Thursday, October 16th, 2008

OVERALL, Red She Said is a large collection with plenty of things to choose from. I think the highlight from the collection were the beauty powder blushes; talk about a powder that feels softer than silk. I know that beauty powder blushes had a great texture from before, but I don’t remember them feeling this soft. The dazzleglasses are back with four favorites and one new one (Miss Dynamite), and I know many of you were eager to get your hands on these! The mineralize eyeshadows are like mineralize eyeshadows… I didn’t notice a difference in texture or feel compared to the last set that came out. I skipped these for now, but we’ll see if I cave (like for Danger Zone–the one with the red in it). I purchased the two beauty powder blushes and that’s it!

See swatches here!

Get the detailed reviews for each product…


  • Soft Pause is a semi-sheer plummy color with a bit of mauve-raspberry in it. It seemed a little frosty, but not over the top.
  • Pomposity is a fuchsia-purple color, very frosty, and it has great pigmentation. It’s a nice color, but I have it from before (it came out with C-Shock).
  • Red She Said is a pretty blue-based red that’s vibrant and pigmented. It didn’t wow me like last year’s Queen’s Sin, though.
  • Crazee is a reddish coral color with a semi-sheer finish. It doesn’t have too much shimmer in it, so it doesn’t look frosty.
  • Quiet Please is a very sheer peach-beige color; it didn’t show on me very well, unfortunately.


  • Miss Dynamite is a soft pastel orange gloss with lots of copper glitter. Dazzleglass is basically lipgloss with reflects glitter added to it, in case you ever want to make your own. (This is the new one.)
  • Date Night is a plummy-raspberry color with fuchsia shimmer.
  • Love Alert is a hot fuchsia-pink with fuchsia-purple shimmer.
  • Baby Sparks is a milky pastel pink with soft whitish glitter.
  • Sugarrimmed is a sheer white gloss with white glitter reflects.

Mineralize Eye Shadow

  • Word of Mouth is a trio of a soft shimmery pink-beige followed by a strip of copper and another strip of color that’s a gray with a blue cast. The copper strip found in three of the shadows is chunky glitter, reminds me a little of reflects glitter, though not as fine.
  • Threesome has such a stunning pink color–it’s almost like a cool, blue pink in a sense. It also has the copper strip of color (it is the same in all three). The other color is a burgundy kind of color–reminded me instantly of Cranberry eyeshadow, actually.
  • Danger Zone has a gorgeous shimmery red (but not overly shimmery–actually, less shimmery than most of the shadows) matched with a chalky black color (think Black Tied + Carbon). The silver strip of color is just like the copper strip in terms of feel: chunky glitter, not a very pigmented color.
  • Outspoken is one of the shadows with the silver middle strip. The purple shade is a bright pop of purple, what most people wanted Parfait Amour to be, but more purple and less blue-purple. It is matched with a deep burgundy-brown color.
  • Persuasive tempted me, because the medium blue is something MAC hasn’t put out really. It has nice color pay off as well. Too bad it is paired with a Deep Truth lookalike; yet another softly shimmered dark navy blue.
  • Inter-view has a dark blackish color with blue tint to it, while the other color is a rich, warm-toned brown with gold flecks in it. The brown was incredibly pretty, actually.


  • Silverstroke isn’t swatched, because it’s normally available. It’s a silver gel liner, very metallic-y.
  • Blacktrack is awesome, and you should have it if you don’t already!

Beauty Powder Blush

  • Enough Said is a peachy-brown shade with lots of gold flecks of shimmer in it. The texture and feel is beyond stunning, and the pigmentation is perfect.
  • Stark Naked reminds me of a much pinker NARS Orgasm, actually! It is a medium toned pink base with gold and peach shimmer. Love it!

Nail Laquer

  • Rougmearie is a creamy vibrant blue-based red.
  • Beiged Bliss is more of a brown with a little bit of gold and bronze in it.

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30 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Red She Said Review

  1. Mai

    Stark Naked reminded me of NARS Sin! Great review =)

  2. I can’t wait to get the BPB’s and dangerzone!!

  3. cloudburst

    I knew I wanted the BPB’s from swatches on Specktra & now your review confirms it! I also might pick up Soft Pause & Red She Said.

  4. Dawn

    I was excited about these but after seeing the swatches i’m not so much anymore. I was really excited about Persuasive because of the light blue, but you’re right about the deep truth lookalike. I have a few colors that look like Deep Truth and I just can’t buy another one! We should start a campaign; NO MORE DEEP TRUTHS! :)~

    I do want Dazzleglass though. GIMMIE!

  5. Sandy

    Thanks for the great swatches and review Christine. Would you say that Enough said is anything like Eversun bpb that came out previousely?

  6. KULA

    I think Danger Zone looks beutiful, but I swatched it and the red comes out nicely, like a frost finish, but the black and silver are way to chalky. Im Still on the fence about getting any more mineralized eyeshadows, since electroflash came out it’s just been sitting in my vanity collecting dust. I wonder if there are any dupes out there for the red? Any suggestions?

  7. Fie

    OH crap. I want Enough Said now. It’s a nice peachy color that will hopefully give me some “freshness” during winter.

  8. NM

    I picked up Interview today. The color payoff is incredibly nice. I am very pleased with the texture–can be worn for day or night depending on how much you want to blend them out. Thanks for the swatches Christine!

  9. Ruth

    I bought the 5 dazzleglasses from this collection and I hope MAC decide to make these permanent.

  10. Cassie

    I picked up Pomposity, Threesome, Danger Zone, and Outspoken. I AM SO LOVING THE EYESHADOWS! Can’t wait to wear them!

  11. L1onqueen

    Thanks Christine! I couldn’t pass on Interview MES-that brown was WAAY 2 pretty!

  12. DevilishDoll

    I’m tempted by Outspoken and Persuasive. But I’m only gonna get the Dazzleglasses. I’m addicted to them. Hopefully they keep coming out with new ones.

  13. omg thanks so much for this post! haven got time to go down to counters, might get these online based on these swatches ^-*

  14. Taia

    I love dazzleglass, so between Love Alert and Date Night, which one would you choose? (I’m trying to save some cash!) I already have Glamour OD, Rags to Riches, Sugarrimmed and Comet Blue. thank you!

  15. Paula

    I got Sugarrimmed and Baby Sparks dazzleglass since I missed out on them the first time around. I absolutely love them but there is a difference in price when you buy them at the counter. $21 dollars versus $17.50 online. I wonder why that is, because your reviews make me want to buy more and price hikes aren’t fun. :p

    • Whoa!! You should go back — you didn’t get them at the right price… They should be $17.50 at the counter. But $21 is definitely not right, unless you live in a non-US country, then that might make sense….