Sunday, December 9th, 2007

N Collection – A portrait in the nude, daring in its stripped-down sensuality with natural and pearlized shades of Mineralize Skinfinish that play up the nakedness of cheeks, lips, eyes. For a glamazon who knows the power of artifice but has the confidence and allure to strip it all away.  N. Collection is naked, with coverage — it’ll be our little secret.  Custom-created high performance brushes mean that no one need ever know. Seductive, and ripe for a scandal.


  • 1N Light nude/Plain with rose pearl
  • 2N Creamy light pink
  • 3N Pastel, milky pink
  • 4N Creamy medium brown
  • 5N Clean bplum rown


  • 1N Creamy, white-light brown
  • 2N Creamy natural gold-pink
  • 3N Natural bronze with gold and pink pearl
  • 4N Light chocolate brown with red pearl


  • Nanogold Clean gold with rose pearl
  • Modest Tone Neutral dirty light brown
  • Neutral Pink Deep medium blue-pink
  • Rich Flesh Neutral warm brown
  • Remotely Grey Dirty grey-brown
  • Dark Edge Deep chocolate brown

Paint Pots

  • Soft Ochre Yellow beige
  • Quite Natural Dirty chocolate brown

Cremestick Liners

  • Creamola Darkly tinted light brown
  • Sublime Culture Pink with caramel


  • Graphblack Richest black graphite
  • Brownborder Deep chocolate brown

Nail Laquers

  • N Colour Creamy Beige
  • Demi-Blanc Beige with green pearl
  • Naturally Rich Milky chocolate

This collection should be available from MAC from January/February 2008. Check out more photos!

Source (Translation courtesy of Temptalia’s Dad (!), lalunia on MUA, and kitiqueen on LJ!), Thank you to loyal reader Jessica for sending me the link and giving us all the heads up!

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58 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Spring 2008 – N Collection

  1. OMG, my jaw dropped to the floor…i drooled all over my laptop

  2. monica

    i’m so excited for this collection!!!
    i hope it lives up to my expectations

  3. Rachel

    Soft Orche just may be the perfect base for my Asian skin!

  4. Mitch

    i heard that n collection going to release a MSF. Its called warmed. is it true?

  5. Anna

    OMG how do you get all this cool information?

    Also, is the first picture of MSFs? Cause the descriptions don’t say anything about MSFs…

    • A very lovely reader, Jessica, sent in the info :)

      No descriptions yet for MSFs, but I had a MA confirm that there were some colored ones as well as the natural ones coming out…

  6. Tekoa

    Ooo! Neutrals! I was wondering what MAC was planning

  7. fie


  8. Madeleine

    Don’t tell me that your dad can translate…Polish! Wow :)
    “lalunia” – who is lalunia?

    “1N Light nude/Plain with rose pearl ” – I am going to argue here;that’s not how I would describe (translate) the color – LOL …but who cares! MAC is going to have another awesome collection.
    How have you been able to find this article?
    I even didn’t get that far LOL

    And about the collection…it’s time to get ready to spend…more money! LOL

    • He can do a little bit, not too much. What would you translate it as? I’ve had two Polish speakers go over it now, lol!

      Reader Jessica sent me the link :)

  9. lisa

    I’m in heaven! I love neutral natural looks sooooooo much. This is one collection i plan to splurge on.

  10. Ashlee

    yay naturals are my favorite. It doesnt say anything about msfs though? :(

    • Hey Ashlee!! I didn’t even realize it was you on MUT til I looked at your icon, lol!

      Anyway, no descriptions for MSFs were included, but I had a MA confirm that there were going to be natural MSFs and colored MSFs and “surprises.”

  11. Katie

    I am dying to know what the colors of the MSFs are in the top picture! Are they releasing MSFs in this collection or is it just what is listed? I can’t wait! This collection is gorgeous! :)

    • SUPPOSEDLY, they are. No descriptions were on the source site, but I had a MA confirm that there were natural MSFs and colored ones coming, plus “surprises.”

  12. Rubii

    I am such a bid fan of nude colors! Thanks soo much for posting.

  13. hannika

    OMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cannot wait… great. im gonna be broke again : ( : ) i’m not sure how i can be so sad and happy at the same time. only mac does that to me…. thanks christine!

  14. kat

    I agree with the above comments, I’m a pretty big fan of neutrals so I’m excited!

  15. Tiffany

    I too am STOKED to get my hands on the MSFs!!
    Thanks for the info!

  16. Tanya

    OHHHH how very exciting :) Neutrals with pinks are a big sell for this happy shopper and all the evil Xmas crowds will be gone, hopefully the “return” crowd too!! yippeee!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Christine, when are the glitters coming out? I remember quite a while back there was a post about glitters. I looked on the PRO site but didn’t see anything and their version of the store had several glitters but about half were out. Do you know anything you can pass on?

    • Katie

      There are a few glitters coming out in the Originals collection on 12-26-07. The pro glitters they will have in the collection are Blackened Red, Very pink, Transparent Teal, and Antique Gold. Those are the only four I know of. :)

    • Hey Tanya!

      Katie’s right, the glitters come out with the Originals collection on the 26th. All of the glitters are available on the PRO site and PRO stores, though…

      You could probably pass on Transparent Pink/Teal… Honestly, they’re all so gorgeous, lol! I couldn’t resist them :(

  17. Though I must say judging from the size of the powders in the pics they dont look like MSFs, they look more like e/s :( Atleast to me…

    • Katie

      I am hoping that because they showed an actual eye shadow in pot form for the collection that the those really are full sized MSF in the top picture. Again I am just hoping!!!! :)

    • They look like a group of MSF naturals & MSF colored, so I think they’re MSFs! The Polish gallery had it labeled as MSFs, though.

  18. Carrie

    wow, now I have to line up another freelance gig so I can get this collection! it’s perfect. “dirty grey brown” it. I remember reading about how the 2N lipstick was really popular at the fall fashion shows & have been wondering if it would be available more widely.

  19. saniya

    so is this going to be limited edition products or a permanent line??

  20. victoria

    oh my prayers have been answered. i went to the mall and took a good look at the sparkling powders from stylistics, they are so tiny, not worth getting, these are really worth getting. i can’t wait for you to review this collection, you do a great job at judging products.

  21. DoDe

    WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!! Great news to read on this Monday morning!!!! I Love neutrals especially the soft ochre paint pot…. sounds gorgeous. I am going to save my pennies. Thanks for posting.

  22. tiffanny

    I can’t wait!!!!

  23. My GOD! I just quite my job. Quick, someone find me another job so I can save up money for this collection. It looks like the best yet! =[

  24. Mary

    MAC needs to slow down with the beautiful collections or I’m going to have to file BK lol

    Thank GOD for boyfriends!

  25. Thalia

    I’m surprised that there’s no description for the MSFs yet, but the eyeshadows, lipglasses, and paint pots sound divine!

  26. Naomi

    This is so exciting. I am ready to keep shopping. If I dont go broke first. I want the paint pots and MSF’s if they are MSF’s. Thanks for bringing us the images Temptalia.

  27. omotunde

    i am going gaga for this, i am going to buy the whole thingggggggggggggg, i start saving from now. awesome, i love the mineralize line