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MAC for Miss Piggy
MAC for Miss Piggy

MAC for Miss Piggy Eyeshadow Swatches, Photos, Reviews

MAC for Miss Piggy is a small, online-only collection that will launch November 14th, 2011 both for North America as well as select international locations at There is really only one new product, as the two other pieces from the launch include Rapidblack Penultimate Eyeliner (permanent) and #36 Lashes (permanent).

That new shade is Miss Piggy Pink, which MAC describes as a “mid-tone blue pink” with a frost finish. It’s a cool-toned, blue-based pink that has a little lilac in it; it does pull just a little purple in some lighting. The finish looks more like a satin than frost, because it’s a very subtle sheen rather than an overt frosted finish. Of course, the real issue is the dry, stiff texture that delivers sheer, uneven color that’s as difficult to work with as it is to swatch. It took about eight applications to achieve the color shown in the look pictured below; I don’t mean patting the brush once on the top of the shadow and flicking it against the lid–I mean swirling and jabbing the brush against the eyeshadow to loosen the powder and then patting, not sweeping, onto the lid to pack on the color. Possibly even taking a palette knife and scraping off a layer to pack onto the lid. I can get it to work, but boy, the amount of effort and unnecessary time spent on it, is disappointing when you’re shelling out $15 for it.

If you picked up MAC Angel Flame Eyeshadow Quad a couple of months ago, then Feather Pink is very, very similar but with better color payoff–it even has the same satiny sheen. Wet ‘n’ Wild We’re Blasting Off is lighter and more bubblegum-like.

In all honesty, this collection looks like something that happened at the last minute. I envision a scenario where MAC HQ gets a call from the Muppets HQ about, “Hey, we’d love to collaborate, can you turn this around in a few weeks?” We’ve seen MAC collaborate many, many times with iconic figures and celebrities, from Barbie to Wonder Woman to Disney’s Villains, and I felt like you could see the thought process, the theme, how things were intertwined. There’s no special packaging, no real MAC spin or take on Miss Piggy and everything she embodies. Pink for Miss Piggy seems expected, and if that is the only product you’re going to put out, it seems like a missed opportunity to do something really special.  Or at least knock-your-socks-off quality? I didn’t grow up with The Muppets, and without something more to pull me in, this is a total pass.

The Glossover


Miss Piggy Pink

For fans of The Muppets, it might still be yet one more piece to add to your collection of memorabilia. With so many collaborations between brands and The Muppets, you might be better off finding another piece, though! For those who are not fans, there's no compelling reason to pick up such an under-performing eyeshadow.











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MAC for Miss Piggy
MAC for Miss Piggy

MAC for Miss Piggy
MAC for Miss Piggy

MAC for Miss Piggy
MAC for Miss Piggy

MAC for Miss Piggy
MAC for Miss Piggy

MAC for Miss Piggy
MAC for Miss Piggy

MAC for Miss Piggy
MAC for Miss Piggy

MAC for Miss Piggy

MAC for Miss Piggy

MAC for Miss Piggy

MAC for Miss Piggy

In the look above, I used Miss Piggy Pink eyeshadow on the lid with theBalm All About Annie eyeshadow in the crease and Burberry Trench eyeshadow to highlight above the crease and on the brow bone, which were all applied over NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Primer. I used Hourglass Film Noir mascara on lashes and Bobbi Brown Dual-Ended Eyeliner in Black/Silver (black side only) on the lower lash line/water line.  I packed and packed and packed (x8) the pink eyeshadow to get this vibrancy.

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MAC Cosmetics on November 14th, 2011, $15.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

If you picked up MAC Angel Flame Eyeshadow Quad a couple of months ago, then Feather Pink is very, very similar but with better color payoff--it even has the same satiny sheen. Wet 'n' Wild We're Blasting Off is lighter and more bubblegum-like.

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77 thoughts on “MAC for Miss Piggy Eyeshadow Swatches, Photos, Reviews

  1. michelle

    I do think the eyeshadow is very pretty and I will most likely pick it up, but I am disappointed in this “collection” as well :/

  2. What a shame, it’s a really pretty color too…I MIGHT have considered it, if not for the crummy quality…

  3. Sometimes I feel like MAC has a “oh it’ll sell out because of ____ character” mentality that they just overlook the quality factor. Makes me sad :(

  4. Sarah R.

    I definitely won’t be buying this stuff…thank you for your honest review! :-)

  5. Allie

    I think a Miss Piggy lipstick would have been a much better choice.

  6. The finished look is very pretty on you, but there are better products out there with less work. This is a very underwhelming collection.

  7. Dame Elizabeth


  8. Brooke

    they really dropped the ball with this whole idea… it was a disappointment from the get-go

  9. That eyeshadow looks exactly like Benefit’s “blushing bride”..

  10. Z

    What I want to know is, who are the 11 people who are “loving” this?!?!

  11. Christina

    I don’t think Miss Piggy would be happy with the turnout of her collection…

  12. Wow, total shame that they did this on Miss Piggy, c’mon, Piggy is the Queen of Glamour!! they could’ve done something amazing!!!! and man, if they were going to do something obvious, they should’ve released a purple eyeshadow!! Purple is here color!! and some really amazing over the top eyelashes. At least!! Piggy deserved more than that (and I DID grow up with the Muppets!!

    • jeannine

      I totally agree! I also grew up with the muppets…yay! You cant even call it a collection really can you.Shame cos it could have been so good. Defo miss for me. :-(

    • meagan

      I agree!! They could have gone an entire collection full of awesome miss piggy glamorous-ness, as she is supreme! this is quite sad. Thank you Christine, for being so honest. That is why we love you so much :)

    • Hear hear! They could have done more with Miss Piggy. :/

  13. Lisa

    Is it just me, or do all purple eye shadows have this problem?

    -Pretty much every inglot purple
    -TheBalm’s muppetational purple

    Must be a difficult color to create =/

    • BethM

      This is pink, not purple. And I don’t think it’s a problem exclusive to either pink OR purple, as I have some really great quality eyeshadows in both.

  14. Natsume

    I really feel like Venomous Villains and Surf Baby were the very last great collections MAC has put out. Which is an absolute shame. Wow. A new pink eyeshadow for Miss Piggy.. And that’s all. No cute packaging to go with it or anything for this ‘collection’. She would NOT be proud.

  15. Stephanie

    They need to stop releasing so many half-assed collections and instead do a few GOOD collections every year. Quality over quantity. It’s ridiculous that I can buy a $3 set of 3 Wet n Wild eyeshadows with waaaay better color payoff than this gem that costs 5 times that price…

  16. Melody

    Well it looks better on the lid than I thought it would, but it’s still quite unexciting. I wish they had done a pink pigment for Ms. Piggy instead of a shadow. Imagine a multi-purpose Miss Piggy piggie!

  17. Such a shame :( I was looking forward to this!

  18. Nancy

    I agree with the person who said venomous villains was the last great collection from MAC. I am so disappointed with this. The color does look nice on you, but it’s not worth that much work, and no cute packaging. I will not buy this. :(

  19. t_zwiggy

    That looks like the exact color pink I’ve been looking for. Too bad the color payoff sucks. :( I might pick it up if I can’t find any dupe.

  20. Devi

    MAC has definitely been more than disappointing. I think I may return any merchandise that I can and give away anything else. I feel like taking a stand now.

  21. Saffy

    It’s really strange to have a “collection” that only involves one product. It would have been nicer if MAC had released (pigmented) pink and purple eyeshadows and a lipgloss.

  22. Hey there! Have you by chance compared it to cool pink pigment? I have not even bothered, just wondering how it compares.


  23. Bern'Nadette

    I grew up with the Muppets and was very excited to hear MAC was doing a collection…..until I saw the crap they are putting out. I too think this was very last minute. Gven the glamour that surrounds and is Miss Piggy, this collection should have been huge!! I definately won’t be buying it now and I will not recommend it to anyone.

  24. Bernice Russell

    All of your images are coming up with a ‘please do not hotlink’ message, both on the RSS feed and on your site.

  25. Leah

    Excusez-moi, MAC? Miss Piggy is fabulous and deserves much more than this dismal collection.

  26. I feel that the eyeshadow is only good to blend out darker pink or purple on the crease. Then again, you can perhaps pick a random drugstore eyeshadow for less. Thank you for the review, Christine. <3

  27. Marian

    I’ve gotta say…I really like the way this looks on you and I might pick it up despite the bad review.

  28. Ani_BEE

    I didn’t grow up with The Muppets but did watch it in reruns. :)

    This “collection” is a huge disappointing miss. :(

  29. KC

    This is a shame to the Frost line especially when they have superstars like Amber Lights. This looks nothing like a MAC Frost eyeshadow. It reminds me of Paradisco. So pretty in the pan but you gotta scrape it to get any colour.

  30. Venice

    seriously, in my book MAC is loosing it. With too many issues, and one bad product after another MAC is loosing its value. Come on MAC, you can do better.

  31. Is it possible that you are receiving duds? I had to think nothing Mac has put out has been good lately *sigh*
    I don’t know how you get your products early but this doesn’t make sense :( MAC used to be the best. I was so happy when I got my procard and I’ve bought nothing except basics because reviews are so bad on their products.

    • The product is from MAC headquarters. It’s not like it fell off the back of a truck – all of my MAC products come from either their PR department, online website (, or their stores. I would never take the chance by buying fake MAC or anything like that with my readers! Additionally, ALL of the holiday products (Glitter & Ice, Ice Parade, Dazzlespheres) were purchased by me from physical stores. :)

  32. Tiffani

    That is such a disappointment. I love Miss Piggy and wanted the eyeshadow, but it’s too expensive for the color pay off. :-/ Won’t be picking this up after all.

  33. Sara

    I’m beginning to think that MAC just doesn’t have a clue. I own 4 MAC eyeshadows, and I don’t even really like those. They just happened to be my first foray into the more involved makeup scene. I consistently reach for other brands, and everytime I grab my MAC shadows just for the hell of it, I’m disappointed. I want to like MAC products because of the prestige that follows the name, but I just can’t bring myself to spend money on their products. I really LOVE that color pink, but screw having to work that hard.

  34. Jocelyn

    Christine, how do you think this would perform as a blush? It looks sheer enough, but perhaps too frosty?

    • If you could get the color to show up, I would be impressed. I don’t think it would be frosty enough, but you would need a stiff, firm brush to get enough powder to lift off the top of the eyeshadow to be able to apply it to bare skin to get color to show… and you’d have to be very, very pale.

  35. Baby Cakes

    I think this was done last minute to satisfy those that weren’t able to get The Balm’s Muppets palette. I grew up on the Muppets and I wanted one but there weren’t enought made, only 2000. I believe Mac should have been give the task of creating a well thought out Muppets collection: lipstick, lipgloss, eye palettes,pigments etc. Instead we’re getting one measly, low quality eyeshadow.

    • That palette is coming back under a different name though, and OPI has a Muppets collection… And this doesn’t even have special packaging or something like that, so y’know… I’d rather go for the polishes, unless you adore Miss Piggy more than anything in the world.

  36. Amy

    This is pathetic.

  37. Pamela

    I hate pinks on my yellow/golden skin but I was considering this just for kicks and the fact that I loved Miss Piggy as a child (my sis and I were glued to the TV on Sat nights at 7PM back in the 80s).

  38. looks pretty but i think i’m definitely going to pass—doesn’t look nearly pigmented enough!

  39. Aly

    Haha you got it to show up good in your look Christine! From your swatch I never would’ve thought that would be possible haha

  40. all they had to have done is make the formula a veluxe pearl and it woulda have been a slam dunk….too bad….

  41. Quinctia

    To be a little blunt, it’s like the convergence of Disney’s whoring out of the Muppets (now that they’ve finally got their grubby mitts on them) and of Mac’s whoring out of itself.

    It pretty much brings down both brands to put out something this stupidly inferior.

  42. Sam

    Sometimes I wonder if MAC eeever actually LISTENS to these reviews! I mean, how many times do consumers have to complain about their products being underwhelming, disappointing, or not good quality. It’s just confusing to me. I mean, they send out product for a REASON – to get feedback! It feels like they just don’t listen!

  43. angg

    LOVE when you do eye swatches for shadows instead of ur hand :)

  44. Gina

    Hopefully this will be what sends a message to MAC, since this is an online-only collection. I’m sure their online collections get most of their attention from reviews. I’ve seen swatches on 3 different blogs, and they’ve all been awful. Let’s just hope very, very few people buy this to teach MAC a lesson.

    • Carolina Rutz

      “Let’s just hope very, very few people buy this to teach MAC a lesson.”

      Oy, that means several months from now, I will see a glut of these at CCOs, wasting valuable space.

  45. BethM

    Well, this is too bad. I adore pinks like this, and was going to order this eyeshadow. Now I think I’m going to skip it. The look you did is absolutely gorgeous, but I really don’t like to work that hard. Surely I have something in my collection that will work. (Maybe Urban Decay’s ‘Hotpants’ mixed with ‘Woodstock’ would give me something similar.)

  46. Josiane

    Mac is always so disappointing to me, I feel like the collectione are 25% good 25% average and 50% bad. I don’t buy anything from mac, I only have 3 lipsticks (that I love though!)

  47. Ugh, a D? This SUCKS. Shame on you, MAC.

  48. It’s such a lovely colour, but really, MAC? I could just use a blush and get better payoff.

  49. I don’t understand why three products constitute “a collection” :s two of which are permanent products. So odd! I’d have loved a lipstick and/or a blush. Total skip for me but the pink is really pretty in the combo you created :) x

  50. JEN

    i wish they had special packaging for miss piggy like the balm did for the Muppets.

  51. Too bad. I am the ultimate Miss Piggy fan and would think they would make this work better.

  52. Kimryan8

    Hi Christine. Thank you for the honest review. This is so sad :( Growing up with the Muppets I would have bought this eyeshadow even if it was mediocre, but since you gave it a D, I’ll pass too. Shame on you MAC. Seems like its internet sale only so you don’t give people a chance to see it in person, trusting that your loyal fans will buy anything you put out. Booo.

  53. Stephanie

    A had a feeling this shadow would suck.

  54. Jillian

    the color is so beautiful which makes it such a shame that it doesn’t perform well.

  55. Even as a long-time Muppets fan, I can’t be bothered with this. I think you’ve completely hit the nail on the head when it comes to this- it smacks of something that was thrown together in a hurry, without much thought.

  56. Lourdes Roche

    I am definitely going to get it because I’ve been dying to buy a pink eyeshadow, and I love Miss Piggy!! But it sucks that they chose to do such a small collection, MAC could’ve done an awesome collection with all the Muppets. A really nice green for Kirmet, or a nice blue for Gonzo….so many colors and characters to play with. I love MAC but they lost out on a great opportunity for possibly beautiful new colors/pigments.

  57. Claire

    Has this been delayed or something? Haven’t seen it on the UK site – or the US site for that matter :(

  58. It sucks the pigmentation blows because I thought “OH YAY COOL PINK REPLACEMENT!” but I guess not :( I don’t wanna spend $25 (with shipping) just to get a poorly pigmented shadow even if I’ve been searching for a replacement for Cool Pink for eveeerrrrr

  59. Latoya

    Is it similar to the pink from the quite cute collection?

  60. sussy

    It would have been more successfull if it had a Miss Piggy image on it, I think it’s a very lovely character that sells a lot.

  61. maebee

    I’m crying right now, I was hoping that this would be a complete collection. Miss Piggy is my all time favorite Muppet ever since I was a kid so I know I would have gone all out on it. I want lipsticks, glosses, eyeshadows, the works. Come on MAC you know who Miss Piggy is??? She’s the ultimate DIVA and deserves better treatment. sniff sniff. It is going to take a lot for me to get over this.

  62. Victoria

    After seeing the movie, I see why the collection is just the three pieces. Miss Piggy’s eyes were popping!

  63. Sabrina

    This just came out in the UK and I’m tempted to buy it even though it rates badly as an eyeshadow, as I’m pale enough for it to possibly work as a blush, and it’s also a nice collectable item to have. I don’t know though… it’s £12 and that’s a lot to pay for an eyeshadow/blush I may only rarely use…I love the look you created with it by the way! (Although you probably had to layer it a lot to show up like that on the lid)