Friday, December 21st, 2007

Let me preface this review saying that I have not seen or played with the actual Sculpt & Shape collection due out the 26th. All of the sculpting and shaping powders have been available at PRO stores for a few months now, but they come separately either in pot or pan form, and they are the size of blushes.

OVERALL, the duos are a great opportunity to try out the sculpt and shape line without paying the price of individual pots. I feel confident in saying that I highly doubt I will ever hit pan on any of the full-size pans, except perhaps Sculpt, which is what I personally use to contour (which I do regularly). Nonetheless, you can also pick up a few of these, rather than trying to find one that matches your complexion. When going to check these out or order them, realize that they aren’t all about contouring or shaping the face. It is about highlighting the face, body, eyes, nose… these are multi-purpose tools to give the skin a sense of glow, sophistication, and enhance natural features. These are perfect for the upcoming spring season, which is embracing nudes, neutrals, and the natural look.

Check out product photos, and detailed reviews of the different shades included in this launch.

This is what MAC says about Sculpt & Shape powders:

Sculpt and Shape Powder is a split-pan, two-in-one powder with the perfect level of pigment for creating a naturally sculpted look. The deeper shade is matte, making it perfect for contouring the face and body. The lighter shade has low-level pearlized pigments, making it ideal for highlighting the high planes of the face. This non-acnegenic formula has jet-milled pigments to allow for smooth, even, silky application. Sculpt and Shape Powder contains skin conditioning agents like Wheat and Barley Extracts and is dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested.

Duo #1:

Lightsweep is a warm, light peach with subtle shimmer, and this is a great highlight color for a variety of skin tones. I imagine it might be a touch ashy on really deep skin tones, but this is one of my favorites from the shaping line.

Shadester is a warm, medium brown that will contour nicely on ladies of color for face and body, but it will still be a great color to use on lids from time to time, because of the warmth and matte finish. You have to keep in mind that these are meant to contour anything, not just the cheeks! This would also be a good shade for those with deep tans, because of the warmth of it. Apply sheerly if your skin is lighter rather than darker.

Duo #2:

Warm Light is this gorgeous peachy-orange with a touch of shimmery pearl, while this is meant to highlight, I think lighter skintones could even use this as a blusher for minimal days. I love this on the eye area, though, for brightening it up. This is the “darkest” of the shaping powders.

Definitive is a semi-warm chocolate brown sculpting powder perfect for contouring on deep skin tones. I know I keep mentioning it, but I find all of the sculpting and shaping powders amazing to contour and add depth to the eye. Definitive is no different, because the finish is matte, but yet so easy to work with. Just light and like satin.

Duo #3:

Bone Beige is a pinkish-neutral tone, and it is the lightest of the sculpting powders, which means if you’re in the NC/NW15 family, this is probably the best shade for you to contour. I love this in the crease of eyes, for just adding a lot more depth to the natural crease and maybe a light wash of a slightly pearly shadow on the lid.

Emphasize is the lightest of the shaping powders, but it is a creamy white (more white than yellow) with shimmer that isn’t overwhelming. I haven’t found myself reaching for this as much as the others, but it is a nice highlighter for lighter skintones.

Duo #4:

Accentuate is the lightest neutral pink; it’s almost like a cream with pink undertones. It makes a great wash over lids, and it is excellent for dusting on the forehead and nose.

Sculpt is a soft taupe, kind of a subtle gray-brown. This is thus far my favorite powder to contour with after going through a great variety of them. I am NC30 when it comes to MAC foundations, and this is so perfect to contour with.

There are two additional shades that will not be launched in this collection that are available at PRO:

Shadowy is a cool, dark taupe brown; I’m always reaching for it when I go to contour my eyes personally. It’s a darker shade in the sculpting powder series, so I wouldn’t necessarily go-to it for contouring my face as someone with a medium complexion.

Soft Focus is this gorgeous daisy-yellow color with pearl shimmer. I am honestly so surprised that they didn’t include this in the consumer launch! It is by far my favorite of the shaping powders. I adore it on the eyes, cheeks, and decolletage.

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81 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Sculpt & Shape Review, Swatches, Product Photos

  1. addicted_2color

    Do you mean the one that is going to released for consumers is going to look something like the blush duos that were released in the past like golden/primpin kitty? Or more like the HIP eyeshadows duos, but larger form? I’m just curious how they are going to package these.

  2. victoria

    i am definitely getting these. but you’re right, i might want the full size. i can custom my own and i might use one more than the other. and what’s even great, you can put them in the blush palette with the rest of the blushes. decisions, decisions. now why didn’t i check these out when i was at the pro store. thanks for the info.

    • I just bought them all in pan form and put them in their own blush palettes because it seemed sooo much more convenient. At the same time, those who aren’t familiar with PRO stuff can at least have an opportunity to try them out.

      You can always pick up one duo at the store, see how you like it, and know that they’re permanent at PRO for when you DO run out, too 😉

  3. Tekoa

    Hmmm. Can you show us newbies sometime how to contour the nose and eye area? Your cheek tutorial was ever so informing.

  4. victoria

    that soft focus looks so great, is it like a beauty powder? i saw katie holmes in instyle mag. and she had contouring shades, made me want these even more. you use these everyday, right? i might really need the full size.

  5. kleri

    Thanks for the review. Which do you think would be best for yellow and olive undertones NC20, Bone Beige/Emphasize or Accentuate/Sculpt?

    • Hi Kleri! Sure thing :) Hmm, I want to say Bone Beige/Emphasize, only because Sculpt is *perfect* for NC30, which means it might be too dark on NC20. I think with Bone Beige, you could build it up to be dark enough, though.

  6. Sara

    I def. want to try these out!

    thanks for the review doll*


  7. Thalia

    After looking at your photos I think I’ll get the pro versions instead cause I can’t seem to decide what I want more for a contour (Bone Beige or Sculpt) and I’m torn between Emphasize or Dancing Light BP for a highlight.

  8. Lala

    What would you recommend for someone who is nc45? :)

  9. I am reeeaally looking forward to this. I think I will be picking up two of the duos to try out. Not sure which ones. I like Shadowy but no PRO on the island :(((( I’m thinking of the ones that you recommended for Lala^^ but then I’m wondering if I can get away with Sculpt with my skin tone for the nose. Any suggestions with my NC42 skin?

  10. Sara

    i’m super pale, so duo 3 looks like it would be great for me! does anyone know how much these will run for?

  11. Lala

    I fount this image on specktra of this girl NC45 she did a watch of some of the duos on her skin:

    I saved this img to my PhotoBucket…I guess by looking at this swatch I’m a NC42 lol and I will need lightsweep and shadester.

  12. Lisa

    Which duo do you use? My skin is very close to yours but none of the swatches of the darker colours look like they’d work for me (C4/nc35)

  13. Stephanie

    I really want to try one of these because it’s a great price for 2 in 1. But, I cannot make it to the mac store until next week. I hate not seeing them in person but, I think I’m going to go for it and order online. which color would you suggest for a dark light to medium skintone. TIA! :)

    • Do you know your MAC skintone, Stephanie? I am medium, on the light side maybe, NC30, and Accentuate/Sculpt is perfect. I recommend this one from what you’ve told me!

  14. nunu

    Hey Christind i bought lightsweep/shadester yesterday. My fave MUA wasn’t there so i’m not sure if they matched me right. what do you think? im nc43. thanks hun!

  15. Caroline

    Hi i’m N5 face and body foundation , my complexion is kind of goldeny with dark undertones, which one do u recommend ?

  16. Theresa

    Yeah!!! I just ordered Mac Sculpt and Soft Focus through the Mac Pro Store. I can’t wait till I get it. I hope the Soft focus will go with my Asian NC30 skintone.

  17. Sherley

    HI Christine, LOve the review you did on MAC S&S… I was wondering though, I’ve been wanting to buy the MAC S&S warrmlight/definitive.. I am of NC25-30 Asian skin, do you think they will be OK for me? Or which one should I get?
    Thanks heaps!! :)

  18. Sherley

    Thanks Christine for the info.. :)

  19. Al


    Sculpt/Accentuate is sold out in the MAC Online Store. They only have Warm/Definitive and Lightsweep/Shadester. I am in between NC30-NC35. Do you think I could pull off Lightsweep/Shadester? Maybe it could work if I apply it sheerly? Thanks.

  20. miasam

    Hi! I would want to do contouring and highlighting for special occasions only, like weddings. What duo would you recommend for my fully made up look? I’m NC30-35 btw.

  21. annisa

    I’m a NC25. Which would you recommend?


  22. Annisa


    Can I pull it off with the Shadester? Cuz that’s the one my friend is giving me.


  23. Annisa


    Do you know where I can get the Sculpt/ Accentuate (in the same pot) because I have checked out the MAC stores and they have sold out. I didn’t know that they were limited edition.


  24. Annisa


    Oh. Good. Thanks. Do you know around how much it will be?

    • whitnee

      the sculpt/shape powder each costs the same as a blush and comes in pan and pot. it fits in the blush pallets. if you’re in the US you still want it in the same pot or don’t have a pro store near you, there’s a chance they still have them at a cco (cosmetics company outlet) near you, usually marked around 30% off. i actually got one back in august from there. i ended up getting it in the pan later though b/c i prefer having them in my blush pallet.
      type “cosmetics company” in the name field and it will give you a list of locations.

    • I think they’re $16-18.

  25. Lee

    Hey Christine, I’m just wondering if you can still buy PR0 products at MAC PRO stores even if you`re not a member.

  26. I hear Definitive is too light for darker skin. Do you think buying Warm Light and Shadowy would be good for an NW45? And how much are the pans and how much are the compacts? They don’t list prices on the Pro site. TIA!!!

  27. Joyce

    Hi there,

    I am an NW30, can I use Accentuate/Sculpt for my skintone??


  28. Lindsey

    I’m an NC30-35
    I want Accentuate/Scuplt & Bone Beige/Emphasize

    Would bone beige & emphasize show up?

    And im getting them from dsquared in october(:

  29. so excited these are back with the style black collection x

  30. kris

    Hi Christine! Any suggestions for my NC20 skintone?.. Thanks!

  31. angelika

    so as u know the dsquared s¡collection is coming out with 2 of the sculpt and shape duos Bone Beige/ Emphasize and Accentuate/Sculpt
    so im a NW25 which dou would the best for me?


  32. Ona

    Which is darker – definitive or shadowy? I can’t work it out from the swatches I’ve seen online. i’m an NW 45-47 and would probably need the darkest one?

  33. Ezzy

    hi i wanted to know are any of these powders available in the market now even individually ?

  34. Amanda Le

    I use this everyday and I’m looking for it, about to run out, and I can’t find it ANYWHERE! I tried looking on and it’s not listed :\ Where do I find this?

  35. Aiden

    Hey there,

    Are the duos still available for purchase from MAC PRO? Or can I only get them in as singles? Also, if I purchase the singles, do they come like the blush refills from MAC, or do they have their own individual packaging? Also do the these powders fit inside a typical MAC palette?

  36. Italia

    How do Shadowy and Definitive compare to Blunt powder blush?

  37. makeup

    Where can I buy shadowy? Is it sold at the store? I can’t seem to find it online at