Thursday, March 12th, 2009

OVERALL, the Mineralize Blush Duos are very similar to the mineralize blushes in terms of texture/smoothness, but these are definitely a little more on the shimmery side. The marbelized half of the duo is similar to mineralize skinfinishes, and some of them run chunkier in the glitter particles than others. I’d almost say that, in some aspects, the marbelized side is more of a highlighter while the mono side is where the color is packed. However, some of the duos do have fairly pigmented marbelized sides, so don’t think I’m telling you to only use it one way! These are very multi-tasking products, use them as you please 😉 One thing to note is with baked products, you can use them wet or dry without worrying about destroying the product itself (like you might with a regular powder eyeshadow).

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I was not particularly impressed or wowed by any of the duos, though they sure look pretty. I think if you liked the first mineralize blushes and you’re into mineralize skinfinishes, you should definitely check them out. For me, none of the shades grabbed me as “OMG FREAKOUT!!$!@#”, you know? The closest color that did that for me was Light Over Dark, though! Is anyone else a little sad about how mineralize blushes are domed? No way I can depot these babies (aside from the fact that they’re ultra fragile!)–I just know they’re going to end up in a bin after a few weeks. I guess this urges me to depot a bunch of blushes so maybe they’ll fit in my blush container, ha!

Temptalia’s Recommendations

Must-Haves: Grand Duo, Light Over Dark
Nice-to-Haves: Love Rock, Moon River
Skip: Intenso (if I had to pick one…)

Individual product reviews await!

Earth to Earth is kind of a dirty plummy brown marbelized side with a peachy-pink duochrome mono side. The mono side reminds me of a darker Motif eyeshadow, actually.

Grand Duo has a shimmery, lightly pinked marbelized side with a subtle raspberry pink monon side. I do l ike the mono color side quite a bit; it has good color pigmentation, and it isn’t too bright.

Hot Planet has a coppery-peach with a slight pink sheen marbelized side with a brownish-pink mono side. I like the marbelized side on this one, while the mono side may give me a “dirty” cheek (we’ll have to see). This is one of the duos that has a pigmented marbelized side.

Intenso has a glittery light coppery marbelized side with a subtle reddish-copper mono side–maybe a little reminiscent of Merrily. I think this duo works really well together. The marbelized side may be a little similar to Shimpagne mineralize skinfinish.

Light Over Dark has a golden, glittery marbelized side with a darker warm brown mono side. The mono side doesn’t have very much shimmer in comparison to the other duos on the whole.

Love Rock has a chunky silver-shimmer/glitter pale pink marbelized side with a cool pink lightly shimmered mono side. Both sides are fairly pigmented, but the mono side is quite intense.

Moon River has a silvery-white pink marbelized side with a pale medium pink that runs kind of neutral, not overly cool like Love Rock, mono side.

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47 thoughts on “MAC Grand Duos Collection Review & Thoughts

  1. Love your reviews, Christine! Thanks for all the hard work you put into this blog. The swatches have definitely helped me know what to look at first tomorrow when I’m at the store :) *excited*

  2. Meagan

    thanks for another great review Christine!

    thinking about Moon River for my fair skin. . . gonna go try it on tomorrow!

  3. MayconDior * Green_Neon

    I really love light over dark!!!

  4. Cassie

    Yeah gonna pass on these. Nothing really wowed me too and I know I will just cast them aside in a week or two. I am however, SUPER EXCITED about Sugar Sweet! Will def be buying from that!

  5. OOooo… Intenso is the only one which is outstanding to me.. cos I am into dark blush colors lately and the rest were just kind of too pale/bronze/shimmery. But such a combination is fun to play with!

  6. Connie

    can you compare these to any of the old mineralize blushes? specific names, please (:

  7. victoria

    thanks for the review and to give it out early.

  8. Whitnee

    i totally agree about the domed shape. i actually had bought one before i dont know when they came out before last year i think and i ended up returning it because i knew it would annoy me and i’ve steered clear of the blushes and eyeshadows. i dont have a lot of space so if i can get another blush that can fit in my pallet and therefore actually use it, i don’t need these. some of the colors are pretty, though i can’t say i like the ones in this collection that much, but i can live without…it would be cool if they could come in a pan or something and there were a thicker pallet that could accommodate them.

  9. Nanni

    Can you compare any of these to the Refined MSF? or Do you think the light over dark is similar to refined msf? thanks :)

  10. Liana

    I hate REALLY shiny blushes, so i will probably be dissapointed. I am considering moon river, only if it has more colour than shimmer, i can deal with a little shimmer but not a face full! Does anyone know if moon river is overly shimmery?

    • Yes, I think so, Liana! They’re shimmery, though the majority aren’t overly shimmery — but they all have good sheen (which you’d probably call shine!).

  11. Pfff, their so expensive!

  12. chuarmk

    I had already bought the whole collection except Light Over Dark (which I am still considering).Love them all esp.Moon River & Love Rock!!

  13. Natalie

    My favorite is Hot Planet! It is so beautiful. You can make it dark pink, copper or coppery pink lol

  14. reesa

    Thanks so much for your reviews, Christine. I cannot wait to go out at lunchtime today to check these out (at the MAC store). :-)

  15. cloudburst

    I’m going tonight to check these out – I was a little dissapointed you weren’t raving over them because they look so great! Oh well, if they aren’t spectacular it just means I spend less money :).

  16. how do you use minerilize blushes wet?

  17. Thanks for quashing my lust! I was afraid these would be way too shimmery.

  18. Now I finally got the GD. And I took the color “Love Rock” really pinky :)

  19. Anitacska

    It’s funny most reviews I’ve read said Intenso was their least favourite, I actually think it’s one of the prettiest colours. I haven’t worn all of them yet, but so far Intenso is my favourite. So pretty.

  20. Anitacska

    Just one more thing – would/could you wear these as eyeshadows do you think?

  21. Rachael

    I swatched these today and I was surprised how lovely they are. Some of the colors were too dark for my skin, but still lovely nonetheless. I ended up buying Moon River and I think its just gorgous!

  22. Colleen

    I just tried out my Moon River this weekend, and I’m really disappointed. The color barely showed up; all I could see was the sheen. Blah. I was so looking forward to this blush. I may go and swatch some of the darker colors though (I had avoided them because I am pale).

  23. Mikki

    i love love rock and grand duo