Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

MAC Cremesheen + Pearl Collection for Fall 2012

A shimmering twist on an instant classic. Cremesheen Lipstick and Cremesheen Glass get infused with crushed pearl in 15 new Asian-inspired shades. Modern pinks, nudes and corals pop and glow against all skin tones with a light-reflecting finish that leaves lips luminously and decidedly lacquered. With foolproof coverage, gleaming shine and creamy gloss, this smooth and seductive update to Cremesheen is Double Happiness for your lips.

Lipstick ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN) (New and Permanent)

  • Japanese Maple Frosted light beige
  • Pure Zen Frosted warm nude
  • Peach Blossom Frosted cool nude
  • Shanghai Spice Frosted neutral pink
  • Sunny Seoul Frosted light warm pink
  • Coral Bliss Frosted light coral
  • Pink Pearl Pop Frosted midtonal pink
  • Saigon Summer Frosted bright orange

Cremesheen Glass ($19.50 U.S. / $22.50 CDN) (New and Permanent)

  • Paper Lantern Frosted soft warm pink
  • Double Happiness Frosted light nude
  • Imperial Light Frosted light peach
  • Dynasty at Dusk Frosted neutral pink
  • Pagoda Frosted cool pink
  • Floating Lotus Frosted soft rose
  • Rising Sun Frosted bright orange

Availability: August 2nd @ MAC Cosmetics; August 9th in-stores (North America), September 2012 (International MAC Locations)

See more photos!

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67 thoughts on “MAC Cremesheen + Pearl Collection for Fall 2012

  1. Oh god, not the f-word! (Frosts. *shudders*) 

    • yellowlantern

      Rae // theNotice Other than the mention of frosts this collection looks pretty wearable. I’m really hoping it’s not too frosty (kind of like how Angel lipstick isn’t really frosty despite being a frost) since frosts and me are not friends. 

  2. Kafka

    Permanent??  MAC? I’m shocked.  As for that one photo of the lip, it well nigh gave me a heart attack as I was scrolling down. Between the sheer size of the close-up, the emphasis on the middle part of the lip lines, and the freakishly pale colour, it looked like some grotesque monster’s mouth. Or a body part. Either way, F*! I think I’m going to have nightmares.

    • yellowlantern

      Kafka I had a very similar reaction. I was just scrolling down the images and then o_o wtf was that?! Then it registered. Then I was slightly grossed out. 

    • Kafka *shudder* me too!!!  It’s the giant MAC oyster coming to suck your face… No No NOOOOOOOOOO

    • Gina

      Kafka Hah! I also thought it was interesting that even in the promotional photos, the product is seeping into the model’s lip lines. It reminds me of how Christine pointed out that in the Electric Cool collection, the eyeshadow was creased on the model.

    • Veronica

      Kafka You know what it reminds me of?  The mucous membrane you find on the skin of amphibious animals.  All slick and slimy and whatnot.  And now that I have said that, I am sorry that I did.

      • Kafka

        @Veronica  I’m really sorry you did too!!! But at least it’s a step up from the slick, glistening part of a woman’s genitalia that I was thinking of earlier. It even looks swollen too! Arrrggghhh!!  <bangs head against desk>  Make it stop, make it stop!

  3. So Mac got rid of a lot of their richly coloured satin-finish lipsticks (Mystic, Underworld, X-S, etc.) in order to make room for a new variation on frosty pastels? I suppose those shades sell the best, but I miss the diversity of the older Mac line.

  4. yellowlantern

    Pink, beige and coral are interesting color choices for a fall launch. 

  5. f0rtunefaded

    frost? come on mac.

  6. t_zwiggy

    Of all products they could make permanent they chose frosts. Why, MAC, why??? :(

  7. WTF???  Yawn!!!  This looks like the usual suspects for a spring/summer palette.. only this time with SPARKLE…oooohhhhhhh 

  8. Kas

    Frosts are more drying and patchy than the mattes! The mattes are awesome .. and Amplified … :(

  9. Emma512

    more frosts?! They do more than enough of them already! Not a fan of frosts at all :/

  10. I don’t read fall in any of these colors! Seems much more like spring/summer to me. And more frosts? Some of them are okay, but some of them I just can’t stand. Oh, MAC…

  11. Rosie

    Finally a collection I’m actually interested in! The “frost” makes me a little bit wary though.But I might just have to get “Saigon Summer” for the name just because I’m Vietnamese. ;D

    • KK27

      @Rosie I agree! Frosts can sometimes be scary. I tend to put on a lip balm and just pat frosts on so I don’t look too wild! 

  12. Daisies

    What’s with all the frost finishes MAC has been coming out with lately? How about some new mattes or satins?

  13. 18thCenturyFox

    So I’m just going to come out and say this- the permanent creamsheen and sheen supreme collections are both “Asian inspired”. I find this irritating since I don’t recall any other permanent launch being associated with a geographical area. Is this Orientalism? Kowtowing to a burgeoning market ? This is irritating. Additionally, the countries represented are all so different that throwing them under the headline “Asian” is silly to me. No I’m not going to get into ethnography. Is there a sub-Saharan Africa lipstick launch in the works? A Melanesian collection? I will be tapping my fingers on the desk until MAC gets back to me.

    • coldvault

      You hit the nail on the head.

    • artemis

      18thCenturyFox hehe, you’re right 😀 i guess they just thought of all the fantasy/flowery stuff that is a symbol for eastern asia and it’s associated with beauty.idk much about african and melanesian make-up tho, other than maybe that one that tribes use.

      • 18thCenturyFox

        Well and at first I’m like “Korean Candy! Great name- pretty color!” but these two big launches and the LE Quite Cute just start to seem… Fetishistic? A sub Saharan eye kohl collection would be awesome! The baby anthropologist in me is just wondering “Why?”

  14. Beth Mars

    Looks amazing! i can’t wait im trying to stop buying so much mac cos its crazy expensive but then i see this and its just so me!!

  15. MiettaReynolds

    MMmm. The more I hear about the up-and-coming collections for MAC, the more bored I am. On the other hand, I’m saving quite a lot of money! But it is disappointing that I don’t get excited over MAC collections any more…ah the good old days!

  16. ltn

    In case anyone is anxious to check out, they’re already available at Mac stand alone store for testing (not sure if at every store??), but not yet for sale.  I’ll leave it to the pros to review these, but I tried 3, and like texture better than regular cremesheen — almost like a sheen supreme.  The ones I tried weren’t that frosty, just very shiny — PR description above a bit over the top, but I’d say it’s fairly close.  Didn’t even know Mac has anything new coming out when I went today to pick up some basics… but will definitely pick one up.

  17. xamyx

    Well, I just glad there isn’t *another* bright pink…

  18. I’m in love with Cremesheen Glass lipglosses so I’ll really have to check out these new shades

  19. Gina

    I thought these looked awesome, until I saw the word “frost” everywhere. WHY. Why would the permanent line need SO MANY frosts?!

  20. Tanya

    Hi Christine,
    I have a question for you and not sure where to post it. I use MAC foundation NC30 (Studio Sculpt) and Bobbi Brown Pale Yellow powder to set my make up. After your comments regarding the Guerlain Les Voilettes Minerqal Powder I wanted your opinion on which colour should I go for? I am really after a translucent shade that does not add more colour to my face.

  21. FleurLace

    Nooooo! I just told myself that I was going to go on a spending ban! lol xD

  22. ms

    frost, frost, frost, frost=pass

  23. Cat G

    I didn’t know there was so much frost hate! Frost has it’s place, I think… Although, well yeah, I certainly wouldn’t fill my collection with more than one or two frosty lip products. Surprised that they’ll all be permanent too!

  24. Veronica

    That has to be one of the most terrifying promotional images I’ve ever seen.  o_o

  25. Ashley Wilson

    This is the collection for me!! I love lip products!!!

  26. Aly Del R

    Frost is my least favorite finish. >.< Pass!

  27. freshpinklips

    Skipping these. This is a good opportunity to go back to getting other permanent MAC stuff I had on my wishlist for so long that got put off on hold because of all the limited edition releases. 

  28. all perm mac colors are on the nudish side like really? mac came out with sooooo many amazing colors.. and this is what we get all year long? -.-

  29. NudeCrazy

    Omg can’t wait. Do you know or have any ideal what lipstick & gloss the model is wearing in the lip picture featured above? I want to buy that!!!

  30. TheresaKlijn

    I don’t mind a frosty lip, but these colours are borrrrrrrrrrrrrrring. I feel I have all these colours in my collection (frost or otherwise).Meh.

    • xamyx

      These are the sort of colors I go for, so I’m sure I have shades that are very similar, as well. I’m not a big fan of MAC lip products to begin with, but if there were something that was a “stand-out” shade, I’d be more inclined to have a look.

  31. The lips in the promotional pick look terribly sticky. Lips like that are probably my boyfriend’s worst nightmare… :-)It’s true that the colors aren’t all that exciting, but I do like them though.

  32. ChelleBelle

    These are actually $15, the price increase is already posted on the site.

  33. I’m liking the colors but we’ll have to see how frosty they actually look on the lips.  Too much frost will be a pass for me.

  34. phillipsea20dc

    I’m a little confused are all of these Permanent?

  35. pinkcrush

    I’m a lil scared!!! I havent worn a frosty/sparkly lipcolor since 03 when I was obsessed with MAC’s Pretty Please..

  36. pinkcrush

    I’m a lil scared!!! I havent worn a frosty/sparkly lipcolor since 03 when I was obsessed with MAC’s Pretty Please…

  37. pinkcrush

    I haven’t worn a frost/sparkly lipcolor since 03 when I was obsessed with MAC’s Pretty Please… I’m a lil afraid of this collection :(

    • Brjsmom

      I played with them at nordstrom and they are not at all frosty or sparkly! They are pretty sheer but no sparkle

  38. pinklust

    I agree frosts r not IT!!!

  39. ms mad

    Christine,  will you be doing any swatches on the lips.

  40. angelina .

    this collection isn’t appealing to me personally, i was hoping MACs next collection would though. I guess I’ll have to wait. I don’t understand why MAC keeps raising prices. They are already losing costumers but the price increases will lose even more (if they keep it up…)

  41. army_wife_in_alaska

    I was dreading 90’s type frothy crushed crystal lipsticks but these aren’t like those at all. They’re pretty and I’m probably going to pick up Japanese Maple.

  42. MakeupObsessed

    I love the color in the promo pic and I want to know what she is wearing! Any ideas??

  43. Brjsmom

    I have been trying for a year to get away from the nude lip….bought tons of bright corals and pinks for summer. Never put them on. These colors are screaming at me:). I preordered 3 lipsticks and 4 glosses. These colors are right up my alley, my nude lip alley

  44. annabelle

    Hmm…which cremesheen glass goes well together with japanese maple lipstick? double happiness or paper lantern?