Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Cockney Lipstick

As promised, here are lip swatches of the lipsticks launched with MAC’s Euristocrats II Collection! :) Dazzleglasses to follow!

Costa Chic Lipstick

London Life Lipstick

Milan Mode Lipstick

Naked Paris Lipstick

Patisserie Lipstick

Saint Germain Lipstick

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109 thoughts on “MAC Euristocrats II Collection – Lipstick Lip Swatches

  1. MC

    Cockney & Milani Mode x3

  2. Naomi

    I really like Milan Mode,London Life,and Naked Paris and I’m sort of feelin’ Cockney.

  3. B.

    Wow I was only going to get some dazzleglasses but now i want all of these!! except st germain which i have lol

  4. Nicole15

    I still stand by lovin’ Cockney, but now I am not too sure about Costa Chic. It looks a little dry, no? Just doesn’t look like it gives a smooth application. On the other hand, while initially i wasn’t fond of London Life or Milan Mode, the swatches give me a different impression. They look very pretty & have more color pay off than I originally expected!

    • Lo

      I have both london life and milan mode and i can say that they are both absolutely gorgeous, particularly L.L.
      milan mode looks so pretty in the tube that I could just sit there looking at it all day, it’s a perfect wearable bright rosy pink listick.

    • It’s a little bit dry, but not totally so. I didn’t find it drying on my lips, though.

  5. Debbie

    I already placed my order for costa chic and st germain which i missed on the previous collection. I wish i waited for this swatches. I could have gotten naked paris and patisserie as well…i hope i don’t regret getting the st germain..i think almost everybody owns it…

  6. Michelle

    I was going for costa chic, but this swatch makes me doubt it…

  7. hi

    Milan Mode and London life are such pretty shades of sheer deep pink and sheer sparkly deep coral-red 😀

  8. OMG, you got me even more excited! and since I live in the Netherlands I have to wait even longer!=(

  9. Shanna

    Wow, i really like Milan Mode and London Life!

  10. Naked Paris and Patisserie – Lovely.

  11. binnie

    loving cockney and london life ps i dont see what all the fuss is about saint germain i personally dont like the colur and dont think its nice on my nc0 skintone!

  12. Hmm so costa chic looks the same on your lips — almost streaky……..i’m not loving the formula. I do think, though, that I’m going to pick up Cockney — im venturing into red lips!!!

  13. thank you for the swatches…very pretty

  14. Mariana

    oooh! London Life and Naked Paris for me!

  15. Rachel

    oh shoot! i like all of ’em except saint germain. that color is gross lol.

    • Haha I totally think the same thing! Some people love it though! To each their own huh?

    • artemis

      it’s gross on dark skin tones :) cuz it’s brightly light
      but i have kind of a dupe in miss sporty 009 innocence and it looks amazing on nc10-15 skin. daring color…i was scared of blue pinks before cuz a lot of cheap girls wear them here in bad combos…with yellow hair, orange skin..bleh 😀 I like it with black cat eyes

  16. gio

    London Life look gorgeous! Costa Chic looks pretty too but I’m not sure I like the formula..

  17. Saira

    St. Germain is like you took a zinc oxide stick to your lips. It’s so wake me up before you go, go…..jittergug.

  18. Natalia

    St Germain is one of my favorite colors of all time!! This swatch really doesnt do it justice-you must se it in person. It is awsome. I am very pale (NC25) with alamost black hair and this color is so so pretty!!

  19. kirsty

    I dream about london life, but it’s so much darker than any other colour I own and I’m scared I’ll look ridiculous wearing it… Thus shattering my dreams :(

    Milan mode looks different on the lips to what I expected, in a lovely way.

  20. Andrea

    I really like Milan Mode! I’ll have to see how it looks on me, but I’ll probably get it! & I’ll probably get a backup of Saint Germain!

  21. AA

    I can’t wait to pick up Milan Mode, Cockney and London Life!

  22. Awww… I was hoping the Costa Chic formula wouldn’t look like that. I suppose I’ll just have to try it on in store.

  23. MC

    What does anyone think of Cockney comparing to Viva Glam I?

    • Kharina

      If you want an almost exact comparison of COCKNEY you should get RED LADYBUG is almost identical…and the best part…it’s also a lustre finish formula. I’m thinking of getting LONDON LIFE and MILAN MODE…both lovely and getting LADYBUG RED when I’m not so broke LOL

    • Totally different! VGI is matte, opaque, and a deep red.

  24. I like London Life, Naked Pairs, Patisserie & Milan Mode – I might pick up Cockney too…

  25. Wow! I like Cockney, London Life, Milan Mode, Naked Paris and Patisserie! I might get Saint Germain since I’m curious about that shade.

  26. Yaya

    I love Cockney and Naked Paris! London Lifes is nice too

  27. Geezy

    i got costa chic today and i LOVE it such a hot color!, none of the other colors really called out to me except St. germain and i already have it.

  28. kadie

    Is Milan Mode anywhere close to the colour of Pink fish TLC?

  29. guys please bare in mind, that it would look different on cooler toned skin

  30. wow milan mode looks great on the lips.Patisserie on the other hand is way too sheer like almost nothing on. is milan mode lustre like plink! ? the actual photo of the L/S looks like it has shimmers on it.

    • It is super sheer — but lustres always kind of look sheer on me since my lips are a bit more pigmented. Milan Mode is a lustre, but it has a little bit of shimmer.

  31. Jessica

    The first 5 are all gorgeous!!! It’s soooo unfair all us non-americans have to wait forever for the release date.

  32. Kella

    London Life is definitely your colour!

  33. Ashlee

    Saint Germain will be mine , underage lipglass & comet blue dazzle glass will look cool over it <3 cant wait

  34. Rachael

    You all really need to check Costa Chic out….it is a very unique and pretty color!

  35. Samantha

    If Costa Chic wasn’t so frosted and Saint Germain wasn’t so opaque, it’d be a done deal. I’ll just save more for colour craft, i guess, which is going to ridiculously expensive as is… lol

  36. I bought Costa Chic yesterday… I’m surprised by the texture – much creamier and pigmented than I’d expect a Frost to be.
    It really is a beautiful color!

  37. Brooke

    I see a lot of people slamming Costa Chic from these swatches, but I think it is an absolutely gorgeous color in person. It works with almost any skin tone, and I swear it made my teeth look WHITER! With Euro Beat on top I think it’s the hottest color for any season.
    I also found that Milan Mode worked for me, but it did NOT work for my friends, who have slightly darker and lighter skin tones. You should definitely try it before you buy it

    • Brooke

      Oh my god THANK YOU! All these people saying Costa Chic is crappy really need to try it. I think it is by far the best. I can speak from experience and say that I was SOSOSO disapointed in Milan Mode and St. Germain. Milan Mode looked okay on my friend when we visited the counter, but on my coloring (which is almost identical to hers) it stunk. St Germain looked so pretty but it’s a pretty exclusive color. It looks great on a select few, but since I have a little bit of a tan (which I’ve been TRYING to get rid of lol) I looked like a tramp!

      Oh well, you can’t have it all :)

    • A lot of lipsticks are try before you buy 😀 Particularly because lipsticks look different based on three things: your skin tone, your natural lip color, AND what make up you’re wearing.

  38. Greta

    I’m so upset I missed out on St.Germain, Yet again ! :( I hope MAC re-promote it with another collection soon !

  39. Jenny

    Isn’t Milan Mode a permanent color?

  40. Ellie

    You put saint Germaine its spelled Saint Jermaine

  41. itshyly

    Is Patisserie part of the permanent line now?

  42. Is Costa Chic somewhat similar to Colour Me Coral?

  43. mda

    Is this collection still available for purchase on mac stores? im interested in lipsticks cockney and london life.. thanks :)

  44. mda

    is london life still available at mac stores? is it a permanent lipstick or limited edition!? please help!

  45. just found milan mode at the cco! :) sooo excited! and found hello kitty big bow lipstick!

  46. artemis

    saint germain is the only kind of pink i look good in

  47. ForeverHeather27

    I want Saint Germain so bad!

  48. ForeverHeather27

    I want Saint Germain so bad! Is it permanent now?