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I don’t have 35 but I must have about 20…Mostly MAC and some of them I’ve had for about 12 years at least. I even own a MAC #1 powder brush.

I have 14 brushes of which I use 11 daily + 6 mini-sized travel brushes that I rarely use (except the lip brush…perfect for touch-ups during the day)

MACs 187, 188, 213SE, 217, 219, 224, 228, 249 and one for the lips.
I rarely use the lipbrush and the 213, because is stays in the palett. My favorites are the 187, 217 and 219.

I just counted the ones I have out…93! Geez, and I have some more put away. Most of them are medium and large eyeshadow brushes I get from Target that are only like $2 or $3. I always get some when I go there because I tend to use a different brush for each different color that I use ( I use about 5 different colors each day) and don’t wash them everyday.

The other ones I always use are 2 different brow brushes from Sephora, my MAC 187 for foundation, 150 for blush, 168 for contouring, and a cheap fluffy powder brush for bronzer.

I have 9 + a little travel size BodyShop set which I think has 5 in it. I was sucked in by the cuteness of the tiny brushes but I’ve yet to use it 🙂 Guess I need a holiday!

Hmm.. I have about 5. But they aren’t good. I can’t really afford the MAC brushes but I am going to try the ones at Target. I heard they were good. I really like the FLIRT cosmetics line at Kohl’s – Has anyone heard anything about the FLIRT brushes?

i have the flirt powder brush that was at first so dense and it got a little loose after awhile…kind of dissapointing. still works, but feels really fine, though it hasnt shed. It seems to have just settled a bit too much

If your tight on cash, you might try E.L.F. (eyeslipsface.com) I have a couple of their brushes, and I like them. They’re only a dollar each; plus, shipping is only $2 right now!!!

Over 30 brushes and picked up 3 more from Sephora (angled eyeliner, eyeliner and another shadow brush), yesterday. Oh and I also picked up the entire electroflash eyeshadow collection, geez, I’m so hooked =D

hmmm, I think I have 25-30 but some of them I never use and should replace with newer, more useful ones.

I still have my Trish McEvoy brushes from college-they have the early gold handles. I use the 2 face brushes (powder) pretty much every day, as I have since about 1991.

Mixed in are newer Trish brushes (lucite handles) that I don’t love. Hmm, seeing as I am on a cleaning out kick…should bin them.

My Mac eye brushes I use daily. One of my Mac brushes is really old, a fine eyeliner brush. It is a staple.

I have about 12 fairly low-end brushes that do their jobs. want to invest in some higher end ones. Although, there are quite a few NYX brushes that have been catching my eye!

I have about 50ish brushes. Mostly MAC (3 Bare Essentials and 6 Sephora. I like to use many brushes for my eye m/u cuz I don’t like to mix the colors on the brush so, if I use yellow, blue and green, and pink I am using 3 eye brushes. I too use around 8 different eye colors in a look. I could definitely buy 3-4 more of the #239 (my fav) because I have 2 now and that’s the one I use the most for my eyes. I loooove Kabuki brushes and I have 7 of them (mostly different ones) and I use most of my brushes every day. If you have good beauty products, you definitely need good brushes, I think!:O)

I have 10-15, mostly essence of beauty (I used to work at CVS). I can’t wait to go on a brush spree this fall (new job)!

I use the ones I’ve gotten from LE travel bags… I use 242 the most of all, it’s perfect for packing color on. 239 is good for blending it in, I really think most things can be accomplished with those two alone.

I have between 15 to 20 brushes.

The following I can recall immediately:

The MAC 217, 187, 194, 194SE…
another 3 brushes from my BE starter kit.
3 brushes from Coastal Scents.
3 brushes from SHU UEMURA
3 no name brushes
3 Sephora brushes

I realise all my brushes come in threes!! Haa haa…

I just made a quick list, and from what I can remember.. 38. LOL

Must haves.. fluffy blending, flat/cream shadow, pencil, smudger, dual fiber and kabuki.

About 30. Several of them are multiples of each other, abd I gave a new MAC blush brush (the angled one, can’t remember the number off thetop of my head) that I haven’t even touched yet. Honestly I’ve only been using my eyeliner brushes,the LC Maxine’s Mop 3/8″s, and a blending brush, BARELY even those. This heat is unbearable for me, and anything other than shadow, lip and brow will slide clean off of my face.

I have quite a few.. ones but my fav is MAC #187, i love the white top of it and it blends the studio fix really well on my face.
I just ordered MAC #239

I own about 40 brushes, and I just threw away about ten :/ I just like to have a variety because I like to experiment with looks. The more tools, the more options!

Only a daily basis, I have a “team” of brushes that I reach for; and it’s a set of about 10.

My MUSTS are my two 217 brushes, my 224, 252, and 266. Plus my standard powder, blush, and contouring brushes.

just counted….12 brushes are all I own….

my faves are definitely …without a doubt….
239, 219, 217, 194, 224, 266 and 316

dunno what i’ll do without the above!!!

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