Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

MAC Cosmetics | ELECTROFLASH | Summer/Fall 2008

It certainly looks as if MAC is doing all that they can to anniversarize last year’s Flashtronic and Rushmetal collections! With mineralize eyeshadow duos, mineralize skinfinish duos, and mineralize blushes… one can see a trend. 😉  What’s your take on mineralized products? I can’t say I’ve ever been a huge fan of any of them myself, unfortunately (which may be fortunate for my wallet this summer/fall!).

Mineralize Eyeshadow Duos

  • Fresh Green
  • Pink Split
  • Odd Couple
  • Polar Opposites
  • Two to Glow
  • Love Connection
  • Hot Contrast
  • Sea & Sky
  • Play on Plums


  • Dangerously Hot
  • Fast Thrill
  • Mellow Mood
  • Vanity’s Child


  • Lil’ Hot Pepper
  • Cultureclash
  • Major Minor
  • Sonic Vibe

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56 thoughts on “Electroflash – MAC Cosmetics – Electroflash Product Pictures!

  1. Ohhhhweeehhh LOVE the MES duos!! :)

  2. Sandy

    OMG, another collection I need to save for :/ I’m a ever gonna be able to buy the designer shoes I want or do I have to spend all my money on MAC? I missed out on the mineralize shadows last time so now I need at least 3 of them!

  3. claudine

    omg they look so soso pretty cant resist need 3 lmao

  4. Wow! One of those looks like Engaging from Antiquitease… The blue looks gorgeous. All this new collection information this week is about to make my head explode!!!

  5. Dear M.A.C.,

    Please stop making me broke.

    Thank you.


  6. Sharonda

    I take all the lippies!<3

  7. fabulosity

    OMG these are GORGEOUS!!! When do these come out?

  8. Sarah

    My budget so far is 110.00 for this collection. I love all of it, but I’ve picked out a few from each category that I want. Geez! This is going to end up being my birthday present.

  9. Ariele

    Ohhh man. *lol* I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the mes duos color payoff when used dry, but when using wet, they are pretty good. They just LOOK so pretty. That last one, with the black & red, looks gorgeous. So does the blue one & the very top right one.

  10. dee

    I like them…I don’t know if I like them cuz they’d look good on me or if it’s because they’re so damn cool.

  11. jane

    They look beautiful…but being a new mac addict, I have never played with MES. Why do you say you are not a huge fan Christine? How are they different from regular e/s in terms of texture/payoff??

  12. ivytrini

    I second being broke, I LOVE MES! I’m from the Caribbean and the texture works well there. LOVE the collections that M.A.C. has been bringing out this year. I love the blue ones and the greys as well.

  13. Jennifer

    Quite frankly, the colours look identical to last years, they have just paired them with a solid. I bought 4 eyeshadows last year from Flashtronic/Rushmetal. I’m not to fond of them b/c they are SO sparkly and it gets everwhere. The colour payoff was disappointing too and I’m really fair. I always check out new lippies though!

  14. Ju

    Really lovely collection :) But I have one mineralize e/s and it broke itself by falling of my vanity case. So, maybe I have not buy the e/s but one or two lipsticks (or gloss)^^
    Thank you for the pictures 😀

  15. Lingping

    I got one of the flashtronics shadows last year (lovestone), and I totally love it – just the right color payoff for me :) And these have such pretty colors! I tried picking out a couple I wanted more, and ended up with half of them being “must-haves”… this isn’t going aywhere good for my bank account.

    love how the lipsticks and -glosses look too. Really can’t wait for this – or the minearalize blushes, for that matter. looks like a good summer/fall 😉

  16. Sarah

    What is the secret to using these? Am I supposed to use water on my brush and then dip it in the shadow? I bought Family Silver from the Holiday Collection and sorta regret it…but maybe I am not using it correctly. Suggestions?

  17. Erin

    I am COMPLETELY passing on the eyeshadows. I will probably only get ONE of the lipsticks and probably most of the lipglasses.

  18. Nell

    Msf and Mes are just sooo pretty to look at…

  19. Sanayhs

    One or more of the eyeshadows may win me over upon swatching, but I’m not crazy about the MES in general (the exception being Mi’Lady <33333). I’m more interested in the lipstick. 😀

  20. The lipsticks look great. I’m feeling Vanity’s Child – I still like a nude lip most days.

  21. pquanda

    I don’t really care for MES at all. They break easily, they have poor color payoff, and yes, it gets better if they are used wet.. but after a while, the e/s surface gets warped and the integrity of the product is so compromised. Yuck! A lipstick and that beige gloss will be it for me!

    • thenakedcivilservant

      don’t wet your shadow pot. Just pick up the product with your brush and spray it with Fix+.

  22. They all look great but I will have to see what they are like in real life. Very pretty but luckily I don’t have that over excited feeling I get when I just HAVE to have something!

  23. Ashley

    I really like the lippies but not sure about the MES though!

  24. Oh my… those duos are tempting!!

  25. kat

    I LOVE the MES :D!! so I am excited!

  26. I LOVE, love, love the MES. The color payoff is wonderful. However my eyes get irritated sometimes when I wear them…

  27. tatiana

    do mineralized eyeshadows have good pigmentation like a regular eyeshadow does?

    because my word these are really eye catching!!!

    • Hey Tatiana!

      Some of them do, some of them don’t. I find you have to find the right technique (that works for you) when using them. I’m not a fan, but there are a few that are okay :)

  28. thenakedcivilservant

    What’s the name of the Black MES with the red and grey?

  29. J

    i love it!!! Im sooo excited. Want to get them ALL!

  30. omg i love these duos they are like so freaking hot!!

  31. Lilly

    The black and red one is like a little work of art! Beautiful!

  32. jdepp_84

    I like it!

  33. marsina

    I just saw the eyeshadows today in our stockroom and they are all unbelievably gorgeous. I can usually find one or two I can live with out but not this time. I’ll be buying the entire collection.

  34. do you know how much is going to be each one all is great great page take care kate bye bye

  35. silvia

    i got one of the eyeshadows (Odd Couple) at the duty-free in London Heathrow yesterday. they looked so pretty, i couldn’t resist, but i limited myself to just was so hard choosing! it cost 10.50 GBP. haven’t tried it yet..but i can’t wait!

  36. i love mac.. iam mac addict i try all the doctor but iam mac addict i can’t stop and every time i look aroun oo god iam addict and i am happy i have to save more money …. i love maccccccccccccc

    thanks temptalia for all the tips

    take care kate

  37. Fay

    Are there any substitutes I can use from the MES? For example, Fresh Green Mix can be for Bitter/Sumptuous Olive or Juxt. What are the others can be in place of the regular e/s?