Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

Anyone pick up Air of Style? Thoughts?

The Scent: It is a fairly heavy fragrance when initially smelled from the vial, but when it dries down, it isn’t so heady. MAC describes the scent as, “A baroque blend of white pepper, dates, tuberose, orange flower, jasmine, precious woods, leather, vetiver and amber crystals sumptuously overlaid with the opulence of ylang ylang and orris.” First, the description is insanely long and makes it sound like they threw nearly every particular note they could. I want to say that what I could sniff out was more of a sweet floral scent with jasmine undertones, a touch of woodiness, but mostly sophisticated floral tones. You will probably be able to note the subtle sweetness, and I wouldn’t really call this a masculine scent (far too much floral!).

The Packaging: The bottle pictured online is filled with the perfume, when in reality you receive it in two parts: empty perfume bottle and filled test-tube vial [of the perfume]. They include a funnel so you can put it into the actual bottle. The problem with this packaging is you have to figure out a way to get this bad boy to stand, which is pretty much impossible. The scent is better spritzed rather than dabbed on, so for me, I’ll be filling up travel-size spray vials (from eBay) instead of really utilizing the bottle. The actual perfume vial is cute in design, but it’s not practical, which is a problem for those of us would like to actually display it rather than tossing it into a holder of some sort to keep it vertical. I think they would have been better off if they had used airbrushed metal or higher caliber material for the cap of the vial, too.

Overall: I know some people griped about the price ($60.00), but considering the prices of most perfumes, I don’t really see how this is shock-worthy. Just as there are numerous perfumes that are made by some of the most famous perfume houses that make us want to gag, they are still priced similarly to MAC’s prices. Overall, though, the scent is lovely enough and doesn’t make me want to gag. It’ll be a nice scent to transition from winter to spring.

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10 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – The Stylistics – Air of Style Perfume Review

  1. victoria

    interesting. i’d like to sample the scent, if there’s any left. a lot of the holiday collections are sold out in my area, unbelievable, and i have 4 nordstroms and 2 mac stores. $60 is really an average price for frangrances nowadays. but i’m a little puzzled, you said you have to fill in the actually bottle, is the bottle travel sized? maybe it is travel sized that’s why it doesn’t stand up.

    • I have heard that it’s very similar to KORS by Michael Kors and the original Marc Jacobs perfumes if that helps :)

      The actual bottle is a full size glass blown vial!

  2. I LOVE Mac. They alwways releases the best products. It’ll be interesting to see how well this scent appeals to the market.

  3. Tekoa

    I’m sure MAC created a very nice perfume, but I think the package designers ate way too much sugar that day to come up with that tube. I’m sure they were aiming for luxerious, but came out with profoundly odd and impractical.

    • LOL! Yes, definitely agree with you there. If you haven’t sniffed it yet, it’s very similar to KORS by Michael Kors and the original Marc Jacobs perfumes!

  4. Tanya

    I tried this perfume per a sample from the store and was sniffn my wrist the whole way home :) Its funny after a while I felt like I recognized the smell. My Mom wears Elisabeth Arden’s Red Door and the smell of this MAC perfume really reminded me of it, not the same but kinda similar. I know perfume smells different on everyone but to give readers a semi idea of the scent, its not a bad comparison.

    • I’ve been told it’s similar to KORS by Michael Kors and the original Marc Jacobs perfumes. I like it, though :)

      Thanks for another similarity! I’m not a perfume guru yet!

  5. addicted_2color

    i agree. i hate the way it was packaged. its such a beautiful bottle and being put to waste because i wont even store it in there. i will also be transferring it into a smaller atomizer i bought at sephora. also something i was pretty pissed about was pouring it into the atomizer. i spilled quite a bit when transferring it. lovely scent, bad design. they could have at least made the bottle flat at the bottom. boo on mac for this one (design).

    • It’s such an odd design in the end. WHY CAN’T IT STAND! Or even come with a stand or base or something… sigh. I’m sorry to hear you spilled some :(