Thursday, March 24th, 2011

MAC Fabby Lipstick
MAC Fabby Lipstick

MAC Fabby Lipstick

MAC Fabby Lipstick ($14.50 for 0.10 oz.) is a muted light-medium pink with subtle mauve leanings and a tender pale gold shimmer-sheen. It has a frost finish, and the lightness of the color itself seems to emphasize it. Fabby is nearly opaque on lips.  I think that golden sheen makes it more than your typical pink!

my thoughts on the formula: MAC Lipsticks are vanilla-scented but taste-free. I typically get four hours of wear, but some of the lighter lustre and glaze finishes tend to disappear by hour three. Amplified cremes and amplified finishes, however, tend to go beyond four. I find the formula comfortable to wear and not drying (but not moisturizing–a couple of the matte shades can be drying).

The Glossover


MAC Fabby Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

This would work well on those with cooler undertones and healthier lips. If you have dry or cracked lips, the frost in Fabby’s finish will only accentuate the dryness. A bit of gloss would also bring down the level of frostiness, too, if desired.











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MAC Fabby Lipstick
MAC Fabby Lipstick

MAC Fabby Lipstick
MAC Fabby Lipstick

MAC Fabby Lipstick
MAC Fabby Lipstick

MAC Fabby Lipstick
MAC Fabby Lipstick

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You can find a breakdown of the look here! :)

Where can I purchase Fabby? How much is it?

Nordstrom, $14.50.

Is it limited edition?


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77 thoughts on “MAC Fabby Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. this are looking sooo pretty. thanks for sharing honey

  2. I don’t really like it :/ Fortunately you shot a swatch cause looking at the color in the packaging I would have bought it!

  3. Rozeta

    I usually hate frosty shades on myself, but this looks really unique! Might have to give this a swatch next time I’m at MAC.

  4. Milady

    Oh Christine, I love your blog, but the new add with the video and the loud audio really puts me off. I always get startled when I open the page, and there’s no way to make it stop.
    I think I’ll have to stop coming here. :(

  5. MissVix

    How do you find it compares to Plum Dandy? From your pictures it looks like a cooler/frostier colour but with the same gold shimmer.

    I strongly suspect I’ll be buying it anyway! Thanks for the review, excellent as always!

  6. ledonatella

    One of my favorite pinks ever! Definitly an HG for me!

  7. This looks totally fabulous. Love it! <3

  8. VeroJo

    This was the first MAC lipstick I bought and still love it!

  9. Nunuiviet

    Beautiful colour but the texture might be too dry for me

  10. nice shade but quite common I am sûre there arê hundreds of drugstore dupe

  11. Joanne

    Hi Christine. How does Fabby compare to Sandy B? They look similar.

  12. Ruby

    Hey Christine, how do you think this color will look on darker skin tones ? Prolly an NC45-50 ? :)

    And also, this is available at normal MAC stores right ?

  13. Eli

    It looks like the perfectest shade on the bullet, but applied it’s a nasty frosy mess :(

  14. Neha

    You do a great work by reviewing permanent lipshades from MAC, there are so many women who are very new to makeup and are living in countries where most of the high-end brands are only available online/3-4cities. Your blog helps so many. I also chose my first MAC lipsticks after going through your blog when I was in India.Thanks and keep it up.

  15. anna

    hey! i noticed you have freckles on your lips and they seem to be getting lighter!!!! i have them too and i hate them…is there any product that you use that makes them lighter thanks….

  16. ak

    Fabby looks great on you Christine but I’ve tried and it looks horrible on me sadly. It looks like pale frosted gold on me, it’s even harder to wear than the MAC Bronze Shimmer lipstick. I’m an NC45.

  17. This reminds me of a more silvery version Creme de la Femme. Maybe a little sheerer? Maybe I’d have a better assessment if I had a physical swatch. Fabby’s pretty, but it doesn’t seem unique to me. In any case CDLF suited my warm skin better.

    On another note, Creme de la Femme was the first lipstick my mom ever bought me, right before I entered high school :). It holds a lot of sweet memories, so I do the comparison with a lot of fondness.

  18. Inaya

    In what way is fabby different from bombshell? Which would be better for an NC32?

  19. it looks a lot better when you see your whole face :) I’ve just realized the frosty MAC lipsticks look great if you’ve got pigmented lips – just bought Sandy B and I love it sooo much! :)

  20. Kim

    Beautiful. Reminds me a lot of the Palladio golden pink lip balm.

  21. are you still going to be doing “the spring season” and “the summmer season” lip shades like you’ve done in the past? I love those!

  22. Fabby is one of my favorite MAC pinks… I grab for it all the time. Although I agree with you – If I have any hint of dryness, this doesn’t work.

  23. Angelcat47

    Gorgeous color…as always,looks great on you,Christine!!

  24. Polly

    Hey, nice pink!

    I feel like it’s a cooler version of MAC Speed Dial, but I do feel that Speed Dial is tad darker than this one.

    Anyway, like it! Thx, Christine <3

  25. Lilly

    I own this shade and it is lovely. I don’t find it dry at all, I find that any finish will accentuate dry lips so I use lip balm before applying lipstick.

  26. Grace

    pretty! from your swatches, this looks very similar to Rimmel’s Airy Fairy. love it!

  27. Jami

    oh wow i love this!!!

  28. Nadia

    I had Fabby before and I hated it. I’m Nc25-30 so warm undertones and it definitely didn’t look good on me. And the texture was awful! Never again.

  29. Adriana

    I think is nice that lipstick, but i don’t know, is too frost for me hahaha

  30. Looks great on you, but too frosty for me–reminds me too much of the 60’s!

  31. Carrie Ann

    Fabby is so pretty!

  32. Sydney

    This was my first MAC lipstick. I find it great for an everyday look, and as you said, I have cool undertones and healthy lips. I love it!

  33. Arielle

    This looks so pretty! How do you think it compares to NARS’s Catfight? Fabby looks like it may be leaning a little warmer because of the gold shimmer, but I’m not sure!

  34. Besides the frostiness, how would you say this pink compares to MAC Creme Cup?

  35. Bethy

    This is a pink I can go for. A reason to go to Nordstrom.

  36. Dianna*

    I usually detest frosty lipsticks but this looks beautiful on you!

  37. Samantha

    This looks a lot like a lipstick version of “Posh it Up” plushglass. LOVE!

  38. cloudburst

    I wish it pulled a little more gold/peach. But not bad, worth considering.

  39. Erica

    I’m really excited to try this, thanks for swatching it. Also, I loooooove Bombshell-it was my very first MAC product years ago. <3!

  40. reminds me of Plum Dandy, just in a lighter shade

  41. Fabiola

    Awwww beautiful!! I love it! definely im gonna get it!!

    BTW… This lipstick its called like my nickname hahaha Faby, just with another b on it =P

  42. This looks like a less pink, paler version of Victorian (from Spring Color Forecast last year). I may have to check it out! I can’t wear Victorian by itself but it’s fun to layer with lipglosses. Try this with a gloss like Pink Poodle, it’s so pretty!

  43. CynthiaCC

    Oh, so close. Looked just perfect in the tube–I love a cool pink with golden shimmer. But I hate the frost finish. Reminds me of the 80s, and not in a good way. Alas.

  44. minek

    This is the first MAC lipstick I ever bought, worn for my high school graduation 😀

  45. Dara

    Oooh this shade sort of reminds me of Rimmel’s Airy Fairy lipstick.

  46. Kia

    This is pretty,is it exclusive to Nordstrom>

  47. alexia

    Every color looks beautiful on you, Christine! I think you have the perfect face and blog 😉

  48. Mirna


  49. Linda

    It seems very similar to Creme de la femme, right? Very beautiful color!

  50. Lena

    omo, another one that i must have *panics*

  51. chibu74

    looks like MAC plum dandy l/s

  52. Shortie

    Christine just a small suggestion, I noticed in ur recent pix ur lips are slightly open to show ur teeth in the lipstick shots. I think it looked better when they were closed. It made ur lips and the lipstick look better

  53. Patricia

    You look stunning.

  54. Isheeta

    This is very pretty.. thanks for sharing.. I will buy it!!!

  55. Courtney

    does anyone know if this color is similar to rimmel’s airy fairy? i’ve been told it was, but i’m not sure.

  56. Sylean112

    Fabby was my first MAC lipstick and it’s also one of my favorites!

  57. Sylean112

    Love this lipstick! It’s one of my favorites, but it looks nothing like that one me! It looks like a gorgeous mauve, but my lips are very pigmented.