Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Fresh Cut Palette: Fresh Cut, Sun-Shy, Part Peony, Floral Inc., Bloomcycle, Poppy Noir*
Graphic Garden Palette: Linear Lilac, Botanical Blue, Wild Wisteria, Graphic Garden, Straight Hedge, Social Climber*

MAC Graphic Garden Collection (Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Exclusive)

OVERALL, Graphic Garden offers some pretty colors for the summer season with some colors that will definitely catch your eye. The packaging is has a vinyl look, with a miss mash of black and white floral imagery. The Look Boxes ofer a chance to nab some popular favorites from the permanent line at just a little under retail when items are purchased separately.

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Fresh Cut Palette

  • Fresh Cut is an iridescent opal-ish shade of pink-white with violet sheen. It reminds me of Pink Opal pigment, but a bit chunkier, or Rite of Spring eyeshadow.
  • Sun-Shy is a pop of slightly cool-toned orange with low shimmer. I can’t think of an exact dupe for this, so it does seem to be more original than other shades in the palette.
  • Part Peony is a coppery-red shade with a frosty sheen and more of a pearl finish than shimmer. It reminded me of a redder Coppering.
  • Floral Inc. is a smooth pop of medium pink. It’s feels like a fairly neutral pink, perhaps just a touch cool. It’s similar to Da Bling, but it is a little darker and cooler.
  • Bloomcycle is a smooth, violet-white shimmer shade. It has a nice pearl sheen to it, and the color is fairly pigmented. This is quite similar to Part Peony, but it runs more purple than pink, and it is smoother since it isn’t a lustre.
  • Poppy Noir is a dark brown-black with a little bit of purple in it. It’s a velvet finish, so it can be a bit chalky. It’s similar to several other dark, velvety browns MAC has put out (how unique can you make a dark brown, right?!).

Graphic Garden Palette

  • Linear Lilac is a smooth, pigmented shade of purple-fuchsia. It’s very similar to Stars ‘n Rockets, but it has less of a duochrome nature to it. It does seem to run a bit more purple, too, whereas Stars ‘n Rockets has more of a fuchsia cast.
  • Botanical Blue is a rich shade of blue with just a hint of teal and green-gold shimmer. As soon as I swatched it, it reminded me a lot of Parrot. It is likely a bit lighter than Parrot, but the two are similar.
  • Wild Wisteria is a light aqua with gold pearl. It’s very pretty, but it’s hard for me to justify getting the palette for just one color (since Linear Lilac and Botanical Blue are so dupe-able).
  • Graphic Garden is a deep black with a blue cast to it. Again, it is a velvet like Poppy Noir, and so it can be chalky or hard to deal with for some.
  • Straight Hedge is a grayish-white with green-gold pearl. Very pretty, and it is tempting to get, since it is more unique. I would say that it is similar to Vex, but without any purple sheen.
  • Social Climber is a whitish highlighter kind of color with just a bit of a pink tone.

Summer Crop Lip Bag

  • Summer Crop lipglass is a semi-sheer, pale gold base with brighter gold shimmer. It reminded me of a slightly more pigmented She’s A Star lipglass.
  • Semi-Annual lipstick is a soft, pale beige with a soft gold sheen. Not terribly unique from what I can tell, but it is a nice color.
  • Garden Bed lipstick a semi-sheer muted bronzy shade with gold shimmer/sheen. I’m not sure how this would look on me, because it seems like it would wash me out.

Baby Blooms Lip Bag

  • Baby Bloom lipglass is a bronzy-pink with golden shimmer. It’s kind of like a lighter Ornamental with less red.
  • Spiceflower lipstick is an opaque shade of soft, muted raspberry-pink. This was my favorite lip product out of the two lip bags.
  • Soft Illusion lipstick is a semi-sheer frosty pale, baby pink with an almost silver sheen.

Graphic Garden Palette: Linear Lilac, Botanical Blue, Wild Wisteria, Graphic Garden, Straight Hedge, Social Climber*
Summer Crop, Semi-Annual, Garden Bed; Baby Bloom, Spiceflower
Soft Illusion

Summer Crop, Semi-Annual, Garden Bed; Baby Bloom, Spiceflower
Soft Illusion

* Unfortunately, the palettes are glued into the displayer, which makes it difficult to read any labels with names of the shadows in the palettes! Collection information does not provide any color descriptions, so the names are approximate and our best guesses. If you know for sure of an error, please let us know!

For the Look in the Boxes, they contain permanent items, so I encouage you to check out our Gallery to browse your favorites.

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50 thoughts on “MAC Graphic Garden Collection Review & Thoughts

  1. SusyLovesMac

    Sweet, thanks Christine! These look beautiful!

  2. Brenda

    Hey Christine, I think you have the first picture wrong. I see the same picture twice and no fresh cut palette swatches anywhere.

  3. yeah, there isn’t Fresh Cut palette pictures… I just bought that today. Preeetty and the packaging is one of the very nice ones I have seen in a long while.

  4. Damnit I like the baby blooms lip bag, I wanted to not buy from this collection…

  5. Graphic Garden is right up my alley, thanks for swatches!

  6. If I had to choose, I’d go for Graphic Garden. Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll get these here in the UK. :(

  7. sprut6

    I want wild wisteria to be separate. :) Originally, I thought I would like the palette a lot but you’re right a lot of colors are dupable. I won’t get this just for wild wisteria but I would hope that they consider making that color permanent.

  8. Christy

    Thanks for the review Christine! I was thinking of getting both palettes, but maybe I’ll just one and pick up 2 look boxes instead since their a way better deal.

  9. Kharina

    Hi, does STRAIGHT HEDGE look anything similar like Silverthorn from A Rose Romance collection?

  10. MC

    The baby blooms lip bag lip gloss is so pretty! Not like anything I have (in full size, at least) and I love the raspberry-color lipstick. And I can give that babypink a try…

    But I agree with most others. The eye palettes aren’t too amazing.

  11. sophie

    jeese buy the end of this collection my purse will be broke im wanting to get a brush set a eyeshadow pallet nd one or two of the lip ones

  12. DevilishDoll

    Now I know that I definitely want both palettes. I wish I could afford to get the lip bags too.

  13. aradhana

    i like the wild wisteria and the spiceflower…

  14. claudia

    I loved Baby Bloom bag. Christine, pls swatchs on the lips 😀

  15. Natalia

    Damn You Christine =P haha jk. Man Im really liking Graphic Garden palette and I was oroginally just going to get the Look in the Box and NOW im wanting that palette a lot, its very pretty and I dont have any of those colors so thats good enough for me =) Thanks for the swatches

  16. Ms Trendy

    hey does anyone have the Shell Pearl Beauty Powder from the last time it was released? I would really like to know what it looks like and your thoughts (is it comparable to anything else?)

  17. marlena

    does anyone have any ideas for a Wild Wisteria dupe?

  18. Christine, omg, i saw pics on nessasarymakeup.com from the IMATS AND GIRL U HAVE A GREAT BOD!!! i wish i had killer hips like urs :)

  19. Samantha

    This may be a “no duh”/stupid comment but just to let Canadian readers know that I believe The Bay will be carrying these! I went by the MAC counter and she asked me if I wanted to preorder anything!

  20. Sunriseisle

    Graphic garden palette is luring me and I was so sure that I don’t want any of the palettes.

  21. Lindsay

    Yay! I pre-ordered the Define & Blend bag and the Baby Blooms Lip Bag today. Soooooo excited!

  22. civa

    I want that Defined & Blend bag soooooo bad! but the quality of the brushes is holding me back…not sure if they’re good. Anyone have some review or thoughts of the brushes?

    • They’re OK, but not great. I personally prefer and believe full sized brushes are well worth their cost – they’re way better than the sets.

  23. I have the same question that Civa…

  24. Sorry, I mixed them up, I`m interested in Shape & Perfect Brush Set.

  25. poirot0153

    Hi. I bought the Fresh Cut palette. Your descriptions are correct except Floral Inc. and Part Peony should be switched.

    P.S. I always look forward to your reviews. They are so helpful!

  26. selena

    Hi christine you are so helpful! Thabk you for ALL your swatches and information. I just had a question will the semia-anual lipstick become permanent?