Sunday, December 19th, 2010

MAC Fluidlines
MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline

MAC Stylishly Yours: Dark Diversion Fluidlines

MAC Fluidlines ($15.00 for 0.10 oz.) sees the launch of one new and limited edition shade: Dark Diversion (blackened plum). Blacktrack (flat black) is also be repromoted alongside it.  Fluidlines are gel eyeliners that are best applied with an eyeliner brush (I prefer the 208, because of how thin and precise you can line with it).  They’re creamy and apply opaquely without a lot of product or needing layering.  For me, they last all day long and never budge or smudge.

Please note that I do not own Macroviolet so I can not make a comparison for you.  All I can say is they look similar but Dark Diversion seems browner and a little darker.  Without owning it, I really can’t make a fair assessment of it.

  • Blacktrack is a matte black.  This is a permanent shade.  You can see a review and swatch for it here.
  • Dark Diversion is a darkened burgundy-brown with berry-wine undertones and subtle berry micro-shimmer.  This is a new and limited edition shade.

MAC Stylishly Yours collection is a limited edition launch (official information and photos here) that is set to launch in-stores on December 26th in North America, January 2011 for international MAC locations. The approximate launch date for online is December 24th.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: It has amazing pigment and a very creamy, smooth texture so it applies beautifully. Nothing not to love here!

AVAILABILITY: MAC Cosmetics on December 26th (U.S. stores), January 2011 (International)

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Fluidlines
MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline

MAC Fluidlines
MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline

MAC Fluidlines
MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline

MAC Fluidlines
MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline

MAC Fluidlines
MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase Dark Diversion? How much is it?

MAC Cosmetics in-stores on the 26th, $15.00.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Bobbi Brown's Black Plum Ink seems similar. Please note that I do not own Macroviolet so I can not make a comparison for you. All I can say is they look similar but Dark Diversion seems browner and a little darker. Without owning it, I really can't make a fair assessment of it.

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48 thoughts on “MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Megan

    So pretty. I definatly plan on getting this, I have MarcoViolet and I don’t like it much. It looks like DD is what I wanted MV to be!!

    • chelsea

      I just recieved macroviolet in a swap I have no idea what to wear it with, I just wanted to have another fluidline besides black track!

  2. Silvia

    I love this shade! It’s amazing!
    I must get it!

  3. Edelmc

    I am loving the reviews and swatches. My shopping list is growing by the post! Do you think dark diversion is similar to micro violet and is calm mode lip balm similar to petting pink. I live in Ireland and popped into mac to ask for launch dates for these collections. They said they launch first Thursday of January. Hope that helps any fellow European girls!

  4. Aggie

    Hey Christine – how close is this to Macroviolet? Would you say pass if you own Macroviolet?

    • I don’t own Macroviolet, so I could not say for sure – from what I can tell, Macroviolet isn’t as brown, maybe a little lighter, too.

    • Stephanie

      Macroviolet is less reddish and brownish, and more purple and grey than this. Dark diversion might be a bit lighter, also. Looks pretty, I’d go for it.

      • Agatha


        I just picked up Dark Diversion and it is definatley a lot different than Macroviolet. Dark Diversion is more plummy whereas Macroviolet is a true dark violet. They look absolutley nothing alike. For fluidline fans this is a must

  5. Dini

    Thanks for the swatch! I thought that the color could look a bit flat, but I can see that bit of micro shimmer you described come up in your swatch photo and I love it.

  6. Dawn

    I absolutely have to have this!

  7. Love Peace and Mac

    Would Dark Diversion ok for the waterline?

  8. I expected it to be frosty or metallic when I saw the promo pics!

  9. stephanie

    I love this reminds me of bat black ccb, but not oily.

  10. Shefali

    Love it!! It’s mine for sure!

  11. Lorna

    this is so not what i was expecting it to be. the descriptions was accurate but for some reason i was imagining it to be more purple. it almost looks like it has a brown base and not a black base. thanks for the pics. my MAC to-buy list has dramatically shrunk thanks to your posts, which is good for my wallet. :)

  12. Julia

    Hmmm… looks a lot browner than macroviolet – Christine, I think you are absolutely correct.

    I will be skipping though – not different enough from my beloved macroviolet to justify the price – I’d rather pick up another pigment!!

  13. Marie

    I really want this. The color is lovely

  14. That color looks gorgeous! It looks much more burgundy-toned than Macroviolet (which I own). I’m still tempted to buy Dark Diversion when it comes out.

  15. Jennifer

    I’m NC20, Green eyes, med/dark brown hair…Do you think this used as a liner would make green eyes pop? Do you think on my skintone and hair color it would make me look “gothic” ?

  16. Erin

    You guys, this fluidline color is nothing like macroviolet. Dark Diversion has a finish that’s very similar to blacktrack….macroviolet is slightly shimmery and has way more purple tones to it. Also, no fluidline is recommended for the waterline. Yes, some people do use it there, but because it’s a waterproof product, it can clog the pours if you put it in the waterline. All of these questions should only be answered by a MAC artist at an actual MAC location.

  17. Katie

    Dark Diversion is much more burgundy/red than Macroviolet it looks like. Macroviolet is still a reddish purple, but this to me looks almost burgundy in comparison. Very pretty though. :)

  18. Elizabeth

    Christine, do you have any thoughts on what colored eyes this would look best with? I have blue eyes. :)

  19. I had wanted this but not gonna lie… reminds me a bit of dried blood. Ick. Thank god for Christine, she saves me so much money!

  20. cloudburst

    Macroviolet is very different from this – it’s much cooler and more grey. This is much redder.

  21. Emma

    How long do these liners usually lasts? And if I were to buy two and not open one of them right away would it still be fine and not dry up?

    • I have a couple of fluidlines that have to be at least two years old that haven’t dried up.

    • Ani_BEE

      There is a 1 year experation date after opening.

      But I’ve had my Blacktrack for 3 years now the packaging has not allowed it to dry out unlike other gel liners.. O__O

      I depot the small amount I use which helps the self life.

  22. Kenneth Alan

    I NEED this. I love using blacktrack as a liner, all over the lid as a base, and sometimes even on the lips for a really weird textured black lip… and this colour is just amazing.

  23. silvia

    Hi there,
    in Munich/Germany we got stylishly yours today, but macroviolet instead of dark desires. Anyone else made that experience?

    • Nope! In Italy we received Dark Diversion, which is almost out of stock!

      BTW: Macroviolet more on the aubergine side, instead of Dark Diversion which is definitely a burgundy. The formulation, also, is better.

    • The Beauty Queen from Mars

      Jup, I made the same experience in Munich today. The lady at the counter told me that MAC had some kind of delivery problem and that they will not get Dark Diversion AT ALL. (Too bad this is the only thing from Stylishly Yours whcih I really wanted to have…)
      I do not know if this is only true for Munich MAC stores or if it is the same all over Germany. It is a shame for sure! On, they also only have Macroviolet.

  24. Hey, Christine! I have Microviolet, and as it seems to me this Dark Diversion is not the same as Microviolet.
    Microviolet is a way sheerer, less brown-ish, less opaque, and it’s not long-lasting as other MAC fluidlines. It was kind of dissapointment for me. To make it stay longer I layer it with pencil eyeliner or eyeshadows.

  25. Kat

    How does this compare to Maybelline’s Gel Liner in Plum? Thanks.

  26. Kat

    Christine, how would this compare to Maybelline’s Gel Eyeliner in Plum? Thanks.

  27. jen

    Thank goodness for a fluidline that is not brown or black! Finally MAC! I wish they would come out with different color fluidlines for a collection some time. I would probably go broke with that collection.

  28. Brittany

    I bought this yesterday and I LOVE it. I also got New Hue and wore them together and they make my green/blue eyes really stand out! I am curious as to why the collection isn’t available online yet? I love the mascara, and I have dark long lashes, it provides just enough color to make my eyes pop without it blatantly looking like a purple mascara! I also got Virgin Isle and Madly Magenta cream color bases, and I LOVE them! Great collection! Anyone know about the status of the collection coming online?

  29. scarlet

    you know, everyone says fluidlines are the best in terms of pigmentation, but I bought blacktrack a few days ago and it’s really weird! It doesnt apply as smoothly as the ones I see in the tutorials and it certainly isnt matte black! It’s like a fade out kohl black? Even my E.L.F. is more intense black that this and it also applies smoothly! Do you think I just got a bad seed? Thanks! Your input is appreciated!

  30. Ewa

    Look gorgeous. Great on hazel eyes, for the day. More subtle than black, but makes the eyes pop!