Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

MAC Cosmetics Naked Honey Collection

Launch Date: June 11, 2009 (North America), July 2009 (International)

Bees do it… now M•A•C does it! Honey that is! As ancient and exotic as Kohl, great beauties have long revered the natural restorative powers of the Golden Elixir.

Following the example of their fabled Queen, Cleopatra, Egyptians bathed in honey and milk. Queen Anne of England used it to silken her hair; from the Ancient Greeks to the Roman Empire, honey has never lost its regal, ever-amber lustre. We love the luxury of its sensual essence…but we also know that it’s a highly efficient and wholesome humectant and healer. Introducing our limited edition Naked Honey collection – three aspects of golden warmth and sun-made sweetness for the body, layered with two decidedly different honeycomb-derived fragrances – celebrating the secret lives of Queen Bees. Complementary shade of High-Light Powder, Eye Shadow and Lipglass are all the buzz for summer.

Lipglass ($14.00 US/$16.50 CDN)

  • She’s a Star Light neutral gold
  • Queen Bee Mid-tone apricot with multi-dimensional pearl
  • Buzz Dark copper brown with multi-dimensional pearl

Eyeshadow ($14.50 US/$17.00 CDN)

  • Crème de Miel Frosty light yellow gold
  • Pollinator Mid-tone warm reddened peach with pearl
  • Buckwheat Dark copper brown with multi-dimensional pearl

High-Light Powder ($24.50 US/$29.50 CDN)
A high -light powder specially created for the Naked Honey Collection . Features an embossed honeycomb pattern . Super fine, impeccably pearlized , it creates so ft high lights. On cheek , brow , shoulders – anywhere on the body .

  • Honey Light A light peachy gold with shimmer
  • Golden Nectar Muted golden tan with gold shimmer

Naked Honey Skin Salve ($18.50 US/$22.50 CDN)
Formulated from honey , organic beeswax, sun flower oil and other natural ingredients , this rich honey –scented and flavoured salve instantly moisturizes and helps recondition dry skin . Multi -purpose . Use everywhere .

Naked Honey Hand And Body Cream ($22.50 US/$27.00 CDN)
A sensuous cream made fro m bio-converted honey , shea butter , and vitamins c and e derivatives . Absorbs quickly for skin -softening moisture . Conditions , nourishes , protects . Use on all areas where ultra -moisture is called for .

Naked Honey Body Wash ($19.50 US/$23.50 CDN)
Formulated fro m bio -converted honey, this body wash cleanses the skin while pro viding the soothing and moisturizing benefits of lavender , narcissus , jasmine flower and blue agave extracts . Pro vides a sensual, calming , cleansing experience .

Creations: Naked Honey ($22.50 US/$28.50 CDN)
An aromatic journey that traces honey ’s fragrant heart back to summer ’s sweetest blooms. Energy starts to buzz, spirits soar, light flora l and woodsy notes float toward an electric finale. Sweet and sexy all the way.

Creations: Africanimal ($22.50 US/$28.50 CDN)
A scent that starts with a honey-ness that ’s seductive and given its dash of pepper , not without spice . Add a dark kiss of bergamot and wood , and an aromatic orgy breaks out to create a scent that ’s all-honey, but far fro m sweet .

Available: North America, June 11, 2009. International, July 2009.

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88 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Naked Honey Collection Information & Photos

  1. Crystal

    i want the powder!
    You can apply it everywhere right?

  2. ha..ha!! eyeshadows….Cr

  3. Vanessa

    I’m actually kind of excited for this collection.

  4. natasha

    i’m all over this collection! can’t wait.

  5. OH…MY…GOD…

    MAC is like, not fair with coming out with amazing collections one after one. I had like a huge interest in Hello Kitty but now everything else that’s following is going to earn my money.

    • Aubree

      Girl! I feel the same way. O_O

      I’m going to get my sugarsweet stuff on monday. And I’m already eyeing the Style Warrior collection and the Colour Ready collection and now this one. I might be skipping Rose Romance though. Not entirely sure.

      I’m going to be so poor! ;__; lol.

  6. Sara

    this is a reason i HATE not living within 75 miles of a mac…that honey perfume sounds good but i have no way to smell it before i just buy it. dammmnnn

  7. victoria

    the colors don’t really excite me but the honeycomb patterns look yummy enough to make me curious. i love honey.

  8. Tanya

    None of the actual make-up colors sound like something I would really be into wearing BUT….OMG the perfumes both sound really really interesting!! The second one sounds AMAZING! I would also like to try the highlight powder…I tend to like fair skin but once in a while for a party its fun to have a bit of that sun kissed look. I also really like the packaging.

  9. not makeup related comment but she kinda looks like allie from the city?! =)

  10. Not interested in any of the makeup, but the body products sound really interesting.

  11. AshBash

    i want the highlight, buzz, and pollinator. im most excited about this collection.

  12. I’m very interested in that highlight powder! It sounds amazing!! 😀

  13. Kelly

    CUTE packaging! and june 11 is my birthday, whoop!

  14. Brenda

    Holy crap, MAC is really robbing me this year.

  15. Haley

    WOW! This definitely looks amazing. Finally something really different and unique. Can’t wait for summer!!

  16. KaylaK

    Ohhh this looks kind of neat!

  17. Sash

    This is like the first collection that I’ve been excited for in a very LONG time.
    Maybe it’s because the promo image is so captivating!

  18. Erica

    I like the packaging! Are the glosses/ eyeshadows in the cute honeycomb packaging too? If not then that makes me sad =(

  19. AmyLou

    These look like they’d be very complimentary to my skintone. I’m excited! YAY!

  20. rayne

    Reading the description of the eyeshadows, all of them interested me. But looking at the product photos, only Cr

  21. Shefali

    MAC does it again with their summer collection!!! Neo Sci-Fi was amazing and now this!! I’m so excited I can’t contain myself. If everything is of quality I might buy it all. I’m such a body product junkie and this all sounds amazing. And with my skintone, I’m sure all the makeup will look good. Damn it…I’m more excited about this than Hello Kitty.

  22. Brianne

    I must be one of the few that are not tempted in the slightest by this one! I prefer to get my bath and body products elsewhere (never felt that was MAC’s strong suit anyways) and the colors are SO not for me and my Irish heritage lol. The only thing that vaguely tempts me is the second perfume! Woot for another collection that will ultimately save me money lol!

  23. Oooh this is gorgeous! I have found my next collection to save for! I loved BBR, but I haven’t really been feeling anything else… until now. I’m definitely going to get all the lipglasses and all the shadows, and probably the lighter shade of highlighter, if I like how it swatches. Thank goodness it’s a relatively small launch!

  24. priscila

    Launch Date: June 11, 2009 (North America), July 2009 (International)

    Available: North America, June 11, 2009. International, July 2009 ?

  25. Macaddict

    Very excited about the “honey” concept: it brings to mind fuzzy feelings in association with soothing, wholesome, nourishing, golden, warm, vibrant!!…
    I like the fact that Mac has included body beauty products to a collection; it’s VERY rare that it happens. I’m all over this collection (and still excited about HK by the way). I think each and every collection has merits in its own way. And I ALWAYS rave about the MAC promo posters/pics!

  26. Shayna


  27. Aside from the fragrances, nothing else really entices me. I have way too many gold and brown shadows and highlight powders just don’t cut it (Dame Edna… anyone?) I don’t know, maybe in person the collection might appeal a little bit more but as of now I’m passing on this.

  28. Oh and judging from the promo poster, I expected them to release a bronzer of some sort…. but oh well ):

  29. nicoish

    OH BABY!!;p

  30. Gemma

    The summer launches are always the best, in my opinion. Moonbathe…Neo Sci-fi…and now this! This is amazing-I love every product!

  31. nikki

    this collection is super cute! i especially love the promo pic! i’m interested in mostly…everything!

  32. Oh frick on a stick. Goodbye money, hello honey smelling body!

  33. nikki

    meh, i need to see this in person. a lot of these products look similar to perm products. the promo pic is cool though.

  34. barbs

    It looks yummy! :)

  35. i only want the apricot lipglass!
    yay, my wallet is saved!

  36. Nicole

    Ich kipp um. Upps, that’s stunning.

  37. Chica

    Oooh, me likey! Definitely interested in the shadows and the skin salve – love the names of the shadows :o)

  38. Sandy

    OMG thanks for the early info Christine! I think I like this better than New Sci Fi. I love everything that smells like honey. Def very very intrigued by all of this

  39. Anitacska

    This collection doesn’t interest me at all.

  40. OMG I seriously want every single thing.

  41. Lola

    Honey light looks perfect for bronzing light skin, something i may pick it up for!

  42. Lola

    Also, pollinator looks hot! Mango on the eyes, yum!

  43. Only interested in Buzz lipglass.. Thank god for that =P

  44. MissTiss

    What in the world is bio-converted honey. It sounds genetically engineered (LOL), not sure I like the sound of that. Need more info.

    Otherwise, I want just a handful of things, but I think this collection is adorable. The perfumes sound interesting, can’t wait to smell them.

  45. Vee

    I want the second perfume…. and I’d love to try out the High-Light Powder and the salve. I love the idea of this collection – to me, this is what MAC is about. Trying new things.

  46. megan

    I really excited about this collection. It started with the name ‘Naked Honey’ come on that just sound interesting and im glad that the promo pics didnt disappoint.hopefully the swatches won’t either but i’ll have to wait a while for that

  47. Julia.

    Ahaha, June 11 is totally my birthday. Woo :)

  48. Aprilrobin

    Wow, I’m excited about this! Both perfumes sound great and I most definietly want the salve. I looooove honey scent and flavor.

  49. Lisa

    Can’t wait for this collection! Sara I feel sorry for u…75 miles away from a MAC counter-that’s uncivilized!!!!

  50. Elle

    Totally excited for this collection. I love these types of colors.

  51. Helena

    I hate this…it sounds interesting (I love honey and have a yellowish skin tone), but I also have a phobia of honeycomb patterns. They FREAK me OUT. If these products come out in non-terror-inducing packaging, let me know. xD

    • Gaby

      OMG… are you sireous well your safe with the lipglass and shadows if you get the powder just have to wip off da top! good luck with that maybe nows the time to get over that fear!:o :)

  52. carriespooner

    I love the bees!


  53. hi

    I think I would seriously LOVE buckwheat eyeshadow, and one of the powderwith the last shimmer. The more silky and matte a powder is, the more natural it looks – have you ever seen anyone with natural-looking sparkly skin?

  54. Jessica

    good thing i have a mac store near me (:
    i can’t wait for this one. i want a hilight powder-hopefully its not too shimmery, maybe a lipglass and the naked honey perfume sounds good.

  55. nancy

    Yeah Im kind of excited for this one too. I get to update my neutrals : )

  56. Cath

    Thanks for sharing! Will check out the perfume and body wash.
    Queenbee lipglass looks really pretty too!

  57. gin

    ohno! not until june?! boooo 😛

  58. Gaby

    OMG i cant wait to get my lil hands all over this collection im loving what i see cant wait to try it !

  59. crystalynn83

    that’s Heather Marks! i love her!

  60. Carrie

    Queen Bee will be mine, not sure about the rest

  61. I am going to save up for some of these! Perfect birthday presents for a July baby :)

  62. Sarah

    Oooh, I want both beauty powders, can’t wait for this.

  63. cmferrets

    mmmmm all new stuff, i wonder what the perfume creation is going to smell like? and if the packaging is going to be diff, like in black and yellow .

  64. Melissa

    This collection looks amazing!
    I’m so glad I didn’t buy a lot of Hello Kitty.

  65. This is so nice, just love it!!!!

  66. Sasha

    Thank God this isn’t coming out until June! I’m going to be spending a ton on Grand Duos, Sugarsweet, and Rose Romance. I hate being bombarded with pretty collections!

  67. oh dear. I think I want everything.

  68. Emm

    Are the e/s, lipglasses, etc LE?

  69. Kirstin

    Looks interesting. I’m looking forward to trying the highlight powders & I’m already lusting for Queen Bee lipglass – hopefully swatches won’t disappoint!

  70. This collection looks goooooddd! Buckwheat eyeshadow and the Naked Honey Skin Slave! Really wanna hear more about this collection!

  71. What a nice collection! May I ask though..how do you have all these accesses to new MAC stuff before it even comes out!?!? =O

  72. steph

    oh you have no idea how much i want everything in this collection! i am really, really lemming the honeycomb face and body powder. Perfect for summer can we say!!!

  73. liz

    omg im totally going to have money in june for this, my birthday is in may!

  74. I’m feeling the glosses and eyeshadows but most of all I’m interested in the Naked Honey Skin Salve and the other body products. This will be a great collection I think.

  75. Honey

    Im not loving this collection, but i like it and i can wait, im not being to jumpy about it, i love the hand and salve products, two highlighters, and the lightest of the lipglass, pretty sweet!

  76. Carrie

    I’m dying for this collection, especially the skin salve and hand & body cream.

  77. *lisa*

    I don’t know… I have to see this in person. Those highlight powders hopefully are not be like sheer beauty powders!

  78. Brightness

    I think I shall be getting the high light powders and the eyeshadows

  79. samantha

    buzz looks like im gonna get… its just perfect for summer… the only thing is im not a big fan of lipglass…

  80. Shawn Campbell


    I love this stuff and can’t find it anywhere. I know it has been discontiued, but does anyone have it?????