Wednesday, January 14th, 2009 has these fantastic images taken from an unveiling of a MAC S/S2009 show. I don’t know much else, considering I don’t know a lick of Chinese, LOL. Any translators? 😉 P.S. – It looks like a MSF from BBR is acting as a placeholder on the HK display.

So, still excited for HK? Less excited? MORE?

See five more images!

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100 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Hello Kitty Collection – More Product Images!

  1. Shanel

    neattttt, i love it (:
    can’t wait to get mines!
    I wanna see the box package’n though!
    it’s gotta be cute!

  2. hi again christine! i wanted to know if that website for the discount mac brushes at the bottom of this article is reliable because the deals sound ridiculously amazing! is it true?!

  3. jessie

    I want those displayers and/or postcards soooooo badly. Everytime I see Hello KittyxMAC pictures I get super excited. I think I’m pretty much buying everything.

  4. Lilly

    Are….. are those… MSFs?!

    Confuuused… I wasn’t aware that there would be MSF’s in this collection…

  5. aradhana

    so far i wasn’t that excited for the collection, but the new pics just changed my mind….

    i think the packaging is pretty cool…looks like they spent a decent amount of time/money thinking about it…

    its silly but i think the little hello kitty on the lipstick itself is sooooooo cute!

  6. AUGH!! This scares me, because I want to see swatches before I buy, but I get the feeling this is going to be another one of those collections that if you don’t pounce (forgive the kitty pun) right when they open on the day of, then you miss out on the best colors. *STRESS*

    There’s some colors that I am CRAVING from the BBR collection, but I can’t get myself to pull the trigger because I don’t know if I should save my money for HK!

    Though I have to have at LEAST 1 lipstick from HK! Because the packaging and imprint are just TOOOOOO CUTE!

  7. Tania

    OMG! To quote Rachel Zoe “D.I.E.!” Everytime I think “oh I’m not going to give in” something pulls me back in. I agree with a previous poster that said that the HK on the lipsticks is cute. Interesting to note also that in this plunging economy the sale of cosmetics specifically lipsticks goes up and up. I read that somewhere so I can’t cred that research. Interesting huh?

  8. Also, quick note- it looks like even though they’re displaying 6 lipsticks in these pics, there’s only 2 colors represented. Am I right?

  9. Jennifer

    This is the 4th time I am trying to post this. Please do not remove my comment. Not every comment has to be positive.

    • You are entitled to post your opinion and comment, but this is the fifth or sixth time the exact same comment has been made, just on different posts. Duplicated comments are considered spam. If you notice, the first comment you made is posted as well as other differing comments, but any subsequent duplicates were removed.

  10. TheMerecat

    It looks like the MSFs are holding the places for the beauty powders. That’s such a shame because I’ve been looking forward to seeing more pictures of the beauty powders!

  11. Glosslizard

    I’m really liking the look of the gray nail polish!

  12. That lipstick looks kinda gross.


  13. Jessica

    Does anyone know what the name of that pretty plum lipglass is?

  14. Marina

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO EXCITED!! for this collection!! the pigments look very nice and i like only one of the pallettes but the rest oh my oh my i can’t wait!!!!!

  15. joyce

    it says in the article that… taiwan’s gonna have these cute products before anywhere else! x(

    • Ohh, interesting. Does it have a date? I know some stores will unveil HK in the States on February 3rd, so not too long away!

      • Natasha

        HEYYY SAME HERE! Well, in Toronto, Canada they will. I got this cute lil’ HK invite to go on Feb 3rd =). So excited!!! I want to be able to see everything and probably buy the pigments and palettes!

  16. michelle

    Ah! That palette….
    I think I want that..

    Oh I’m looking forward to swatches & your review for this collection Christine. :)

  17. Jessica

    I am going to be purchasing everything i can on February 3rd at the private unveiling party! I’m even more excited now! thanks Christine! are you going to an unveiling party?!

  18. abby

    Definitely looking forward to it!!!

  19. cheng

    oh taiwan will be the first to launch the collection in the world!

  20. DevilishDoll

    I’ll definitely have to stop myself from getting the Too Dolly palette, there are several things I want from this collection though. Hopefully I can get them before they sell out, I don’t wanna pay triple for them on EBay.

  21. *cries* … i should be crying over how gorgeous and amazing this collection is, but i’m really crying because i’m going to be poor for the next year straight.

  22. Ilaria

    I’m a translator :)
    I don’t like this collection maybe just because I’m so tired to see Hello Kitty! It’s everywhere!
    So far the only one I like is the pinkish red lipstick..

  23. victoria

    since having so many mac collections and haven’t seen swatches yet, i’m not crazy over the colors but the packaging is just so cute. if the beautypowders are like the fafi packaging, i’m definitely getting one. and a lipstick, and a blush, oh no.

  24. cloudburst

    I will for sure get at least one e/s palette, at least one lip product (I like the purple gloss) and I sort of want that brush holder, but I have to see what I can afford!

  25. Lil

    Ugh, these colors are not my taste…but I’m sure I’ll get a few things. I am kinda disappointed so far, but I’ll have to wait and see if my opinion changes once I see it in person.

  26. Jenny

    I quickly skimmed through the article, nothing particularly really important. The collection is divided into “sweet and cute” and “sexy” and apparently according to the author, Taiwan will be first country to launch this collection.

  27. Christine Chu

    I read the chinese version of the blog, nothing special just MAC and some chinese fashion designer’s work. Trying to promo Hello kitty in asian country, Taiwan will be the first one to get the products thou (according to the blog).. You would think Japan will be the first?.. asian countries will die for this collection!!!

  28. Danielle

    Wow, I love the little imprint of Hello Kitty on the lipstick! I wasn’t going to buy anything, but maybe I’ll get one lipstick. Recommend any colors?

    • Christina

      Hi Danielle I took note you like the little imprint its cute! as soon it comes out Im going to buy one I like the red shade it depends on what you like but remember not all shades always look right on some its just something to keep in mind

    • Christina

      Hi Danielle I took note you like the little imprint its cute! as soon it comes out Im going to buy one I like the red shade it depends on what you like but remember not all shades always look right on some its just something to keep in mind

  29. Haydee

    If it didnt have hello kitty would you buy it? Never been a hello kitty fan but I do see one item that catches my eye. Im sure this collection will sell out in no time. For me why get something that will just lay at the back of my dresser. Anyway lots of H.K. fans seem excited over this so happy shopping ladies.

    • haydee

      Dont get me wrong, most likely I will purchase items just to over price it on Ebay! Sorry I am being honest lol Yes, I know Im going straight to hell!

  30. sonny bee

    i cant freaken wait!!!!!! the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!! Two of my favorite things put together!!!!!(MAC and HelloKitty)

  31. DevilishDoll

    I noticed a few things off with these pics. The 2 BBR MSFs, and instead of the glitter liners, there is Visionaire and Blue Horizon Liquidlasts and I think 2 other Liquidlasts, maybe Point Black and Molten Sol? There is also something in the middle that looks like it may be Penultimate or a mascara, I dunno. Yes, I was actually bored enough to study the pics to try to see what was wrong with them.

  32. Cassie

    SO EXCITED FOR THIS LINE! I got invited to the special unveiling on February 3 at the MAC store so I get to buy them more than a week before they actually launch! Don’t hate me! 😛

  33. vicki

    How do I get this private unveiling invite?! I spent like one bajillion dollars at MAC last year, they better let me come!

  34. KaylaK

    The more I see pictures the more I wish it was here already lol. I will be getting almost all of the beauty powders/blushes. Maybe a lipgloss but I am def. getting EVERYTHING from the Kitty Kouture, I saved my giftcards for these lol.

  35. Sun

    When I first saw the words “HK” I panicked and called the closest MAC counter right away (I live in Hong Kong).

    We are still on Dame Edna and BBR is coming out on February 2nd and Hello Kitty is coming out “sometime before March” but they haven’t got the exact date yet.

    So here in Hong Kong BBR is a separate collection from Hello Kitty. I guess they just displayed it together for the show?

    • AsianMacAddict

      First i thought it meant Hong Kong as well =) (i am in Thailand) I guess we gotta have to wait !

    • The show might have much earlier & they didn’t have the HK products in yet, so they just used BBR to hold their spots instead of leaving them empty.

    • Iliana

      I live in Manila and when I asked the MA at my MAC counter when HK will be coming out, all he said was “…Oh, probably during the summer.” Summer here is in April/May. :(

      The colors are so pretty but they might not look too good on me. Still, I think I’ll be buying more than I need from this collection!

    • Jen

      omgg.. i heard that the HK collection is coming to hong Kong on march 12!!

  36. nikki

    hmmmm, i think theres a chance i might be changing my mind about this collection. i still think the accessories are slightly tacking but a few of those lippies does interest me. thanks for posting this christine!

  37. The kitty face on the lipstick is a nice touch, I must say. I’m liking the look of that reddish lipstick.. and I got so excited when I saw the first photo.. I thought there was a blue glitter liner! But alas, it is Blue Herizon. *sigh*

  38. binky

    i think i just died…

  39. AsianMacAddict

    I am sorry i thought i saw HK logo printscreen on Nail Polish bottles in previous blogs…. what happened?

  40. mars

    The pics of the displayers have some products acting as placeholders because it’s better to put a replacement product in than to have empty spaces. The pics and descriptions of the products from previous blogs are correct but sometimes we don’t get all of the product in at the same time and have to use “placeholders” until they arrive. Don’t worry there will be beauty powders, glitter liners and hello kitty on the nail colors.

  41. Manda

    MAC is not honoring the MAC PRO discount for this collection.. somebody shoot me.. I have to now cut my list of items in half haha :( sigh

    • lucyzombie

      oh crap. i hate it when they do that.
      grrr. i was gna be broke before. now im gonna be cardboard box living in the street broke.


  42. Bona

    Omg!!! so cute!!! i am so excited!!!! i can’t wait to get the collection!!!!

  43. The silver nail lacquer, is it a holo version? Looks like it!

    I don’t really know if I like the HK collection… Maybe just a little bit TOO childish.

  44. liz

    omggg i love it! i’m way excited now. there’s just one lipglass i’m eyeing and i am so excited.

    p.s. christine! check your email! :-)

  45. I didn’t see anything! Did you send it to temptalia[at] :)

  46. I just went and sold all of my old clothes to Buffalo Exchange to get $$$ for this collection! I can’t wait!!!

  47. Karen

    Do you know if pro discount is available for this collection?

  48. kat

    Ohhhh looks so snazzy! I really am excited about the blushes!

  49. i realised how i can switch the compacts around, so i might get one of the powders just for the packaging, and then i can just snap another powder which i use all the time inside.

  50. candace

    i can not wait until i can buy this it’s super chic and every thing i love it

  51. mars

    So sad today I found out that pro/staff discount will no longer apply to special edition packaging. ex-Hello Kitty=no discount, BBR=yes.
    I’m going to have to seriously pare back what I planned to get. Especially the MAC store exclusives since Nordstrom won’t have them. :(

  52. Wendy

    Omg I am so gonna go broke with this collection…Loving the pink lipstick!

  53. Nes.

    um…so what is BBR and MSFs?

  54. Karen

    It’s sick!!!!!!!! I’m buying everything the day it comes out.. <3..i love it. I’m a devoted Hello Kitty fan, and MAC omg it’s awesome!!!

  55. Christina

    I like the colors in the hello kitty Im going to give a try out also I like the shades of lipsticks to

  56. Christina

    I like the hello kitty looks

  57. wait when does this come out?
    i heard not yet
    but seriously i can not wait!
    and where else can i buy it because my m.a.c
    store by me sucks pretty much >.<

  58. 681207SF


  59. Korean Doll


  60. paris

    omg im soooo excited for this to come out.

  61. Julez

    Will it be launched in Manila, Philippines?

  62. Nicci

    I love Hello Kitty…everything looks so cute. I really want to purchase the lip balm.

  63. b

    i wonder if there’s any pre-order for those items? cause they dont sell it in my country.. i want to get some of the hello kitty can anyone suggest me where i can buy via online?

  64. Sofia

    Heyy OMGOMGOMG i cant believe it i am a major HK fan lol im mad hehe 😛

    i want to get everything!! but i want to buy from mac themselves through online?

    because i went to missselfridges and there was nothing there :(
    and i dont know were else to go i looked on ebay but how would i know if there fakes or not?

    I need a really good mac website link were i can buy/purchase the make up- a website that is not a con or anything i went on the mac website and searched hello kitty it said NO RESULTS so im feeling a bit lost…I really REALLY NEED TO HAVE TO Buy the HK Mascara,eyeliner,blusher,lipgloss,eyeshadow and lipstick so please some one HELP me very much appreciated xXx Please Please READ ME lol

  65. Silvia

    OMG! this stuff is amazing! I’m a huge Hello Kitty Fan! Where can I get this HK collection product of MAC?

  66. Wow! The pictures make the items look super cool but the best
    part is that they are really cool. I own all of the hello kitty
    cosmetic products and I love them! The best thing about this line
    of makeup is that it lasts for hours! I don’t have to worry about
    re-applying it because it goes great with any type of skin!