Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

This is not an official promotional image for the collection.

MAC Euristocrats II Collection

U.S. Launch Date: July 2nd, 2009

Lipstick (Limited Edition)

  • Costa Chic Light coral (Frost)
  • Naked Paris Mid-tone brown with multi deminsional pearlized pigments Lustre)
  • Patisserie Creamy neutral pink (Lustre)
  • Milan Mode Deep pink with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments (Lustre)
  • London Life Deep berry with multi-pearl pigments (Lustre)
  • Saint Germain Pastel pink (Amplified)
  • Cockney Yellow red with multi-diminsional pearl pigments (Lustre)

See what dazzeglasses come out with this launch, too!


  • Date Night Deep plum with blue and gold pearl (Permanent)
  • Euro Beat Peach coral with gold pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Internationalist Yellow pink with blue pearl (Permanent at MAC Stores Only)
  • Local Colour Neutral yellow pink with gold pearl (Permanent at MAC Stores Only)
  • Roman Holiday Med brown coral with pink pearl (Permanent at MAC Stores Only)
  • Rue de Rouge Light red with pink pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Vie Veneto Light violet with blue pearl (Limited Edition)

Lip Pencil

  • Magenta Vivid pinkish-purple
  • Cherry Vivid bright bluish-red
  • Subculture Underground pink
  • Whirl Dirty rose


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42 thoughts on “MAC Euristocrats II Collection Information & Details

  1. Chloe

    MAC!! What are you doing to my wallet this year?! There are so many Dazzleglasses out from this collection (and Double Dazzle)
    I can’t keep up lol 😀
    But yeah I’ m drooling at the description of these colours!

  2. Ashley

    I’m glad some of the new Dazzleglasses are perm. I just can’t resist them but at least I’ll only have to get the LE and wait for the perm ones until I can replenish my wallet!

  3. Sarah

    MORE dazzleglasses too! Wowie!!

  4. might try out some dazzleglasses :)

  5. NuNu

    Euro Beat!Never tried dazzleglasses before, so will definitely pick up a couple

  6. Angie

    Euro Beat, come to Mama!

  7. vicki

    Is praying that god blesses me with a job!

  8. Brightness

    Due to unemployment I was on a MAC hiatus for most of 2008, refused to open email alerts, etc. so I missed all the launches but I’ve been getting caught back up and making up for lost time.

    I think I am going to love these!!!

  9. I definitely have to get Milan Mode…it has my name!

  10. Morna

    This collection came out in the UK (sans dazzleglasses), and I must lay, ‘London Life’ is goooooooooorgeous. Highly recommended.

  11. cloudburst

    Repromote Blue Comet already!!!

  12. Leah

    Holy Mole, MAC has a doozie of great things coming out this year! Dazzleglasses have my name all over them!

  13. Loving the dazzleglasses and the lipsticks! My wallet is going to be so sad this year.

  14. lala

    Euro Beat Peach coral with gold pearl (Limited Edition) sounds yum!!

  15. Lol they’re repromoting Saint Germain so soon? Sheesh!

    • Ahhh didn’t finish my comment. Euro Beat is sounding like my type of color! I’m really hoping to snag some dazzleglasses 😀

    • misstrendy

      why dont they just make St Germaine permanent already… they keep repromoting it… isnt this the 3rd time now? its permanent overseas anyway or so i hear.

  16. Christy

    Oh boy, I want everything! But if I do limit myself I’ll get Via Veneto, Milan Mode, Date Night, and Roman Holiday. Purely for the names! I know that’s kinda lame, but my bf is Italian. =)

  17. Ruth

    Oh boy, good thing July the fouth is my birthday, this collection will be my list !!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Rae

    im excited to have saint germain back soo soon i love that color

  19. AAAHHH! DAZZLESGLASSES! I’m gonna be so broke by the end of the summer …

  20. charlieee

    i love the names of the products! :)

  21. Miss QQ

    I want Internationalist and Patisserie! Is this collection only available in US and Europe?

  22. Jennifer

    no blushes will be released? :X

  23. Ciara

    Ooh, London life sounds absolutely amazing!
    But Arent some of those already permanent? St germain came out in the Sugarsweet Collection , while my friend bought Naked Paris like two months ago..

  24. Miss_M

    Ah, shame that Going Dutch and Bombshell lipstick aren’t re-released with this collection. They were in the original Euristrocrats from last year :(

  25. Kerri

    I know that Costa Chic and Saint Germain are definately perfmanent in England and I have been lemming Costa Chic for what seems like a lifetime but I’m not sure whether it would suit my fair skintone….hmm but this collection will prob encourage me to get it!

  26. St.Germain again? whoot whoot! :)

  27. BINNIE

    this collection sounds good never had any of the original colours when it first came out may miss on saint germain the now the sugarsweet collection!n maybe the lipstick packaging won’t just be black I love it when its decorated like the hello kitty collection..!this will hopefully come out at same time in uk or the next month?? ru sure saint germain permanent in uk??

    • cmferrets

      yeah i agree, they should always make the packaging different from the regulars each time with each collection, so they will actually look limited too , i bet u mac would make so much more money if they did that!

  28. Margot

    the colours of these dazzleglasses look much nicer than the ones from double dazzle … I’m going to buy them all !!!

  29. mARIA

    yay it launches the day after my birthday!!! great timing!! im so excited

  30. misstrendy

    so between double dazzle and euristocrats there will be 18 permanent DG. i just got the 3 LE edition shades from double dazzle and I’ll be sure to pick up the LE colours from the next launch… i can always got back for the others when my my sugar daddy (ie Visa) buys me some more.

  31. casey lim

    people of the philippines do not have any taste at all , their actor piolina pascual is the total gay .

  32. Tanya Petersen

    I tore up Comet Blue Dazzle glass from last year. I could hardly get a drop out of the tube. These lip glasses are really beautiful. I am like a child when it comes to my make up. I try to buy every collection I see. Tomorrow night I will be at the promotion for Style Warriors collection. Can’t let a month go by without buying something from Mac.

  33. Court

    Is whirl lipliner a re-promote or permanent? I bought it yeeeeaaars ago and thought it was permanent… I could be wrong!

  34. Michelle

    I live in florida and i have yet to see this collection. Is this collection only released in mac stores?