Saturday, January 16th, 2010

MAC So Sweet, So Easy Cremeblend Blush

MAC Cremeblend Blushes — Lip Swatches

Here are quick & dirty lip swatches of the four Cremeblend blushes. When applied to lips, they can have a decent amount of slip. They almost seem to sit on lips and take quite awhile to sink in. The more pigmented ones (e.g. Florida) will stain lips if left on for long enough. I put about two or three layers of product on with a lip brush to get these, then I blended with my finger.

So Sweet, So Easy looked the worst, because it came off frosty and showed off lip lines, while Joie-de-Vivre and Florida seemed to look the best. My apologies in advance for the ultra close-up of Optimistic Orange — it was the only photo that was remotely in focus, and I didn’t want to keep delaying this post so hopefully it still gives you an idea of it on lips, even if it is uber close.

The taste is borderline tasteless to slightly plastic-y. It’s not delicious by any means, and there’s no real scent, but I probably wouldn’t recommend licking your lips with it. It’s not as bad as some of MAC’s Tinted Lip Conditioners, which definitely have a sunscreen taste to them.

See more swatches…

MAC So Sweet, So Easy Cremeblend Blush

MAC Joie-de-Vivre Cremeblend Blush

MAC Optimistic Orange Cremeblend Blush

MAC Florida Cremeblend Blush

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69 thoughts on “MAC Cremeblend Blushes — Lip Swatches

  1. Heather

    fun colors but I am not a fan of the texture. Looks to thick.

  2. shontay

    Wow. I just got my Florida blush in the mail Thursday, but I have yet to use it. I think I’ll wear it Wednesday for my my b-day. I LOVE pink lips. 😀

  3. Christine shen

    wow.. beautiful!! I was never into cream blushes.. you changed my mind =)

  4. daphne

    Thanks (as always!) for doing these, Christine. When I was at my f/s store last week I was going to get Joie-de-Vivre but wavered for some reason, and didn’t (probably because I had a couple things I “needed” and decided it could wait till payday). This makes me think again again :) because it really is a very ME lipcolor. Do you see yourself using these as lipcolors in looks? What gloss might you pair them with, esp Joie de Vivre? I think it would be pretty with Nymphette…or maybe a Dazzleglass…

    • To be honest, not really. There’s a lot of slip, so I think the only way I’d use these would be as a stain, TBH! Since I have lipsticks that do the same job, I’d probably just turn to them :)

  5. I wouldn’t rate them as having a smooth finish, but they’re very pretty. I’ll bet with a gloss on top they’d look wonderful.

  6. Marta

    Hi Christine!

    First I wanted to say that congratulations on having such a wonderful blog! I read it daily and this is the first time I’m posting.

    I just wanted to say that I don’t like the finishes that much, maybe Florida is the best one but the colors is too much for me.

    Maybe with a gloss over them the finish would have been better.

    Keep up the good work, your tutorials and reviews are super helpful!

    Best wishes,


  7. Megan

    florida looks beautiful…can’t wait to check these out!

  8. Tami

    I love how Florida looks on your lips. I swatched it last night and resisted buying it. Now I must have it:D

  9. lauraaaaaaaa

    florida looks niiiiice

  10. egon

    WHY Christine =( just yesterday I convinced myself that I only need two now I want them ALL again =p

  11. Wow. Florida looks amazing on your lips.

  12. Anitacska

    I don’t know if I will get them now, they don’t look too great on the lips, except maybe Joie de Vivre. Thanks.

  13. Gorge!! I really like how the brighter colors showed up better on your lips… another reason to grab these babies!

  14. I definitely love Joie-de-vivre. I bought it yesterday and was so eager to use it that I wore it to the gym today. and do u take the pictures yourself? haha i know how hard it is to get it right in focus, but good job.

  15. amy

    I wore Florida on my lips yesterday and the colour is very pretty, but the colour blends out quite a bit. By mid-afternoon the colour was blend out side my lip line. When I put a gloss over it it made the colour stick to my lip line better. The staying power of the blush is great. I already own Florida and So Sweet So Easy, but now I want Optimistic Orange and Joie de Vivre too!

  16. Macaddict

    Yesterday I wore the Florida blush with Hollywood Nights l/s at work. I checked both Florida and Hollywood Nights and the color is identical1 So, I ended up using Florida on my lips (less to carry around) for touch ups. It’s a gorgeous color!

  17. Rosanna

    I agree that Joie-de-Vivre and Florida look the best. But BAM! Florida is one hot, bright shock of colour!:D

  18. jinny

    Florida looks like Girl About Town … at least on me… I wore style minx (from fafi) over florida looked awesome

  19. Sylvie

    florida is gorge! Love it :)

  20. I love Florida and optimistic orange. I’m not sure how they’d look on darker skin though.

    • ak

      Because Optimistic Orange looks nice but a bit coral-ly rather than true orange, I think I’ll eventually buy the MAC Cream Color Base in Orange Alarm.

  21. Evelyn

    so sweet so easy is definitely my colour!
    hope it looks better if i use it with a lip balm or other lip colour

  22. rochelle

    florida looks amazing on your lips! i wonder what it would look like on my pigmented lips? i guess i will have to find out! i just bought florida and joie-de-vivre yesterday. i also got suckered into getting resort life. the MA put it on top of the l/s i was already wearing (vegas volt) and it looked awesome!

  23. DevilishDoll

    Ooooh, this is making me really want Optimistic Orange. These would look gorgeous with the Lipgelees over them.

  24. michelle

    the orange looks surprisingly good on the lips

  25. Val ♥ Temptalia

    When I got them last week they went on my lips before my cheeks! I’m NC42 and got Optimistic Orange and Florida. They were so fun on my cheeks and lips with just clean neutral makeup and a black cateye. Luh-huve! ♥

  26. Now I really want Florida :)

  27. Heather

    Hey Christine would you show a pic with the optimistic orange on the cheeks. I am dying to see it.

  28. CuteBalloon1

    Hey! Joie-de-vivre on the lips is slightly reminiscent of Guerlain Rouge G Giuliette lipstick without the gold I think!

    Also, my favorite MAC lipstick is Impassioned (coral-hot pink) and Joie-de-vivre is sort of the blush equivalent.

    I have that and Florida and I love them both. I think I will get a backup of Joie-de-vivreeeeeee!!!!!!!!

  29. Florida is looking similar to saint germain, but a little darker? or maybe more vibrant is the word I’m looking for! Nice!

  30. claudia

    Florida is HOT !!

  31. Teresa

    Christine, now that you’ve worn them on the lips, could you tell me what are the closest dupes in lipstick form for So Sweet, So Easy and Joie-De-Vivre?
    This is to check and see if I will like these on myself and choose the right one. Thank you! Also, I still think Prive might be a dupe for So Sweet, So Easy? Please let me know :) Thank you :)

    • So Sweet, So Easy would be Snob, maybe. Saint Germain is probably closer, though it’s LE, so yeah. Prive is similar, but I’d say it’s a little darker/less pasty pink, you know?

      Joie-de-Vivre would maybe be Speed Dial!

      • Teresa

        Thank you so much, Christine! You are so helpful! :)
        Maybe it’s not the dupe I was looking for after all :) As I’m not sure if I like Snob for myself, I haven’t tried it though! Still though, I’d love to get one of these blushes! They sound like a dream :)

  32. Shanna

    The texture might be rough now, but I agree a gloss on top would help that out. So sweet, so easy reminds me of Saint Germain in color. I need them all now.

  33. Dana

    Wow! These are higly pigmented!

  34. Vera

    Woow. Gorgeous!

  35. I love the way Florida looks!
    I wish I could get that blush but we didn’t get the collection here :(
    Optimistic Orange looks amazing as well :)

  36. I never thought of using blushes on my lips?!

  37. tiptoeshortbread

    ooooo check out Florida! Faaaabulous!

  38. Does florida on the lips look similar to MAC Gladiola Lipstick from the Dame Edna Collection?

  39. It was hard to talk myself out of So Sweet So Easy, but now I want Joie-de-Vivre and Florida too! Oh no! 😮

  40. lucyzombiex

    instant love for me.

  41. jillo

    I havde not tried it yet on my lips, but since the texture is so close to ccb i can see it working out great. thanks for showing us.

  42. kate

    hmm, I’m pretty sure these aren’t lip safe… just keep that in mind ladies! :)

    • Hi Kate,

      According to

      “A poured cream blush uniquely formulated to bring a natural, softly dewy look to the cheek. Creamy and soft to apply, yet colour, depth and dimension stay throughout the day. Provides a luxuriously smooth, medium-buildable coverage. May be used on cheeks or lips.”

      • was wondering that myself, thanks Christine! I thought I had got rid of my lemming for the cremeblends but now I want Joie de Vivre again…based on the fact that its dual purpose :)

      • kate

        Thanks Christine,
        My MAC mua told me wrong! (should have known just to always trust you)!
        :) hope you are feeling better!

  43. Ginny

    Oh my gosh! I don’t know how I’d wear them but I have got to have Optimistic Orange and Florida!! They’re beautiful.

  44. I had no idea you could use cremeblend blushes on your lips!

  45. J

    Oh my, I would buy Florida alone to use as a lip product :)

  46. ak

    Florida and then Joie de Vivre look best on you Christine, and then I’d say that Optimistic Orange looks good on you as well.

  47. Florida looks really pretty. That would look great with an awesome tan and a barely there eye in the summer. The lips and nice lashes could be the focal point:)

  48. Rosanna

    I bought Florida (along with Bright sunshine e/s – thanks for the recommendation btw; and a lucky find gasp* Clarity e/s!)

    Florida is awesome as a lip stain and it really shows up well as a more wearable colour if you don’t want it that bright! You can tone the stain more if you layer a peach/coral gloss over it. :)

  49. Jasmine

    Florida is really pretty just not a good texture.

  50. I love Florida and Joie-de-Vivre is also pretty!

  51. The optimistic orange photo looks so scary, Christine LOL