Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Sleek Eyelash Curler by MAC

MAC Full Lash Curler ($20.00) is easy-to-use, doesn’t pinch, and yields a soft, natural curl that stays. I’ve been using this for the past few weeks when I’ve gone to curl my lashes, and I think it’s very comparable to shu uemura’s curler in shape, feel, and use. If you have smaller eyes, you might consider MAC’s Half Lash Curler. This particular version of the curler is all black, because it is/was part of the Carine Roitfeld collection. I think the all-black coloring makes it look rather sleek (and reminiscent of Chanel’s). It came with one additional curling pad.

When I use this, I’m able to get all my lashes between the curler, and the curl is natural and never an L-shape.  I don’t feel like you have to squeeze your lashes to death to get a good curl either!  The handle is large enough to accommodate a variety of hand sizes.  The overall curler felt sturdy, and I’ll definitely keep this with my lash/brow basics for regular use.

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29 thoughts on “MAC Full Lash Curler Review & Photos

  1. How do you feel this one compares to the old Shu Uemura? (I say old because I bought one after L’Oreal bought Shu Uemura and lowered the price by $10, and it was nothing like the one I had tried from a friend, which was great.)

  2. I never use a lash curler myself, really, but the best one I ever tried was definitely the Shu Uemura one.

  3. Dinitchka

    I don’t curl my lashes anymore (I used to use an ELF one). I should start up again as it seems I always have at least 1 hair that pokes straight out. I do use a lash primer and never used to. I will not go without lash primer ever again!

    Christine, what is your thought on curling …Before mascara? After? Or both?

  4. blueraccoon

    I’ve never tried curling my lashes, I have to admit. Is it really necessary? My lashes are pretty long and thick as they are, but they *are* fairly straight.

    • trillium

      Not “necessary”, but it can make a huge difference in your eye look. It really opens up your eyes more, especially with mascara.

  5. NeenaJ

    I would have expected this to be less expensive. For $20, I can get my beloved Kevyn Aucoin The Eyelash Curler.

  6. how does this compare to Chanel’s lash curler

  7. Mary

    is it better then the Shiseido eyelash curler?

  8. Liz

    I just got the Kevyn Aucoin curler and I’m completely in love. I’m not sure if I’ll ever bother to try anything else unless it’s discontinued. Since this is the same price, then I think I’ll stick to what I love.

  9. Naty

    I have the MAC half lash curler. It works really good. When I used to use the bigger one it always used to pinch me. I’m glad I found the half lash it works really well.

  10. xamyx

    I think anything over 5 bucks for an eyelash curler is just too much; but then, I don’t curl my lashes regularly.

  11. Jade

    I gave up on eyelash curlers because they never seemed to work! I may have to pick one up again.

  12. Christina Budzyn

    Is the shape of the Mac different than the Shu Umera curler? I had heard before that is was a little more rounded to accommodate rounder eyes that protrude more from the eye socket.

  13. t_zwiggy

    My lashes are straight and turning slightly down, so an eyelash curler is a must everytime I wear mascara. My favorite is definitely the one from Shu Uemura! All the other curlers I’ve tried have either pinched or over curled my lashes, giving them an L-shape or pulled out a few lashes (OUCH!). I recently ordered the Kevyn Aucoin lash curler, and it was such a huge disappointment! All of my other KA products are great quality, but the curler was kinda flimsy and felt like a cheap drugstore product. :(

    If MAC’s curler is similar to Shu’s I might give it a go, even if it’s just to keep in my drawer as a backup.

  14. pixie

    would you say this curler is good for round eyes or flatter eyes? I’m having a hard time finding a curler for round eyes.

  15. …dammit, MAC, I was perfectly happy with my curved-but-not-too-curved standard silver eyelash curler, and now all I want is for it to have a really sleek-looking black finish.

    Eyelash curler gods, why would you do this to us!

  16. the rating isnt showing here =[ just the review. can somebody tell me what the overall rating is? i may purchase

  17. shelly

    (Two months later…)

    I bought this via Nordie’s not too long ago. I will agree the CR version does give a good curl, but it doesn’t open wide enough for me to get my lashes in there. :(

  18. Marie

    How does this curler compare/differ from MAC’s original, full sized silver curler (which I own)? Also, opinion please. My eyes are medium sized, with lashes that are curled on the outer edges, but straighter in the middle. Should I be using the half curler? LOVE all you do for us, Christine. Best beauty blogger around!