Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

$800 worth of Hello Kitty!

OVERALL, Hello Kitty was more exciting than I anticipated! I must preface the review saying I’m not a Hello Kitty fan (I’m indifferent–it’s not that I dislike her or anything!), so this collection’s theme wasn’t going to draw me in. Preliminary images, swatches, photos, etc. just didn’t get me going, but swatching everything and handling the products in real life made me find several things worth liking. All in all, I was pleasantly surprised :) I knew I’d love the beauty powder blushes, because they always have amazing texture and subtle sheen, but I didn’t think I’d like the lipglasses or the glitter liners and I did. The glitter liners are made just for Hello Kitty, but they don’t have special packaging (I wonder if they’re too thin for it) but they’re quite pigmented! The tinted lip conditioners must not be overlooked by those who don’t wear full makeup all the time or like some light lips from time to time either!

Temptalia’s Recommendations

Must-Haves: Strayin’ and Most Popular Lipsticks; Fun & Games and Tippy Beauty Powder Blushes; She Loves Candy and Sweet Strawberry Lipglass; Popster Tinted Lip Conditioner

Nice-to-Haves: Fashion Mews Lipstick, Nice To Be Nice and Mimmy Lipglasses; Pink Fish Tinted Lip Conditioner; Deep Blue Green Pigment, Glitter Eyeliners

Skip: Reflects Glitters, Cute Ster, Fast Friends


Collection Information
Product Packaging Photos
Eyeshadow Palettes, Glitter Liners, Pigments Photos
Lipglasses & Lipsticks Photos
Face, Cheek, Nail Product Photos

See in-depth reviews, product by product

Lucky Tom Eyeshadow Palette

  • Creme Royale is a yellowish gold-wheat kind of color. It’s a pretty shade, and it has come out before (in a holiday palette, I believe), so you might want to check to see if you have it already! It’s not as frosty or as white as Nylon — less yellow than Rose Blanc.
  • Paradisco is a peachy shade with gold sheen, and it is part of the regular eyeshadow line, so if you were lovin’ this palette for this shade, get it on its own an save some money! Paradisco does have a finnicky texture, as well (which is why I don’t own it).
  • Stylin’ is a cool purple color; kind of like Parfait Amour but without all the shimmer. It’s a bit chalky, which means less than great pay off.
  • Lucky Tom is a super dark brown-back color, and it has the same feel as Stylin': chalky and not easy to swatch.

Too Dolly Eyeshadow Palette

  • Yogurt is a light, pale pink color. It’s part of the permanent line as far as I can remember.
  • Too Dolly is a pale aqua-teal shade, goes on a little chalky for me–reminds me of Meadowland.

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133 thoughts on “MAC Hello Kitty Collection Review & Thoughts

  1. vicki

    Seriously THANK YOU! I can now bottle up all my hysteria for this collection and save it for something more important like this exam I have in the morning:)!

  2. Jibby

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on the brush collection. It appears you didn’t purchase it hehe hopefully you took a peek while @ MAC. If so please fill us in <=) !! Thnx for the review =)

  3. Julia

    Haha vicki I’m exactly the same… I have 3 tests on Thursday! Yet I can’t pry myself away from the Internet!! Thanks again Christine! Love the swatches and everything, really appreciate it! Now I have a better idea for what I have to look at and what I can pass :)

  4. Oh goodness your reviews have helped me out a lot, especially comparing your opinion with the swatches. Thanks so much!! 😀

  5. civa

    Thanks for the review Christine!
    I want the beauty powders so much for some reason I don’t know but they don’t even really show up on me…lol(I’m nc30-35, nc25 when I get pale.)
    I was hoping the Pretty Baby would be like Alpha Girl(which I missed out on) but it’s not:(
    Guess I’ll just get Tahitian Sand anyways.
    Definitely getting Fun & Games! can’t resist any colors in this family.(LOVE neutral, peachy, orange, gold…etc.)
    I think Tippy is a bit too cool for me.
    Also getting Nice to be Nice. Still debating if I should get Mimmy or not? it’s pretty but not that convincing for my pigmented lips:/
    Looks like I saved some money on the HK! yays for me~(I’m indifferent as well)
    Can’t wait to get my hands on the Grand Duos and the Sugar Sweet collection!

    Thanks for the review again~ helped me made up my mind on my list.

    • Sure thing, Civa!

      They are quite sheer/light, so I’m not sure how well they’ll show up on you! Depends on what you’re going for :) Pretty Baby isn’t as cool/bright as Alpha Girl, though I think it has a better texture!

      • civa

        After seeing your l/g swatches on the lips I was really disappointed with the pigmentation…
        The Popster TLC looked amazing though! but I know I’m not gonna use it. I don’t like jar packaged lip stuff cause I don’t like to get my finger in there and I certainly don’t carry a lip brush with me all the time!
        oh well, more money saved I guess:p

  6. KaylaK

    Thanks for all the info! This has helped me narrow down my list considerably! Although I am still debating on the blushes as I am so pasty white (NC15) I’m afraid it would be too much??

    • I don’t think the blushes would be too much at all, KaylaK!

      What’s your list now?

      • KaylaK

        Let’s see for the moment (at around 2pm Central time lol) I am at:
        Tippy BPB
        Pretty Baby BP
        She Loves Candy LG
        Big Bow LS
        All of Kitty Kouture

        I’m on the fence about Fun N Games since on some people it came out more too orange than peach? And then Tahitian Sand BP I’m still debating a lot on. Trying to be reasonable with my haul lol. Oh yeah and Cutester lipstick is another maybe!

  7. TheresaM

    Hey I think you wrote two about Fast Friends l/g. Can you tell me which is correct and which is She Loves Candy? Thanks 😀

    • It’s fixed, I must have been fixing it while you were reading 😛

      • TheresaM

        Haha cool thanks 😀 You’re super quick! Thanks for the awesome swatches; it has definitely helped me decide which one I really want and which new goodies I just went ga-ga for 😀

  8. kae

    thanks for all the HK stuff! when u have time, do u mind telling us the finishes of the e/s and lipsticks? and is the other brush in the brush set a 129 or 109

    • No problem! I’ll try if I remember!

      The brushes in the holder didn’t have numbers, so I wasn’t able to tell without purchasing a box on my own :/ I believe it is the 109, because it’s quite small!

  9. Leah

    What a joy to open the Temptalia site and a million new beauties to look at! Great review as usual, I got super excited thinking I might have to buy more than I anticipated at first but your review helped my pocketbook.


    P.S. Do you know the status on online orders for HK launch day? I signed up for the newsletter ages ago but no news as of yet :(

  10. Angie

    This is crazy! Your haul absolutely made me go “WOW”. Enjoy playing with your new toys!

  11. Shanel

    hey christine!
    I got back from the HAWAII unveiling party a few hours ago & I seriously dropped some major money on this collection, $330 worth of it. This was the first time I got a humungous bag from MAC, sooo huge! But i love everything i got! I was a bit disappointed though b/c they were randomly passing out hellokitty mac aluminum balloons and they claimed it was too late to get one cause they were saving the rest for the 8’oclocker people, who they probably felt sorry for b/c everything was selling out fast! it was sooo cute & great to have since im a major hello kitty collector! & when I finally got outt of there about 45 mins later there was still a long line to get in, i hope those people got what they wanted.

  12. Elisa

    Oh, thanks for infos about brushes…I supposed from early images that brush holder was too little and short.

  13. gail

    Oh wow, excellent analysis as always!

    You are so right about glitter pigments, why promote them if they’re not eye safe? Well said! Clearly they know we do use it on our eyes, makes a charade of the whole warning they have. Oh I’m so upset to see you were sucked in to the excitement, that means I will be too haha! x

    • I could see glitters coming out once or twice a year, but MAC sure repromotes them pretty often throughout the year. There’s just so few uses in my everyday life for glitter on what… the body? LOL. But you could also add it to your fave gloss and get dazzleglass 😉

  14. Joanne

    Wow, thank you so much for this review!!

  15. jess

    I’m still unimpressed with this collection for the most part. I do like Most Popular and Sweet Strawberry though.

  16. Myxa

    Hi, Christine!

    Wow, you are amazing with the speed!!! Thanks so much.

    Can you please let us know how does Fun & Games compare with Nars Orgasm? It looks really similar (at least to me), and if they are similar, which of the two would you recommend?

    • Orgasm doesn’t come out THAT pigmented on me, and it has a lot more shimmer. I’d say Orgasm isn’t as orange, either!

      I’d probably recommend Orgasm if you want more shimmer!

  17. Shayla

    They had Cremeteam out when I was there (yay!!!) and I swatched Fashion Mews next to Lavender Whip and liked the latter *way* better. So I got that one 😉 Lol…

    Is it just me, or is Big Bow fairly similar to Fun ‘n Sexy from the Fafi collection? I wasn’t really into MAC at that point and lately have been lemming Fun ‘n Sexy, so I picked up Big Bow in an attempt to have something similar…

    • Lucky you! They didn’t haev it out for us :(

      Big Bow is definitely this year’s Fun ‘n Sexy! I think Fun ‘n Sexy was nicer, though :/

      • LocaLoli

        I regret not buying a back up for fun and sexy so I was excited when I got big bow. When I got home I swatched them next to each other. Beautiful but not the same. I cant decide which of the two I like better. Big bow is more like a sheer frosty hot pink and fun n sexy is a sheer glittery fuchsia. I better get a back up for big bow.:D Is it just me or do glazes wear down faster than the other formulas? I think is because they are so sheer and I like to build up the color.

        • Aww! I don’t think I’ve worn Fun and Sexy since Fafi was around, lol. Definitely pick up a back up of Big Bow, then, since it’s similar enough, I’d say!

          But yes, glazes and lustres often wear down faster if you’re trying to build 😛

  18. Myxa

    What would the the closest dupe to Creme Royale from the permanent collection? That’s really the only color that caught my eye…

  19. Manda

    o wow 800 dollars?!?! Christine, please tell me you get some kind of discount for all your hard work haha i am so excited that pro members get a discount, even if it’s just on pigments and liners.. i planned on getting both! i am so excited, i cant wait to get my hands on this collection :)

    • LOL, no, paid in full for this stuff!

      • Shanel

        you should get some kind of discount!
        after all you do have a site dedicated to makeup
        & givin’ us the heads up on things.
        & in fact your totally helping mac out by boosting they’re
        sales doing the swatches & info on collections, getting
        everyone drawn into it.

        • PoisonousCandy

          No way you should pay for these, seriously, MAC should give these stuff to you for free from MAC every item every new collection for doing them great favors!

  20. Thank you so much for this in-depth review of it. I was sort of on the edge of Hello Kitty, deciding to get things from it or not. From the looks of it I’ll only be getting one or two items.

  21. Kim

    How do you do all this? This is insane (all $800 of it) and greatly appreciated, btw. Thank you!

  22. NJ

    Thanks for all of these posts Christine!
    From it I can only see me looking into Pink Fish TLC and Girl Groove eyeliner at most. The main product that has caught my fancy is the Deep Blue Green pigment, but as it is PRO line I’m in no rush to empty my pockets. Does it remind you of any of the other pigments out there?

    • Pink Fish is cute!

      I love Deep Blue Green for how pretty and different it is. I can’t think of any perfect dupes for it, but something from last year’s pigment release might be similar just not as dark (I can’t remember the name).

  23. carriespooner

    Thank you! I need to keep my head… Let’s see.. a new sofa or HK.


  24. Dizz

    Christine, how does Fun & Games compare to Enough Said?

  25. how does Sweet Strawberry compare to Stawberry Blonde?..

  26. Kristin

    OMG! You made out like a bandit!! I had such a good time at the unveiling last night! It was a madhouse, but so much fun!! I got everything I wanted except the dang Tinted Lip Conditioners!!! I wanted both except they didn’t get any Popster in and only got 4 of the Pink Fish, which were gone by the time I made it to the counter! Dang it!

    I ended up with:
    Both Palettes – Too Dolly and Lucky Tom (LOVE!)
    Cutester l/s (perfect for my fair skin)
    Mimmy l/g(Gorgeousness! May have to get a backup)
    Fun and games Blush

    Those TLCs will be mine!!

    Thanks for all the great details!!

  27. lala

    damn I must be good!! when I seen your swatches yesterday of tippy…I said it reminded of dolly mix + petalpoint..and you said reminds you of petalpoint. I dont need it. YES!! so now I only need Fun and Games.

    Tahitian Sand ..might be a good setting powder for me ..and Pretty Baby would def. come home with me. It seems as though colors tranforms on my cheek than hand (its more true to color on the hand).

  28. Wow, about the brush set lol, thanks for all of this information, I wondered about this collection!

  29. Ally

    Wow, I thought I knew what I wanted but with the swatches my whole list of wants has changed. Thanks for the swatches and the speediness.

  30. maxiene

    You are a Goddess! *bows down* Can’t thank you enough for your review and hard work! All of us readers seriously appreciate it!

    One thing I’m curious about; are there any accessories to this line? Makeup bags? Mirrors? Dolls?

    • Awww! I am so happy it helps y’all! That’s why I do it :)

      There are a TON of accessories. Photos of accessories are pretty accurate (you can see ’em in the reference box at the top, lots o’ links), whereas makeup is not so much. There is a doll, compact mirror, makeup bags, tote bags, soft traincase, bracelets…

  31. bCreative

    $800 bucks worth of cosmetics!!! I envy you!!! Man I wish I could drop 800 bucks like that on makeup….

  32. i can’t wait to see you do a look with the products 😀 esp Fashion Mews!

  33. cloudburst

    $800.00 that’s crazy! But that’s the price of MAC these days I guess. Are you going to be keeping everything, or is some of it going back?

    I know I won’t be splurging as much on this collection b/c of the limited PRO discount – but I do still plan to pick up Too Dolly e/s palette (mainly for Romping), the 2 BPB’s, She Loves Candy, Mimmy & Sweet Strawberry l/g, and maybe 1 l/s…wow that’s still alot! LOL.

    • I’ll probably keep the majority of it. I feel bad, because they all know me at the MAC store. I’ll give some things away to friends/family, too.

      You picked some good items to pick up! Definitely She Loves Candy!!

  34. Janeyeatworld

    how does tippy compare to fafi’s fashion frenzy? how does too dolly compare to the blue in the heatherette 1 trio. thankyou! awesome review!

    • It’s not nearly as cool, and it doesn’t have any chalkiness to it. Both Fafi blushes were almost matte and kind of chalky (but they were pigmented), and these are softer, smoother.

  35. Congee

    Hi Christine! I’m new to your site, and I love all your articles. Thanks so much for putting up the swatches! I missed the launch party and thought I could buy stuff today, but I was so disappointed when I found out its official release is next Thurs. =( anyway.. I was wondering, for the eyeshadow palettes, would you reccommend those too? or are they just okay? I know you wrote about the texture and everything, but I just wanted to know if they were worth it. Thanks!

    • Happy to do it, Congee :) They’re just okay – they’re not on my recommendations list. I didn’t say skip, because I know some of you will counter and be like, “But I love it!” For me, they just weren’t inspiring; the shadow quality was missing, and too many colors were repromotes.

      • Congee

        hi Christine! Thanks for answering =D I ended up going to the MAC counter and trying on some lipsticks. I’m NC20 and I tried Most Popular but it just looked so severe on me! Maybe its because I’m not used to darker lipsticks, but what do you think? too dark for my skintone? I also tried strayin’ but I’m scared of that lipstick! I ended up buying big bow and popster TLC. so far I love the TLC the most. THanks for your reviews =D

        p.s. what do you think about having tippy and fun n games for my skintone? yes or no? THANKS =D

  36. LocaLoli

    Thank you for doing this Christine. The unveiling I went to was fun but with all the people it was kinda hard to get to try everything I wanted. Just like you im not a hello kitty fan or collector. In my case I do love anything with kitty’s and of course hot pink. I’m going to an event next Thursday so I’m going to look at your swatches from the comfort of my own home and ill have a list ready for next week. 😀 I did however get Big Bow lipstick, nice kitty and nice to be nice lip glass, on the prowl nail polish. I asked for her glitz glitter liner but they didn’t have it. :( I wanted the brush set but was disappointed when I saw it and said NVM :( next week I’m for sure get strayin’,lashes and my glitter liner and maybe tippy, fast friends and popster.

    • No problem, LocaLoli! I’m really happy to help you all out however I can.

      It is definitely difficult to swatch and check things out at your leisure!

      I hope they get Her Glitz in next week!

  37. Girl, you don’t even know how lucky you are to get your hands on all of that. Great to hear your feedback and see your swatches but sadly I don’t have money for this collection at all.

    • There’s not too many items fro the launch that really stand out enough for me to say, “FIND A WAY!” Pretty products for sure, but nothing so unique you’ll miss out.

  38. victoria

    thank you sooo much for this christine. you sure worked hard and fast on this, thank you. everything looks pretty good but i pretty bummed that the bp weren’t that great and such cute packaging too. the bp from heatherette didn’t show up on me well and this collection as well. they should make them like the barbie collection, i have one of them and i hate using it because i hate to run out and i’m hoping for a new replacement. but anyway, i am getting a few other items and what the heck tahitian sand bp, i can’t resist the cute packaging. my 9 year old daughter loves hello kitty so not having it too pigmented might be a good thing for her.

  39. Amelia

    such a detailed and informative review! thanks so much christine, i didn’t really want anything from this collection (i mean, i love hello kitty, but i won’t give in just for the packaging) and your review helped me to stay away from impulse buying. you are truly amazing.

  40. Christina

    I have to disagree on Cute Ster…..If you have olive skin tones, Cute Ster is A MUST HAVE!!!! Not too good for lighter skin tones, though, as it will pretty much just blend in.

    I agree on everything else!!!! Especially Sweet Strawberry!!!!!! It’s soooooooo beautiful!!!!! It would look great with an LBD (Little Black Dress)!!!!

  41. Ruthann Jagge

    I was delighted with the event locally and the products but I was shopping for an 11 yr, old girl…pretty colors and even cuter packaging! Loved the “Beauty Powder” compact and the pink is like Benefit’s “Dandelion” to me.
    The lipgloss is TDF and the lavender lipstick is just SO pretty with the embossed Kitty on it! I only spent @ 400,LOL! The accessories were held up in shipping but they allowed us to pre-order and I do have a few things on their way to me now as well in that grouping.
    The event was FUN,very colorful and crowded but VERY well-organized and they had a ton of products!
    Thanks for the GREAT review,I agree with your choices!

    • I’m jazzed you were able to preorder the accessories so you don’t have to worry about them being sold out when they’re in stock! :)

      I’m glad you had fun and found some new things to love!

    • Deidre

      What products did you end it purchasing for your 11 yr. old daughter…I have a twelve year old & was contemplating on what to get for her other than the bracelet, doll & mirror??

  42. Tierra

    Thank you sooo much for reviewing the pigments, palettes and lip glosses becaused to tell you the truth I was more interested in the lip products than the eyes only because their colours didnt really grab me. I’m thinking of getting the lip glosses and a palette from Coastal scents in any case, the lipstick I have to see for myself.

  43. Ruthann

    I loved that they were all set up for pre-orders on the accessories (customs had held up the accessories and they didn’t make excuses,they had a plan!)and even the way they sold at the event was a cut above: you were handed a bag when you went in,order form inside…you viewed/tested the products at one station then wrote out what you want on the form…go to the back and there they pulled the product and cashed you out,it was REALLY well set up!
    I freakin’ hate that people are already trying to get $85.00 for the bracelet on Ebay….I know,I know…but to me,it ruins the fun and just makes it all seem nasty and greedy!

  44. Krystyn

    heyy :]

    With the eyeshadow pallet, Too Dolly, i did a look with, i believe it was yogurt, romping, and stately black, and the colors are to die for! I used paiterly paint pot underneath and that’s all it took for all the colors to have such a nice texture, blend-ability, and payoff.

    With the brush set, i agree with you 110%!!!
    the 239 eyeshadow brush felt so stiff. I ended up buying two just for that hello kitty head cup lol for my brushes [both face and eye], but as for the 239 brushes, i’m not entirely sure what i’m gonna do with them yet.

    i already left a comment regarding this in the lipglass swatches entry, but i just wanted to say again, thank you so much for putting those swatches up. that helped me to decide to get mimmi and nice to be nice :]

    <3 Krissy

    • Hi Krystyn! I’m really glad you got the Too Dolly palette to work with you! That’s so great! :)

      I couldn’t believe how scratchy the 239 felt from the set!

      No problem!

  45. Carron

    Wow, Christine: You handed over that HUGE wack of cash? You poor thing!

    However, I am grateful for your review. From what i saw and your review. I shall hunt down to redo colors elsewhere.

    One day, I would like to ask them why they dont put pigments out in trinkets more often. I stumbled upon them by accident on ebay. I LOVE em.

    If you arnt a makeup professional who uses that much pigment?

    mmmm, those brushes in the cup…oooo..why are they so expensive??? Well its not THAT expensive, really but …it all ads up…
    i need another job just for the addictions..

    • LOL! Well, thanks to Nordstrom with their pre-orders (I’m an affiliate, so when someone clicks the link and makes a purchase, I get an eensy bit commission, like 5% or something!), and all the orders readers put in, it helped offset my HK costs 😀

      I use pigments regularly, but it’s unlikely anyone will get through a jar unless they use it everywhere nearly everyday!

      Brush sets are usually around $50, but you often get 4-5 brushes. I think the brush cup took up more of the “cost” this time!

  46. Ruthann

    I got my 11 yrl old “grandaughter” (third generation MAC girl!!!) the medium makeup case and filled it with: (sorry,her package has gone out and I don’t have the names…)

    2 light lipglosses pink and pearly pink
    2 light lipsticks pink and lavender they are lustres so they are sheer
    the “milk” highlighting pigment very pale cream with shine
    the “pink” beauty powder very pale pink
    2 nail polishes pink and pale grey
    2 lip conditioners pink and beigeish
    Bracelet,key-fob,and cute kitty mirror as well.
    Now mind you,she cannot wear any of it to school and I steered clear of the eyemakeup but she will rock the lip stuff and polishes and ca wear a “bit of shine” so the beauty powder (VERY light pink) and pigment will work for her on special events!
    Not my job to police…LOL! I just spoil her rotten!!! :)

  47. Christy

    I think I want everything! I grew up being a huge HK fan. I still have a little HK toothbrush holder, cup, mirror and makeup bag from when I was younger.

  48. Jennifer T

    Thanks for this in depth review. Really helped me eliminate some items. :) Good for my wallet.

  49. Thank You! I got the She Loves Candy and Milk pigment, and the Pretty Baby powder. I am VERY fair so the pinks work for me :) After reading your review I also picked up the most popular lipstick. I thought that no one loved make-up as much as me until I found your website :) Glad to know there are others out there!

  50. Rosie

    I love HELLO KITTY! So far i purchased the brush holder the pretty baby beauty powder and something about pink nail laquer i will be going back to get she loves candy and sweet strawberry lipglass and either fun & games or tippy still not sure what do you recommend i am nc35

  51. NuNu

    I just got my haul yesterday consisting of:
    1. Big Bow l/s
    2. Lucky Tom
    3. Pink Fish TLC
    4. Her Glitz
    5. Mimmy l/g

    The boyfriend has randomly bestowed upon me a $50 giftcard, I can’t decide if I want:
    Strayin’ l/s;
    Sweet Strawberry l/g;
    She Loves Candy l/g;
    Tahitian Sand b/p;
    Save it for Kouture!!
    I’m a NC25 for reference sake.

  52. L.

    I’ve been a fan of Hello Kitty for many years, and this MAC Hello Kitty collection totally ruin the Cuteness of this icon. In fact I find it really degrading and disrespectful to her. The packaing design is ugly, and does not symbolize the character. Hello Kitty’s main color is PINK. MAC made her naughty, and wild, which is totally an OPPOSITE of who she really is!!! I am so disappointed in MAC. That ugly black doll, since when Hello Kitty became black!?!?! She’s white for god sakes!! Do your research MAC! Overall nothing special with this collection. I am glad I did not waste any money on this low quality makeup trash. I would rather spend it on DIOR or Shu Uemura products that IS really worth my money!

    • I’m sorry you didn’t like the collection, L. MAC packaging is typically black, and since they are doing a collaboration, it’s not so far-fetched that they might work to combine their traditional color with Hello Kitty’s icon, just in case you weren’t familiar – it’s just a possible explanation. I don’t actually know why MAC chose to do what they did.

  53. Kara

    i went to day to get my makeup done and buy things and my makeup artist used the pigment milk on me and it was so pretty but i dident want to buy it because 1.i am broke and 2.i rarly use my other pigments i was wondering if there was a dupe in the perminit collection ??and if u would no

  54. Renee

    thank you for your thorough reviews and swatches! i love your blog and have already bookmarked it! Do you think the She Loves Candy lipglass look like Rose Fishnet from Lancome JuicyTube? or does it seem like something you can find in the permanent MAC collection? Thank you! I enjoy your blog very much!

  55. Karla

    I got my Too Dolly quad and I’m a little disappointed. The colors are similar to the heatherette trio 1 without the bright pink of course… BUT that romping color is exactally like Pink Pearl pigment only in pressed form. So technically I have similar colors, but the case is so cute… *sigh*

  56. sammmm

    i got the cute-ster lipstick
    its really pretty for an everyday lipstick
    for the on the go girl
    every1 can pull it off

  57. Rachael

    It’s funny that you said to skip Cute-ster but it was actually the one shade I liked the most and bought. I guess everyone is different!

  58. I know this is a little late… but would you happen to have Style powder blush? How does that compare to Fun & Games? (I know Style is a frost but just color-wise). I got Fun & Games two weeks back, but the MAC MUA today tried Style on me and I love it… too bad they didn’t have any more Fun & Games left for me to swatch so I could check the similarity.

  59. R

    do you know if any of these lipsticks, lipglasses, tlcs, beauty powder blushes, beauty powders or nail polishes will be repromoted in any upcoming collections?