Monday, March 31st, 2008

This information is based on preliminary product images, which may or may not represent all or partial product offerings. In other words, there may be additional products (even a lipglass or lipstick that isn’t pictured may actually be in the story) such as blushes, eyeshadows, etc.


  • Soft & Slow Pale beige with gold pearl
  • Pink Grapefruit Pink-orange with gold pearl
  • Naked Space Creamy natural peach
  • Supreme Bronze brown with white pearl


  • Sunsonic Gold with white pearl
  • Electro Brilliant orange
  • Astral Mid-tone brown with red pearl
  • Pleasureseeker Creamy peach colour
  • Sci-Fu-Delity Burned red with golden pearl

Nail Lacquer

  • Phosphor Buzzing yellow
  • Neon 8 Brilliant orange with orange pearl
  • Plasma Blu Turquoise with white pearl
  • Metalist Copper with white pearl

Play guess the MAC…

Now, I wonder what THESE mysterious MAC products are?

  • Volcanic Ash Exfoliator The natural volcanic ash and sugar crystals productcleans, hydrates and turns skin into softness.
  • Charged Water From the diamonds coming from, with vital ions recharged.
  • Lip conditioner The special, two-sided product helps the removal of epidermic cells successfully with one side while hydrating and condition the sensitive skin of the lips with the other side.

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144 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Neo Sci-Fi Color Story Product Photos & Images

  1. Laura

    aww, i kinda think everything except that bright blue nail polish is a bit disappointing :(
    i mean they’re only product photos, but nothing screams out ‘BUY ME!’

  2. Joan

    the tube thingy looks like it might be lip exfoliator/conditioner – ???

  3. Tina

    wow…I’m really disappointed…the colours are all very very warm! usually MAC has a good balance of warm and cool colours, but this collection is obviously aimed at people who can pull off warm colours. BIG disappointment! and the container colour, orange???!! really don’t like that. Wow, MAC, what is going on?

    • It’s going to be interesting to see this one in person, and I am personally hoping that there is a substantial difference in real life, or at least when used!

  4. Sandy

    Thanks for these pics Christine…I am wondering about the mystery products now. I must say I am already interested in the lipsticks, especially the hot coral one :)

    • No problem! I don’t think they’re part of the Neo Sci-Fi launch, but I don’t know what story they’d be for. I think maybe a smaller, mini-launch!

  5. gracee

    is this all there is ?? no blushes or bronzer?
    idk about the orange packaging

    • Shefali

      Hi Gracee – there are going to be eyeshadows and blushes. I know has the list of products coming out, and I think Christine posted it here too sometime last week? (I can’t remember, LOL)

      • I think the info about what is known is that there will be eyeshadows, probably five (typical launch). It’s releasing around when C-Shock did, so I expect a similar line up in terms of types of products and numbers!

    • Hey Gracee! There will probably be other things, like eyeshadows and blushes, etc. This is just what I saw for now!

  6. Tina

    the lip thingy is definitely a lip exfoliator/lip conditionner, and there’s also a body exfoliator made of volcanic ash, which is suppose to be good for the skin with all the natural minerals…

  7. Danapotter

    Thank you so much for these pics! I’m interested in the Yellow and Blue Nail Lacquers, and possibly the lip exfoliator, as long as it is under $15.

    This collection looks okay to me.

  8. Kandice

    I think I’ll be passing on this collection…

  9. Sara

    i am ALL OVER that yellow nail polish lol!!

  10. Lone


  11. Pquanda

    The lipglasses and lip conditioner are so mine!

  12. Looks interesting! Not much of a brown lipstick kind of girl, but will most definately check it out. I wrote a post about my makeup infatuation and how it quickly grew when I stumbled upon your blog. I’ve linked you. Check it out!

  13. Carrie

    I would wear every one of those lip product colors. uh oh!

  14. the orange lipstick is hot!

  15. Nell

    I love the packaging! For that alone I must have something of this collection! Ohh Iยดm exited!

  16. Shefali

    OMG this line looks AWESOME. I seriously might buy all of the lacquers, especially that yellow one. I’m an NC27 and these colors are right up my alley. That Sci-Fu-Delity looks AMAZING. I’m actually really excited about the orange packaging. So summery.

    As far as the mystery stuff…maybe it’s part of the Skinsheen collection? Maybe stuff to exfoliate and then bronze yourself?

    • I don’t think I could do a bright yellow for nails myself, but there’s definitely a buzz brewing over it :)

      It could be! I’m pretty sure it’s not part of Neo Sci-Fi, but definitely the same time frame for launching I would say!

  17. jillyb

    I have a Pink Grapefruit lipglass already. Do you know if this is a re-promote? Thanks. Any idea when this is coming out?

  18. Bri

    No one seems to like the warm colors, but has a woman of color, I am lovin’ this! Fafi and Heatherette just weren’t made for us so this is right up my alley!

    And I’m lovin’ the yellow polish!

  19. Tekoa

    Charged water! Oh joy! I’m also looking forward to trying the lipsticks.

  20. Denise

    Is this coming out this Thursday?

  21. Denise

    Soft and Slow is the same name they used for a lipglass during Smoke Signals. I remembered because it was one of my faves.

  22. Denise

    I think that Soft and Slow is the third from the left just for future reference.

  23. Erin

    I think the orange is kind of cool. The black makes it a little bit extreme, and sort of haloweeny, but maybe if they used gold instead of black it’d be less severe. Either way, since when were we really in this for the packaging? If you can pull off “bronzed goddess”, this is the collection for you!

    • Some of us are into launches JUST for the packaging, but I agree, none of us are here just for packaging in general, LOL. We will make excuses just to buy if the packaging is cute though ;P

  24. Hey Cristine,



  25. s.

    I’m waiting for the swatches. Can’t underestimate the muddy tones. I like the orange and black package, though.

  26. Hannah

    Oh yuck, I hate the orange containers. I like the sound of the peachy colours though and the yellow polish looks very appealing! Thanks for the info/pics.

    • I hope they’re cuter in real life, which I’m sure they will be! I’ve always found that things look better in person rather than promo shots!

  27. Ashlee

    The lipglosses look ok.

    Lol my 4yr old brother came running in and saw the yellow & blue nailpolish and screamed “Thats for the Wiggles show!!” Ha it was cute, I needed to share.

  28. kontaisa

    i love the nailpolish so amazing

    thnx alot temp

  29. pompam

    Sunsonic n Pleasureseeker look very interresting for me!
    Must b a nice color for summer!

    I guess I would pick only the lippies, as my cash has gone with Heatherette lol

  30. Susanne

    I really hope there will be also bronzers or eyeshadows in another part of the three part collection.

  31. Shar

    Wow – totally love it especially the orange lippy and the yellow nailpolish!!

  32. OMG. Well, I’m not usually a fan of beige colors, but there seems to be a couple of lipglasses I might be willing to try. Sadly, that orange packaging is just the right color to make me puke. :(

  33. annie

    I LOVE this packaging. I will likely be getting all of the lip items!!! I just seriously hope their are some cheek products in this line too! This line seems like it will standout from all of the constant barrages of bronz-y, boring summer releases by the other big names.

  34. Ross1977

    OMG!!!! What a collection!!!
    I love those beige colours and I love also the lip conditioner! I’ve a similar product (by Kenzo) and it is very useful!

  35. wow I love the plasma blue nail polish!!!!

  36. Lingping

    looks like some people love it and some really don’t, and not much in between… I guess I belong in the really don’t section, but I sort of hope the tables will be turned with Naughty Nauticals :)

  37. I like the lip conditioner as well as the volcanic ash exfoliator, other than that, this collection doesnt do anything for me. :(

  38. Aprilrobin

    I actually love the orange packaging because orange is one of my favorite colors, however, the colors of the lip glasses just do NOT seem to vibe with the orange with me. Maybe it’s just my monitor .. or the promo pics can seem rather off.

  39. ivytrini

    These colours look very warm and very interesting. Some folks are complaining that the colours are too warm but it looks like MAC is bringing out a warm line and a cool line for the summer. Love the orange and black packaging.

  40. Ooh! Looks lovely! That volcanic thingamabob sounds neat, almost like a soothing body scrub!

  41. so much GOLD!!! I LOVE GOLD!!!!!

  42. Kaye

    I think this collections is targeted for us WOC (women of color), who can pull off orange and brown lipcolors, that is probably why there is no eyeshadows to go with it, because it is a small collection.

    I am definitely looking forward to it. I will buy at least 3 l/s just from this picture

  43. Sharonda

    That orange is ohhhhhhhhh too much for me.It’s kind of cute.It’s going to have to grow on me.I’m kind of feeling the nail laquers though!

  44. Ariele

    Ew. *lol* The packaging alone looks pretty hideous… as do most of the colors. Hm. I know how off product photos usually are though, so I’ll reserve my judgment. Hehe. Thanks for the sneak peak though ๐Ÿ˜‰

  45. Christina

    This is why I visit your site everyday. You come out
    with first pics of the upcomming collections. I’m loving everything.

  46. Ricci

    Looks like a summer collection Bronze-like
    I love the orange !

  47. Karen

    I wish the lip conditioner is *NOT* 2-sided. I already have the Tarte version and it is a mess to use because it breaks so easily :(

  48. Diana

    I love the blue nail polish. I had an ancient bottle of a makeup line sold at H&M (I bough it at least 6 years ago) and loved that seems very similar to that color.

  49. Sanayhs

    I squeaked happily when I saw this picture. ORANGE PACKAGING!!! My absolute favourite colour. Sci-fu-delity looks fun… I’m looking forward to seeing more of the collection.

  50. BaDKiTTy

    Thanks for the pics!!! Cannot wait to see the e/s colors:)

  51. I like the look of these especially the orange packaging! but don’t know how wearable the lip colours will be for me…but I am loving the preliminary photos…can’t wait to see more!

  52. Raquel G

    I do use MAC, I’m a makeup junkie! But I do feel as if MAC recycles alot of their color stories and I feel a bit dissapointed myself. Lip exfoliators, volcanic ash, etc.!!!??? These are products that have already come out from lesser known brands awhile back ago!

    • Hey Raquel G! It’s pretty hard to be innovative in a market that comes out with more new products than ANY other industry except for dry grocery goods!

  53. Erin

    As a warm/golden/yellow girl, this is right up my alley. Thank God, lol.

  54. I like the orange packaging, but boy does it clash with the actual product colours!! I hope it looks better IRL.

  55. captodometer

    WOC here. I think I will be buying lots from this collection: the last few collections haven’t been particularly WOC friendly. And I love the orange packaging: way better than the Pepto Bismol pink of Heatherette!

  56. Pia

    The yellow lacquer has my name on it! Yip. definitely.

  57. RoyalT

    The orange packaging is hideous.

  58. dee

    I’ll be completely honest. I love the lipstick packaging and I’m totally going to buy a lipstick just because of that. I’m sure one of them will look good on me :)

    • Good to hear it, Dee :) I’m sure MAC execs didn’t predict such an instantaneous love/hate relationship with the packaging alone with this launch!

  59. francesca

    I like the lip exfoliator, Pinked Grapefruit and the turquoise nail lacquer!!

  60. lisa

    The only thing i would buy from this collection is the soft & slow lipglass

  61. jillyb

    I love packaging of any other color. It makes it easier to find what I’m looking for in a sea of MAC black lipstick cases.

  62. addicted_2color

    yes! nothing that screams buy me. i am interested in that lip exfoliator and ash exfoliator. any idea on how much those are going to be?

  63. Madeleine

    When the collection is going to be released?




  65. I want the yellow polish! I will be dissappointed if it is sheer though, I am tired of a pretty color now showing up on nails.

  66. Emily

    I am really excited about this mostly because I can pull off warm colors and I love the orange packaging. Very cute and fun!

  67. lucyzombie

    i love the orange packaging.
    actually love it. orange is good.
    i’m gna defo go for electro and the lip exfoliatory thingy.
    what is charged water?
    sounds crap!