Thursday, February 7th, 2008

OVERALL, the launch is great because it offers twenty shades of Slimshines that are all permanent to the MAC Cosmetics line. This means that you can happily have a favorite that you can repurchase again and again–not to mention you don’t have to rush out and buy all twenty for fear of them selling out and missing out! The Slimshine formula is very creamy and smooth, more moisturizing than most lipsticks, and the color pay off is fairly decent. I personally find that Slimshines do not last nearly as long as a typical lipstick, because of how creamy they are, you tend to put on more product and it seems like you get less than in a tube of lipstick. The texture/formula is non-sticky, and they are quite glossy/high sheen, which is a plus for those who have no love for lipglass because of its tackiness. My personal favorites were Grenadine, Intimidate, Rock Out, Voile, Gaily, and Scant.

  • Assertive is a rose with red and peach undertones and gold shimmer that goes on fairly sheerly.
  • Bare is a smooth pale gray-pink with little shimmer but lots of shine. I would consider this in the same family as Blankety lipstick.
  • Cocoamour is a warm brown with gold shimmer with decent color but is still buildable. I like the golden shimmer in this, though I think the brown color is still too dark for my lips (alone, at least).
  • Funshine is a warm medium pink with no real shimmer but is incredibly glossy with fairly good color pay off. The name is true–this color just seems fun.
  • Gaily is a coral-red with little shimmer and lots of high sheen; it’s pretty and I think those who find true reds too bold, this may be a nice subtler red.
  • Grenadine is a deep raspberry red with little shimmer and good color pay off. This is a definite favorite of mine, but when am I not attracted to this color family?
  • Lovey Dove is a sheer strawberry peach kind of color with low level shimmer (gold sheen perhaps). Nice, but not a stand out color for me.
  • Intimidate is a pink with purple-gray undertones with good opacity. It is a nice color, kind of an easy-to-wear shade for casual days.
  • Long Stem Rose is a gorgeous shimmery medium pink with golden sheen that goes on sheerly but is somewhat buildable. I like this as a great color for light makeup days.
  • Missy is a warm orange-peach kind of color, more wearable than say Vegas Volt, but still one of the bolder colors of the twenty.
  • Most Wanted is a very dark burgundy with red and gold shimmer–more shimmer than most of the other Slimshines. I liked it, but I think it may be too vampy for my skintone.
  • Mousse is a glossy warm caramel brown with little to no shimmer. It’s not a color I could wear (honestly, browns and I don’t seem to get along!), but I think it’s a great color for others.
  • Pleasing is a mauvy kind of color, fairly light and sheer, with subtle golden pearl reflects. It’s a nice everyday shade.
  • Prudeaux is a lovely glossy burgundy color–much like Most Wanted–without a lot of shimmer. It does go on more sheerly than Most Wanted, as well, which may make it a better option for the majority.
  • Rock Out is this year’s “Kissable.” It is a bright fuchsia pink with subtle golden-pink shimmer, and the color pay off is decent.
  • Scant is a deep red-plum with gold shimmer and lots of sheen. I like that it has a lot of color when it goes on, which is always a good thing in my book.
  • Think Tan is a dark brown with red shimmer in it that goes on fairly sheerly. I’d love to see someone wear this, just because I can’t imagine it on me.
  • Ultra Elegant is a darker coral/peach color with brown undertones. I think this may make a great base underneath brighter lipglasses or glosses.
  • Urgent! is the “red” of the launch, but it is a very sheer, glossy red (seems blue-based to me). Pretty, but since it isn’t opaque, I’m not that interested in it.
  • Voile is one of my favorites, because it so pretty swatched. It is a pale yellow with lots of golden shimmer. It seems more like a gloss than a lipstick, since it doesn’t provide much color on its own.

Check out two more swatch photos…

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86 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Slimshines 2008 Review and Swatches

  1. strawbaby

    grenadine are bare are SO MINE.
    i hope that rock out is as good as kissable. i love my kissable. it’s my only pink that doesn’t make me look like a porn star (which isnt always appropriate lol!)

  2. zoe

    im so glad these arent limited edition so i dont need to get them all at once but i need: rock out, longstem rose , grenadine and most wanted but i may want lovey dovey and funshine too if they arent too warm

  3. Nell

    This is finally a collection that has come out first in Europe. I have Think Tan and Voile, both are gorgeous colors, though this years slimshines have faint taste of plastic, that I did not detect in last years version. I still crave Bare, it will be mine soon…Thank you for your review and the great swatches!

    • Awesome, Nell! Lucky Europeans :)

      How do you like Voile? Sorry to hear about the plastic taste! I can’t say I’ve tasted them, lol.

      • Nell

        I really like Voile, it is a great low maintenance lipstick, but my lips are very pale, so with more pigmented or rosier lips it would probably just add some slightly golden shimmer and shine. I also use it over darker lipsticks, like a gloss.


    I’m so happy that these will be staying around! I’m loving Pleasing, Funshine & Gaily!!

  5. I’m SO glad there’s something even close to Kissable! In my life, I’ve gone nearly through only ONE lipstick, and it was Kissable.

  6. I absolutely lovee MAC slimshine and pleasing is my absolute favorite.

  7. Tanya

    OH I am very excited to try these :) I have never in my life gone though a tube of lipstick so the fact that this might go quicker is not really an issue for me.

    I am curious to try –
    Intimidate (maybe)
    and the top choice is Long Stem Rose!!

  8. lala

    I’m loving
    longstem rose
    ultra elengant

    did you get your favorites??? did you check out the mineral makeup at nordies???

  9. Sarah

    I think your swatches are mislabled. Lovey-dove is not right. I have it from the previous launch and it looks nothing like that and the MAC description is “Mid-tone terracotta with bronze.”

    • Thalia

      Well she does have an olive skintone, so probably that’s why the lipcolor doesn’t look like the way you think it should – her skin’s undertones interfere with the colour.

      I’ve seen swatches on another site where someone puts the slimshines on paper, and compared to her colour, some of the pinks are warmer, and some of the burgandies turn out more plum.

    • Hey Sarah! Thanks for letting me know!

  10. I am so stoked these are permanent. I absolutely love the texture of these… &since I know I’m going to blow a lot of money at the Fafi event on Sunday, these will have to wait. Grenadine, Rock Out & Intimidate are on the top of my list 😉 Thanks for the awesome swatches!

  11. MoOn

    I got slimshines from the LE collection and I love them.
    thanks for the swatches :)

  12. Becky

    Do you know which one was from the promo photo? Right now I can’t really tell!!

  13. victoria

    grenadine is so pretty, isn’t it, that must be a new shade. but i am so curious about viole. i’m hoping it will appear how you describe it because i would LOVE a gloss with gold in it but i love the feel of these. will it alter the color of the lipstick if i use it on top you think?

  14. Oooh, Rock Out because I’m in love with bright pink lately for some reason. And Grenadine looks really pretty, too.

  15. Awesome Christine!

    I already have most of the shades, but ordered Rock Out – yay!
    Seeing your swatch I’m going to get Voile – so pretty.

    Do you think that Voile is like Garden Lipglass but in lipstick form? I loved Garden

  16. Thalia

    Now you’ve totally got me excited for Rock Out and Missy!

  17. Hi Christine, i love your websites! thank you for all your swatches, they all really help, esp when i dont have time to have look at them personally! the lipsticks look gorgeous, cant believe they are all permanent! your swatches have def convinced me to have a closer look at the counter! thanks again =D

  18. Liliana

    The first time these launched I bought and absolutely love Scant and I also got Most Wanted. Everybody raves about Longstem Rose but for me I think it would be too light since I already have a lot of pigment in my lips. I’m going to have to eventually try Intimidate and Rock Out. Those two look great! But I must confess that I still absolutely love Scant with Spice liner. Thanks Christine for the swatches. Now I don’t have to go in and paint my whole arm. :)

  19. Ashlee

    Im so glad they are perm. bare, lovey dove, pleasing, rockout,and funshine.

    I’ll get another long stem rose, I love it! Its perfect for a pin-up look if your not loving bold reds.

  20. I really love Bare and Rock Out! Thanks for sharing swatches with us :)

  21. Liliana

    This has nothing to do with Slim Shines but today i saw that Fergie is the new model/spokeswoman for a MAC Viva Glam ad. She talks about a pink lipglass that she is wearing in the ad. I’m assuming this is Viva Glam 5 lipglass but I don’t know when another Viva Glam is coming out either? Do you know Christine?

  22. claudine

    omg thanks for the swatches thanks thanks <3
    i was not really interested in them but i have to get funshine and missy these two are totally my colors yay

  23. Aprilrobin

    OOoh I need to go try Missy right now and get a new Lovey-Dove. I went through Lovey-Dove SO FAST. Aboslutely love it as a MLBB with a little extra kick on pigmented lips.

    Bare is another favorite of mine. Lol, I’ll keep my cool though since they’re perm now. Yay, I love slimshines soo much! They’re the perfect compromise between goopy gloss and the upkeep of lipstick.

  24. Tiffany

    it’s funny that you put Funshine and Missy next to each other since I ended up getting those two shades! but oddly, they both look ALMOST THE SAME on my pigmented lips against my NC35 skin..but I love them anyways, I’m so glad they’re permanent

  25. shar

    I got Grenadine, Rock Out and intimidate today and they are all gorgeous. The colours come up much lighter on my NC42 skintone but they are still really pretty! Funshine looks lovely in your swatch but came up really coral orange on my skin so I passed on that one.

    Thanks for the swatches!! :)

  26. Liliana

    Hey everybody! I found the answer to my own question. It’s a spoiler. Apparently, Fergie created her own lipglass for Viva Glam which is a mauve color that she says can be worn everyday. Unfortunately, it is limited edition. I can’t wait to see it. Also, does anybody know if Rock Out is an old or new slimshine color? My local outlet mall has discounted M.A.C. products and that’s how I got my Scant slimshine for $10 from the previous launch. Maybe they’ll have Rock Out if it’s from the first launch, although, I don’t remember seeing that one before. Oh well. I didn’t know that M.A.C. was owned by Estee Lauder Company. The Cosmetics Company store has all Estee Lauder products so I’m pretty positive that M.A.C. is also under the same company. Thanks!

  27. kleri

    Thanks for the swatches! I love grenadine,rock out and scant.
    Did you check out the Lightful collection?

  28. Heather

    Ouuu, I’m so glad this is a permanent line, I’m so sick of falling in love with something & its LE..hmph.
    I just ordered Bare, I’m thinking it may be my next true love….

  29. claudine

    yay got funshine yesterday and its a perfect color for me


  31. Fie

    My favs are Kissable and Pink D’lush too! I so want to get Missy and Bare :/ but God knows when will these reach Malaysia.

  32. Colleen

    I like the Slimshines, although I don’t think they wear the best. I bought Gaily which I think is a great healthy looking color. I wear it playing tennis and it’s a “there” color without being too much. It’s a nice grab and go lip product. No fuss application.

    • Hey Colleen! I agree that they tend to be less long lasting than other formulas, and I feel like you use more and use it faster than a regular lipstick.

  33. S.

    What’s your opinion about Slimshines and Creamy Lips by Bobbi Brown? What’s your favorite if you have to pick just one?

    • I like Slimshines because they feel more moisturizing, but Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Lips will probably last longer (in terms of how many uses you’ll get out of it).

  34. megan

    i noticed you described both funshine and long stem rose as medium pinks.. are they similar at all in terms of shade (disregarding the shimmer and all that)?

  35. I’m a MAC lipstick newbie.. well I’m a MAC newbie altogether tbh. :D!
    Buuuut I’m going to get Charming Garnet: Glamour Basics from this years Holiday Collection which has bare including so many more for a great price but I’m thinking I might pick up Voile as well. My lips are very pigmented coraly/pinky/redish colour which really bugs me some days but this looks like the glitter will complement them which is a first for me :)
    Great swatches – definatelyhelped me pick which ones. Plus I’m so going to get Funshine eventually LOL!

  36. Rae

    Okay I’v never had the desire to try slim-shines until i saw Intimidate lol Hopefully its not dc.

  37. Deena King

    Thank you so much for including those swatches of the MAC Slimshine colors! Very helpful! I have blonde hair, fair-skinned, and will be chosing Bare.

  38. Nicole

    rockout is old, and it has just recently been discontinued! :*(
    I was able to find it on ebay from someone who sold large quantities of Mac. It’s my absolute FAVOURITE lip shine.

  39. vd8

    does anyone know a similar lipcolor from any brand of MAC FUNSHINE Slimshine?? plz… very sad once i found out will be discontinued.

  40. jnjsmom

    Lancome Juicy Rouge Grenadine was discontinued last year … also a raspberry color with gold glitter specs. Very creamy. Also a slim stick. Did Mac purchase these colors from Lancome? The palatte matches the Juicy Rouge line …

  41. tiff

    hmm these colors are gorgeee! esp the Missy one.. but i’v never really worn a bright orangey/peachy/coral color before.. i’m asian and pretty pale, do u think Missy wld be ok? or wld it be too off? lol honest opinion pls :)