Friday, October 26th, 2012

MAC Hanging Travel Bag
MAC Hanging Travel Bag

It’s Sold Out, to the Store You Go!

MAC Hanging Travel Bag ($40.00) is–apparently–sold out online, so you’ll have to trek to your local freestanding MAC store (or Pro store) if you you’re tantalized by this holiday item.  It’s a roll-up, leopard-print vinyl hanging travel bag with multiple zippered compartments for you to store your treasures in.  I was able to fit three-fourths of the Glamour Daze collection along with the three eyeshadow palettes from Fabulousness into it before rolling it up (it no longer folds if you fill it with stuff).

The exterior is all vinyl, while the interior of each pocket is actually the peachy orange satin (I don’t know if it’s really satin); the same orange that’s used on some of the kits/palettes from Fabulousness.  I see the vinyl making sense, because it’s easy to clean, but the interior being half satin and half vinyl, I’m not sure about.  The exterior has leopard print, while the interior has a lace-print over vinyl.

The first pocket is a short but wide pocket; this section would be good for storing single eyeshadows or eyeliners/flat brushes.  The second zippered pocket is actually bigger than it looks, as it actually spans the entire middle section all the way until you see the third zipper.  There are two pockets in the middle (marked by two flaps and snap closures) that sit over the bottom half of the second zippered pocket.

This larger zippered pocket could hold anything from foundation to skin care to a palette (but keep in mind, it can only fold/roll based on what you put in it).  The two smaller pockets could hold a few lipsticks or glosses. The last pocket is another short, wide zippered number, though it is not quite as short as the top pocket.  It can hold larger brushes, lipsticks, glosses, and a variety of objects.  Each pocket is covered by lace-print over clear vinyl, so you’ll see what you put into each section.

It has a black hanger on the top, so you can hang it somewhere when you travel.  To keep it rolled up, there’s a black ribbon that you tie into place.  The ribbon was the only element I didn’t like or care for.  I think they could have done something that looked better and was more secure.  Maybe a garter-like belt?

If you like the idea but can’t track down this particular item or want a different print, The Container Store and Amazon both have several other comparable solutions.  For a more homemade solution, Etsy might work, too. You might also want to check under jewelry travel bags as well (similarly small-sized compartments!).

See more photos!

MAC Hanging Travel Bag
MAC Hanging Travel Bag

MAC Hanging Travel Bag
MAC Hanging Travel Bag

MAC Hanging Travel Bag
MAC Hanging Travel Bag

MAC Hanging Travel Bag
MAC Hanging Travel Bag

MAC Hanging Travel Bag
MAC Hanging Travel Bag

MAC Hanging Travel Bag
MAC Hanging Travel Bag

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16 thoughts on “MAC Hang Up the Glamour Hanging Travel Bag Review & Photos

  1. mirian

    It’s cute, but not for $40!

  2. xamyx

    This is the sort of thing brands would put out as GWP’s around the Holidays (I still have one from Ultima II & Lancome, LOL). I’ve also seen comparable items at TJMaxx for under $15, and the leopard print was actually the color of a leopard found in nature (which is another issue I have with this-leopards are not PINK!). I also wonder how well the “satin” would hold up with regular use.

  3. Malia

    wow that is stunning!! considering leopard and lace are my absolute favourites in life lol!! I hope I can manage to find one :)

  4. Z

    It’s a bag….an ugly leopard print bag, nonetheless. You couldn’t pay me to use that bag. I simply will never understand the MAC obsession. I really won’t.

  5. Diana

    I think it is suuper pretty inside. I just wish it was a little bigger!

  6. Beck

    It’s really cute and all, but I was checking it out at my MAC store yesterday and it just looks far too overpriced (no really? haha) for what it is.My grandmother used to purchase bags like this for no more than 10.00. And that was’nt that long ago either.

  7. this was on my list of items to get until I saw it in store. :( non to practical for pouch sizes.

  8. Raven

    This is the sort of thing that I’d happily accept as a gift, but it’s way too overpriced. I see these kinds of pouches at TJ MAXX and similar stores all the time for around $15-$20. I do love the lace print, however!

  9. SunshineAz

    I love the lace look, but not the animal print look. I’m,passing on this.

  10. Becca

    For the price, it’s a huge no.

  11. Laura

    I was going to skip this but my product wishlist has shrunk significantly so I might treat myself – if it’s released in the UK!

  12. blueraccoon

    It’s cute…at least, I like the lace print. But it’s a plastic/satin-ish bag. For $40, I’ll buy something from Rite Aid for cheaper.

  13. Hi Christine, thanks once again for your excellent reviews on all the MAC holiday items, it’s such a big help, really, it makes shopping at MAC so much easier! Thank you thank you thank you!! :-)

  14. Carine Yezn

    I really don’t undrestand the hate toward M.A.C I know high end brands are much better of course but also mac is really good when it comes to some eyeshadows & some of their lipstick like the matten ones. Maybe their nail polishes are not really good but still, this pouch is so pretty & I was a fan of mac cosmetics & still am after I saw this when I was checking some lipsticks online at
    anyway, thank for the review Christen & hope you enjoy your very pretty pouch ^-^

  15. markus kobi

    ….Disappointing. Their bags were so much nicer about 6 years ago. I bought every one I could and still have them all. I clean em up occasionally with Goo Gone and they look brand new. This one as well as the others I’ve seen more recently just look CHEAP.