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MAC Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Me Over: Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad ($38.00 for 0.19 oz.) is a limited edition set of four shades of rather cool-toned colors. It features Palace Pedigreed (deep berry with soft pink), Spellcaster (blackened violet), Evil Eye (deep yellow grey), and Moody (blackened green).

  • Palace Pedigreed is a blackened burgundy with a barely-there sheen. This has a satin finish. This shade was in the Palace Pedigreed Eyeshadow Quad from Fabulous Felines, and while the pigmentation wasn’t great then, it’s even worse now. It’s dry, sheer, and applies unevenly because of how dry and stiff the texture is. Make Up For Ever #131 is much more red-based. Bare Escentuals Passion is more similar but still has a stronger red-base. Le Metier de Beaute is richer and more red-based. MAC Fig. 1 is similar but possibly darker.
  • Spellcaster is a dark, dark purple with cool undertones. This has a matte finish. Similarly, this shade is dry, stiff, and terribly sheer. Lancome Zip Me Up is the only shade that seems to come close, and though it’s not great, it looks so much better in comparison.
  • Evil Eye is a murky gray with a green tinge. It’s splotchy, sheer, and dry. This has a matte finish. Make Up For Ever #84 is similar in color but has gold shimmer and a frosted finish. Make Up For Ever #47 is greener and less gray (same with MAC Femme Noir.
  • Moody is a purple-tinged gray with soft sheen. This has a veluxe pearl finish. It’s the most pigmented shade of the four, and though it’s better than the other three, it does feel a bit dry for a veluxe pearl. It doesn’t have the same dense, buttery texture come to veluxe pearls and the payoff is still a touch sheer. It is reminiscent of MAC Hint of Sapphire. Inglot #434 is similar but purpler.

This is quite possibly the most disappointing eyeshadow quad I’ve ever had the displeasure of trying by MAC. I think the only MAC product I’ve been more disappointed by were their Suite Array duos from years ago. Even the Big Bounce Eyeshadows, despite not meeting claims, were a product that worked well as a base. At $38, this kind of quality is a slap in the face to a buyer. Three of the four shades have barely-there pigmentation, and those same three have dry, stiff textures that make application frustrating–it doesn’t get better with a brush or on eyes. I appreciate matte and satin finish eyeshadows, but these mattes are exactly why many opt for shimmers and the like.

Side note: I triple-checked the press release, and Moody is described as both a veluxe pearl (and it is listed last on the back of the quad) but it’s certainly not a blackened green–while Evil Eye is that. I think there is a mix-up here, but I can’t confirm it until the work week starts. Since you can’t buy them separately, the determination shouldn’t affect purchasing decisions.

The Glossover


MAC Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad Review, Photos, Swatches

There is nothing that warrants paying $38 for this product. The only way I was able to achieve any color for swatching was by scraping off the product. The textures are so dry and stiff, it renders these eyeshadows extremely difficult to use.











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MAC Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Palace Pedigreed Eyeshadow

MAC Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Spellcaster Eyeshadow

MAC Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Evil Eye Eyeshadow

MAC Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Moody Eyeshadow

MAC Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Palace Pedigreed Eyeshadow

MAC Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Spellcaster Eyeshadow

MAC Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Evil Eye Eyeshadow

MAC Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Moody Eyeshadow

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Where can I purchase Evil Eye? How much is it?

MAC Me Over is a 51-piece collection for fall, which will launch in North America on August 25th, 2011 and internationally in September 2011. It will launch online approximately August 23rd but there is no concrete online launch date. All products--unless otherwise noted--are limited edition. It is $38.00.

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127 thoughts on “MAC Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Looks like I can cross this off my wishlist..

  2. I am so sad to hear that this is not up to par. I was looking forward to some nice smoky plums. For the money we pay it should be an amazing collection. What are they thinking?

  3. Wow, I mean wow! I was looking forward to this one. This is just sad. Thanks for the heads up on this one.

  4. Roxanne

    I think this quad and its pay-off is very symbolic of the company MAC is becoming… Looks pretty, seems nice but not really worth it when you try it… Prices increasing, quality decreasing. WHY, MAC? :(

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. The only thing I find myself able to justify paying for from MAC are just brushes and skin products. Jealousy Wakes was the first MAC eyeshadow single I bought in two years, I believe.

    • Carrie Ann

      There are other products in this collection that received an ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade, so I don’t feel the company is going downhill just because of one quad that warrants an ‘F’. I doubt there’s any company out there that releases a flawless collection every time. Also, all beauty companies raise the prices on their products from time to time. I think MAC has a lot of fantastic products and I like the things they stand for. They don’t test on animals and their brushes are cruelty-free. They also have that awesome Viva Glam campaign and their Back to MAC program.

  5. Emily

    What a freakin dissapoimtment!!!
    Look at the quad!!! It’s stunning and then they pull this!!
    I bought the Cham pale quad against everyone’s advice not Again Mac!!!!

  6. Laura


    This is so off my list now!

  7. This is such a shame because it looks so beautiful…

  8. The HELL? Did someone fall asleep during the RnD process? I can’t believe they would allow something this crappy to come out. I understand experimenting with a concept (Big Bounce) and having it fail, but this makes no sense. It’s not like MAC has never made eyeshadows before.

  9. oh my gosh! I think that’s the first F for a mac product. How disappointing.

  10. Celia

    I was anticipating this quad. Not anymore :(

  11. Nastassia

    HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE HORRIBLE! :( wow I rather spend the extra what 10-20 buck on a chanel/dior palette smh

  12. An F? Oh man, that’s not good!

    Btw, I like the new layout. At first I thought it was an advertisement, until I scrolled up.

    Are those cherry blossoms on the side?

  13. ak

    Wow! For MAC shadows that is bad! LOL

  14. Such a shame! The colors look so promising in the pan!

  15. Oh gosh, those swatches look so dry and patchy !!!
    Really isnt worth it

  16. Wow that’s just sad. Having a 51 piece collection is cool but if a company is gonna approve horrible items like that just to meet their goal seems very disrespectful to their customers. I’m just kind of lost for words.

  17. WOW! F from Temptalia! Quite the kiss of death :) When I first saw this quad I was like “ooooh its so pretty” but wow! I’ve never seen worse swatching than this.

  18. L1onQueen

    wow so disappointing! I was lemming this quad.

  19. emi s.

    Wow, it’s too bad this quad is such terrible quality – I love the colors in the pan. Oh well! Thanks for the honest review!

  20. Sarah M

    So disappointed in this quad. It looks so pretty too. Such a shame that the textures and pigmentation are so poor.

  21. It’s a shame about this one… it had the opportunity to be really beautiful. However, my wallet thanks you!!!

  22. Wow, this is so disappointing. This was the only item from the entire collection that I’ve been eyeing (along with a 226 brush).

    Oh well, saves me a few bucks.

    On a more positive note, the website looks great!

  23. Jesica

    That’s a shame that this warranted a F…..geez…..I liked the colors but I guess I’ll pass. Dang!!

  24. Sad times when MAC starts to look like Avon…

  25. Dana

    Thanks for your review.. I always come here first before buying

  26. This looks nothing like it did in the promo photos, kudos on triple checking the press release :) i wonder what happened. Anyway, ill give this one a miss.

  27. Judy

    Tx Christine! I’m not buying this quad as I first wanted to. The colors are very eye catching, but I don’t want to waste $38 on a quad that doesn’t have color payoff. What’s going on with MAC and their shadows lately?

  28. Carrie

    Ouch! I liked some of those colors too!

    This quad is the perfect example of why I always wait for Christine’s reviews before making up a want list. Not only have I saved a ton of money not buying sub-par products, but I’ve also learned what to look for myself so I don’t make expensive mistakes!

  29. Why are the readily made MAC eyeshadow quads always so horrible??

  30. MORENA

    WOw, i was interested in this quad until i saw the swatches… the pigmentation looks nothing like the eyeshadow itself. It will definitely give me an “evil eye” makeup look.

  31. Sometimes eyeshadows apply differently on the eyes than on the arms/hands. Have you tried wearing them on your eyes?

    • Yes, I would not have reviewed this product without testing it on eyes. I have enough experience to know to at least use a matte eyeshadow in application to see if it improves!

      • Darn, the colors look so perfect for the Fall. Well, at least you saved me $38. lol By the way, I noticed that Mac has increased their prices recently. =(

        • Yep, MAC increases products on 1/2 products in August, the other 1/2 in January/February. I believe in Jan/Feb lipsticks and the like went up, while August is a lot of the eye products.

  32. Angie

    I’m actually speechless at these swatches. This is just horrible.

  33. Scarlett

    This looks like dollar store make-up quality, I even think some colors may even have better pay off there. I can’t believe Mac even considered putting this product out.

    • Stephanie

      The sad thing is that I’m sure there is dollar store makeup that’s way better than this.

      Shame on you MAC.

  34. Katie

    Such a shame because they are beautiful colors. My heart skipped a beat when I saw this post lol…but I definitely won’t be buying it now. I find with MAC quads/palettes the quality isn’t always there so I tend to shy away from them.

  35. This is a bummer I loved the color scheme at first glance!

  36. Catherine

    This is really disappointing. I was looking forward to a quad where all the shadows would work with my super pale, cool complexion. Bummer.

  37. Dianna

    I am disappointed to hear the review…..I had high hopes for this quad :(

  38. Michelle

    No words. How does something like this go in to production? Moreover, how many people will blindly buy this because it is Mac LE?

    Evil Eye looks a little like the bottom of my feet after I walk around barefoot. :)

  39. Hannah

    Darn it. The colors really complimented each other in the pan. Was very excited about Evil Eye. Shame MAC, shame

  40. How can MAC make some so wonderful products while doing some so awful at the same time?

    Comment se fait-il que MAC fasse de si merveilleux produits et de si terriblement mauvais en même temps??

  41. Charlotte

    Wow. Those are some terrible swatches. I’ve seen drugstore shadows that swatched better. Definitely not worth it for the price. Thanks for the honest review! btw, LOVE the new layout. Cherry blossoms! :)

  42. Stephanie

    Darn I was gonna buy this simply because of the eye shadow “Spellcaster” (yeah I’m a nerd..). Money saved I guess o.O

  43. Kayla

    What a dissapointment. I always wait for the quads to come out and usually I find the colors hideous. It upsets me that I actually like the colors in this one.

  44. Laura

    Wow, I would think with all the drug store brands stepping up their game the way they have been, MAC would think twice before putting out a product that couldn’t beat a $2 wet n wild palette in terms of quality!

    Love the new layout, it looks so fresh and bright!

  45. Eibhlin

    Terrible but I’m so glad you reviewed it as I love the look of the shades and would have purchased. Thanks for saving me the spondoolicks!

    Site looks lovely but it is taking forever to load from FB… Usually I can load your pages in seconds but this and an earlier post took over a minute :(

  46. Gillian (AKA Munchy)

    MAC should know better. Someone dropped the ball on this one

  47. Nic

    That’s ridiculous. There’s no excuse for it. They’re perfectly capable of making good quality eyeshadow and they put out this crap? Who the hell approved this for release? Really disappointing.

  48. Wow, this is really bad. :( I can’t believe this got approved to be sold out there. :/ Someone obviously isn’t thinking about their customers….

    p.s. I love your new layout. Very fresh-looking :)

  49. Seriously? Just….really? Who approved this?

  50. Perri

    SO disappointing.. but at least I can save my money.

  51. Chelle

    WOW. Looks so pretty in the case but swatched it’s horrible.

  52. Michelle

    omg, so dry indeed. skipping out on it.

  53. alyssa

    Im disappointed, i was hoping this would be a great quad, the colors looked gorgeous in the pan. but didnt payoff!! thanks for the review!!

  54. Tekoa

    A shame, Spellcaster looks good in the pan.

  55. Resa

    What a shame! This is one I really wanted!

  56. Erin

    Oh I have been waiting on this review! I also received this quad and I completely agree with this review! The color payoff does in fact suck and the info on the back is mixed up. I am beyond disappointed, but when the collection is released I’m still going to purchase the single eyeshadows- I’m just going to swatch them first.

  57. Maeve

    The palette looks so pretty in the pan. What a disappointment.

  58. Lorraine ER

    What a shame- the colors look great in the pan! I’m glad I read this because I would have picked it up otherwise.

  59. Natsume

    Wow.. This is really bad. ;[

  60. divinem (Melissa)

    Good God, didn’t anyone TEST this product? Such a waste of resources/manufacturing to release an epic fail. Thanks, Christine.

  61. Violet

    I love mattes, but MAC, you fail at them. These colours are right up my alley, but the quality is just an absolute mess.

    MAC is just so overhyped, I don’t get it. For a brand getting as much attention, you’d think they’d deliver more solid products. BUT NO.

  62. Disappointing! Has they been richly pigmented, it would have made a lovely fall palette!

  63. CJ

    Wow the first three shadows look kind of sheer

  64. beth maiorana

    Looks (and sounds) perfectly awful, just lousy. Thank you, Christine, for remaining true to your reader/subscriber base and not attempting to sugar-coat these things. Even the shades are ugly as a collective group sitting there in the pan; the $38.00 pricetag is most certainly a “slap in the face” … Beth in Pgh xo ;-(

  65. I’m glad I’m not the only one that noticed that Palace Pedigreed was worse this time around. After I swatched the new one, I went home to check my Fabulous Felines quad, because I was sure I remembered it being better. I’m terrifically disappointed in this quad, which I’d hoped to love. I honestly don’t know how anyone in QC ever approved this.

    I like the new layout, by the way. Nicely done!

    • I didn’t rememeber LOVING the PP quad or anything, but I definitely didn’t remember it being like this – but yeah, the texture is SO dry and stiff. I don’t know what happened here! I once had MAC beauty powder (product sample) that actually had a plastic insert rather than a powder product – I almost thought something like that happened, you know, except I bought this from the store, LOL!

  66. Cait

    Not lying, I actually said “Ew” outloud :/ Funny how they fail at the quad but get an A- in their single shades. MAC?! Y U NO CONSISTENT?

  67. Jordan

    is it possible that you received a bad batch?

    • Sure, anything’s possible. Why there would be a bad batch when this is a LE product and only a few batches were made seems unlikely. Nonetheless, if there was a bad batch, they really should have better QA for post-production since bad batches shouldn’t be allowed through. Given that I paid for this and bought it from a store though (so it’s not an early production), I don’t think it’s likely.

      • MzDiggi

        I was going to ask the same question…I bought this today after the MUA did a beautiful purple smokey eye on me using this. I was amazed!! I went in there to buy lady grey since your review failed this one. But when we used it I changed my mind I love the colors.( she let me do one eye and she did the other so i can see how well i could work with it) seems good to me so far….I used Painterly as a base..this was at 1pm today…as of 10:48pm same day my eye makeup still looks fresh… BTW I got caught out in the rain 3 times today too..(running from my car to my house and trying to get into my front door, w/out an umbrella!!) and still no fading no running NOTHING!!!! i think i made a great choice in buying this one.

  68. I am gald that you did a review on this quad that I originally was eyeing on. Now it’s off my list since three of the colors look dry and patchy.

    I also adore the new layout!!

  69. Valene

    Oh my goodness, this is terrible. :(

  70. Ursula

    Wow, just looking at those swatches makes me sad. :(

  71. Maria

    I am sooooo hurt by this!!!! This was the one product I wanted out of the entire collection. Guess the search for a fall plummy smokey set continues. :-(

  72. Noir

    That’s such a disappointment, the colors are so lovely.

  73. Wow! Say it ain’t so :-( MAC is my favorite.

    Strangely, I got a Wet and Wild $5 palette called “petal pusher” that has similar hues that is actually pretty nice.

  74. Amy

    What are you “loving it” people thinking?

  75. romina

    Oh No! What a shame! The colors are pretty too bad the quality is horrible.

  76. Maya

    What is this garbage?!

  77. Jema

    Really? I was looking forward to this quad. I guess it’s coming off my list.

  78. Amy Em

    This is why I adore Temptalia! This quad was on my list of must haves, and now I can take it off instead of being horribly disappointed. I don’t have a ton of money to spend on makeup, so it’s great to have this resource to help me shope wisely!

  79. Natalie

    Wow what a shame. It had so much potential, too, from the look of the color in the pans.

  80. Kitty

    As a MAC artist, I am always deeply embarrassed at the quality (or lack of) that goes into the quads. This one is especially disappointing. I pretty much refuse to sell these based on the principle that if someone is going to spend $38 dollars on this because they love the colors, they will hate me later when they get home and see how terribly these apply. The singles are still the best. MAC is not going downhill, and the price raise has been something that is a long time coming. I have been hearing debates over the past 3 years as to whether they should raise the prices to maintain the cruelty-free mantra and educating their artists or not raise the prices, let the education slip. Also theft of product at the MAC counters is so high that the company has to compensate for them somewhere. MAC still cares about its customers and Im sure the outrage that will occur over this product will definitely be heard by corporate through the artists and managers.

    • I appreciate 1) your candor and 2) commitment to the customer when I know it obviously competes with your goals as a MAC employee :) Thank you Kitty!

    • Lulee

      hi kitty
      well mac has been raising prices every year so i’m not sure what you mean by debate over the past 3 years? and honestly i do not buy the theft of products story. mac is a billion dollar company. they would just like to see their profits increase. they can name it whatever they want, be it to compensate for theft or to educate artists but at the end of the day if they can charge more and people are still willing to pay, then why not?

  81. Rosie

    WOW when I first seen the pic of these I was excited. But you can totally tell they’re crappy just from the swatches alone!

  82. Saffy

    So pretty in the pan, but what awful pigmentation :( How can they even sell products like this?

  83. kelly

    wow, the swatches really are terrible. What a pity they look good in the pan. I’ll pass!

  84. Vall

    Oh eew! These def look like studio makeup for bruises and black eyes! My money will be well saved on this. I did purchase some of the Big Bounce, and have had no problems…I actually like mine alot…but I am not going out on a limb for this quad!

  85. mmgirl

    I actually had a much different experience with these eyeshadows. I would encourage each and every one of you to check out out this palate at MAC and not just use these reviews as your final deciding factor about whether to buy or not. Standard Mattes don’t swatch well. They are gorgeous though, and they are just like any other matte.

    • I used them on the eye – they were as troublesome in application as they were swatched, FYI. I didn’t just swatch them and call it a day.

    • Natalia Monsalve

      I bought and I felt like I was conned by MAC. Awful palette. I’m not exagerating. It’s for real. By fortunately, I could returned it and they gave me the Lady Grey Quad. A lot better. Although every palette is better that Evil Eye Quad.

  86. I can’t see any of your awesome photos when I use my iPhone. All I see is the message “please do not hotlink…”. No one should steal your pictures! Make it work again :) I love browsing on my phone!


  87. Liz

    I actually just tried this in the store. My MAC artist used the cream colour base in Take Root, and then we did Evil Eye in the crease and Palace Pedigree around the corners. I thought the look turned out great! I loved the colors and the two she used applied well. Of course, it remains to be seen how they turn out when I apply them myself, but at the store they looked really nice.

  88. Liz B

    So, I tried this in the store, and while I usually whole heartedly agree with your reviews I have to say I don’t agree with this one. The paletter I tried in store and took home are quite pigmented and I’m pretty happy with it. I know it would seem odd for there to have been a “bad batch” or a bad quad even, but I really feel that maybe you got a lemon! Mine just doesn’t have the issues yours does.

  89. Andrea

    This is quite odd because I swatched these in store yesterday and Palace Pedigreed had fantastic payoff! But the others were terrible and barely shpwed up. Shema, as I love the shade Palace Pedigreed but I can never buy it as it’s always in these useless quads!

    Christine, have you ever had any feedback from MAC over this issue?

  90. I quickly swatched this quad at the store today, and even my mom’s reaction was “no no, this just looks DIRTY” even though a moment earlier she already pulled out the credit card just from seeing the palette and “ooh how pretty! I’m getting this too”. As soon as we swatched, we set it back down. Terrible quality!!! I got two Lady Grey quads instead. I hope that one is good =/ I only quickly swatched it.

  91. Natalia Monsalve

    I bought this palette but unfortunately I didn´t see your review here in temptalia before I purchased it. And you were right!!!!! Awful palette. By far the worst that I have. Even the cheap palettes from Maybelline that I have has better pigmentation. I felt like I was conned! I couldn´t believe that I spent 70 US dollars(in Chile where I live that’s the price of the palette). But I returned it, of course. So I picked the Lady Grey palette. So much better. I was so afraid that they wouldn’t give me the reason. I had to convince saleswomen from mac that the palette was bad quality. In spite of being from MAC. That is not more guarantee of the products quality. At the beginning I looked on the internet if I was the only person who wad the bad luck of having a bad palette. But nooo! I was right.
    Certainly I’ll definitely read your reviews before any purchase. Thank you so much!

  92. To be honest: I love this palette and I’m using it everyday since the purchase.
    I’m lucky I got a “good one” (on my blog you can find swatches), the color payoff of Palace Pedigreed and Moody is excellent and the two matte colors are quite okay, not the best ones but they’re not as bad as yours seem to be.

    I love it because of the beautiful colors and the names (they remind me of Harry Potter) – but the quality is okay, too (not worth the price though).

  93. Amanda

    Thanks so much for your review. Because of it, I was not coerced into buying it at MAC. You saved me some serious $$$

  94. Mercedez

    ..Looks like a quad i might buy from the lucky buck….