Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Do you have a “dream list”? I keep a list of MAC products I’d LOVE to buy, but I just haven’t (for assorted reasons – from budgeting/price to forgetfulness to all of the LE launches). When I hit up Nordstrom’s on Friday, my boyfriend tagged along and said he wanted to check out the new iPhone at the Apple store, but he ended up going to MAC and surprising me with several products from my “dream list.”

In my surprise gift:

  • Brush Cleanser
  • Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (in Medium Plus)
  • Mineralize Blush in Merrily
  • Fluidlines in Blue Peep, Rich Ground, and Shade
  • Mineralize Eyeshadow in Polar Opposite
  • Lipglass in Nymphette
  • Lipstick in Fast Thrill
  • Select Tint SPF 15 Foundation (NC35)
  • Brushes: 188, 189, 208, 239 (x2), 266

What’s on your “dream list”?

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104 thoughts on “MAC Dream List – Surprise Gift!

  1. Stephanie D

    Wow, your boy sounds like a keeper!
    I guess mine would be more brushes. I already have tons, most of them are not from MAC, except a handful of them-but I could always use more!

    • Hi Stephanie D,

      Don’t worry, I know :) I love him very much.

      I, too, want to keep building my brush collection! I wish they weren’t so pricey.

  2. Shana

    OMG what an AWESOME surprise!!! The brushes alone wouldve been enough for me. You are a lucky woman! My dream list is so extensive, its just too much to list here. I am in the process of creating a spreadsheet its so bad!

  3. Laney

    Awww, that’s so sweet. My boy took me to MAC today and got me Sea & Sky, Fresh Green, Hot Contrast, one of the New View powders (I forget which!), Pleasantry, Gentle, and Love Thing! Pretty much my entire dream list at the current moment : D

  4. Danielle

    Aww thats soo sweet!!!

    I sort of do keep a dream list….its more of a small notebook that contains a section for products and colors that I have and then a special section for products that I want.

    I just picked up my min e/s duos… I got Fresh Green Mix, Love Connection and Polar Opposites…They are great! Polar Opposites is a really fun duo because it seems like the posibilities are endless with it!

    Enjoy your new toys! Your boyfriend is definitely a sweet guy, for him to buy things that he knows you wanted shows that he pays attention to you and really wants to make you happy! I wish there were more guys out there like him!

    • Hi Danielle,

      Aww! I love that you keep an actual notebook. Is it all decorated and stuff? LOL, reminds me of when I’d get my school supplies ready and cute.

      Keep me updated with how you like your MES that you picked up.

      • Danielle

        LoL thanks yea I like keeping myself organized when it comes to my make up, it’s great because I can see what I want or need and avoid buying duplicates! My notebook is this really cute 7in x 5in nb and is pink and has a pretty little purple flower on the cover :)

        As far as the MES goes — I really like them a lot and today I tried the Green one… it was… well interesting lol… The fun part was trying to use a small brush to find the different colors in the marble side, which I did and came out with some really light one for the inner corner and a darker one for the crease… It seems very different then using a regular solid color and took a little getting used to :) But I am definitely begining to learn to appreciate the marble side! I would love to share pics but I’ve yet to master the skill of taking good quality make up pics… I’m so fair that too close and I come out like a ghost and too far away you can’t see any of the details…picture taking is a w.i.p. for me lol

        • Hi Danielle,

          Aww!! :) How utterly adorable!

          LOL, you’ll get the hang of it. I found that taking photos of flowers/nature helped me work on my skills (just took a walk around my neighborhood to do it!).

  5. Kelly

    I have a dream-list, which mostly contains NARS products (like every single product!!), Dior, or the more “expensive” lines carried at the likes of Barneys.

  6. Annie


  7. Madeleine

    My “dream list” became a real thing on Thursday night when I hit Rideau Centre in Ottawa with my husband.
    He went with me(and paid for everything!) to freestanding MAC store,Sephora and MAC at the Bay.I think three not so big bags and about 50 min.later the bill was…750$.
    I’m still shocked!!!
    But happy :)

    ps.I didn’t have enough guts to take him to Chanel counter, though.

    • Hi Madeleine,

      That’s so great to hear! Wow, what a guy :) I can’t even imagine what you got, but you must share your major, MAJOR haul.

  8. kobri

    Wow, awesome bf! I love shade fluidline and Fast Thrill is gorgeous, I like to put it on over Pucker TT to sheer out the frostiness a bit.

    My dream list? How much time do you have? Brushes (and cleaner) would have to be my most important. I want more bases (paints, paintpots, fluidlines) and more pigments. There are also a number of the perm shadows on my list. I’m trying to collect them whenever I have extra cash.

    • Hi Kobri,

      I had NO idea that Shade/Blue Peep were still available, LOL.

      Brushes are totally all over mine. Ideally, every brush by MAC, but y’know, not quite possible!!

  9. Ashley

    Wow! Your boyfriend is a keeper for sure! My boyfriend routinely has been spoiling me at MAC and Sephora, almost every week or every other week since I’ve been home for the summer from school (April) he’s paid for a few things for me! And when I’m at school he buys me things from my wishlist and sends them to me! (No MAC where I am and no car/job/money for bus)!

    Right now my wishlist is brushes, Fluidlines, Paints, Shadesticks, Blushes and of course pigments and eyeshadows!

  10. Ashlee

    My list changes alot and now it’s long. Right now there is.

    Cultureclash lipgloss.
    Sea & Sky eyeshadow duo.
    Pleasantry blush.
    Light Medium/Natural And Shimmer msf duo.
    Select spf 15 foundation.
    Colour Forms warm & cool eyes.
    Colour Forms basic & advanced brush sets.
    Colour Forms inner hue & naked to the core lipsticks.
    All the Colour Forms pigments.

    I think thats it right now. But you have an amazing boyfriend? Does he have a brother? lol just kidding. But that was super sweet of him!

    • Hi Ashlee,

      Do you regularly update it? Mine doesn’t change much, only if I get several items from it (which I usually don’t do, because I’m too busy with whatever latest LE launch there is!).

      LOL πŸ˜€

  11. Asta

    What a wonderful gift! My lil brother took his gf to Sephora today and got her some Urban Decay Primer Potion (my suggestion) and she was really impressed. Oh, young love…

    I really want some fluidlines, especially Rich Ground! I need about a million brushes, and every NARS eyeshadow. I need some paint and paintpots, but I haven’t written down the colors yet. Still in the planning stages I guess. =) I often avoid getting lipstick (but I have plenty of glosses) because I have no idea what looks good on me. I need a bunch of lipstick, and a personal beauty consultant to tell me which shades to get!

  12. Bei

    The item on my “dream list” is to have a boyfriend like yours! πŸ˜€

  13. Zoila

    Wow! Lucky girl! I can’t even choose to tell you the truth.. that’s how bad I got it..

    • Hi Zoila,

      Aww! Occasionally I get into moods where I want to window shop and write it all down, which is how the dream list was born!

  14. K

    You are so lucky that not only does he accept your make-up obsession but he embraces it! What a sweet thing to do. Don’t forget to tell him how all your readers are going crazy about this! You’d better hang on to him or else I think someone here will snatch him up pretty quickly. πŸ˜‰

  15. Alexa

    aww your boyfriend is sweet. lucky you
    i keep a list too!
    – studio mist foundation (NC20)
    – lip conditioner
    – eye shadow (mulch, all that glitters, freshwater, shale, gorgeous gold)
    – mineralize eye shadow (two to glow)
    – pigment (circa pulm)

  16. Tina

    Aww! Your boyfriend seems really great! Mine is dying to buy me MAC and some items from sephora (because he knows I am crazy obsessed and a trip to MAC makes my entire week). So even though he hates makeup, he knows it makes me happy :) But I absolutely do not let him buy me anything because he will be spending crazy amounts of money just to make the permanent move here and I know he has other payments and stuff to make.

    But so far my dream list is a ton of eyeshadows from MAC, some NARS blusher and lipgloss, brushes, and basically everything else at MAC lol

    • Hi Tina,

      I usually ask people NOT to buy me makeup, only because I have so much and know I don’t need more, LOL. I’m glad he’s permanently moving to where you are!

  17. alison

    he spen 400 plus just like that??!?! unbelievable

  18. Kirsten

    wow im jealous!! both of your gifts and your thoughtful boyfriend…. mine has never bought me MAC or clothes :(

    i have yet to purchase any mineralize eyeshadow duos, so i guess those are all on my wishlist until i decide which ones i really need

    • Hi Kirsten,

      Aww! This is one of the first times for him – I usually don’t let people buy me makeup (well, rather, I don’t put it on my wish list and I say “please don’t buy me makeup!”).

      I keep trying the MES, and I haven’t loved any yet :(

  19. HeavenLeiBlu

    Ummm, does your bf have a generous brother near GA? LOL

    My dreamlist really isn’t much as far as products are concerned, although I’d love another Sea & Sky, another Merrily, Love Thing, the palette from the upcoming Manish Arora collection, and maybe a Fresh Green Mix. I REALLY want to pump up my brush collection with a couple 187s or 188s, a 181, 182, a couple 219s, and a 239 or 242. I’m trying to get my brush game up.

    • Hi HeavenLeiBlu,


      I’d love to pump up my brush collection, too. It’s such a hard thing to do, because the brushes aren’t so cheap, LOL.

  20. Nell

    Oh, your boy is really wonderful! That is love…
    My list is quite long too, embarassingly so…

  21. SRN.

    My dream list..just one thing.
    I want a boyfriend who knows how to buy my favorite cosmetics…hahahaha.

  22. claudine

    your boyfriend is so sweet awww
    on my dream list = a boyfriend who buys me MAC stuff haha

  23. Kensie

    omg thats so sweet!!!

    my dreasm list would take up a whole half the webpage

  24. Brenda

    Your boyfriend is such a sweetheart!
    My dream list, is about 3 pages long!
    But my must haves at the moment are Soleil tan de Chanel and Lancome Maharani jewels elephant bronzer

  25. lindsay

    can you do a review on the brush #189 and the MSF natural medium plus? :) thanks

  26. Sexy SAdie

    The entire Mac N Collection.

  27. Wow! thats sweet – not so much the buying it all for you but KNOWING what is on your want list – thats very sweet. My boyf has the heart but god love him, he would never ever know what I already have and don’t have! its all a secret stash! sshhh!!

    • Hi Rowena,

      LOL!! Secret stash! I keep a list on my computer, so the boyfriend probably just peeked at that πŸ˜‰ He knows me well, but I don’t think he could ever keep up with all the makeup I have!

  28. kae

    how sweet! my husband just bought me stuff off of my list for my birthday :) it’s good to keep a list around that he knows about. just in case he feels like being nice and surprising me lol

  29. Jenna

    your boyfriend, although this has been repeated so many times, is fabulously sweet! Now I know what to look for in a boyfriend!

    • Hi Jenna,

      LOL, there are many, many traits in the perfect boyfriend, but yes, understanding your makeup obsession (or whatever your poison is), is so key!

  30. jes

    Awww.. Rich Ground is so gorgeous! It’s actually the first fluidline I ever purchased.. so pretty :o)

  31. Lucy

    Christine….you lucky girl πŸ˜‰

  32. Lucky lucky~! That’s soo sweet! :)

  33. aww.. that was so sweet of your guy.. well, my guy also embraces my MAC addiction.. he also makes the effort to buy me make-ups.. my wishlist became his birthday gift for me :)

  34. dee

    That is so sweet. I have a dream list…kinda. Really it’s more of what limited edition items I want. Of course, I would love brushes…I think I’ll have to wait to spring that on somebody closer to my birthdays…but the only list I have is for LE things I think I want. This time was the only time I actually stuck with my list and got exactly what I wanted.

  35. MEG

    How sweet of him.

    I saw that he got you the 189 bruch, have you played with it yet?
    what do you think?
    I bought it saturday and I like it but I am curious of what others thinkand how others are using it.

  36. That is sooo cool ur BF bought you so much MAC stuff!!!
    My dreamlist is endless.
    I want lots of pigments and paint pots!

  37. DaniMae

    Awesome boyfriend! Marry him! LOL

    I don’t think my husband it’s gutsy enough to go and get me stuff by himself but he takes me on sprees, that’ll do! ha!

    Ummm…dream list…

    Fix+ [I need more of it, it’s so wonderful!]
    Dark Soul Pig
    Corn Flower Pig
    Melon Pig
    Raisin Blush
    All the mattene lip sticks
    Strobe cream [I’d like to try it]

  38. whitney

    wow you have an awesome boyfriend

  39. Mae

    Yesterday was my first time ever at a full MAC counter (no stores out here and the last one I went to only had a couple of things)…I had my Exbf with me he didnt mind one bit!

    I drooled over so many things I was shaking and I wanted so many things but I left with just the mascara (zoom) and powder (studio fix). I pimped out your blog haha telling them I had seen the swatches for the mineral duos and they werent really anything I’d play with but they looked nice.

    I really like the studio fix OMFG awesome! Hopefully I dont come out looking orange or break out since I heard from reviews its bound to do that.

    As for my dream list…waaaaaaaay too many now that I have seen the stuff in person! The ex was telling me how awesome I could pull off some of the blues! (The night before I did a blue eye when we went with a cpl of my guy friends to the strip club) so that was cool, I loved the purples too. DEFF want the 2?? brush that is used for the powder! and the blending brush!

    Christine…I blame you for this newfound addiction! And I blame some girl at the last party I went to for telling me that MAC is cheaper than UD..then me looking it up and seeing she was right…darn…

    • Zsofi

      Studio Fix is like a dream :-) dont be afraid ,it wont do anything bad to Your skin,i especially love it :-)

    • Hi Mae,

      Awww!!! I am so glad you had a good experience, though :) Thanks for pimpin’ the blog, too, haha!

      Enjoy your new found addiction and Studio Fix! And yes, MAC is definitely the cheaper of the “high end” brands (UD, NARS, etc.).

  40. Zsofi

    Hi Christine :-)

    very lovely thing from Your bf!!!!
    Mine just starts to get used to my MAC mania :-)
    by the way i got Giorgio Armani Parfum Mania from him for my 22th birthday which will be tomorrow :-)
    i asked for this scent :-) plus i got money from grandparents :-DDDD and will get some more from parents tomorrow :-DDDD
    all goes to the “Zsofi at MAC PRO fund”

    my MAC Pro Wishlist:

    a 15 color empty MAC palette and the following refills:

    Blue Calm,Sky Blue,Atlantic Blue,Cobalt,Red Brick
    Lime,Aqua,Bio Green,Kelly,Sour Lemon
    Canary Yellow,Bright Sunshine,Coral,Rose,Red Violet

    This is the way i will put them in my palette :-)

    And pretty much i want all PRO pigments and glitters :-DDDD
    if my counting is right this will be around $3000 :-DDD

    some more birthday has to pass to get the money together :-DDD
    but i am really patient :-DDDDD

    oh and i so damn want Platinum pigment from the permanent line :-)

    any suggestion,opinion about PRO stuff is welcome Christine :-)

  41. grace

    I would choose a lot of fluidlines, paintpots, lustreglass, lipstick in a few shades.

    I also really need some MAC brushes and skincare (fix+ prep and prime etc)
    then i would get some NARS, urban decay & Clinique

  42. Ross1977

    Hi Christine :-),
    I’ve just written my list πŸ˜€ and it’s very long!!!
    Eye shadows: silver ring, knight divine, crystal avalanche, elecktra, black tied, vex, digit, graphology, expensive pink, coppering, tilt, contrast, trax, all that glitters, smut, dazzlelight, mink pink and espresso.

    Pigments: coccomotion, copperized, pink opal, pink bronze, golden lemon

    Lipsticks: russian red, dark side, film noir, charismatic, midimauve, pleasureseeker, sci-fi-delity.

    Tendertones: hush hush, honey bare, sweet and nice, sweet tooth

    Lipglasses: venetian, naked space,saphoric lipgelΓ©e, pink grapefruit

    Blushes: merrily, dainty, warm soul and pleasantry
    and finally smoky eyes palette πŸ˜€

  43. DevilishDoll

    This is my list. Most are LE stuff that I have to find on Ebay, and some haven’t come out yet, but I will get it all eventually.

    Blue Storm
    All Girl
    Smoke Signal

    Goin Bananas
    Fab N Flashy
    Moon’s Reflection
    Black Tied
    Idol Eyes
    Sea Myth

    Liquidlast Liner:
    Pop Iris

    Sparks Can Fly

    Steppin Out
    Comet Blue
    Love Alert

    Sex Ray
    Cult of Cherry

    Paint Pots:
    Soft Ochre


    Royal Hue


    The palette with Gingersoft, Pearl of the Earth, Satin Taupe, Cinders, Gorgeous Gold, Tease N Teal

    Winter Collection:
    Arctic Grey

    Frozen Dream
    Naked Frost

  44. Madeleine

    That is so sweet! You lucky girl. He’s most definitely keeper :)
    I have a ridiculously huge MAC dream list:

    Jubilee Lipstick
    Hue Lipstick
    Bombshell Lipstick
    Politely Pink Lipstick
    Syrup Lipstick
    Prrr Tinted Lipglass
    Pink Poodle Lipglass
    Long Stem Rose Slimshine
    Ample Pink Plushglass

    Eversun Beauty Powder Blush
    Pinch O’ Peach Powder Blush
    Shy Beauty Beauty Powder Blush
    Peachykeen Powder Blush
    Springsheen Powder Blush
    Dame Powder Blush
    Well Dressed Powder Blush
    Margin Powder Blush

    Shroom Eyeshadow
    Cork Eyeshadow
    Bronze Eyeshadow
    Silver Ring Eyeshadow
    Knight Divine Eyeshadow
    Electra Eyeshadow
    Carbon Eyeshadow
    Black Tied Eyeshadow
    Crystal Avalanche Eyeshadow
    Espresso Eyeshadow
    Woodwinked Eyeshadow
    Twinks Eyeshadow
    Stars ‘N Rockets Eyeshadow
    Expensive Pink Eyeshadow
    Gorgeous Gold Eyeshadow
    Amber Lights Eyeshadow
    Crème De Violet Eyeshadow
    Clarity Eyeshadow
    Nylon Eyeshadow
    Naked Lunch Eyeshadow

    Kitschmas Pigment

    217 Blending Brush
    224 Tapered Blending Brush
    266 Small Angle Brush
    219 Pencil Brush
    239 Eye Shading Brush

    • Hi Madeleine,

      You have a great dream list :) SO many fab products on it. I must say, the 239 is a great brush, definitely get that when you can!!

  45. Teresa

    KEEP your boyfriend, he knows how to make you happy! I am going to have to get him to call my husband, hehehe.


  46. tatiana

    a boyfriend like that.

  47. Pia

    I’d love to have :

    The MES : Hot contrast, Polar Opposite, the green and blue duos
    The Sonic chic blushes : Lovething, Dainty, Nuance, WarmSoul, Gentle (oh sod it…i want them all!)
    MSF N in Medium Plus
    Fast Thrill Lipstick
    Sonic Vibe, Culture Clash Lipglass
    SFF NC 35/37
    MUFE HD Foundation

  48. lindsay

    you use the #189 for countouring or..?
    what’s your opinion of the Select foundation compared to the others you’ve tried (studio fix fluid, face & body) ?

    love :)

    • Hi Lindsay,

      I use the 189 to apply powder right now, actually.

      I do like the Select Tint SPF15 – it’s lightweight, goes on easily. It’s great for summer. I’m quite satisfied with it, actually. Face & Body is nice, but it can be too dewy for my preference in the summer. SFF will always be my favorite, though.