Monday, November 17th, 2008

“Hello possums!” Dame Edna Everage is in the house! With her zesty zingers, cutting-edge appearance – lilac hair (which is completely natural), rhinestone-encrusten face furniture, fanciful frocks – frankly; there’s nothing like a Dame!

Dame Edna is the resident muse for our spectacular post-holiday makeup collection, and modestly describes herseld as “probably the most popular and gifted woman in the world today: housewife, investigative journalist, social anthropologist, talk-show host, swami, children’s book illustrator, spin doctor, megastar, and icon.”

With packaging as mirthful and minx-like as the Legend herself, the Dame collection of heavy-on-the-lilac lipstick/lipglass, eye Shadow, highlight powder and nail lacquers is in a class by itself!

Follow my beauty regime possums, and you’ll never be cosmetically challenged – Dame Edna

You can get the collection details in our previous post!

See product photos…


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60 thoughts on “MAC Dame Edna Product Photos!

  1. PAOLA


  2. Cheryl

    I wonder if the red glasses stickers will peel off easily though!

  3. erica

    I hope the stickers don’t come off easily!!!

    I want to get the 2 eye palettes, along with one gloss & one l/s

  4. Shefali

    Love the colors…and love the heavily lilac influenced products…will go great with my skin tone and brown eyes. Wheeee!!

  5. Manda

    definitely getting both trios, the powder on the left and the lip glass in the middle! purple is my favorite and the containers are enough reason to buy! hahaha

  6. Tekoa

    *screams and runs in terror*

  7. Liz

    Uh, no.

    MAC, please, don’t make me not like you anymore.

  8. Tanya

    LOL I love that MAC doesn’t take it self so freak serious like most make-up companies do. All the high end brands are so stuffy and behave like they all have sticks up their a*ses!! Like the collection or not….at least MAC likes to have FUN!!!!! The cheeze factor is high on this collection but in a fun way. I am going to pick up a few of the lippies :)

    • Chica

      Totally agree with you Tanya, I love that MAC have released a cheesy, camp collection 😀 I didn’t think I would like this collection at all but i think it’s super cute – the lipsticks & the bottom eyeshadow palette are calling to me!

  9. dee

    Maybe the blue/silver trio or maybe just a lipglass. I adore that the same people who came out with Cult of Cherry came out with Dame Edna. How random.

  10. Whitney

    looks so fun

  11. Rio

    Haha, I don’t want to look like Dame Edna, but I like the colors they have there. :)

  12. Greta luvs MAC

    Awesome!! I have been patiently waiting for this and Hello Kitty!! I adore the purple packaging!!

  13. Gimme gimme gimme Gladiola l/s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. kayla

    i dont know what you gals are talking about. This looks like a hot pile of garbage. gross.

  15. Coffee

    Me No Likey this packaging. But, I do love that matte pink lippie. Will get…and peel of sticker.

  16. Alannah

    Definitely not for me! I’m disappointed the lipglass shades are so blah too.

  17. lucy

    One word…..Hideous.

  18. Vee

    Unfortunately, I’m not into any of these products. Which is sad, since I ? Dame Edna. I had higher expectations for this collection.

  19. Nosh

    The packaging may be tacky but come on! So is Dame Edna =) That’s why we love her! I was thinking that the blushes would be a bit brighter but I think that each individual piece by itself is nice. As a collection, it’s a mish mash of stuff kind of like how Dame Edna dresses!

  20. retrofox

    Thank God my wallet can take a break on a collection!!!

  21. I find it disturbing that MAC would use Dame Edna as a muse. There is nothing attractive or desirable about how she looks! Sorry! Not something I would want to emulate.

  22. I am such a sucker for packaging I love it! For colors I would go with the pink glosses and blush and both eyeshadows. So cute!

  23. Pauline

    …ick…sorry mac but this just fails bigtime in my book

  24. victoria

    i don’t know, mac has come out with lots of new collections and packaging, i want to see the swatches first and hope there’s something special to convince me to get some. i guess that’s the downside to having so many collections at the same time. and from the photos, it seems like the previous collections had similar colors too. thanks for the post though.

  25. Sid

    im not willing to pay for somthing that looks cheaper then drugstore, sorry!
    the colors are boring too.
    mac needs to stop shooting collections out of their asses and slow down to come up with somthing really worth buying, and somtthing thats really worth the cash.
    im still waiting for an amazing collection with crazy stuff people will buy just cuz they dont own anything like it. i loved the mcqueen and the mermaid one those where great …but this is a let-down

    • I definitely would love it if MAC would slow down a bit. I understand it from a business perspective, but I feel like they are bordering on overkill in a way that would turn away some buyers altogether. But who knows!

      • Shefali

        I actually have been buying less this year than usual, mostly because it’s just too much stuff coming out too fast. The last couple of months have been better in terms of releases, more spaced out, but I still haven’t bought much because I don’t feel there is anything I can’t dupe already. I’ve actually started deviating from MAC lately and looking into other brands.

        • You know, so have I! I’ve found myself drawn to other brands in the past two or three months!

          What brands have you been gravitating towards? Any newfound loves?

  26. kat

    wow there are so many mixed feelings over this collection! I am sort of out of cash so I doubt i’ll be picking anything up…

  27. victoria

    my thoughts exactly, i wish mac would come out with something different and special. i have been drawn to nars, urban decay and even drugstore brands like covergirl and maybelline. i am really looking forward from mac is their brunette blond redhead collection, particularly their msfs and new brushes!!!! yipee. thank goodness it’s in january too, give me time to save up. and if you’re talking about mac packaging, i’m waiting to see monogram.

  28. Cody

    I’m not sure how I feel about the actual products – nothing is really overly exciting, but I absolutely adore Dame Edna and will probably purchase a product or two simply for the ridiculous packaging and idea.

  29. classic

    Sorry to say the packaging is like a cheap one or like a toy for a girl

  30. Alma

    Not a very big fan, but the eyeshadow palettes look good, and I love the purple nailpolish.. I don’t like the glasses though.. But oh well, I’ll just see.

  31. urban-beauty

    wow i think this collection is so ugly… finally a mac collection i totally can skip ^^^ lol

  32. uh, guys. it’s suppose to look cheesy! duh! if you’re so worried about the packaging, than only use it during mardi gras. it’ll look like you’re in the spirit! 8)

  33. WONDERFUL . . I can’t wait to add this to my collection . . and feel like a squillionairess . . . .

    • kate

      I think this is possibly the best collection I have seen by mac, colour and pakaging are great, I will be buying every piece.

  34. Melanie

    I LOVE Mac, but this sh** is ugly…are they just collaborating with anyone? What’s next? Oscar the Grouch & Mac? Im just going to erase this from my mind and focus on their Hello Kitty stuff….

  35. I like this. I like how they have a sense of humor. I don’t like the hello kitty collection because it seems like if you’re over the age of 20 it will look stupid.

  36. Raven

    its funny to know that some people are so close minded, people tend to forget that MAC is designed for all ages,all race, all sexes (literally the moto). So for some of you ladies to be so bias is pretty shocking. If you actually take notice to some of the looks on the website you would know that some are theatrical looks and arent meant to be worn on an everyday basis, so get a grip,lol.

    • I don’t think anyone is trying to be close-minded! I think some people are put off by the collection’s packaging as being tacky or they’re not sure why the Dame is important enough to have a whole collection, you know? I didn’t really know anything about Dame Edna for the longest time myself!

  37. Raven

    oh and fyi the whole collection is awesome…coming from a MAC artist, thanks

  38. NEVER disrespect Dame Edna, she’s been an international idol for longer than most of you have been alive and for once I’m overjoyed to see something other than just the usual stick-figured women with sunken faces that are completely airbrushed. MAC isn’t just designed for all races, genders and beauty, it’s meant to be FUN so that when you look at one of their ads, you don’t think it’s just another boring cosmetic company that’s goals is to make their models look as flawless as possible. So lets not be shallow because it’s not seen as true ‘beauty’ in your eyes.

    I love this collection and bought everything from it an am an artist. The best part about it, it’s not their usual overkill colors that would be obnoxious to wear in public without skills with a blending or pencil brush. I looked forward to this collection from as soon as it came out and glad it did, the eyeshadow trios are really good and I love the Splendid lipglass.

  39. Elle

    I guess a lot of you have forgotten that makeup is about your face and not the packaging. That’s where people are going to see it (and care) anyway!!

    Just a thought