Thursday, August 14th, 2008

MAC Cosmetics’ Gold Fever imagery!

Check out more photos…

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46 thoughts on “MAC Gold Fever Product Photos

  1. lala

    sharkskin thats all :)

  2. Nicole

    My purse is happy, gold doesn’t fit my skintone.

  3. Ariele

    OMG have you seen the youtube video promotions for this collection with Andrew & Andrew!? Too funny! I’m bummed this is all perm or repro items because I would love some new gold stuff, but it will save me some money, that’s for sure!

    • Macaddict

      I have watched 3 different ones! They are hilarious and very 60″s!!! Did you watch them all?

    • You know, I have, and I must be the only one who doesn’t get them and doesn’t think they’re funny :(

      • Ariele

        I think they are funny because they are SOOO awful.

      • Haydee

        lol Your not alone, your not alone 😉 I click on them and was like This shit is wack! Christine, how come you dont make lots of videos on your YouTube account. I comment on your page today. Also I was wondering since you have LOTS & LOTS and LOTS of makeup, I was wondering if you just have a page with the names of lipsticks and their swatches. I am BacktoMacing and the MAC website does not help. Do you have a page with nothing but swatches where we can see the color in true form?

        • If you go to product swatches in the Features menu, and you go really far back, I do have swatches of a lot of lip products.

          I’m not a huge video person, and it takes me about 6 hours to film and edit a video, and lately I’m just too pressed for time to get it done!

  4. Erin/slipnslide

    Since I only have a Nordstrom in my area, it’s nice to get the chance to buy/play with pigments. Also I’m glad that Sharkskin is back, since it has apparently been out of production some.

  5. Erin/slipnslide

    Golden Lemon: if I’m definitely a Goldmine/Amber Lights lover, should I look into it, or is it really really yellow?

    • macismycrack

      VERY YELLOWWW its like a banana color its really pretty but yea!! ceck my yourtube it has a look where I use golden lemon… its my C Shock look Im Mac is my crack

  6. SnickerDoodle

    SO HAPPY about Sharkskin!! and a little excited about the liquid liners…

  7. Carrie

    That is the best promo photo ever. I want to be her!

  8. Trace

    meh… I doubt I’ll be getting anything from this collection. *Maybe* sharkskin, but I may pass altogether

  9. Ashlee

    Golden Lemon is my favorite pigment ever! But isn’t it perm? Either way I need more lol.

  10. Macaddict

    I am glad that there is nothing that I like or don’t have in this collection because it will give me more money to save for all the other collections (Manuel Ungaro in particular! I wasn’t reaaly keen about it when I read it and then, I saw the promo pics!!! Love everything in the collection.

    • Macaddict

      A few different MAC MA told me that they were phasing out the shade sticks in favour of the paint pots…so I don’t know why they did bring them back in this collection…

      • Sid

        i was actually told the same thing!, an MA said that since shade sticks arent as good as the paintpots the company will be slowly narrowing them down to nothing!

        o well paintpots are so much more workable…so then why not have made “sharkskin” in paint pot form???

        • uscpharm07

          they do have “blackground” and i find it to be way better than sharkshin! it’s very pretty sheer and is easy to build upon on for a darker base. It’s a “pearl” but i think it works like sharkskin but better! :)

  11. dee

    Gold liquid liner, yes thank you.


    I’ll pick up another sharkskin, maybe two. A million times better than paint pots or even UDPP.

  13. Skyler

    This collection is a real disappointment, being all perm/repromotes. :( I was looking forward to new gold items. Bah.

  14. Elle

    I wanna try that gold liquid liner…

  15. Jennifer

    The gold liquidlast will be MINE. And is that a gold Slimshine I see? Because if so, that will also be finding its way into my collection.

  16. Brenda

    Skipping this one, nothing catches my eye.

  17. Sara

    those liquid last liners look hot…but i SUCK at putting them on :X

  18. viv

    Christine, thanks so much for these images and the other collection photos you posted previously! You just made my day! 😀

  19. Jenna

    Damn I like! When’s the launch? :D:D:D

  20. Tina

    Oh wow I LOVE it all I’m afraid i’m going to have to buy every single thing here except for that reddish slimshine.

  21. Erin/slipnslide

    Sarah, try a flat liner brush, it might work better for you, or even a thin angle brush.
    I will be getting Sharkskin basically because I hate using powder to try to create shapes on the lid with powder. I have seen a couple video tuts using it as well and it seems to be easier than packing a black pot on the lid and screwing up a brush, in all honesty. Maybe that’s just my laziness.

    I’ll probably be getting the liquidlast liner AND golden lemon too. Jeez! Cult of Cherry, Ungaro, Manish, this!? I’d better just forget about Red She Said.

  22. HeavenLeiBlu

    I’m only getting Sharkskin, and only to see what the hullaballoo is about.

  23. Whitney

    um – everything looks like what I have already – where is the gold nail stuff?

  24. Whitney

    ooh – they should have re released the gold foil that the pro stores had ages ago

  25. miss anna

    my wallet is happy…
    i’m totally skipping this collection…
    gold & glittery stuff are just not my thing..

  26. Kimberly