skip on the glosses :( Oh well, there will always be another collection.

    Thank you so much for all the great swatches, Christine!

  26. elle

    I’m really liking Big Bow and Most Popular. The others are a bit light/frosty for my liking. But maybe if I can test them out with some lipglosses over the top.

  27. Yas

    I wasn’t even considering Fresh Brew before but you look amazing with that color so I may just be checking that one out. Thanks again so much mamas for sharing! Your posts rock!

  28. lisa

    cute ster and fresh brew for me.

  29. courtney

    Is fresh brew similar to Brew Lipstick?

  30. Laura

    Christine, do you know if Cute Ster is similar to Pleasureseeker from Neo Sci Fi?

  31. nikki

    is strayin similar to saint geriman or how ever it’s spelled?

  32. sej

    Do you know of any dupes for Most Popular? Or Sweet Strawberry l/g?

  33. steph

    **do you know if most popular is by any chance similar to sweetie l/s? also…do you have flowerplay l/s by any chance? if it similar to big bow? cutester similar to any mac l/s’s? sorry for all the questions..trying to decide which i really want…thank youf or the lip swatches! =)

    • Nah, it’s not. I love Sweetie, but Sweetie is a totally different color!

      I don’t have Flowerplay, sorry :( Big Bow is similar to Fun ‘n Sexy from Fafi from last year, if you have that!

  34. silvia

    is the lavender whip lipstick similar to the fashion mews one?what kind of finish do they have?

    • Michelle

      I believe she did a comparison because so many people had the same question. Check the previous posts. It was around 3-4 days ago.

  35. Strayin will be miine! Thanks for posting!

  36. Sanderlees

    Did anyone else find that the lipsticks break at the base really easily??? i’m exchanging all of mine tomorrow =(

    And it wasn’t just mine… i noticed all the testers were broken… but just thought maybe people were being rough with them… boo =(

  37. Jennifer

    Which lipsticks go best under Sweet Strawberry, She Loves Candy, and Mimmy lipglasses? Thank you so much for the swatches. You save me so much money 😛

  38. melissa

    christine which lipstick is personally your favourite?? i cant decide between strayin..most popular..and big bow..

    strayin catches my eye the most..but i never tried something so eye popping as afraid it’ll be too much for me.. please help =]

  39. Jennifer

    Thank you Silvia! I got Cute-ster to go with Mimmy. Love it.

  40. Cute ster and fresh brew are my kind of lipstick,

  41. How do you think Strayin’ will look on NC42 skintone? I’m on the fence on if I should get it or not =(

  42. Susie

    I got fashion mews and it looks awesome. Its the first color sold out.

    I recieved strayin, tippy, nice kitty, fun and games, milk, bluegreen, and pretty baby today from nordies. I cant wait to play with it.

    Thanks Christine for the swatches early.. is Big bow like fashion mews as far as texture and color deposit? Just wondering…

  43. Pat

    hi, Chinetine ^^
    which color you think better suit NC25-30, Lavender whip or Fashion Mews?

    • Pat

      OPps I meant Christine. sorry missed spell your name was watching TV at the same time

      • Pat

        thank you for your reply. I have two more question >_< I’m kind of new to the whole make up thing and never wear bold color lipstick before. I own lot of slightly sheer neutral color glosses and lipsticks so i was wondering what would you recommend for look with lavender whip? and I don’t know if you already did but can you please do a look with that lipstick? If you don’t mind. ^^

  44. LoveeeeeMAC

    WOW i got cutester like a week ago and im almost to the little imprint!
    i really love it
    its the purrrrrrfect everyday color
    i also love my pink fish TLC !!!!!
    getting a back up 2day!!!!!!

  45. Jessica

    I find that most popular is too dark n bright on me!
    I want it to look like the pic on here (the on lip picture)
    any way i could make it appear sheerer and more pink?
    Thanks =]

  46. Fresh brew is my favorite!

  47. kristia

    i love this color pink is for girl

  48. monika

    Fresh brew looks amazing!Is it really that nice or it’s just a picture.?I am planning on buying this one but don’t know if it will look good on me,since I am pretty pale.

  49. -loli-

    I know it’s a bit late but i absolutely NEED to know if someone could find any dupe of Cute-ster. It’s so lovely and became my favorite shade for everyday… And I would love the dupe (or closest color) to be a Lustre too.
    So if someone can help :) Thank you!

  50. mariloveskitty

    love cute ster its a pretty color…………(:

  51. annie

    were do you buy these lipstick’s at?

  52. cool! i love the colors! they are so cute :-)

  53. Crystal

    Anybody know a good dupe for Big Bow? I finally polished off my supply and I feel so naked without it!!

  54. Marcela

    I found Big Bow at a CCO on black friday… how awesome is that?! Color and shimmer are beautiful. It’s the lipstick version of Totally It lipglass.