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Myriad of Mascara - Estee Lauder Illusionist Mascara


Seductive curves. Now, power shape your lashes with up to 160% more curl. Advanced aerodynamic gel formula with innovative curling polymers gives lashes weightless, seductive curves, without stiffness or flaking. New pigment technology creates intense black impact shades that absorb light and surround your eyes in the beauty of deep, rich color. Fragrance free. Ophthalmologist-tested.

  • Applicator: Medium-sized brush with an oval shape to it–small point a the end.
  • Clumping: Only mild clumping was experienced on the third coat towards the roots of lashes, but not at the ends.
  • Curl: This isn’t a curling mascara, but it does hold a curl when you’ve used a lash curler.
  • Ease: Quite easy to apply given the nature of the wand, which allows for more precision to get to harder to reach lashes on the inner area and the lower lashes.
  • Length: You get a decent amount of length after a few coats of this mascara–not the longest I’ve ever seen–a good length for both natural and more dramatic looks.
  • Thickening: I would have to say that I didn’t feel like my lashes were significantly thicker, even in the appearance.
  • Volume: I found I got more volume out of this Estee Lauder mascara than some of the others I’ve tried. I felt like my lashes appeared fuller.
  • Best: I liked how full my lashes looked thanks to the volumizing effect of the mascara, and the length that came out was quite lengthy. This is a great everyday mascara for those who want a bit of length and drama, but nothing over the top.
  • Worst: No real downside to this mascara; perhaps the price is a turn off for those who are more budget-conscious.