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LOL this is a good one!

Okay, so I have committed a few beauty crimes….WAY too bold lippie, flakey mascara (not my fault:D), grotty chewed fingernails with (cracked) polish still on, wierd shades of lipgloss…blues, greens, experimentation with CoLoUr ChAnGiNg lipstick (total NO GO zone)….

BUT imo, my biggest crime is what I DON’t do! I’ve gone out with terrible skin, not researched or tested products and wasted my time and money, used products for the wrong place (hey, how was i s’posed to know it was solid perfume….looks like lipbalm to me :D!!) and have fallen to the smooth-talking sales assistants. looks like i’ve gone a little off-topic

Anyway, I have managed to control myself, and I have given myself reality checks when needed….(really mousse foundation is just that….moussey and cakey!!) and I usually experiment before I have to rush off somewhere to prevent these ‘beauty crimes’ from ever happening!!

Hi Tanya from Oz,

I have to admit, I was really happy to have thought of this question! Could be loads of fun, LOL.

It’s great that you’ve noted what hasn’t worked, though. Shows how much you’ve learned 😀

the JUST black eyeliner crime for me…
and I did it THICK on top…and choppy…my poor little eyes…but that was high school…

haha I did the color changing lipstick too LMFAO what was I thinking!

I dyed my hair black a while ago, then realized that I needed to start penciling my eyebrows (they’re super light). Everyday I’d get too close to the mirror–I don’t see well without my glasses as is!–and then painstakingly go over them and over them, trying to make them “even.” By the time I was done, I looked like I’d just scribbled on myself with permanent marker. Thankfully, I actually sat down and PRACTICED, and stopped using super dark black. Now I get compliments on my brows all the time.

I think I may overdo the eyeshadow sometimes, at least compared to the rest of the world, it seems.

For example, yesterday my mom and I decided to go to some outdoor spiritual labyrinth out in the boondocks. A small hike was involved. What do I do? I do some kick butt red/orange/yellow eye shadow number that was more for the club (for normal people anyway). When my mom saw it, she thought it was too much, but I thought it was juuuust right.

I used to rock the really dark (almost black) lipliner with the lighter color in the middle. Let’s just say it’s taken me awhile to get back on the lipliner bandwagon after overdoing it so much!

Oh, and I used to wear powder without moisturizer underneath. Hellooooo flaky skin!

OOOH I did that too LOL not the sharpie type look haha but yeah I was wary about lip liners for a while too!

When I was a teenager I plucked my eyebrows super thin, luckily my eyebrows grow like weeds so they’ve grown back!

I have to agree with Natalie and say that I’ve worn powder with no moisturizer underneath and ended up looking really flaky.

I’ve done the just black eyeliner thing, the lipliner too dark for lips thing, and the WORST was when I dyed my hair brown. I’m naturally a blond, and considering my unbelievably fair complexion, the shade of essentially poop brown my hair turned was just revolting. I looked like a ghost, a heroin addicted, insomnia ridden ghost. Worst idea ever ><

I think my worst faux pas is wearing “night” makeup during daytime, and for no special occasion. Last week I went grociery shopping wearing MAC red lipsticj\k, 4 inch heels and an uber sexy halter top. I could have been going on a first date but nope, just grabbing some orange juice. This faux pas is done deliberatly to fly in the face of conventional society. Maybe I’ll regret it in ten years but until then….

Oh man, I just posted a BUNCH of pix of my crimes! Among them: overplucked, poorly shaped AND unfilled eyebrows (yes, all at once – and for years!), overzealous glitter application, bad eye-to-lip color matches, and a reckless disregard for blending. But overall, I’m glad for the years I took some risks and experimented, because that’s how you learn.

Hi Liz,

LOL!!! But so true, taking risks and experimenting – that’s what it’s all about. You can learn so much more from your mistakes than if you always did it “right”!

There’s gotta be tons of them that I’ve blocked out of my memory, but I am definitely guilty of having plucked my eyebrows to oblivion.

I was in a play around the time I plucked 95% of my eyebrows away and I remember getting my stage makeup done. One woman tells the girl who’s working on me to fill my eyebrows in. The girl responds with, “But she doesn’t *have* any eyebrows to fill in!”

I stopped plucking immediately and didn’t touch tweezers again for about 3 years.

I also used to be the queen of glitter (but I was 13, so I think I’m forgiven).

I wear glitter eyeliner all the time, and I’m over 30. I don’t care, I’ll wear glitter until I’m six feet under. I’m going to be 90 and sparkly!

Same as one girl above – i scribbled on eyebrow pencil right on the back seat of a bus on my way to a party. I don’t think I used a mirror apparently, maybe just some reflective material, cos it turned out super dark like in cartoons! and the worse thing was that I didnt know that until it turned out sooo obvious on photographs! I remember my friends at the party asking me if I did anything to my brows. Oh man!

Next I left home with cracked foundation – it was that bad one of my cheeks was peeling! The makeup was fine at home somehow it turned out cakey my best guy friend had to point it out. The next thing I found myself in front of the toilet mirror taking off the dry skin before I could redo the powder. Yucks!

Ugh. I have done so many mistakes.
Platinum blonde hair with thick bark brown eyebrows. Overplucked, unshaped, and unfilled eyebrows. Dying my hair both black and deep, deep red even though I’m extremely pale. Glitter in all the wrong places. Wearing only black eyeliner.
Wearing only black eyeliner and bright red eyeshadow.

I’ve passed all of those stages.
But I will never ever pass the stage of wearing club makeup in the daytime.
I’ve gone to the mall with my mother in bright blue and purple eyeshadow. And that was yesterday.

going to bed with my makeup on…i know! it’s horrible, luckily i don’t wear makeup every day and haven’t suffered any ill effects, and buying the mac makeup wipes have helped a lot..i can just reach onto my night stand grab a wipe and go at it, no sink required.

also, i don’t know if this is really a faux pas but, one time when i was maybe 15 or 16 i was having some work done on a car and the mechanic said to me ‘damn girl, you need to paint those toenails!’ except they were painted, with a mac nail polish (i don’t remember the color, but it was the old formula that had the square bottles) in a beige color, and to him it must have looked like i just had intensely stained toenails and needed to color them. that’s when i learned that i need to look at things for how they will appear to ‘fashion ignorant’ people, not just myself.

Hi Whitnee,

So glad the makeup wipes are helping you with that problem 😉 I always tell people to get those if they forget or hate taking off their makeup!

well i always wear a full face of make up and bright colors day and nighttime but i wont change that because it might be a faux pas to some people but it makes me happy 🙂

worst mistake- white eyeliner. and just that. it was terrible. and oh yeah. glitter lipstick. really aweful

haha but i used it ontop, like a thick white line, and didnt wear mascara… not very cute against my dark skin n hair. white eyelashes are not very pretty.

When I first started wearing makeup, some of the foundation would be entirely too dark for my face. I looked orangeish in some pictures.

Also, storing makeup that was probably past its expiration date was probably another faux pas.

haha am i the only one who thinks only black eyeliner is OK? i’ve seen girls pull it off if they have nice skin and have their lashes curled and all that.

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