Monday, September 28th, 2009

MAC DSquared Collection
MAC Greasepaint Sticks: V, B, Black

MAC Cosmetics DSquared Collection: Greasepaint Stick & Feline Kohl Power

MAC DSquared Collection is small launch in-stores today, the 28th. The collection includes three shades of Greasepaint Sticks and repromotion of Feline kohl power.

Greasepaint Stick

  • B is a deep, dark navy blue with lighter blue shimmer and a metallic sheen.
  • V is a deep, dark purple-violet with lighter purple shimmer and a metallic sheen.
  • Black is a dark black-purple with a violet cast and shimmer that’s more noticeable when swatched than when used as a liner.

Kohl Power

  • Feline is an intense, richly pigmented black liner that goes on incredibly dark. One of my favorite black liners!

Per my review of the Greasepaint Stick from Style Black, I haven’t yet found these to be rockin’ my world yet. They migrate on my lower lash line quite a bit – kind of smudgy and creasing on the lower lash line. It’s great that I can smudge the product when I’m applying it, but after I smudge it, I expect it to stay put!

On the water line, it holds up better, but it seems to aggravate my eyes, so I think I’m too sensitive to wear it on my water line. I wish the Black Greasepaint Stick was actually a true black, particularly since V exists so soon after the original release. The Greasepaint Sticks can be a bit thick to work with, so you may find yourself using a separate brush to apply this product in thinner, more precise lines. They feel a bit like a shadestick to me, actually.

  • Product: 8/10
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 7/10
  • Packaging: 8/10

Recommendation: If you like shadesticks, you may find these to be great bases for darker looks!

Availability: MAC Cosmetics

See more swatches

MAC DSquared Collection
MAC Greasepaint Sticks: Black, V, B

MAC DSquared Collection
MAC Feline Kohl Power

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71 thoughts on “MAC DSquared Collection: Greasepaint Stick & Feline Kohl Power Reviews, Photos, Swatches

  1. those are gorgeous. I want all of them. They’re so perfect for this season!

  2. Monique R.

    hmmm. I thought the whole point of the greasesticks was “smudge-ability”….

    It’s GREASE! haha

  3. Melissa

    ‘V’ looks a lot like the MAC Pearlglide liner in Rave. Maybe between the irritation caused by the Greasepaint Stick and the fact that it doesn’t stay on as a distinct line, it would be better to get the Pearlglide liner.
    I guess another alternative is to use the 24/7 Urban Decay liners and then lock them in with the matching shadows. That should hopefully prevent the lines from smudging horribly.
    I have super-sensitive eyes and painfully sensitive skin (including rosacea) so your reviews are really important to me and incredibly helpful. Thanks for doing such a great job!

  4. Alexis

    After hearing and seeing so much about Feline I had to go out today and check it out. Now I know why everyone loves it so much. It is the blackest black pencil eyeliner you’ll find. It is very soft so goes on with minimal pressure — actually, the lighter, the better, because it will smudge (without you meaning it to) that’s how soft it is. I bought two and put it on today, and this is the first pencil eyeliner that has stayed on my waterline! And it still looks like I just applied it. I’m gonna go buy one more and one extra for my mom.

  5. So if you put on primer, put the greasepaint stick on your lid, and then put an eye shadow on top, does the color still migrate? Your swatches honestly make Black, V and B appear gorgeous, but if it doesn’t set with a powder on top I think it would drive me crazy.

  6. Cherie

    I’m so getting feline!!! esp after all the great reviews I keep reading! Thanks Christine!!!



  8. Alexis

    Hi Christine,
    First of all, thanks for the tip about Deep Truth being a dup for Blue Flame. I used it on top of my black grease stick and I loved it MUCH better. I brought back blue flame but then preordered Feline and V. I like the idea of smudging on V as my 1 second smoky purple eye look. I just hope it doesn’t end up looking like I spent the night rubbing my eyes ferociously…hahahaha

    I used black grease stick on my lower lashline – smudged with #219 and applied smolder on my waterline. I didn’t have any problems but then again I was going for a smudgy, dark punk look. If it migrated it would just have added more to the look =)

  9. kristie

    I totally agree with Melissa. V looks way too much like Pearlglide liner in Rave. I ran out to get the greasestick and to my surprise, it was really hard to smudge on the eye. Maybe it’s just me. Did you experience this Christine?

  10. glitter princess

    im debating about feline as i have urban decay’s 24/7 in ZERO and OIL SLICK from there new pallet! hmmm..

  11. I got the Black greasepaint stick with Style Black and I lovelovelove it on my lower lashline and waterline because my eyes have been very watery lately due to allergies. So I have to apply eye drops a few times a day so I need to make sure my mascara and eyeliner is waterproof. The greasepaint stick is aaamazing. 😀

    I’ll be getting the two other colors woot woot~

  12. aradhana

    texturewise, how do the greasepaints apply on the eyelid? do they go on the same texture as shadesticks? although shadsticks swatch nicely on the hand, i haven’t had much luck with them on my lids…they go on kind of patchy!?

    • They’re very similar to shadesticks, but they’re creamier and have a “wetter” look to them. I think since these are creamier, you may have better luck. But you can always use a brush, like the 249, to apply!

  13. DevilishDoll

    I got Black already and definitely want B and V. But my Black looks nothing like anybody else’s swatches, it’s pure black with flecks of pink glitter here and there, like a toned down Young Punk…no purple at all.

  14. Luisafer

    colors are so pretty!!! but I’m sure they are going to smudge on me :-(

  15. Ooooh, the greasepaints are pretty!

  16. amy

    I am loving the Black greasepaint stick and I picked up V and B today. I am using the paint sticks as an eyeliner and I don’t really have trouble drawing a precise line. It is a good smudge proof and waterproof liner for me because I find the paint sticks dry and set really fast. My eyes are also prone to watering especially in cold windy weather, so this is a good product for me. As for the Feline eyeliner I did pick one up today but when I went home, it is missing! I must of dropped it, damn it! I was so looking forward to trying it out today. I will have to go back to pick one up tomorrow.

  17. I only swatched the Black Greasepaint and it does not budge. I think its meant to be used as a base for a smokey eye as opposed to being used as a liner. You have to work quickly before it dries, kinda like the MAC Paints. I had no problem with the staying power and I think it works better than the MAC Paintpot.

  18. Tattoo Girl

    According to MAC, the grease sticks are NOT waterline safe!!

  19. Janelle

    *drools* so pretty

  20. Lorna

    i think i’m going to try the greasepaint stick in black. the one here and the one in style black looked the same when i swatched them in the store.

  21. Helena

    Am I the only one who thinks that all of the Kohl Powers should be permanent?!

  22. Teresa

    The B & V Greasepaint sticks look lovely! :) I wonder if they are good choices as bases for Blue Flame & Young Punk MES? :)

    Thanks for the reviews, Christine! Hope you had a great birthday 😀

  23. Giselle

    the black greasepaint stick is gorgeous!!!!!

  24. Dawn

    Thanks for sharing. I’m intrigued to get B grease paint. How would you say this differs from Delf paint pot, color wise? It looks similar in the picture, I haven’t gotten to my store to test it yet.

  25. Lyndsay

    I’m also intrigued by the grease paints… so they don’t smudge all over? Interesting…. I may need to get them. I really like the colors of them.

  26. donna

    I wentto my mac store last Thursday to check out style black, and I ended up buying pretty much everything except for the black lippies.. and now, dsquared came out.. I went back yesterday to check em out.. they are so gorgeous!! I have to have them,so I got the blue greasepaint, blood red lipstick, lip concealer, they don’t have the v greasepaint yet so I need to come back maybe this weekend(my poor wallet:-p).. I’m skeptical bout the feline but after reading all ur reviews I think I’m going to go back and grab one….do u think the brush and the highlighting powder is a must?

    • Whew, nice haul, Donna! Sounds like you got quite a bit! :) I LOVE the 165 brush! It’s my favorite for highlighting. The powder is just so-so — if you contour it’s worth it; if it’s for highlighting, pass. Much better highlighters out there!

  27. Gabi

    Thanks so much for this review. I’m new here but I’m always looking for a quick and durable but soft eye pencil. I know they can make one because I had one years ago (unknown brand). So I’ll be taking all this into consideration, as I was all excited and think they look beautiful.

  28. aradhana

    i tried the black greasepaint over two faced shadow insurance, applied it directly to the lashline and smudged with my finger….i was extremely happy with the results, and it stayed all day…
    granted i was at the gym, so i’ll probably try out something a little more sophisticated later when i’ve a bit of time, but for a quick and dirty smokey eye, i think these are great!! (i’m going back to get the blue one for sure!!)

  29. jade

    Hey! I finally got feline but for some reason it smeared all over the place when I lined upper lid and water line. Did I miss something? I have a pant pot base prior to lining my upper lid. Thanks so much!

  30. Sarina

    Feline smudge so i’ve heard
    how do you prevent that? primer, eye shadow?