Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Eyeshadows: Contrast, Seedy Pearl, Stars ‘n Rockets, Creme de Violet

MAC Eyeshadow Swatches – Purples

This post contains swatches of MAC’s permanent purple eyeshadows! :) Warning — there are a ton!

Eyeshadows: Contrast, Seedy Pearl, Stars ‘n Rockets, Creme de Violet, Hepcat

Eyeshadows: Seedy Pearl, Stars ‘n Rockets, Creme de Violet, Hepcat

Eyeshadows: Plum Dressing, Nocturnelle, Fig. 1, Trax

Eyeshadows: Fig. 1, Trax, Blackberry, Beauty Marked

Eyeshadows: Fig. 1, Trax, Blackberry, Beauty Marked, Shadowy Lady

Eyeshadows: Trax, Blackberry, Beauty Marked, Shadowy Lady

Eyeshadows: Plum Dressing, Nocturnelle, Fig. 1, Trax, Blackberry, Beauty Marked, Shadowy Lady

Eyeshadows: Crystal, Digit, Satellite Dreams, Purple Haze

Eyeshadows: Crystal, Digit, Satellite Dreams

Eyeshadows: Digit, Satellite Dreams, Purple Haze, Parfait Amour

Eyeshadows: Satellite Dreams, Purple Haze, Parfait Amour, Star Violet, Shale

Eyeshadows: Purple Haze, Parfait Amour, Star Violet, Shale

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70 thoughts on “MAC Eyeshadow Swatches – Purples

  1. Natalie

    I must be addicted to purples.. I have everything except Shadowy lady and Crystal. No Sketch? hehe

    • Sketch was swatched, but I think it’s in another post :) I swatched 7 per photo, and I did it kind of based on what I could see/find on the displayer, so there are a few odd-mans-out, lol. But I know I did swatch Sketch!

  2. Jennifer

    is purple haze an urban decay color?

  3. Brandi

    I’m loving Digit! Still not sure if I can pull off purples though. Thanks Christine! :)

  4. mlou

    Very nice! I tend not to wear a lot of these because they are more red -in my little Plum area. But Digit, Crystal, Purple Haze, Parfait Amour are nice. (My HG Poison Pen was DC’d, which is really too bad. Perfect purple shade. Thank goodness for CCO’s) Contrast is HG also, although I keep it w/my blues. Nice pairing w/ so many shades though!

  5. I have contrast, I had Seedy Pearl but hit bottom. I have creme de violet. I had Shadowy Lady but gave it to a friend. I have Crystal, Digit, and Satellite Dreams and Parfait Amour. I really like Parfait Amour.

  6. viv

    it’s a shame that Au Contraire wasn’t permanent – it’s my favorite MAC purple!

  7. Jay

    Satellite Dreams is the only MAC purple I have, but you’re making me want a TONNN more. =]

  8. claudia

    Purples are my fave ! so lovely :)
    My purple haze blends so badly, it’s so hard to use it !

  9. aradhana

    star violet looks copper?

  10. WOW! Crystal, Sattellite Dreams, Hepcat, Beauty Marked, Seedy Pearl, Digit, Fig. 1, Purple Haze, Star Violet, and Shale are the ones that I’m sought after as well as Sketch, Nocturnelle and Plum Dressing!!

  11. Marina

    I only have Stars’n Rockets, love it! Now i feel i can’t do without Satellite Dreams…

  12. Redhead (hi)

    Darn, I was hoping for a swatch of Nocturnelle..

    • There is one… in this post? Sorry, I am confused since there is a swatch posted of Nocturnelle in this post, so I am not sure what you are asking!

  13. Jessica

    I’m just going to have to allow myself 6 eyeshadows a month. I have 42 already but apparently you can never have too many of MAC eyeshadows. I don’t even know what triggered my obsession.

  14. badfish

    Hey Christine, This is awesome. I was wondering about Star Violet. I have this color, but it seems to look different on photo. What do you think of this color, and what are some color combo’s you would do with it??

    • Star Violet turns mostly like a burgundy-purple on me. It’s not really a bright/cool-toned purple, and it does have a coppery hint to it when I swatch it. I like it with golds, browns, and reds!

  15. Tattoo Girl

    I think I am only missing Shadowy Lady (but I have Graphology and they are similar) and Digit. Where’s Beautiful Iris?

    • Unfortunately my store didn’t have Beautiful Iris on display (I checked both displayer racks to make sure I swatched everything they had out).

  16. shonn

    I love all the purples…but I have most of the purple pigments instead.

  17. cmferrets

    christine , what does HG mean.? i see so many people use it . is star violet a pro color or part of permanent line> “?

  18. Jennifer

    do you think MUFE 52 is very similar to hepcat?

  19. Peach

    I want something between Satellite Dream and Parfait Amour..
    not too warm not too cool…. ==”

  20. ee

    i was wondering which one you think is better mac cranberry or star violet? also what are your favorite 4 neutral brown mac shades if you had to choose thank you

  21. Jane

    Love purples!!!

    What other purples would look good with Nocturnelle? I’m choosing between Stars N Rockets, Creme de Violet, or Satellite Dreams.

  22. Vanessa

    How you did to creme de voilet appears so purple ??? I can´t with mine, even with a wet brush, in my skin i see it only shine with no purple !!!!

  23. Ariel

    Christine, which do you think would look better on me Satellite Dreams Nocturnelle? I have yellow (Asian) skin, but my veins are blue. I like lavenders one me, but I’m looking for something darker for a smokier look (maybe to mix with the lavender).

  24. Lexi

    What other color would you use with Beauty Marked? I want to get a 4 pallet and I just cant make up my mind, I seriously switch what I want every couple minutes, And your website saved me from making the mistake of buying colors that I would have regretted, Thanks so much !

  25. Shannyn

    My Purple Haze looks soooo much different than that! Mines more shimmery and less… I don’t know, matte looking? :O MAC conspiracy!

  26. Keera

    Stars n rockets or satellite dreams??

  27. Kylie

    Stars ‘n Rockets is so pretttttty! I need it asap! Beauty Marked is so hard to work with for me >.<


    I love star violet and trax paired with sketch.

  29. Kelly

    I find trax so hard to work with. It’s is so un-pigmented. Does anyone else have this problem?

  30. ERIKA

    what colors would you use with purple haze? Every time I use it it looks like I have a black eye. I’m having a really hard time using it and am thinking of returning it.