Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

While I already wrote up my in-depth review on all of The Originals, I finally had the time to do some lip swatches!  With that in mind, remember that the application is not always perfect as I merely apply for the sake of taking photos to share the color with everyone! :)

See all five lipglasses and ten lipsticks on my lips…


Nico Now

Full On Lust


Real Desire

Utter Pervette

Sandy B

Rozz Revival

Rozz Revival + Full On Lust

Russian Red

Nouveau Frou

Twig Twig

Super Sequin

Chintz On Chintz

Back to Del Rio


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46 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – The Originals – Lip Swatches & Product Photos

  1. Nouveau Frou and Nico Now looks really nice together!

  2. victoria

    i was so for the darker shades, back to del rio and real desire. too bad they’re limited editions, got to get a backup.

  3. Elyssa

    im so for the natural colors and I love Rozz rivival and back to del rio is really nice…
    thanx for the pictures and reviews they help a lot.

  4. Mallory

    Those are gorgeous, I think I must get Russian Red now!

  5. Tanya

    wow its amazing how different the results of color swatches are on your lips and on the hand. Colors that I thought I would like I don’t care for at all, much too light, while others that I thought would be too dark look amazing on you.

    • I know, isn’t it? Rozz Revival was sooo bright on my hand, but it went on a bit more sheerly. I think it might even be wearable for me now, lol.

  6. Tricia

    just wanted to say i love the new look! the sight is awesome and you have helped me sooo many times! im so greatful for your willingniss to teach!

  7. Tricia

    i always hear people using cumulus ( sp?) on every blu/ grey look and i was really interested only to find out that its gone
    :(.. i was told the “alum” from the originals collection is very similar. i have never seen cumulous so i was wondering if you agree with the girls at my mac store!

    thanks tricia

  8. Skyler

    Wow, all of these look so much lighter on you than they do me! 😛 Poor Avarice got no love… I am in love with it. It was my favourite thing from this collection. Thanks so much for these swatches, although now I want to go back for Real Desire so *shakes fist*. 😉

    • I was actually surprised that they went on so sheerly! Trust me, for swatch purposes, I really try to pack it on for some vibrancy! I mean, I know in my personal usage, I will top with a gloss anyway… ha.

      Real Desire is SO SURPRISINGLY WEARABLE! I was like, “Oh, no way” when I saw it, but much prettier on my lips.

      I think Avarice is a great color anyone who’s ever wanted to go red, but not go BIG red (ha).

  9. Russian red looks awesome!

  10. Sara

    oo, i was just going to get full on lust, but i might have to get rozz revival now too! twig twig looks really nice as well.

    • Sara

      also, the colors look alot more sheer than i would have expected…is this what a lot of macs lipsticks are like? i’ve never used one before

      • I think the majority of the lipsticks from the Originals are lustre finishes, which means they will be sheerer for the most part. Not all of MAC’s lipsticks are like this. For instance, Russian Red is a matte and is like WHOA in your face kind of color.

    • Hey Sara! Full On Lust is a definitey must, but I liked that Rozz Revival went on sheer enough that it didn’t go too orange on me.

  11. Yorkdale_Girl

    Supersequin, Avarice, Real Desire and retrofluid are calling my name.

  12. I admire the time and precision that went into making these swatches. This would be a great example for he MAC site (instead of those miniature thumbnail colours). Thanks very much!

    • It’s my pleasure, Bart :) Love to help others out! Yes, I agree, the MAC site could surely use better thumbnails. Even the style they have is fine… but why can’t they photograph them accurately?!

  13. Thanks for the swatches! You have quite pigmented lips I think… at least in comparison to mine. I have virtually NO pigmentation in my lips so usually what you see in the tube is what shows on my lips. Rozz Revival, for example, looked on my lips like it looked on your hand! That was originally the only lipstick I thought I wanted, but I ended up passing it up & getting Supersequin instead, which I love. Its not a very original shade, but its almost like MLBB. Looks great with Nico Now as well :) I’m tempted to pick up Avarice & Real Desire too… Real Desire looked soooo dark in the tube, but very gorgeous on you.

    • No problem, Ariele! I never thought I did (hate my natural lip color, so drab and dreary), but I guess apparently I do! I never thought Real Desire would be as wearable as it turned out.

  14. JackA

    I recently got Maybelline’s Royal Red lipstick. Is that a decent enough dupe for Russian Red? I love the intensity of Russian Red, and I fear Royal Red might be a bit too light.

    • Hey! I don’t personally know what Royal Red looks like, but I looked it up online and it looks a touch darker, but I think it’d be fine as long as it goes on with a lot of color.

  15. Full on Lust looks so great! I admit I’m a little new to MAC cosmetics and havent tried their lipglosses but have heard so much about them. Your post has made me want to buy my very first one! :)

    I was just wondering about MAC lipglosses, and their staying power? Cause a lot of lipglosses I use, after a few hours they start to peel off and leave a very unslightly ring on the inner part of my lips. I always have to rub all the gloss off and start over, rather than just adding touchups now and then. Very annoying! :(

  16. Charlene

    wow i love full on lust!

  17. S.

    two thumbs up for Sandy B. what’s your favorite?

  18. Lindsay

    I ended up with Avarice which was a huge surprise..but I love it, its gorgeous. I also got Super sequin, which I love too. I think tomorrow I am going back for Full On Lust, I tried it but ended up getting Avarice instead, and Im going to try Back to Del Rio for kicks.

  19. Twig Twig seems a gorgeous nude rosy shade, definetely my favourite, along with Russian Red =)

  20. Also, I forgot to say, I loved how Back to Del Rio looked on you! Would classify it as a rosy nude l/s? I’m in doubt because it looks so dark on the tube =////

    But certainly after looking how it looked on you (gorgeous) I got tempted on buying it! =)))

    L O V E nudes =PPP =))))

    • Oh, thank you! I would classify it more as a sheer mauvey color with rose undertones. It goes on sheer, so even though it looks dark, it wasn’t so much on me! It was one of my favorite!