Friday, June 13th, 2008

The Neon2 pigments are exactly that–NEON! They are day-glo, super bright, borderline-obnoxious (okay, maybe they ARE obnoxious) in terms of just how much color potency they have. Yes, some of you may feel that these colors actually burn your retnas. I bought all six more or less so that I could review and bring y’all swatches and photos, though I will certainly try a few looks for you. Probably not today, if only because I am not in a “neon” mood, LOL. The texture is matte, but they all remind me of True Chartreuse’s texture–which is a glorious matte. Goes on like a true dream, smooth, buttery, and delightful to work with. I tend to use pigments as bases, and these would work well under ANY shadows that you want to brighten up.

I have some safety information, plus individual color reviews/descriptions (and lots of photos!).

Safety: According to the insert found in these pigments, the following shades are not to be used in the eye area: Full Force Violet, Magenta Madness, Neo-Orange, Red Electric, Green Space, and Rock-It Yellow. Green Space is the only color not recommended for lip OR eye area.

Please note that I nor Temptalia endorse using these pigments on areas that are not recommended! There are numerous reasons why a pigment may or may not be eye-safe, and on the most extreme end of the scale is because there are sharp particles found within it that can scratch the delicate areas of your corneas. On the lower end of the scale is that the dyes used in the pigments may be found to be irritating in a large number of the popuation (e.g. red dyes). I’m not trying to scare you, but I think anyone who uses pigments that are not eye safe should be fully aware of potential dangers.

  • Yes, I use pigments that are not eye-safe, but I use them in moderation; and by moderation, I probably only use it once or twice a year, if that.  I also use all pigments with mixing medium, which is a water-based adhesive, to better secure the pigments to my eyes and reduce potential fall out.

Furthermore, the ingredients listed are…

  • Neo-Orange, Red Electric, Magenta Madness, Full Force Violet: Polyester-3 [+/- Orange 5 (CI 45370), RED 28 (CL 45410), Yellow 7 (CL 45350), Yellow 10 (CI 47005), Violet 2 (CI 60725)]
  • Green Space: Yellow 10 Lake (CI 47005), Chromium Hydroxide Green (CI 77289)
  • Rock-It Yellow: Yelow 10 Lake (CI 47005)

  • Magenta Madness is an intensely vibrant rich magenta.
  • Red Electric is more like a red-pink than a pure red, so it’s nothing like Basic Red pigment. It’s incredibly bright.
  • Neo-Orange is a deep neon orange, not quite construction orange (like Neo Sci Fi), but darker.
  • Rock-It Yellow is bright, but surprisingly not as neon yellow as it could be. I just didn’t feel like I needed to avert my eyes like I did with Red Electric.
  • Full Force Violet is an intense, richly pigmented cobalt-blue. I can see violet, but I also see a lot of blue in it, which I suppose is why color is in the eye of the beholder. This actually reminds me a bit of Cool Heat’s Climate Blue!
  • Green Space is the most wearable of the six, because it’s actually not as neon or flourescent as the others. It reminds me a lot of Kelly Green, actually.

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75 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Neon2 Pigments Review, Swatches, Product Photos


    So here’s the question: Is ANY of this eye safe? And if not, what do you do with it?? Use it as blush? Us it in nail polish? Use it on lips?

    I have to say, the main thing I use pigments for is my eyes. It’s a little disappointing to find out we can’t even use them there. :(

    On the upside, are you going to do some looks with these for us??? Pretty, pretty please?? 😀

    • None of these are eye safe — you can use them as blush, body, lips (except the green), nails, hair…

      I also use pigments mostly for eyes, too. I will be doing a couple, I think!

  2. Nell

    At last MAC put out something I really do not crave!

  3. steen

    They say some of them aren’t eye-safe but the MA I’m friends with was wearing either Red Electric or Neo Orange and it was great. She looks awesome in it but I don’t know if I’m brazen enough to wear something like these! I LOVE the purple though. I may try to get samples of each just to play with.

  4. Tatti

    ooh you should try doing one of the really bright ones with something totally uncommon… like pink with dark green or bright yellow with brown (im kinda crazy with my colors lol) but i definitely want to see some looks. (so hurry up, hurry up!)

  5. Emi

    Whoa… I about went blind looking at the closeups of Magenta Madness and Red Electric. Them’s INTENSE!

  6. Trace

    WOW! Brightness! But really pretty, I love the green

    Christine, are your swatches used with the mixing medium?

    Thanks for the pics and review!

    Oh, one more question — these don’t stain your skin by any chance do they?? Those dyes sound menacing.. lol

  7. see, if there’s one place I wouldn’t dare to use them (even though 5 of them are lip safe), then it’ s on my lips. I don’t see me ingesting neon colors. But I would like to try them as blush :-)

    • lol, interesting, Bart! I think I am less afraid of ingesting them, just because it would be in such a small concentration. Nonetheless, only the green one isn’t lip safe–the rest are!

  8. lala

    omg!!!!!!!!!! so wow!! lmao ..the first too are sooo pretty!! I can see you doing a cool color w/ that green!! your eyes are going be soooo amazing!! looking w/ that color..and the blue one! ..can’t wait :) <3

  9. lala

    omg!!!!!!!!!! so wow!! lmao ..the first too are sooo pretty!! I can see you doing a cool color w/ that green!! your eyes are going be soooo amazing!! looking w/ that color..and the blue one! ..can’t wait :) <3

  10. Karli

    I’m such a horrible rebel. I don’t care if they’re not eye safe. If I get a hold of them, my life will be complete.
    They’re only Pro, though, right?
    If so, I may be Ebay-bound.

    • Sanayhs

      They are indeed pro. Why not call up a pro store and have them ship to you, though? They’ll definitely do it and then you don’t have to worry about all the bad things that can go wrong with ebay. :)

    • lol, Karli!! They are PRO only – you can order by phone at any local PRO store!

  11. Ooooo, I like it. Bright eye shadows are the best!

  12. amanda

    when do these come out at the counters?

  13. I would love to get these but I am fearful of anything that is not eyesafe. So I will pass. :(

  14. erynn

    are these permanent?

  15. Tekoa

    If an item is not eye safe OR lip safe…where would you use it? Like Green Space, it can’t be used as a blush. Somewhat puzzled about the point of it would be.

  16. Jessie

    I kinda like these but I would never buy an entire jar! That’s just too much, so maybe I will go in and get samples :)

  17. Kristen Elisabeth

    Christine, are you selling samples of these?

  18. DaniMae

    Did anyone else’s eyes hurt while looking at the first three? I’m asking in all seriousness. They’re so brigh!

    I’m a big fan of bright colors, but more so in clothing, not eye shadow. Bright lips, yes. Eyes…not so much. The colors look really awesome, I just don’t know what I would do with them LOL

  19. Jnie

    Oooh….I have to have neon orange

  20. Cassie

    YEAH! I just bought all six from the Las Vegas store. I should get them sometime next week. I’m in Cali and we don’t have them yet! Weird for us. Anyway, couldn’t care less that they are not “eye safe.” Really MAC most likely just does that to avoid any lawsuits. People are sue-happy these days and if the tiniest irritation occurred from the pigments, people would jump at the chance to sue. I don’t however really think that MAC created them for photo shoots or elaborate makeup or anything because as pros we use Paint Sticks and Chromacake for those type of things. I mean I could be wrong but I really don’t think there is much of a use for them besides the eyes and maybe lips. ???

    • I know that South Coast Plaza’s store has them (well, all but yellow, but this was a week ago), and LA just go theirs from what I heard!

      I agree that for body, paint sticks and chromacakes more sense – but maybe these would be good for detailed work? No clue.

  21. hind

    Amazing bright colors!!
    Its too bad that we don’t have a pro store in my country :(

  22. Dee


    • Not all pigments are eye-safe, but a lot of them are, Dee!

      You just buy a bottle of clear nail polish then add the pigment. Mix it up and add more or less pigment to get it the right color!

  23. Dave

    is it possible to buy these anywhere online? I am in love with them. I think they would be amazing for stage.

    • Hey Dave! You can only order them via phone either from a PRO store or at the PRO 1-800 #. If you are a PRO member, then they should be online later on.

  24. Karli

    Wait. Can you order from the 1-800-# without a membership?
    If so. I’m ordering all of them the day that I can.
    Cause the closest PRO store to me is like…a million miles away.

    • I believe so – I know some people have been able to. But you can still call your closest PRO store, and they’ll ship it to you. You have 100% success rate with that method!

  25. Oooh so pretty. I’m still baffled though because I cannot find them on the macpro website. :( Oh well, probably not worth buying if I can’t wear on my eyes.

  26. capri

    WOO HOO! The mad scientist of color is at last rewarded for years of patience! I totally LOVE these colors. They will make fabulous bases for mixing colors as well as making my own version of Dazzleglass using reflects- and I can envision lots of combinations that these will be perfect for. The only ones I will be very cautious with are the reds. Some red dyes cause burning on the skin. Although I always use a very heavy base under anything questionable. Most other colors are usually pretty good for me.

  27. sammie

    I love the colours- but what real good are they if you cant use them as eye shadow? Kind of sucky, spending all that money on pigment that cant be used as an eye shadow! I thought MAC would catch on to the neon shadow trend. Ah well, at least that will crave my craving for them (for a while, anyway!

  28. saki

    the ones sold here in japan are all eye safe :)

  29. me

    damn i want this eye shadow

  30. morena123

    WOw, I had NO IDEA that tees weren’t eye safe, and I bought these for the sole purpose to use them as an eyeshadow.I bought it this past summer 2010 at a regular MAC (not pro) store and they only had 2 colors, the hot pink and orange and I bought the pink, and got a sample of the peach/orange. I did use it on my eyes once, though, using a good base and I had no problems at all. Well after reading comments I guess i have 2 more uses for these.. lips and nails.

    Wow, if only i would have known these weren’t eyesafe I wouldn’t have spent the money. A great substitute is Makeup Forever Eyeshadow #75 though. MUF does have a hot pink star powder thats similar to this hot pin, but, since I notice how pink/orange/red shades tend to not be eyesafe no matter what brand its from
    I almost wonder if the MUFE starpowder (hot pink) is safe!! And I’ve used it on my eyes too! No probls but it stains like crazy,